Thursday, 10 March 2011

Marko Vesovic: Aurora competition

Aurora conest & Megara - Marko Vesovic

Aurora competition

John Huldt: Live at Rustys 2011

John Huldt: Live at Rustys 2011

Marco De Cave: full on blue

marco de cave riffit february contest

Tristan Klein: super blues, the way it should be!

the imperator blues by tristan klein

Chris Dimareli: shredding to the max

Chris Dimareli-Shred-Jaming-Guitar.wmv

Tony Waka: Who is that incredible masked man?

Tony Waka jams with a werewolf... It looks like Guthrie Govan to me but Tony Waka says not... any one know who the guitar players under the mask?

Me playin´at LIMS 2009

Ron Thal: Young Guitar

Ron Thal aka Bumblefoot

Richie Kotzen,Stephen Ross: tearing up the fretboard!

This is a demo that Stephen Ross and Richie Kotzen recorded in Richie's studio in Birdsboro, PA. This was recorded before Richie and Steve landed their Shrapnel Recording contracts. Some really cool shredding by both players.

Richie Kotzen and Stephen Ross Collaboration Demo - Early Nineties

Guitar - Shred Videos Stephen Ross

Guitar - Stephen Ross Tearing Up the Fretboard

Daniele Liverani, Tommy Ermoli,Alberto Rigoni: Twinspirits live Uster Switzerland

TWINSPIRITS - "The Endless Live" Medley pt.1 - (Live at EOR2011-Uster/CH)

Luigi Rinaldi: new school of music in Montecilfone

Luigi Rinaldi:
Hello everyone,
thanks to the ongoing efforts and sacrifices of all the staff of the EPI Molise, the School of Music will open a branch in Montecilfone (CB):

Wednesday, March 16 inauguration of the new headquarters of the MUSIC and ART of Molise (IMAM) in Montecilfone (CB), with a buffet, presentations and concerts of the teachers!
Of course I'll be there and I'll play well, presenting the course of my electric guitar rock-metal.

I take this news to invite you to be wary of articles written by journalists shameful "part" that persecutes the Institute for reasons solely related to their political relationship with EMI MOLISE Former management.
The IMA has a chairman and a Board of Directors NEW (June 2010). It has also much appreciated and a team of new young teachers who go to supplement the already excellent ensemble of teachers previously have.

Visit us to check it for yourself!

Rie aka Suzaku: Mother Earth

Buy the Rie aka Suzaku / Messiah CD

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Mother Earth Studio Rehearsal

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Suzaku

Kitsune Sato: 8 finger tapping from the land of the rising sun

Butterfly (バタフライ) guitar tapping


phantom of the opera(guitar tapping)

Matthew McGhee: 8 String Guitar Tapping - La Jolla

8 String Guitar Tapping - La Jolla - Matthew McGhee - Line 6 POD HD500 - Original

Silvio Assaiante: the fusion tapping and contemporary dance

The Gate is a collaboration with choreographer Frank Azzaro, in the interest of a new experience to adapt to contemporary dance music and beyond.
After the orchestral intro, classic danzistiche all the choreography, the piece opens up to new sounds where the role of the electric bass is not to accompany the song, but it is in the foreground with a series of very technical riff, played in all tapping harmonic and melodic, all filled by an orchestra that follows the trend.
By connecting to the link you can download the entire score for the program guitar pro5.

The Gate by Silvio Assaiante in the technique of melodic tapping.

Justin Sandercoe: Slide To The Same lesson

This lick uses the same not on two adjacent strings to make a great and well used lick in blues rock and country. Very useful one to get in your arsenal.

Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a great forum too to get help, no matter what the problem.

And it is all totally free, no bull. No sample lessons, no memberships. Just tons of great lessons :)

To get help with your lesson look up the number at the start of the video title (like ST-666 or whatever) on the Lesson Index page.

Lick #8: Slide To The Same (Guitar Lesson LK-008)

Robert Marcello: Roland GR-55 Namm 2011

Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer demo sounds by Robert Marcello - Namm 2011

Stephen Ross, Rusty Cooley, Joy Basu: Leave the World Alone

Stephen Ross, Rusty Cooley, Joy Basu tearing it up on Rogosonic's "Leave the World Alone" CD

