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Jor Kokiat,Chakarin Duangmanee,Milan Polak: Power of Strings competition

1) Download the backing track at 2) Upload your Video on Youtube
3) Subscribe to Jor Kokiat's channel: post your video in response to this video (please make sure to ADD YOUR NAME to the title: Or send your video link to Email:
6) Your Video will show on this page: promote your video
8) Win!
The Prizes:
1) THE WINNER : DBZ Guitar - http://www.dbzguitars.com2) THE 2nd : VHT Special 6 - http://www.vhtamp.com3) Popular Vote ( the most views on youtube) : VHT Combo - 4) Youngest Award - Special Prizes from our Sponsors
5) Special Prizes from our Sponsors
6) Special Prizes from our Sponsors
7) Special Prizes from our Sponsors
8) Special Prizes from our Sponsors
9) Special Prizes from our Sponsors
10) Special Prizes from our Sponsors
What we are looking for: Great improvisation or composition, Great tone, Note selection. A one take solo, no harmonies or double tracking, one guy, one guitar, just you against the backing track.

The Judges:
Chakarin Duangmanee (POP THE SUN+SMF):http://www.stonemetalfire.comMilan Polak: Buy his Albums at Kokiat:
Please note: The contest begin on April 20, 2011, all entries must be submitted BEFORE 23:59 on June 15, 2011
Good Luck
Special Thanks
Song Mixed by E.Q. STUDIO: http://www.eqstudiomusic.comStrings Shop: http://www.stringsshop.comGuitar Siam: http://www.guitarsiam.comGuitar Thai: http://www.guitarthai.comDBZ Guitars: http://www.dbzguitars.comChordTabs : Amplifier:
Song: The Power of Universe
Guitars by Jor Kokiat
Bass by Trust Marican
Drum by Dew Phoowich
"Power of Strings" Guitar Solo Contest

"Power Of Strings" Contest - Milan Polak

Power of Strings competition

Ethan Brosh: Angels of Babylon USA tour dates

Angels of Babylon with Rhino(Man o War) and Ethan Brosh!!!
Time 22 April at 21:00 - 23 April at 00:00

I'm really glad to send this invite! Finally Angels of Babylon is going on its first tour!!! We are now working on creating the most bad ass show!!! You will not regret coming to check it out! I've had people from all around the country asking me when will I be touring in their area...Well, Now is the time!!! Looking forward to meet all you guys I've been communicating with for a while!

Here are the dates so far:
April 22 Whiskey-Los Angeles, CA
April 23 Lucy's Bar and Grill, Las Vegas NV
April 26 Masquerade-Atlanta, GA
April 28 Volume 11-Raleigh, NC
April 29 Jaxx-Springfield, VA
May 1 Mojo 13-Wilmington, Del
May 3 The Annex-Madison, Wi
May 4 JB Speakeasy-La Crosse, Wi
May 5 Nutty's North-Sioux Falls, SD
May 6 Aftershock-Kansas City, MO
May 7 Tomcats West-Ft. Worth, TX
A couple more dates might be added soon...

Geoff Whitehorn,Jamie Humphries,Thomas Blug: Musikmesse medley

MusikMesse 2011 - Medley - 1

MusikMesse 2011 - Medley - 2

MusikMesse 2011 - Medley - 3

Kee Marcello: Musikmesse 2011 Gibson stand



Andy Timmons: musikmesse 2011

Andy Timmons Band - MusikMesse 2011

Andy Timmons Band - MusikMesse 2011 - 2

Mattias IA Eklundh: musikmesse 2011


David Wallimann: Parker Nitefly + Eleven Rack Blues

Parker Nitefly + Eleven Rack Blues Improv

Devin Townsend: KaaosTV

KaaosTV Episode #36: The Devin Townsend Project

Jeff Waters: is Rhod Gilbert?

Jeff Waters and Rhod George


Gary Hoey, George Lynch, Richie Kotzen: Counselor Jam

Counselor Jam on Opening night in the Bahamas!
Mark Hudson, Rudy Sarzo, Kip Winger, Gary Hoey, George Lynch, Richie Kotzen, Alan White, Sandy Gennaro

Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp 2011 Counselor Jam

Chris Gordon: the return of the shred

I always like Chris's playing, not sure why I didn't pick up these recent videos... cool playing throughout.

