Friday, 1 April 2011

News: Truth In Shredding officially lighter and faster.

I forgot to mention that on my return from the USA I decided I needed to put my blog on a crash diet... I could still lose a few seconds, but over all the loss of JavaScript should have made the site more useable for those with less that performant devices. Note there is still the mobile link for those who need to see the meaning of haste.

The web site is no longer Awesome Orange, rather British racing green.

Victor Wooten,Nate Watts: bass heaven!

Victor Wooten and Nate Watts Hartke clinic in NYC!

Derryl Gabel: Lydian Flight - 5000+ views

Lydian Flight Demo HD

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Dreamfullofzen: Lydian is the mode

Lydian Shred Fest

Gustavo Guerra: Memories


Al Di Meola: Harmony Central interview

Interview with guitarist extraordinare Al Di Meola. In part one Al talks about his influences, his early years with the legendary band Return To Forever and how that shaped him to become the musician and composer he is today. He also talks about his approach to composition and the technical demands of high level performance on both electric and acoustic guitar.

Al Di Meola Interview part 1

In part two Al Di Meola talks about his PRS Signature Guitar, the Conde Hermanos Nylon String Guitar, and the gear he is using onstage during his recent world tour. He also talks about the incredibly talented musicians in his current band, and his new album "The Pursuit Of Radical Rapsody".

Al Di Meola Interview part 2

Dave Reeves: competition now closed!

Competition closed

See all the responses

Dingle solo competition

Charly Tejeda: Villa Elisa - La Plata Argentina - new player



Adrian English: lesson and implementation demonstration Shredguy Records shredder Adrian English shout out to SK ....check the sweep excercise ....


Aurelien Budynek: Little Lion Man

"Little Lion Man" by Mumford and Sons - Metal Version

DareDevil Squadron plays "Little Lion Man"
Originally performed by Mumford and Sons, available on their album "Sigh No More"
Written by Marcus Mumford
DareDevil Squadron is
Andrew Ross (aka Awesome Wolf) - vocals
Angus Clark (aka Rogue) - guitars
Aurelien Budynek (aka the Bordeaux Bandit) - guitars
Jason Gianni (aka El Torino) - drums
Chris Altenhoff (aka Thunderball) - bass
special guest Lucas Carpenter - viking vocals
Produced by DareDevil Squadron
Recorded in March 2011 in various places
Mixed and mastered by Aurelien Budynek
Engineered by DareDevil Squadron
Drum engineering by Chris Altenhoff
Video edited by Aurelien Budynek
Check out DareDevil Squadron's debut album "Out of the Sun" available at as well as iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby....

Chris Taylor: Nocturnal

Chris Taylor
Featuring: Scott Kinsey (keyboards) | Gary Novak (drums) | Steve Tavglione (sax, woodwinds, ewi) | George Whitty (keyboards) | Ric Fierabracci (bass)

Seemingly from out of nowhere, New York-based guitarist-composer Chris Taylor has emerged after nearly 30 years on the scene with a brilliant, fully-realized first album as a leader. And though it's been a long time in coming, Nocturnal may be the most auspicious debut of the year.

Reflecting the influences of such potent bands and composers as Weather Report, Pat Metheny, Tribal Tech and the Zawinul Syndicate, as well as such guitaristic icons as John Scofield, Bill Frisell and Allan Holdsworth. Taylor's compelling album also stakes out strikingly original territory. From cinematic offerings like "Voices in my Head," the atmospheric "All of Us" and the dreamy soundscape "Recluse" to super-charged jams like "Ear to the Rail," "Know What I'm Saying," "Odd Hours" and the anthemic "Here to There," Nocturnal resonates with audacious energy and ideas. Taylor is ably supported on his maiden voyage by a stellar crew featuring drummers Gary Novak, Dave Weckl, Joel Rosenblatt and Kirk Covington, keyboardists George Whitty and Scott Kinsey, bassists Ric Fierabracci and Gary Haase, and saxophonist Steve Tavaglione. buy

ChrisTaylor Nocturnal sampler [Abstract Logix Label 2011] by abstractlogix.

John McLaughlin: Human Element

Scott Kinsey / Matthew Garrison / Gary Novak / Arto Tuncboyaciyan.
Special Guest: John McLaughlin
Human Element

In the tradition of Weather Report and the Joe Zawinul Syndicate, two powerhouse pan-global bands that have greatly influenced generations of musicians around the world, Human Element is staking out a new corner of the musical map on its self-titled debut. Comprised of keyboardist Scott Kinsey (Tribal Tech), electric bassist Matthew Garrison (Zawinul Syndicate, John McLaughlin's Heart of Things, Herbie Hancock), percussionist-vocalist Arto Tuncboyacian (Al Di Meola's World Sinfonia, Joe Zawinul, Marc Johnson's Right Brain Patrol) and drummer Gary Novak (Chick Corea's Elektric Band), Human Element incorporates elements of fusion, funk and Armenian folk tunes into a potent 21st century brew that defies easy categorization.

