Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nicolas Notarianni: new CD Guitarsnake - Around The World

1.My Religion Part I - Incantation
2.My Religion Part II - The Hope
3.My Religion Part III - The Perfect Day
4.My Religion Part IV - All About Me
5.Around The World
6.In The Shadow
7.Somewhere In This World
9.Last Goodbye
10.I Have A Dream (Remastered)
11.On The Road (Remastered)


Release date: 03/2011
Total time: 41:18

Around The World is the second solo album from french guitar virtuoso, Guitarsnake, aka Nicolas Notarianni. Influenced by Joe Satriani and John Petrucci, Guitarsnake delivers here an astonishing instrumental concept album, filled with melodic guitars.

Far away from the predictable shred albums who clone themselves, Around The World is a masterpiece of colorful & emotional guitar music, crafted by a flawless guitar technique, unique feel yet. The album opens with "My Religion", a song divided in four tracks that brings the listener into a musical journey... around Guitarsnake's musical world. Each track is full of catchy guitar themes and shred licks always arise at the perfect time to give you chills.

The album will please the fans as it includes in the CD a bonus video clip (mp4.) where the Mayones Guitars endorser performs with his band. Cherry on the top, the CD features as well two remastered songs from the excellent One Life is Not Enough album: "I Have A Dream" (dedicated to Patrick Rondat) and "On The Road" hosting an intense guitar solo fest featuring Stéphane Gay, Loïc Bonnecaze, Roo, Olivier Mesnier, Yann Armellino and Victor Lafuente.

Ayman Mokdad: Spring Song

AYMAN - The spring song

News: Frankfurt Musikmesse - who is attending

I know this won't be the full list... it never is. The Frankfurt Musikmesse is the biggest music trade show and is frequented by many musicians and guitar players. These are the ones mentioned

Guitar People
Laurie Monk
Shred Medium
Guglielmo Malusardi

Players that I know about
Joop Wolters
Martin Miller
Levi Clay
Alex Hutchings
Christophe Godin
Hans van Even
Jeff Loomis
Chris Broderick
Eugene Berger
Thomas Blug
Greg Koch
Mike Amott
Jeff Waters
Mike Åkerfeldt
Fredrik Åkesson
Tommy Denander
Doug Aldrich

Let me know if you are going and I will update the list

Greg Howe: Morning View LIVE!

I watched Greg run through this track may be 5 times... I could watch it all day!

Greg Howe Morning View LIVE! Amazing!!

Michael Romeo: Symphony X Metal Eyez interview


Jeff Loomis: Metal Eyez interview


Jason Becker: blown away by special show

Jason Becker:
Hey everyone! The Slim's show was one of the best nights of my life. I can't thank everyone enough for making it happen. The music and love was just beautiful. I could write all day about how lucky I am to have all of these people in my life. I will write more later. Dave, I love you man! more

Richie Kotzen: Brazil 2011 Ultimate fan video collection

Richie Kotzen: Brazil 2011 Ultimate fan video collection

Thomas Tomsen,Derek Sherinian, Tony Franklin, Stuart Hamm: Sunflickers new CD

My new album " Sunflickers " is out now!!!! I have some great guest-player on it, like Bob Daisley, Doug Pinnick, Derek Sherinian, Tony Franklin, Stuart Hamm, Michael Troy, Melanie Bormann "Big Fat" Bernd Galetzka buy

Thomas Tomsen " Sunflickers " - The Album ( Samples )

Tony Franklin presents the new Thomas Tomsen CD " Sunflickers " at NAMM Show 2011

Marco De Cave: Gus G LTD Competition

marco de cave Firewind crank it like Gus G contest

Gus G LTD Competition

Greg Howe: Jammin on Sunny

Greg Howe Jammin on Sunny

Jamie Humphries,Richie Kotzen,Phil Hilborne: J new CD features Richie Kotzen

“J” is a collaboration between friends/music partners Jason Campbell, Bass and Vocals, and Jamie Humphries, Guitars, both known to friends and family as Jay, hence the name. Jason and Jamie first met in the early 90’s, while both performing in bands on the Kent Rock scene. Both shared a love for the music of Jimi Hendrix and Kings X, and soon began to work together on various projects. Although at various points they both embarked on other work with in the industry, they still continued to write and record tracks together in their studio.
Jason performed and recorded with renowned UK rock guitarist Phil Hilborne, and also performed with US guitarist Richie Kotzen, (Poison, Mr Big, Vertue). Jason also recorded a series of Bass tuition programs for the M Channel, now shown on Rockworld TV. Jason also worked with Jamie on various commercial projects, including Giants of Metal, and Giants of Rock CD’s for Jamie’s books published by Sanctuary, and legendary 80’s prog/pop band It Bites “Live in Montreux” album.
Jamie has transcribed over 20 guitar books for Total Accuracy, as well as producing over 40 instructional DVD’s for Lick Library. He has written and produced 3 book and CD projects for Sanctuary including Giants of Metal, Giants of Rock, and Crash Course Electric Guitar. He has transcribed for Guitar Techniques for more than 10 years, and has also contributed to Guitarists, Total Guitar and Guitar World. He also hosts online lesson on Jamie has lectured at the ACM Guildford for the past 10 years. He also performed clinics for Musicman Guitars, Cornford Amplifiers, and the ACM in the UK, USA and Japan. In 2005 he performed guitar on the Top 20 hit single “Rocket” by Braund Reynold , which was single of the week twice on Radio 1, and #1 in the Buzz chart. He has recorded for the Hoxton Whores, Phonetic Records, Public Symphony and Luciana. His guitar playing has been heard on such TV shows as The Fixer, Freephonix, Top Gear, The World Cup, Winter Olympics and Sky Movies. He also performs in the hit West End Musical “We Will Rock You”, and has toured the USA extensively with The Australian Pink Floyd Show. This year he begins touring with a new show called The Mystic Orchestra in the USA.
The “J” project is a collection of vocal and instrumental music, and features Pete Riley on drums, from Keith Emmerson’s band, and Guthrie Govan’s Erotic Cakes. Guest musicians include Richie Kotzen and Phil Hilborne on guitars. This album covers many musical genre’s from Hard Rock, Fusion, and Instrumental Rock, drawing influence from Kings X, The Jelly Jam, Platapus, Soundgarden, It Bites, Greg Howe and Brett Garsed. buy:

