Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Jeff Kollman: Empower Devour

Jeff Kollman Band: Empower Devour
:Jeff Kollman (Guitar, Bass, Vocals); Jono Brown (Drums); Kevin Chown (Bass); Charlie Waymire (Drums); Shane Gaalas (Drums); Joel Taylor (Drums); Chris Smith (Organ)

Brand New Release from Guitarist Jeff Kollman, featuring all new tunes. This hard hitting outfit features Jeff Kollman on Guitar, Jono Brown on Drums , who also co wrote the tunes. The albums also features Allan Holdsworth Drummer Joel Taylor order

Nat Janoff: Come Together Move Apart

Nat Janoff: Come Together Move Apart
Nat Janoff (guitar); John Escreet (piano); François Moutin (bass); Chris Carroll (drums)

Come Together Move Apart is guitarist/composer Nat Janoffʼs latest release as a band leader. The new recording features John Escreet(piano), François Moutin(double bass), and Chris Carroll (drums). Come Together Move Apart is a collection of all new original compositions and effectively melds Janoffʼs background in traditional jazz with his independent exploration of non-traditional harmonies and improvising. After playing a series of live shows with this band, Janoff decided that these musicians were the ones who could best interpret his compositions. “They are all brilliant musicians” says Janoff, speaking of his band. “They continuously impress me with their talent and I think we all have a great chemistry together.” Recorded at Michael Brorbyʼs Acoustic Recording studio in Brooklyn NY in July 2010, Come Together Move Apart took on a life of itʼs own once the musicians entered the studio. “I planned on using rhodes because that is what I was accustomed to hearing my compositions played on, but that changed in favor of the piano. Once I heard John play these pieces on the piano, I knew that was the way to go.” Come Together Move Apart, for those who are familiar with Janoffʼs work, wil be surprising. It takes the listener on a journey and will challenge the listener with the duality of consonant and dissonant sounds produced by the powerful playing and improvisational skills of Janoff, Escreet, Moutin and Carroll. order

Theodore Ziras: announces Athens Guitar Clinic

Seminar Electric Guitar by Theodore ZiraSaturday, March 19 Time: 18.00Music School Ilision, Krateros 52, IlisiaContact: http://www.mousikisxoliilision.gr/contact.htm
Extra special event: LIVE Παρουσίαση της νέας πεταλιέρας της LINE6 HD400EISODOS FREE (with reservation only)
Για κρατήσεις στείλτε email στο info@theodoreziras.com
with the names you.
Limited seats (30)Workshop Duration 120 minutes
Easy access to:J. Bus 608 (stop EYDAP)ii. Metro (Hall)

Theodore Ziras Guitar Clinic (Athens- 19 March)

Jonathan Kreisberg: Shadowless

Jonathan Kreisberg: Shadowless:
Jonathan Kreisberg (guitar); Will Vinson (sax); Henry Hey (piano); Matt Penman (bass); Mark Ferber (drums)

“Shadowless” is the exciting new disc from Guitarist / Composer Jonathan Kreisberg. It features Jonathan's touring band, members Will Vinson on Saxophone, Henry Hey on piano, Matt Penman on bass, and Mark Ferber on drums in several different combinations. Their respect for the tradition is deep, but the compositions stretch the possibilities of form and the sounds challenge the possibilities of the "acoustic" jazz group. The disc presents a group that has electrified audiences on 5 continents, taking it’s many listeners on rhythmically deep and lyrically compelling journey. As a guitarist, Jonathan Kreisberg has been steadily building his name as the one of the instruments brightest young stars. He tours and records extensively with his own groups as well artists such as Dr. Lonnie Smith, Joe Locke, Ari Hoenig and Stefano Dibattista. order

Al Di Meola: Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody

Al Di Meola: Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody:
Following the much ballyhooed Return To Forever reunion tour of 2008, guitarist Al Di Meola began refocusing his energies on his World Sinfonia band. Live in Seattle and Elsewhere documented his tightly-knit chemistry in concert on a 2009 tour with his acoustic ensemble of accordionist Fausto Beccalossi, second guitarist Kevin Seddiki, bassist Victor Miranda, drummer Peter Kazsas and Di Meola’s longtime collaborator Gumbi Ortiz on cajon and assorted hand percussion. Di Meola’s rhythmically-charged flamenco and tango inspired originals revealed his knack for advanced harmonies along with his embracing of simple, beautiful, alluring melodies. And although he may be a romantic at heart, he showed that he is still very much capable of flashing those legendary chops that graced his ‘70s classics like Elegant Gypsy and Casino.