Tom Quayle: G&L Tribute S-500 Guitar review

G&L Tribute S-500 Guitar Demo / Review With Tom Quayle iGuitar Mag Feature

Andrea Accorsi: legato lessons

Guitar Legato Lesson by Andrea Accorsi

Reb Beach: Axe magazine tapping lesson

Reb Beach lezioni di tapping

Eric Gales: SRV Memorial SOLO

Eric Gales - SRV Memorial SOLO

Stef Burns: Dig a Pony - keyboard solo

Stef Burns Group 2009 - Dig a Pony - keyb solo

Pedro Molina: Fusion jam


t-cophony: Cold noise

Cold noise (short version in 2009) - T-cophony

Ruggero Robin: Robin Mathisen Millot Trio - Moonriver demo

Angel Ruiz: The animal- Solo

The animal- Solo de Guitarra por Ángel Ruiz

Marcelo Barbosa: Masterclass in Brazilian

Masterclass com Marcelo Barbosa - Parte 1/2 (Música Moderna e Landscape apresentam)

Masterclass com Marcelo Barbosa - Parte 2/2 (Música Moderna e Landscape apresentam)

Richie Kotzen: Los Angeles 2006

Richie Kotzen: Los Angeles 2006

Floyd Fernandes: TRex a monster pedal for a monster player!!

Floyd Fernandes - T Rex Workshop @ Bhargavas Musik

Floyd Fernandes trying out AC plus n Reptile @ Bhargavas Musik Bandra.

Floyd Fernandes jamming with BB pre amp n Reptile @ Bhargavas Musik

News: Gibson Firebird X

Ummm or Uhhhh? you decide!

Firebird X:
The Firebird X guitar takes the guitar instrument to new heights of functionality and usability for the professional player and the aspiring enthusiast. Using technologies that did not exist even a few years ago, we have enhanced an already outstanding instrument to unbelievable performance and creative heights. The enhancements touch every aspect of the instrument, from using improved manufacturing technologies to the latest electronics. Firebird X is like the world’s best street legal sports car in looks, feel and performance.

Gibson Firebird X - demo by Frank Johns

Uli Jon Roth,Pat McManus: French tour dates

18 - Beauvais, France - Magic Mirror *
31 - Lille, France - Le Splendid

1 - Toul, France - Chez Paulette
2 - Mulhouse, France - Noumatrouff
3 - Paris, France - Nouveau Casino
7 - Montbeliard, France - Route 66 *
8 - Salon de Provence, France - Portail Coucou *
9 - Le Thor, France - Auditorium *

Roy Z: Rob Rock says expect a new Driver CD soon.

New Driver CD for 2011!:
The songwriting process has begun for a new Driver album.
Rob Rock and Roy Z will start production in April on a new Driver CD slated for a fall 2011 release!
The new CD will carry on in the tradition of the latest Driver CD "Sons of Thunder" and feature brand new songs as well as a few reworkings of some classic demos. The CD will be released worldwide on King Records Japan, Metal Heaven Europe, and RockZilla USA.

Chris Letchford: Focus on Extreme Metal interview

Focus on Extreme Metal featuring Dario exclusively features an interview with SCALE THE SUMMIT guitar player Chris Letchford. Chris talks about the new album "The Collective", the dark nature of the album and it's creative development as well as the dream come true tour with Dream Theater.

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: Black Country Communion US dates

June 09 - Civic Theatre - San Diego, CA
June 10 - The Grove - Anaheim, CA
June 11 - The Depot - Salt Lake City, UT
June 13 - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO
June 15 - Murat Theatre - Indianapolis, IN
June 17 - Casino Ballroom - Hampton Beach, NH
June 19 - 9:30 Club - Washington, D.C.

Dan Mumm: new CD Insane Guitar available soon

Dan Mumm on iTunes - Insane Guitar

Joop Wolters: jam ballad with 4seasons pickups


David Weiner: learn from a video or book

Guitar Lesson - "How to REALLY learn from a video or book." - Riff Of The Week®: 3/9/11 (S6:E16)

Eric Gales,Shawn Lane: live

Eric Gales and Shawn Lane LIVE- REMASTERED AUDIO

Sam Bell: Alternate Picking Lick

Sam Bell - Alternate Picking Lick (Lick 4)

Victor Lafuente: it's raining notes

VICTOR LAFUENTE : Medley Vidéo GUITARFEST "Il pleut des cordes"

Niels Vejlyt: Lick of the week #3 - crazy 7 string!


Mitch Perry: Frankenstein

Mitch Perry Band - Frankenstein

Michael Lee Firkins, Andy Timmons, Joel Hoekstra

New edition of the Sound Magazine features interviews with Michael Lee Firkins, Andy Timmons, Joel Hoekstra current volume

Chris Lasegue: Jag Panzer's new video


Jon Mulvey,Stu Hamm: This and That new CD

‘What Will You Do’
‘On Love’
‘Tap Into It’
‘Due Cuori’
‘Foggy Bottom Breakdown’
‘Li’l Mingo Vs Diablo’
‘Blue In Green’
‘This And That’

Protégé of Joe Satriani, Jon Mulvey’s solo album with Stuart Hamm on Bass and Jerry Marotta on drums and percussion. buy