Recorded at Gary Novak's Kronos Studio in Burbank and mixed and mastered by Kinsey in his home studio, Human Element travels from intense offerings like the 5/8 title track and "Bottom of the Mirror" to the Gnawan music influenced groover "Essouaria" and funky jams like "Crazy Girl" and "Shake It." Tuncboyacian's "Hi Lao" (featuring a cameo by guitar hero John McLaughlin) injects a Middle Eastern flavor into the proceedings while Garrison's two tracks, "Izzy" and Cut," showcase his remarkable facility on the bass. For a change of pace from the whirlwind intensity, Tuncboyacian offers transcendent vocals on the beautiful ballad "See With Your Ear" and the zen-like calm of "Onno," a touching ode to his late brother. Arto's son Seto also contributes some thoughtful spoken word passages on the solemn lament "Think About It," which tackles the grim topic of the Armenian genocide. buy

Human Element Music Sampler by abstractlogix.

Neil Zaza: Euro tour dates extended


April 23:
La Lucciola & La Luna Pub
Pomezia (Roma)

April 27:
Pocoloco Pub
Paganica (AQ)

April 28:
BluesHouse Club
Milano (MI)

April 29:
Cracow (Klub Kwadrat)
April 30:
Wroclaw ( Old Town Market Square )

May 1:
Poznan (Blue Note)

May 2:
Warsaw (Klub Mechanik)

May 3:
Radzyn Podlaski
(ROKiR) at the Annual Guitar Workshop

Special thanks to Michał Kubicki

Gretchen Menn: Behind the scenes of Gretchen Menns Music video.


Gretchen Menn | Fresh Face Stace

Joe Pinnavaia: Waking Up The Pentatonics

Pentatonics are commonly used in all types of music and at times can become over used and monotonous. Joe Pinnavaia:
In this article I hope to give a different perspective on this scale by using arpeggios. Some of you may be familiar with these techniques and some of you may not be. Hopefully all will find this article useful for helping create new ideas.

As we know, with any scale comes the associated arpeggios. For the pentatonic scale if we combine adjacent patterns we get what is referred to as the Extended Pentatonics. This greatly expands the fretboard and gives you greater distance between intervals. There is an almost Holdsworthian sound when you use this approach. Now by finding arpeggios within the scale we can get some pretty creative and interesting ideas that some might not expect from the pentatonic scale.

The first set of arpeggios are taken from the extended pentatonics in A minor and uses each box pattern and its adjacent counterpart. This is my own way of sweeping as I don't consider myself to be a proficient sweep picker. The hammer ons add a fluid motion that I find fits the hand in a ergonomic way that does not require bridging with one finger - another troublesome technique. more

Neal Nagaoka: Terrifying Young Guns

Neal Nagaoka:
So, with that in mind, that is what this new column is about. I will post five of the very best guitar kids every month in a video format and show them off. I would also like several of you teachers to get involved as well and help find these amazing kids out there - and of course, the teacher will get full credit as their master! And man, some of the submissions I've seen so far are unreal! But there's got to be some guidelines here, I don't want 10 million submissions sent to me so if you do that, and send me bulk, you get disqualified immediately! Let the young kids compete, not the old folks!
The Official Site:
Submit your videos here:
So, here are the rules:
  • Must be 17 or under for the student. Teachers can be any age of course.
  • Must be of good quality video.
  • Must be performed live. (No Overdubs!)
  • Must be an original solo. (Can be a jazz or classical piece that's within the public domain, but it has to be a unique interpretation) I don't want to hear "Stairway To Heaven" or Metallica solos! (I will accept original backing tracks, soloed over of course).
  • Only one submission for each student from the parents or teachers a month! If I get bulk, you are disqualified.
  • Each video submission must have some information in it like name, name and background of the student, who the teacher is and please tell me why this video is so impressive, or what's the point? Right?
  • No duplicate winners once they have won (but teachers can always submit new students.)
  • Please no reversed videos! If you play right-handed, I don't want to see someone playing left-handed! 
 The Official Site: Submit your videos here:

News: Guitar 9's spot light on Chile, Australia and Germany

In addition to perennial favorites such as David Martone (Canada), , Philippe Thibaut (Belgium), Wolfgang Zenk (Germany) and Petr Henych (Czech Republic), new CDs from international guitar players continue to pour in, as recent releases from Patrik Carlsson (Sweden), Cristian Regnicoli (France), Dino Fiorenza (Italy), and Roger Pedersen (Norway) will attest.
Spotlight on Chilean GuitaristsSpotlight on Australian GuitaristsSpotlight on German Guitarists

Greg Howe: Live in San Francisco - 2011

Greg Howe - Live in San Francisco - 2011

Yves Custeau: one man rock orchestra!