On Di Meola’s latest outing, Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody, the guitar virtuoso and world music pioneer deals in more evocative and compelling sounds with his World Sinfonia ensemble, delivering hauntingly beautiful and deeply moving music from track to track. The collection kicks off with the entrancing, suite-like “Siberiana,” which opens with some tender call-and-response between Beccalossi’s accordion and Di Meola’s nylon string acoustic guitar before building to a turbulent section with searing electric guitar lines on top. On the affecting “Paramour’s Lullaby,” Di Meola takes a more deliberate approach on electric guitar, spinning warm, lyrical lines over the beautiful harmonies before engaging in spirited call-and-response with Beccalossi near the end of the piece. The rhythmically charged “Mawazine” (featuring percussionist Mino Cinelu) is broken up into two parts on the album and showcases some typically tasty electric guitar work by the leader.

The lushly cinematic “Michelangelo’s 7th Child” (featuring Hungary’s Sturcz String Quartet) has Di Meola utilizing subtle MIDI textures and colorations on his acoustic guitar while also showcasing some virtuosic runs. “Gumbiero” is a stirring Latin number underscored by Ortiz’s churning conga work. Sparks fly between Di Meola’s signature fretboard bravado on both acoustic and electric, Beccalossi’s facile accordion playing and Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s dazzling piano work on this spirited offering. “Full Frontal Contrapuntal” features some chops-busting unisons and intricate exchanges between Al’s MIDI-tinged acoustic guitar and Beccalossi’s accordion. The surging “This Way Before” and the evocative, flamenco inspired “Fireflies” both feature Di Meola alternating between acoustic and distortion-laced electric guitar licks. The stirring Latin flavored “Destination Gonzalo” and “Radical Rhapsody” both feature virtuosic contributions from pianist Rubalcaba and former Weather Report drummer Peter Erskine. The poignant “Bona” is a tender offering with the Sturcz String Quartet that features some of Di Meola’s most lyrical playing on the record. The leader also turns in soothing interpretations of two classic pop tunes, the Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” both of which feature the great jazz bassist Charlie Haden.


Al Di Meola - "Morocco Fantasia"

Thiago Trinsi: Parallel World - great tapping on an original track!

Parallel World Official

Sergey Golovin: Modern Legato

Sergey Golovin-Modern Legato

Derek Sherinian: a ton of great players lined up for next solo album!

Derek Sherinian:
It has been a very busy month in Beachwood Manor writing for my upcoming solo records.
The confirmed guitarists this far are Steve Lukather, Zakk Wylde, Joe Bonamassa, Steve Stevens and Doug Aldrich. Simon Phillips will be Co-Producing, mixing, and of course playing drums.

We will start tracking drums in the first of April at Simon' Phantom Recorders in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Shane Gibson: joins Shred Academy VIP Instructors

Check out www.ShredAcademy.com/VIP to see the full benefits of signing up to our VIP Members Area, including Premium HD lessons from top artists like Shane Gibson, Roo and many more. Members also get access to Finger Trainer and 66 Licks software worth over $90 included in the $3.32/month membership ($3.32 when purchasing the 6 month subscription at $19.95, otherwise $5.95/month)

Shane Gibson joins Shred Academy VIP Instructors

Andrea Accorsi: Legato Lesson - Greg Howe style

Legato Lesson (Greg Howe style) by Andrea Accorsi

Edu Ardanuy,Daniel Christian: workshop 2006

Edu Ardanuy e Daniel Christian

Marc Playle: Larry Carlton style MUST SEE!!

Marc Playle playing Guthrie Govan's Larry Carlton style track

Rob Scallon: Troubleshooting, slapping, tapping, unwarping... MUST SEE

Troubleshooting - Rob Scallon http://www.facebook.com/RobScallonMusic

Rob Scallon:
My next album will be titled "The Winter's Months," 10 new tracks and a minimum of 4 full music videos to go along with it. It should be out ironically when summer starts.

Here's some sneak previews of the music videos: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=104452919628344&aid=25702

Free Sampler: http://robscallon.bandcamp.com/album/free-sampler

Hyper Funk (guitar and drums) - Rob Scallon

Matt Otten: Demo Speedster Traveler Guitar

Speedster Traveler Guitar: Picked one up on a sale. Not my favourite kind of sound but the feeling is pretty good, and really cool to take along on short trips, it's ultra compact.
PIty it only has a bridge pickup, there's no space for a neck pickup.
Tuning is a bit awkward at first, but manageable.

