Michael Angelo Batio: MAB String Dampener

When Michael first performed the Double-Guitar "in concert" it started to "feed back" when he began to play both guitars at once. Immediately after that show he started thinking about some way to dampen the strings. Something that could stop string noise at high volumes and be moved out of way when it wasn't being used. Michael invented The "MAB String Dampener." It is adjustable and fits any guitar.

M.A.C.E. Music has sold the "MAB String Dampener" to many famous players around the world.
The "MAB String Dampener" was designed to stop unwanted string noise.
"The MAB String Dampener" is great for tapping and legato style guitar playing!
It is easy to use. No assembly required. NO DRILLING anywhere on your instrument!
The "MAB String Dampener" is 100% made in the USA and exclusively available from us.
The "MAB String Dampener" can be used when you want to use it and quickly moved out of the way when you are finished using it.
order http://angelo.com/html/the_mab_string_dampener.html