Thursday, 31 March 2011

Øystein Sollesnes: Tapping Wide Arpeggios (lesson)

Here is a tapping lesson in C Major. The point here is doing normal 3 notes per string tapping, but covering 7th arpeggios over 4 octaves using only your right index finger for tapping.
Below are links for guitar pro tablature and backing track:
Also, for this lesson my guitar is tuned to D standard tuning (D G C F A D).
Thanks for watching, hope you give it a try!

Øystein Sollesnes - Tapping Wide Arpeggios (lesson)

Randy Scott: NAMM 2011 Gibson Demo

Fusion - Randy Scott - @ NAMM 2011 Gibson Demo .mp4

Olivier Castellat: Fusion shred groove

Fusion shred groov - olivier castellat

Jerome Dineen: fusion improv crap

This guy is 15 years old... need to find some more of this :)

Jerome Dineen - fusion improv crap

Kosta Vreto: A New Tomorrow

Kosta Vreto - A New Tomorrow (Steel Gallery Records)

Jeff Loomis: Greece, 27-3-2011

Jeff Loomis: Greece, 27-3-2011

Michael Romeo: Russell Allen Symphony X Interview

Metal Storm - Symphony X Interview Part 1 24/03/11

Metal Storm - Symphony X Interview Part 2 24/03/11

Zakk Wylde: interview Gothenburg 2011

Zakk Wylde interview Gothenburg 2011

Eddie Van Halen: recording new album?

According to a "trusted source" cited by the VAN HALEN fan site Van Halen News Desk, the recording process for the group's new album is "going great and the band is starting to mix the new tracks." The site adds that the LP will likely drop this fall, which is when VAN HALEN is also expected to hit the road in support of the effort. more

Jeff Loomis: Live in Novi 2011

Remaining clinic dates:

Jeff Loomis Live in Novi Sad 2011.03.23

Jeff Loomis Guitar Clinic Live in Novi Sad 2011.03.23


March 30 - 15:30 Signing Session - Vicenza - D-Music Store
March 30 - 21:00 Clinic - Verona - Guitar Shop c/o Il Blocco Music Hall
March 31 - 15:30 Clinic - Firenze - Plug 'n Play c/o Black Dog
March 31 - 21:30 Signing Session - Sarzana (SP) - Music Store c/o Jux Tap
April 01 - 15:30 Signing Session - Como - Little Wonder
April 01 - 21:00 Clinic - Milano - Lucky Music Network
April 02 - 11:00 Signing Session - Torino - Casa Musicale Scavino


April 08 - 13:00 and 16:00 Signing Session - Frankfurt, Musikmesse
April 09 - 13:00 and 16:00 Signing Session - Frankfurt, Musikmesse

Devin Townsend: new album release date, us tour and interview!

Devin Townsend recently confirmed via Twitter that he will tour the U.S. with CHILDREN OF BODOM in June.
Devin Townsend will release "Deconstruction" and "Ghost" — the third and fourth in a series in Europe on June 20 via InsideOut Music. track by track review

"Deconstruction" and "Ghost" will complete his tetralogy album concept — a great journey through Devin's different states of musical moods — which he started in 2009 with the albums "Addicted" (2009) and "Ki" (2009).

DevinTownsend Interview

Ruggero Robin: compilation of jam sessions with the trio

Ruggero Robin, guitar, Per Mathisen, bass, Marcel Millot, drums. Recorded live in Karlsruhe 2011. Compilation of 8 different songs written by the 3. Contact us on:


Steve Morse: North American tour - gets an orchestra!

North American tour in four years — which is scheduled to kick off in early June — will feature classic members Ian Gillan (lead vocals), Roger Glover (bass) and Ian Paice (drums, percussion) along with Steve Morse (guitar) and Don Airey (keyboards). The trek, dubbed "A Night With Deep Purple And The Songs That Built Rock", will see the band performing in each city while backed by a 30-piece symphony orchestra. tour dates

Elias Viljanen: Sonata Arctica @ Peek from the Pit

Interview with Sonata Arctica @ Peek from the Pit

Grim Shit: Djent - Terminator Theme Metal - i'll be back... to shred!

Grim Shit - Terminator Theme Metal Cover

Here is a new instrumental sh*t inspired by the "Djent" style.
I gave it this name remembering the song "Prelude To Chaos", cause it sounds a bit less melodic than my usual stuff and more chaotic.

Anyway, you can also see (if you're watching) a picture of me with my new Xiphos 7strings guitar by Ibanez. She's my new baby.

Grim Shit - A Suite For Chaos

Grim Shit - 19:37

Atanas Shishkov: Tom Anderson Drop Top Rock

Atanas Shishkov - "Tom Anderson Drop Top Rock"

Allan Marcus: Neon blue Strictly 7 custom Cobra

Strictly 7 custom Cobra built for Matt McLamb of Spring, Texas. Neon blue with polyurethane clear coat. Bare Knuckle calibrated Cold Sweat pickups, floating Hipshot tremolo system, Tremol-no trem block system, Chrome Sperzel tuners, Pau Ferro fretboard with medium frets, Swamp Ash body, figured Maple neck.

Custom 7 string to Texas

Pat McManus: Schijndel 2011 - top notch playing!


Olivier Castellat: spain improvisation

Chick corea -spain improvisation guitar fusion - olivier castellat

Duff McKagan: new studio album

Eagle Rock Entertainment will release The Taking, a brand new studio album from Duff McKagan’s Loaded on vinyl (April 12) and CD (April 19). McKagan once again takes front and center on lead vocals and guitars. Long time Loaded members Jeff Rouse (bassist) and Mike Squires (guitar) return along with drummer Isaac Carpenter who joined in late 2009.