The Cycle

Solstice Shred.wmv

11's string skipping.wmv

Tom Quayle: ToadWorks 2011 Spring Shred Contest

Tom Quayle An awesome competition for you guys run by ToadWorks Effects and myself. Great prizes!!! Hope you enjoy the BT's! Check out for more info. Get your entries in now!!!Hosted by Tom Quayle and ToadWorks USA. 1st prize is the prototype for our new Vermilion Superdrive, 2nd & 3rd prize is our Texas Flood pedal.
Backing tracks can be found here:
ToadWorks 2011 Spring Shred Contest Promo

Tom Quayle ToadWorks competition

Dave Martone: Country Maniac - Guitar Hero style!!

GH3 Custom :: Country Maniac - Dave Martone

Christian Muenzner,Bob Katsionis,Per Nilsson,Derek Taylor: new album on the way

Christian Muenzner Recordings for my solo album are finished! Here's the front cover art done by the amazing Anestis Goudas. Expect a late April release! The album features Hannes Grossmann on drums, Daniel Galmarini on Keys, Steve DiGiorgio on bass on 7 tracks, Jacob Schmidt of Defeated Sanity on bass on 4 tracks, and great guest solos by my friends Ryan Knight (BDM), Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry), Bob Katsionis (Firewind), Derek Taylor (Shrapnel Recording Artist, Eniac Requiem, Crimeny) and Alex Guth (Stormwarrior). A track from it will be posted by the end of the week. You can order the album directly from me soon.

Jason Becker, Laurie Monk: one moment in time

Jason Becker,Laurie Monk

This is the moment that I met an inspiration, a true hero... a major honour for me. Jason Becker is the most amazing person, he communicates just using his eyes and his family and friends can read what he is saying. I was blown away that he knew about Truth In Shredding. Although he can't move his mind is just over flowing with ideas and positive thoughts.

Derryl Gabel: Buy One Get One FREE!

Buy One Get One FREE!
Greetings guitar fans! Hope you are having a good week so far. I wanted to let you know about a special offer at my website.
For one week only, buy one DVD or download and get the second one free! So if you want 10 DVDs you could buy 5 and get 5 free! If you want 10 downloads buy 5 and get the other 5 for free!
The first 10 buyers will get 3 guest solos I did a while back in the mp3 format.
This sale will end Tuesday April 19th so hurry over to my site and get your free DVDs today! To place your order simply go to the Store link on my site and order the DVDs or downloads that you want. Next send me an email requesting the free DVDs or downloads of your choice.
If you will be ordering through paypal please email me for shipping costs.

Ken Fobert: Borealis new cd

01. Finest Hour
02. Words I Failed To Say
03. Fall From Grace
04. Where We Started
05. Breaking The Curse
06. Regeneration
07. Watch The World Collapse
08. Take You Over
09. Forgotten Forever

Matt Marinelli – Vocals and Guitars
Ken Fobert – Guitars
Sean Werlick – Keyboard
Sean Dowell – Drums
Jamie Smith - Bass
Pre-orders taken now (will not ship before 13th May 2011) at

With soaring vocals, lightning fast guitars and a rock solid backline, BOREALIS is bringing leather back and dragging power metal up with it. It's been that way from the start for these Canadian guys: all or nothing, and it shows in their music.

Musically, BOREALIS leans towards the classic power metal sound; not too far removed from bands such as Evergrey or even Savatage in their prime. Also, the more progressive bands like Vanden Plas or Dream Theater occasionally spring to mind. It's all about energy, aggression, melodies and finesse - and BOREALIS has it all in spades.

With an independently released debut "World Of Silence" safely in the bag, the band took it upon themselves to give ProgPower USA one heck of a kick-start when they visited the world famous festival in September 2010. With a 45 minute set comprised of songs from both the upcoming disc "Fall From Grace" as well as their debut, they made sure all 1,100 people in attendance would leave with a positive memory of BOREALIS.

"Fall From Grace" sees Borealis take a heavier approach for their label debut along with a more mature and progressive spin put on the songs when compared to their first appearance, but the bands song writing process in which every idea is explored and considered has not changed. On the new material bassist Jamie Smith comments, "We feel that because of song writing process this is a very diverse, energetic album. Lyrically, a few avenues were explored for the album, taking a more 'real life' approach than was taken before. Again, a collaborative effort on the lyrics ensured that they fit the music perfectly and reflected every band member's tastes in their own way".