Black Dog Day

Richie Kotzen: Lima NA TV show interview



Marty Friedman: Japan bank advert

マーティ・フリードマン SMBC日興証券 CM

Anusorn Jeekeeree: Pentatonic tapping with String Skipping lesson

Extra Lick Pentatonic tapping_w string skip.wmv

Rafael Flores: two guitars one song...


Jeff Loomis: Guitar Seminar An Club Greece

Jeff Loomis: Guitar Seminar An Club Greece

Anton Oparin: Get Out Of My Yard

Anton Oparin - Get Out Of My Yard -

News: Lion Music Benefit for Japan coming soon

Embrace The Sun - Lion Music Japan Benefit Project
Some people have been asking why no acts have been announced yet for "Embrace The Sun". The answer is many of the artists participating are recording NEW tracks especially for this album which takes some time to complete. We are holding off announcing until we have finished tracks ready. Carl Andre Beckston (Monowasp) is working on the artwork now as well :)

Glen Drover: available for online lessons

Glen Drover:
"I have decided to make my online and home guitar lessons my first priority now, and have just recently opened up three more days for lessons. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to start for every week. Lessons will include focus on improving guitar skills in all areas, as well as interactive guitar recordings in Pro-Tools for developing and constructing solo skills over rhythm patterns, harmonies, etc. Contact Glen Drover at Serious inquiries only."

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther Gibson interview

I think neon is the way of the past and of the future.

Yeah! You can’t go wrong with neon. That’s definitely metal. I’ve got a white Kramer Pacer, and that just goes with every outfit. That’ll go with my purple spandex, my zebra spandex, everything. And I’ve got a lot of spandex, so it’s good to have a versatile guitar that’ll go with your spandex. Y'know, I used to hang out and party a lot with Paul Gilbert, and when you mention the neon, I was roommates with him and he used to paint everything neon when he was in Racer X. His whole apartment was neon. Their whole stage was neon. They would go on with neon clothes. It was crazy. They would turn on a blacklight and their teeth would glow. They would put, y’know, neon paint on their teeth, too. Crazy.

Your unaccompanied solo moment on stage is always a highlight of your gigs. The unaccompanied solo is really a lost art. What’s the secret?

Many, many times, while I’m doing it, I’m thinking “I’m not doing this right.” There’s really no right or wrong way to do a solo, and trust me, I’ve seen C.C. DeVille do a 25-minute solo before, and then you realize, “Okay, anybody can do this.”

I remember seeing Poison in 1988 or ’89 or something, and C.C. took a 30-minute solo, and I thought, “They’re doing this on purpose. They’re trying to get people to go buy T-shirts right now.” If you’re going to do a solo, there are a few guidelines. It should never be too long, like C.C. Deville. So stay off the blow before you do it. It should definitely have melody, because a lot of rock guitar players tend to go for super-fast licks, because it’s more impressive sounding, especially if you’re by yourself. It should have that element but you’re carrying everything by yourself, so you have to have some melody in there. The vast majority of your audience don’t give a [expletive] how fast you can play, they just want to be entertained. I used to fly above the audience on a harness, and that’s always fun. Sometimes the harness gets caught in my guitar strap and I can’t play at all, but most people don’t care. Most guitar players are too worried about if they’re playing good, but after my worst solos I’ll have more compliments backstage than ever. They don’t care about your technique. They care about melody and they want to see something cool, so I get behind the drums and I play drums and guitar at the same time. People are always very impressed by that, and that will usually get you laid after the show, which is awesome.

And, of course, you want to have some flash, too. I throw in “Flight of the Bumblebee,” and I’m not the first ’80s guitar player to play that, but it’s something that everybody knows, and it must be hard to play because it’s fast, right? So everybody goes, “Oh wow, he’s talented!” And then I end up having sex with their girlfriends. Awesome. more

Vinnie Moore: demos Signature VINMAN!!!

Vinnie Moore Signature VINMAN by Dean Guitars

Wim Roelants: live in Paris

wimshades paris

Paul Wardingham: Clones

Paul Wardingham - Clones

Paul Wardingham: Assimilate Regenerate buy

Andreas Varady: astonishing jazz prodigy returns

I was talking with Greg Howe in San Franciso... he was mentioning a crazy young guitar player from my blog... I think it's this one Greg... if someone would like to confirm :)

David Lyttle and Andreas Varady on the Late Late Show

Andreas Varady & David Hodek Jazz

Andreas Varady & David Hodek