Recorded by Terry Date (Soundgarden, Avenged Sevenfold), the album follows the band's 2009 debut Sick. A feature-length film, The Taking (in the style of A Hard Day's Night crossed with The Song Remains The Same), is due this summer. "This record really sort of took a life of its' own, and the songs really revealed themselves to us as we went along," says Duff. "Terry Date came into the picture at a time when his genius ear helped to capture a sonic theme for the record. You can't underestimate what a guy like TD brings to the table. The Taking is the closest thing to a 'concept' record that I have ever been involved with. Pain, loss, triumph, and redemption. Life. Bring it."

The Taking track listing:
01. "Lords of Abaddon"
02. "Executioner's Song"
03. "Dead Skin"
04. "We Win"
05. "Easier Lying"
06. "She's An Anchor"
07. “Indian Summer”
08. "Wrecking Ball"
09. "King Of The World"
10. "Cocaine"
11. "Your Name"
12. "Follow Me To Hell"
For more information, visit

Bub Zulu: Jean Paul Agnesod competition

My Solo Guitar Competition 2011 - Bub Zulu

Jean Paul Agnesod competition

Teo Ross, Bob Katsionis: Wicked Streets album cover details

TEO ROSS : "Wicked Streets" (HD)

Neil Zaza,Tomasz Andrzejewski: Poland tour dates

Neil Zaza, One of the best rock guitarists in the world is back after three years of the Polish, to promote his latest album, "212". The artist, playing and recording in his career with such tuzami like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Michael Anthony, and Jordan Rudess occurs in our country for five concerts:29.04 in Cracow (Club Square), 30.04 Wroclaw (Old Town), 1.05 in Poznan (Club Blue Note), 2.05 in Warsaw (Club Mechanic) and 3.05 in Radzyń Podlaski (ROKiR) in the V Guitar Workshop.

Michael Lee Firkins, Ronnie Montrose: tour dates

Here Are the dates starting for 2011: I will Be Opening for MONTROSE on their 2011 Tour in Select Cities-
5/14/11 Arcadia Blues Club, Arcadia, CA.
6/9/11 Southern Pacific Smokehouse, Novato, CA.
*6/10/11 McNear's Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA.
7/2/11 Southern Pacific Smokehouse, Novato, CA.
*7/9/11 Avalon, Santa Clara, CA.
*8/26/11 Boardrock, Orangevale, CA.
*9/1/11 Nine Lives, Gilroy, CA.
*9/2/11 The Catalyist, Santa Cruz, CA.
*10/13/11 Foxboro Live, Foxborough, MA.
*10/14/11 B.B. Kings, New York, NY.

*= Opening for the 2011 MONTROSE TOURAlso: You can go to my website for updates:

Lance Bowzer,Kyle Honea: djentalmen start your engines!

1st real test with my camera, Enjoy (and laugh at the clams if ya like!).
Loud television levels, Song is an excerpt from B.B.K. from my upcoming release, copywrite 2010

Here's approximately what I used in the video:
Jackson COW with an EMG707
Xotic effects BB Preamp- Volume at 10 o'clock, Gain at 9 o"clock, Bass at 10-11 O'clock, Treb at Noon- Very little gain coming from the pedal, mainly used to shaped to tone and feel.
BOSS NS2 Suppressor
Budda- Master was conversation levels (you can here the guitar acoustically a bit), Bass around 11 O'clock, Mid at 1 O'Clock, Treb at 2 O'Clock, Gain somewhere around noon

BASS Guitar by Kyle Honea- Ultra Badass
Drums by James Davenport- Sick Inhuman Machine

Drums - James Davenport
Guitars - Lance Bowzer
Bass - Kyle Honea

LANCE-B.B.K. Budda Superdrive 30 2x12 7 string Metal


Lars Eric Mattsson: "Aurora Borealis" new CD pre order

Pre-orders for Lars Eric Mattsson's forthcoming instrumental masterpiece "Aurora Borealis - Concerto For Orchestra & Electric Guitar" (released 15th April 2011) are now be taken at the LM store.

Direct link -

This new wholly instrumental 12 track release takes a fresh approach to the blend of guitar and orchestra for a musical experience as uplifting as seeing the wonder of the northern lights, from which the album gets its title. Whilst the combination of orchestra and guitar may have been done before by amongst others one of Mattsson’s influences Uli Jon Roth; ‘Aurora Borealis’ takes the range of sound and expressions further that what has been heard before and places as much emphasis on each tracks backing as with its guitar work. The result is a highly captivating and listenable experience. Lush in textures and timbres, ‘Aurora Borealis’ comes across at times like a film score; sometimes fast and exotic whilst at others sweet and luxurious. Many moods are covered and all of which see Mattsson deliver impassioned guitar work in his own inimitable style.

Also visit Lars' newly redesigned official website at

Marcel Coenen: Sun Caged new album release date announced

Sun Caged see their highly anticipated third album "The Lotus Effect"' set for release on 17th June 2011 on Lion Music.

Those who try to describe Sun Caged's music will find this task to be considerable. Influences range from progressive metal to fusion and jazz, and atmospheric and ambient jaunts. The band's progressive blend is going to excite lots of listeners because of its diversity and excitement with "The Lotus Effect" serving up the most potent examples of the bands sound yet.
One full track from the forthcoming album, the 10 minute "Pareidolized (The Ocean In The Shell)" can be heard now at the bands MySpace page -
Official Links Links