Produced and mixed by Jodan Valeriote in Ontario, Canada and mastered by Tomas Johansson at the world famous Panic Room Studios in Sweden (known for a.o. Scar Symmetry, Warrior Soul, Miseration), this album is a sonic masterpiece. And topped by the fantastic artwork by Frank Fiedler, the entire package comes off as one of this year's most impressive power metal releases.

Borealis' forthcoming offering "Fall From Grace" is sure to see the buzz generated by both their debut album and ProgPower USA performance continue, and will certainly reach a larger audience world-wide come 20th May 2011 on Lion Music.

BOREALIS - Where we started (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Lars Eric Mattsson: Aurora Borealis - Concerto For Orchestra & Electric Guitar

Pre-orders for Lars Eric Mattsson's forthcoming instrumental masterpiece "Aurora Borealis - Concerto For Orchestra & Electric Guitar" (released 15th April 2011) are now be taken at the LM store and will ship immediately..

Direct link -

This new wholly instrumental 12 track release takes a fresh approach to the blend of guitar and orchestra for a musical experience as uplifting as seeing the wonder of the northern lights, from which the album gets its title. Whilst the combination of orchestra and guitar may have been done before by amongst others one of Mattsson’s influences Uli Jon Roth; ‘Aurora Borealis’ takes the range of sound and expressions further that what has been heard before and places as much emphasis on each tracks backing as with its guitar work. The result is a highly captivating and listenable experience. Lush in textures and timbres, ‘Aurora Borealis’ comes across at times like a film score; sometimes fast and exotic whilst at others sweet and luxurious. Many moods are covered and all of which see Mattsson deliver impassioned guitar work in his own inimitable style.

Also visit Lars' newly redesigned official website at

Joe Satriani: Sammy Hager sings National Anthem

Joe Satriani Sammy Hagar Giants National Anthem Ring Ceremony

Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani NATIONAL ANTHEM at SF Giants Game

Devin Townsend,Fredrik Thordendal,Mikael Åkerfeldt: Deconstruction CD

Devin Townsend will release "Deconstruction" and "Ghost" — the third and fourth in a series of albums from the DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT on June 20th and 21st.

"Deconstruction" track listing:

01. Praise The Lowered (6:02)
02. Stand (9:36)
03. Juula (3:46)
04. Planet Of The Apes (10:59)
05. Summera (6:37)
06. The Mighty Masturbator (16:28)
07. Pandemic (3:29)
08. Deconstruction (9:27)
09. Poltergeist (4:25)

"Deconstruction" guest musicians:

* Mikael Åkerfeldt (OPETH, BLOODBATH)
* Ihsahn (EMPEROR)
* Joe Duplantier (GOJIRA)
* Oderus Urungus (GWAR)
* Paul Masvidal (CYNIC)
* Fredrik Thordendal (MESHUGGAH)

"Ghost" track listing:

01. Fly (4:15)
02. Heart Baby (5:55)
03. Feather (11:30)
04. Kawaii (2:52)
05. Ghost (6:24)
06. Blackberry (4:53)
07. Monsoon (4:37)
08. Dark Matters (1:57)
09. Texada (9:30)
10. Seams (4:04)
11. Infinite Ocean (8:01)
12. As You Were (8:47)

Alexi Laiho, Devin Townsend: Children Of Bodom and Devin Townsend US tour dates

June 24 - West Hollywood, CA - House of Blues
June 25 - San Francisco, CA - Slim's
June 26 - Portland, OR - Roseland
June 27 - Seattle, WA - Showbox at the Market
June 28 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore Ballroom
June 30 - Calgary, AB - MacEwan Ballroom
July 02 - Edmonton, AB - Edmonton Events Center
July 03 - Saskatoon, SK - Odeon
July 04 - Winnipeg, MB - Garrick Center
July 05 - St. Paul, MN - Station Four
July 06 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
July 08 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
July 09 - Orlando, FL - BeachamTheater
July 10 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution
July 12 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Smalls -
July 13 - Norfolk, VA - The Norva
July 14 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
July 15 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
July 16 - New York, NY - Best Buy Theatre
July 17 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero Theatre
July 19 - Worcester, PA - Palladium
July 21 - Halifax, NS - Multipurpose Centre (no DEVIN TOWNSEND)
July 23 - Toronto, ONT - Downsview Park (Heavy T.O.)
July 24 - Montreal, QC - Parc Jean-Drapeau Heavy MTL)

