Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hedras Ramos: Virtual Tangles - Guitar Idol 2010

ATOMS & SPACE new album coming soon...

Produced and Composed by Hedras Ramos
Engineered and Mixed by Hedras Ramos Sr.
Mastered by Lucas Medina at GBN Studios, USA
Video produced by Rodolfo Munoz (Miracle Factory)
Video Production: New Vision, Guatemala City
Post Production: Max Miracle Factory, Guatemala City

The Band:
Hedras Ramos: Guitars
Hedras Ramos Sr.: Bass
Keys: Helbert Arias
Drums: Alvin Diaz
Video girl: Joelle Cuchet

Hedras Ramos - Virtual Tangles (Guitar Idol 2010)

Check out the live version

Ziua Chitarelor 3 - Hedras Ramos, Bucharest, Romania

Nicola Fassi: top fusion in blue

Nicola Fassi In Blue MP3 Download

Meet 2007 - Nicola Fassi - Tower of funk

Meet 2007 - Nicola Fassi - Rock in blue

Nicola Fassi - solo on "Red Baron" by Billy Cobham

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen UK dates

UK, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, China & India!

Tour of the Freaks continues:

2010.11-08 Moho, Manchester, UK (get tickets: seetickets, ticketweb,wegottickets )
2010.11.10 Cathouse, Glasgow, UK (get tickets: seetickets, ticketmaster,ticketweb
2010.11.12 Underworld. London, UK (get tickets: ticketweb, seetickets,stargreen)
2010.12.02 Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark 
2010.12.04 Godset, Kolding, Denmark

In October there will be clinics in South Africa (Johannesburg, Durban andCape Town) and in November the freak guitarist will go to China and India. Stay tuned for dates.

Alex Lifeson: new Classic Albums: Rush - 2112/Moving Pictures DVD

Classic Albums: Rush - 2112/Moving Pictures DVD

Devin TownsendL The Metalheadz- Bloodstock Festival 2010 - Interview

The Metalheadz- Bloodstock Festival 2010- Devin Townsend Interview

Rob Chappers: ML2 full demo of the mahogany single cut!

Chapman Guitars ML2 Demo - Part 1

Chapman Guitars ML2 Demo - Part 2

Don't for get your chance to attend the Monkeylord launch part and be the winner of a Chapman Guitars ML-1, custom-painted by Svee.

Any remaining tickets will be available on the door. These will be available for £30, and will be very limited in number.

Hercules Castro: Blindworm Guitars

Blindworm Guitars : Hercules Castro shreds 3

Panos Arvanitis: neo classical is a beautiful thing

kar98ksniper aka Panos Arvanitis is back stroking that fender into a neo classical note frenzy!

Neoclassic shred

Fender Malmsteen-Line6 PoD X3 Pro Rack-DOD yjm308

Dominant Phrygian scale Improvise

Speed Fast picking

Jan Cyrka: Interview for Roland and Boss TV

Jan Cyrka Interview for Roland and Boss TV

Jan Laurenz: megatar gets a brutal shredding before being gently caressed

Megashred by Jan Laurenz

Matthew McGhee: 12 strings, double neck tapping on fade away

Double Neck Guitar Tapping - Fading Away - Matthew McGhee - Original Song

Rob Chappers: Jaden Rose guitars

Jaden Rose Guitars at the Bristol Guitar Show

Don't forget your chance to enjoy the extravaganza that is Monkeylord

When you purchase your ticket online, you will receive a confirmation email. Please print this email out and bring it with you to the Launch Party, as proof that you have purchased a ticket. If you have purchased a ticket but have not received your email confirmation, contact us.  TICKETS

Tickets are available to people 17+ only. ID will be required on the door, and anybody who looks under 17 years old that is unable to prove their age will not be allowed in.

Accepted forms of ID are a valid passport, driving license, provisional driving license or a college or university student card. The presented ID must have your photograph and date of birth on it.

As Marshall Amplification are unable to sell alcoholic drinks on the premises, you will be entitled to 3 drinks with your ticket purchase - soft drinks included.

Everyone will be given a raffle ticket when you arrive. At the end of Monkey Lord's set, Chappers will randomly select a winning raffle ticket. The winner will receive a Chapman Guitars ML-1, custom-painted by Svee.

Any remaining tickets will be available on the door. These will be available for £30, and will be very limited in number.