Travel Jazz

Jeff Loomis: The Merchant of Menace #3

Jeff Loomis - The Merchant of Menace #3

Rob Chappers: Analogue to Digital Music Exp

Analogue to Digital Music Expo - Sat 19th March
Chapman Guitars: http://www.chapmanguitars.co.ukMonkey Lord Forum: http://forum.monkeylord.co.ukMonkey Lord Store: http://store.monkeylord.co.ukPlace yourself on the Monkey Lord Minion Map: http://map.monkeylord.co.ukTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/themonkeylordFacebook: http://facebook.monkeylord.co.uk

Analogue to Digital Music Expo - Sat 19th March

Rusty Cooley: Masterclass and Guitar Tech

Rusty's Masterclass and Guitar Tech

Chris Brooks: a few place left at Sydney clinic

Thanks to those who have booked in for the western Sydney (Castle Hill) Master Session on April 12th. We have two spots left for that one so please be fast to book if you want to explore some new areas in your playing and make them your own!
If you're located near Brisbane, Canberra, or Melbourne and would like to attend a class, please drop me a line so I can update you on arrangements I'm making at the moment!

Fabrizio Leo: Palermo clinic date


Accademia Musica Moderna Palermo
More info
FABRIZIO LEO Bicio GUITAR ROCK-FUSION boasts numerous collaborations with artists such as: CAREY, Mannoia, ZERO, ANTONACCI, RON, stocky, Tazenda, BY, George, MANGO, Grignani, DRUPA, Ferrer, GENNYB, CARBON, FORTIS, DIRISIO, BERTE 'and many more ... She participates in numerous television broadcasts (SUNDAY, WIND MUSIC AWARDS FESTIVALBAR, TOP OF THE POPS GOOD SUNDAY, Leaving Song ...)
IN 2006 (FIRST TIME FOR AN ITALIAN) FABRIZIO LEO is produced by Mike Varney, Shrapnel Records KNOWN American producer.
FOR INFO AND RESERVATIONS TEL .0916307775 CEL. 3392083853 more

Adrian English, Michael Abdow, Dannyjoe Carter, Sean Baker, Toby Knapp: INNERPLANETARIUM available!






Alberto Rigoni: rebirth CD overdue and may need to be induced...

Alberto Rigoni's "Rebirth" - release date delayed / live video available

Nightmare Records announces that Alberto Rigoni's new solo album "Rebirth" is going to be released on May 24th (it was April 26th) via Sony / RED distribution (North America) & Twilight, Bertus & partners (Europe) Meanwhile is now available a live video footage featuring Alberto Rigoni and John Macaluso (Ark, TNT, ex Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.) playing "Ontogeny", a song from the upcoming album. The video has been recorded during John Macaluso's italian clinic tour "The drumming of ARK" on sept. 25th 2010.


Alberto Rigoni: bass
Gavin Harrison: drums on tracks 1, 5 & 7
John Macaluso: drums on tracks 3 & 8
Yves Carbonne: bass on tracks 2 & 3
Michael Manring: bass on tracks 3 & 6
Jonas Erixon: vocals on tracks 5 & 7
Tommy Ermolli: guitars on tracks 1 & 5
Simone Mularoni: guitars on track 7
Federico Solazzo: keyboards on tracks 1, 2 & 9
Andrea Pavanello: keyboards on track 8
Filippo Lui “The Captain”: synthesizers on track 5
Emanuele Casali: keyboards on track 7

Track Listing

01. Free
02. Rebirth
03. Story of a man
04. The Net
05. Emptiness
06. A new soul
07. With all my forces
08. Ontogeny
09. White shine

Alberto Rigoni & John Macaluso - ONTOGENY (Live)

Facundo Macció: The Best Guitar Solos

The Best Guitar Solos By Facundo Macció
Band. Initial Gravity from Argentina

The Best Guitar Solos By Facundo Macció

Északi Szabolcs: Route 57

Északi Szabi -Route 57 demo 1

Steve Fister: demos Carvin V3M all-tube am

Carvin V3M all-tube amp - official demo - 8min version

Magnus Olsson: clinic shows from 2008

Magnus Olsson remains injured after his recent fall. He tells me that he's managing to still play guitar guitar but it is likely to require surgery to fix his shoulder... again best wishes from Truth In shredding and here's a brace of videos from a clinic filmed in 2008.

Guitar-clinic with Magnus Olsson #1

Guitar-clinic with Magnus Olsson #2

John Huldt: Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros Theme (with drums + GAME OVER) BEST VERSION!

Dino Fiorenza: live clinic

The list of super hot guitar and keyboard players is just to big to fit in the title!! CHECK OUT THE LIST!

Dino Fiorenza Bass maven: buy

The new album "It's Important" by virtuoso bass player Dino Fiorenza has been released! All keyboards played by Mistheria except one track.