Vivaldi Rock Spring by Yves Custeau

Flight of the Bumblebee-Yves Custeau

Matias Rengel: Licks For Everyone book
299 Guitar Licks + 10 Backing Tracks!
133 pages full of Guitar Licks, divided into 11 scales and 11 chapters. Including 10 high quality Backing Tracks!
Take your playing to the next level!
Master different techniques; from alternate picking, legato and slide, to sweep picking, tapping, hybrid picking and more!
All Licks written in Tablature and Standard Notation, with AUDIO files, pickstroke direction, fingering, technique specification and more!
- Major Licks
- Blues Licks
- Minor Licks
- Penta/Mixo Licks
- Harmonic Licks
- Lydian Licks
- Mixolydian Licks
- Dorian Licks
- Locrian Licks
- Lydian b7 Licks
- Phrygian Licks
Get your eBook NOW for only $4.99!!!

Andy James: new album nearly complete

Andy James Solo album is finally tracked and being mixed!!!!!! Should have a first draft mix by tomorrow evening, very excited!. Release will be somewhere around end of April - early may via Transcend Records. In the meantime I will be adding some more guitars to the sacred mother tongue album number 2 aswell as preparng for the tour in a couple of weeks.

Jason Becker: The Story of Jason Becker [Trailer]

One person who has enough inspiration for all of us.

Perpetual Burn: The Story of Jason Becker [Trailer]

Karen Hunter:
I knew Jason wanted Steve to play but we were not sure how or when that might happen. Steve would need a band behind him and he had told Dave Lopez the organizer that the best way to go was to do a blues, but who with?

The night started around 9pm, the line up of music just got better and better, I was looking forward to the last couple of guys, Richie Kotzen and the great Joe Satriani. Steve and I normally go to bed at 9pm, so you can imagine us sitting in a crowd for three hours past bed time. Enjoying the night but gradually falling asleep in the dark. more

Plus don'r forget the auction of guitars

Zoran Starcevic,Nikola Starcevic, Jon Starcevich: Trio Balkan Strings live in London this weekend!

Trio Balkan Strings: in London Apr 3rd and 4th and The Gunnersbury 5th Apr.

TRIO BALKAN STRINGS performs its original guitar music, a fusion of Balkan music: Serbian, Gypsy, Macedonian, Romanian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Mediterranean, Greek, Oriental, with Jazz, Gypsy Swing, Classical music, improvisation, asymmetrical rhythms and original guitar interpretation. Multiple cultural Balkan Swing Jazz Guitar-World Fusion, atractive, virtuoso, rich and unconventional, fresh and spontaneous, brimming with energy. Authentic, attractive music with the finest taste, real presentation of guitar music in Balkan Jazz style, the perfect interpretation from the father and sons and the universal music language, without frontiers. A real music trip by Balkan carpet, so if you like Jazz, Gypsy Swing, World, Ethnic, Classical, or you simply like guitar music, it is your perfect choice. They has performed in: USA, Canada, and all around the Europe.
£12 on the door Open at 6 when food will be available until 10 all tables allocated on arrival, diners get preferential seating.

Lukasz Kulczak: JazzRockFusionGroove

Łukasz Kulczak - JazzRockFusionGroove

Nahuel Schiumarini: Julius Pastorius Massimo Selvi Live

Nahuel Schiumarini Julius Pastorius Massimo Selvi Live @ Muffashop

Alex Skolnick: premier guitar interview

What was your sonic vision for this album when you went into the studio?

I wanted it to be the music I liked—music I put on first thing in the morning. It’s everything from Keith Jarrett to Bill Frisell to e.s.t. to Bach’s Two Part Inventions. I like music that is energizing, inspiring and very clear. There is something about those types of albums that is just very warm, intimate and direct.

When you say “energizing,” you don’t necessarily mean loud and fast, right?

Definitely not. I have this recording of Bach’s Inventions played by a classical pianist named András Schiff. That to me is very energizing. I am not sure why that is, but you can definitely put it on to relax at home. Maybe stimulating is a better word. There are different types of music for different purposes. Speed metal serves a different purpose but I wouldn’t put that on first thing in the morning. more plus guitar lesson