Ed DeGenaro: Ed DeGenaro group live at the Baked Potato, 09/28/2010

From the Ed DeGenaro group live at the Baked Potato, 09/28/2010

Mr Clean.wmv

Ave D.wmv


Daniele Gottardo: Cardiology & Guitar Sbrego Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2010

The performance of Daniele Gottardo XX edition of the Edda Lang Jazz Festival 2010 (accompanied by her band for the occasion) may represent his final seal as one of the most talented guitarists of the scenario of "contemporary guitar" of Italy and the world.
This video offers the song "Cardiology" by which the band closed the concert Monteroduni. Remarkable, also, the only "Guitar Sbrego" extracted from Soundcheck afternoon. The video is supplemented by clips from interviews and backstage photos.
Daniele Gottardo band @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2010:
Daniele Gottardo (guitar)
Marco Pollice (piano / keyboard)
Zaia Alexander (bass)
Lele Veronesi (drums)

Daniele Gottardo live @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2010 - "Cardiology & Guitar Sbrego" (HD Video)

Paulo Pacheco: rock fusion improv

Guitar Solo-Improvisation Fusion-Paulo Pacheco 18 Years Old

Steve Hackett: UK tour dates 2010

Steve Hackett is currently preparing for the 13-date tour, when he’ll be playing with a line-up of Roger King (keyboards), Nick Beggs (bass/stick/vocals), Gary O’Toole (drums/vocals), Rob Townsend (various saxes/flute/whistle/vocals) and Amanda Lehmann (guitar/vocals).

The dates for the tour, called Around The World In 80 Trains, are:

Nov. 16: Southampton Brook
Nov. 18: Glasgow Ferry
Nov. 19: Manchester Academy
Nov. 20: Pontadawre Arts Centre
Nov. 21: Leamington Spa Assembly
Nov. 23: Brighton Komedia
Nov. 25: Bath Komedia
Nov. 26: Holfirth Picturedrome
Nov. 27: Birkenhead Pacific Arts Centre
Nov. 28: Gateshead Sage
Nov. 29: Bilston Robin 2
Nov. 30: London Shepherd’s Bush Empire
Dec. 2: Cambridge Junction
Dec. 3: Milton Keynes Stables


Angel Ruiz: guitar idol 2010

Ángel Ruiz " La Novia " ( Entry for Guitar Idol 2010 )

Joe Atlan: keytar shredding

Stratovarius - Stratofortress Keytar

Darren Donohoe: blackstar jam

Ibanez JEM 7v and Blackstar HT5 Improv

Wouter Lorist: 14 year old guitar jammer

TTK Jet City Amplification Contest entry

Marc Playle: guitar idol 2010

Marc Playle - Dysfunction

Jason Becker: become part of the Jason Becker story.

The Official promotional video for the production of 'Perpetual Burn: The Story of Jason Becker'.

'Perpetual Burn: The Story of Jason Becker' from Jason Becker: Perpetual Burn on Vimeo.

‘Perpetual Burn: The Story of Jason Becker’ is a new feature-length documentary film about the legendary guitar hero, Jason Becker. It will feature interviews with Jason, his family and friends, and many of the amazing musicians he’s worked with over the years. There will be plenty of great Jason Becker performance footage from Cacophony through to his solo work, as well as tons of unseen footage and unreleased music from the Becker archives.

But we need your help to make it happen.

We’re sick and tired of being turned away by producers and commissioners who only want to make films about Lady GaGa and the Jonas Brothers and not about real musicians and heroes like Jason. So we need YOU, the fans, to help make sure this film gets made and Jason’s story and music is seen and heard by millions around the world.

Please visit -​​JasonBeckerMovie to help make this film happen. Or go to for more information.

Footage courtesy of Jason Becker & Family
Music courtesy of Shrapnel Records

Carl Roa: guitar clinic announced

Time 14 October · 19:00 - 21:00
Location All Music
397D S. Oyster Bay Rd
Created by:
Carl Roa

Thursday, Oct 14th at 7 pm

All Music
397D S. Oyster Bay Rd
Plainview, NY 11803

phone: 516-433-6969

This is a FREE guitar clinic open to the public!

At the clinic Carl will be discussing:
- Tips on approaching improvisation
- Tips on chords and triads
- Tips on composing
- Guitars and Gear
- Question and Answer session

Deniz Demiroz: Hiç Unutmadım Ki

Deniz Demiröz -Hiç Unutmadım Ki

Kaitlynn Schmidt: guitar idol 2010

This video posted back in 2009,

Guitar Idol go VOTE FOR ME!! RAWR!!

This one in 2008

Kaitlynn Schmidt Metal Kat improvise

Lucky Jaroentangwiwat: guitar idol 2010 - more Thai soaked super soloing!

Defferent Thing by Lucky Jaroentangwiwat Guitar Idol 2010

Erik Tran: guitar idol 2010 - New air tapping

Erik Tran - New air tapping

Rafael Nery: guitar idol 2010 - Insignia

Guitar Idol 2010 Entry - Rafael Nery - Insignia

Dmitriy Pryakhin: guitar idol 2010 - entries just keep getting better and better!