The CD features an excellent guest list: Alessandro Benvenuti, c, Andrea Morucci, Antonio Ferlito, Dave Martone, Fabrizio Leo, Francesco J. Perticone, Gianni De Chellis, Jennifer Batten, Josè Ferilli, Marcello Leanza, Marco Sfogli, Mark Allen Felton, Massimiliano Cona, Mistheria, Neil Zaza, Gaetano Nicolosi , Nino Cardullo, Prashant Aswani.


Marshall Harrison: Improv session

Here we have the Conklin 3/4-scale 7 string tuned to standard seven string tuning: BEADGCEA. What an amazing instrument: so easy to play that's it's practically cheating. Anyway, I have to come clean...I gravitate to "Major" or "Happy" key music more so than minor. Like Scriabin, I feel that Major is POWER and minor is akin to "whining". So there's that for what it's worth.

Also, whoever posts the correct time for the start of the Hanon exercise "lick" get 8,700 pico-Pounds of gold. Can somebody calculate how much that is worth in American dollars going by the current price of gold

Marshall Harrison - Improv session - 3-11-2011

Yngwie Malmsteen: Do you have all of the Marshalls going onstage?

You’ve been playing Marshalls almost as long as you’ve been playing, and now you have a signature head coming out. What are some of the specs you wanted on your signature Marshall?

Let me tell you something: That amp is like a weapon of mass destruction—it is dangerous. I told them I wanted the amp switchable between 50 and 100 watts. I like 50-watters for their creamier characteristics, whereas 100-watters are like getting a fist to your nose. I also wanted the boost that I get from the DOD overdrive built into the amp, and I wanted digital reverb built in. And there’s a power soak instead of a master volume.

Were cosmetics important?

Oh yeah. The look is very important. From the front, the amp looks like an old Super Lead plexi—no extra knobs, it’s clean, it’s gorgeous, and it’s superb. But on the back, that’s where all of the tricky bits are. The other thing that’s cool about the amp is, I always dug the look of the old 200-watt Marshall Major head and its oversized cabinet—it’s as thick as a 4x12. It’s f***ing beautiful man. I want the slogan on the ads to say “you can’t buy just one!”

You’re famous for a wall of stacks onstage. Surely you don’t have all of those Marshalls running do you?


Do you have all of the Marshalls going onstage?


Oh, I get it.

[Laughs] They’re all cranking. It’s loud! If those cabs are right on you, it’s f***ing brutal. If you’re in the front row, ear level, you better bring earmuffs.
.... “My performance rider asks for 30 Marshall heads and 28 cabs,” continues Malmsteen, who requests 100-watt plexi reissue heads and Marshall cabs loaded with Celestion 75-watt G12-T 75 speakers for their clarity, higher headroom, and low-string punch. “Promoters usually have a heart attack when they see that, but that’s the way it goes. I played in Israel this year and I think I depleted the entire country of Marshalls. Every rental company, amp distributor, and local band that owned a Marshall had them onstage with me. They were all different, but I can make any Marshall do what I want. I just take all of the gain and distortion off and turn up the master, basically crank them up without any preamp gain.”

full interview

John Karadimos: shred this 3

shred this 3(brett garsed b. track) by john karadimos

feraldream: Tapping Scotland The Brave, we need an Italian response!!

With the big rugby match coming up theres a chance for one of the Italian tappers to light up the Italian rugby tune in two handed tapping style.

Scotland The Brave

Baba O'Riley - Synth part on Guitar

Niels Vejlyt: F# Aeolian with Extreme Tapping

F# Aeolian scale played Extreme Tapping style

lick of the week #5

Anthimos Manti: Dingle solo competition

Dingle1 competition: South of Sheol solo (Anthimos Manti entry)

Dingle solo competition

Joe Pinnavaia,Vince Mastrantonio: PM Guitar a little lunch time blues

The PM Guitar consists of Joe Pinnavaia on 7 String Guitar and Vince Mastrantonio on 6 String Guitar.

For more music vists their MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/thePMGuitarDuo

This was shot live at The French Pub in Buffalo, NY

Miles Davis - All Blues - The PM Guitar Duo

News: what do guitar players do in their down time?

I thought you might like to spend some time on your android device with a game that I had a little hand in... what no guitars?  If you follow the mobile world this is my sister blog http://technutfutures.blogspot.com/

A fun fast-paced tilt game. Block Rampage is a fast-paced tilt game where the aim is to destroy the blocks by rolling the ball into them.
Extra points are awarded for destroying three or more blocks of the same colour in a row.
When blocks are destroyed, they may reveal bonus rewards or unpleasant surprises.
Features global high-scores table.