Karl Bourdin: KB outcast interview

6) What equipment do you use and is it exclusive? Do you ever use anything else?
I play exclusively on 7 strings guitars Ibanez (the ten strings guitar on the cover, and in my video clip, is a fake one). I just use a Fender telecaster for clean chords. In my home sudio, i use two whammy pedals (an XP 100 and an original model), a Line 6 POD XT Pro connected to my cumputer via a sounds card Motu 828 MKII, and two Genelec Cabs. On stage, i connect my POD to a Mesa Boogie 50/50 and a Marshall Greenback cab. I’ve no deal with a guitar company for the moment, but i’m ready to look into every proposition. Lol !!!

7) What do you feel separates your equipment from others?
I think i’m not different from other guitarists. My equipement is very simple. I just use two whammy pedals, but not necessary at the same time. I play on 7 strings guitars, not on ten such as on the cover of my album. I just try to develop my own style and personality, and i hope to reach that point.
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