Dmitriy Pryakhin - Megapolis

Greg Howe: Live at Monteroduni 2010

Greg Howe Band: Greg Howe, Gianluca Palmieri, Jon Reshard, David Cook, Kick it all over Live at Monteroduni (Isernia - Italy) Pignatelli Castle Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 6 August 2010

05 Giant Steps Greg Howe Band Eddie Lang Jazz 2010

07 Greg Howe Jon Reshard Entertainment Eddie Lang Jazz 2010

Brett Garsed,William Stravato: Hey Tee Bone live 1999

Hey Tee Bone Centrifugal Funk Brett Garsed & William Stravato band Live at Alpheus Roma Italy 23 11 1999

Yudhie Soudjiro: indonisia guitar idol 2010

(GuitarIdol2010) Yudhie Soudjiro-Monkey Finger.mp4

Hellman Jigokuotoko,Hiroki: High Stream

HiGH-STREAMテーマ曲 【STREAM】 by Hidenori&Hiroki

Nikuman: Mega[wo]man

Megaman2 "Dr. Wily's stage 1" cover

Can't Beat Air Man

Masahiro Aoki: godspeed guitar idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010 Enty "crisis"

Chris Storey: Smashface guitar preview, prepare for some chop!

Chris Storey Smashface guitar preview

Alex Dinn: tribute to Reb Beach and guitar lesson

black magic - reb beach - guitar cover tutorial

Wagner Silva: tribute to Frank Gambale

Leave Ozone Alone (Cover) - Wagner Silva

John Mayer: BLACK1 Stratocaster

John Mayer on the Special Edition BLACK1 Stratocaster®

Pop Woravit,Anusorn Jeekeeree: guitar idol 2010

Following on from the success of Jack Thammerat, other players from Thailand are getting excellent view counts for their videos, over 37,000 for Pop Woravit and 7000 for Anusom for example.


Anusorn Jeekeeree

Ignazio Di Salvo: MMI Milan gets a new instructor

Ignazio Di Salvo:
Hello to all friends!
I want to inform the opening of my classes at 'MMI Milan, the exciting new school that I am building and will gradually for teachers, as well as me as a director great musicians on the national scene!
If you are interested in guitar lessons Registration is open! For info contact me at 3485668374! The presentation will take place during the course of a big event, the GUITAR DAY 6

I'm just so looking forward to this amazing show. I have to thank the guitar impresario and Italian ambassador for guitar Mr Guglielmo Malusardi for letting me know about this incredible show. I hope you'll come along to and we can meet! and while you are at it... Check out the super star guitar list... Michael Angelo Batio, Alex Stornello, Ignazio Di Salvo, Tommy Ermolli, Gianluca Ferro, Daniele Gottardo!!! So the Great MAB and a bunch of my favourite Italian guitar players, what more could one want!

Milan Guitar Day 6 set for 09/10/2010 is full of guitar stars, including Michael Angelo Batio, Alex Stornello, Ignazio Di Salvo,  Tommy Ermolli, Gianluca Ferro, Daniele Gottardo!

News: Gooveyard radio live!

· G R O O V E Y A R D R A D I O ·
· T H E S O U N D O F G U I T A R R O C K ·

Welcome to the full-tilt Grooveyard Records Internet Radio Stream. Your number one station for outstanding serious heavy guitar rock.After months of planning and development , the magic day has arrived @ (((10.01.10))).
In association with our "good musical brother" Don ::Riffmaster of the Airwaves:: Moore of Soundcrafters Pro in Dallas, Texas, "Grooveyard Radio" has arrived and we are on a mission to keep the rock alive with the riffage that matters. Now you can tune in (24/7) worldwide and "rip it six string hard" with the Grooveyard.

This will be an excellent opportunity for you to hear all of our awesome bands & guitarists assembled in one first-rate supreme internet radio station that is all about the rock. In the future, we will be playing rare unreleased tracks, interviews & Advance tracks of new Grooveyard discs, so make sure to stay tuned to Grooveyard Radio.

Prepare to Rock Guitar Heavy with Grooveyard Radio. if that's overloaded

Traktor Topaz: ZenTapper demoed The second part of our intro to learning two-handed touchstyle method of playing guitar or bass, here demonstrated on the ZenTapper touchstyle guitar by Traktor Topaz.

ZenTapper - Learning from Ground Zero - Part 1-B

Chris Letchford: 8 String Blue Bomber interviewed by Instrumentalcase

Good to see Dave B over at instrumental case back to "Putting the "MENTAL" in instrumental guitar!" and interviewing again...
Chris: It's definitely going good; we've been home for about a month now, so we started working on the next record (which is currently untitled). Like I tell everyone, we're always writing, we're always working on stuff. We just released a new song live called "Colossal," that we played at SXSW. That song is a bit different… a little more heavy, with more dynamics and a bass solo. Really exciting, and it's a bit shorter than normal. So anyway, I have about half of the record written now, and it's going strong. We're probably going to be home for awhile, so we will likely be recording this fall, but nothing official quite yet. Full interview

Chris Letchford Playing "Glacial Planet" on 8 String Blue Bomber • Scale The Summit

Joe Satriani: Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards Song Podcasts #8

All the current podcasts in this player. I'll add more as Joe Satriani posts them... 9 videos at the moment, includes the intro. The release is sounding like one of his most special to date... may be a season out with Chickenfoot has helped him enjoy the writing process more. Price is now down to £7:93 on pre order from amazon

Joe Satriani: Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards Song Podcasts

Andy James: Full Shred Ahead - series 6

Andy James has another new lesson from his series with Lick Library: Extreme alternate picking part 1