Alex Lifeson: Rush Madison Square Garden

Craig Goldy: Dio Disciples Euro tour dates

DIO members Rudy Sarzo (bass), Simon Wright (drums), Craig Goldy (guitar) and Scott Warren (keyboards) will join forces with singers Tim "Ripper" Owens (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, BEYOND FEAR, JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH) and Toby Jepson (LITTLE ANGELS, GUN) to play a number of shows in Europe under the name DIO DISCIPLES.

DIO DISCIPLES tour dates:

June 08 - Moscow, Russia - A2 Club
June 09 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Kosmonayt
June 10 - Tampere, Finland - Sauna Open Air
June 11 - East Midlands, UK - Download Festival
June 12 - Newcastle, UK - Academy
June 14 - Glasgow, Scotland - Garage
June 15 - Wolverhampton, UK - Sleigh Rooms
June 16 - Manchester, UK - Academy 2
June 17 - London, UK - Islington Academy
June 19 - Uden, Netherlands - De Pul
June 20 - Aschafensburg, Germany - Colos Saal
June 21 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
June 22 - Berlin, Germany - C Club
June 24 - Dessel, Belgium - Graspop Metal Meeting
June 25 - Bochum, Germany - Matrix
June 27 - Vienna, Austria - Szene Wien
June 28 - Lucerne, Switzerland - Konzerthaus Schuur

Jeff Loomis: Diezel test at Musikmesse

Musikmesse 2011 - Jeff Loomis at Diezel booth

Alex Skolnick: and interviews

Part 1 of an in depth interview by
What spawned the concept for VERITAS? It sounds like the first Alex Skolnick Trio album that, not to demean your work, but bears a real sense of consistency.

Well, it was the first album where we really let loose the reins. We decided to have no stylistic limitations and really do an album that felt right regardless of any expectations – be it as a jazz guitarist or a guy who plays in a metal band.

Have you found that the project developed a sort of stigma about it over the years, where jazz purists refused to take it seriously?

Yeah, it’s been a challenge. But at the same time, that has given it a purpose. Our primary goal is to challenge misconceptions.

And on the flipside, I recall back when you started this, the metal community immediately wrote it off as a novelty act. And yet you persisted.

I know, I’m still here, dammit! [Laughs] But you know, when I did it, it was not a novelty; it was a true reflection of what I was passionate for. And I am very passionate about sophisticated jazz guitar. I am also rejecting the notion that only people who limit themselves to that kind of music can do it.

As well, I am rejecting the idea that people who play in metal bands can only play metal. It’s been a battle my whole life, and it is finally starting to feel like I am proving it. It’s taken a really long time, but honestly, the skills required to play metal or jazz take a long time to develop. In the case of metal, they were skills I was fortunate enough to develop at a young age.

But ever since then, I’ve been refining my craft of jazz guitar. It has taken a long time, but like I said, it has given me purpose. I think the title of the album, the fact that it’s an acoustic jazz album with different genres on it and the consistency that you mentioned is all a part of that. more

Plus Spinner interview

Released through imprint of the metal label Magna Carta, 'Transformation' and 'Last Day in Paradise' didn't do much to boost the band's jazz profile, and they got stuck paying some dues that you'd expect to see in a Spinal Tap sequel. It would have been comical if it weren't so frustrating for the band.

"We started getting booked on the wrong types of shows," Skolnick explains. "The trio would be on this bill where all the opening bands were shred-prog-metal bands. I would ask the promoters why they would even think to put us on these kinds of bills and they would say things like, 'You played in Testament.' I would say to them: 'Did you listen to the music? Because we play acoustic jazz. I'm playing through this little amp and I'm supposed to follow guys with arena rock setups?' Most of the time they'd admit that they didn't even listen to our music before they booked us. It's been challenging."

Skolnick also reunited with his Testament bandmates for tours and a reunion album that was strong enough to bring that band back to life, which led to some revelations. more

Jeff Kollman: Bombastic Meatbats Performance Sabian Live Namm 2011

Chad Smith's - Bombastic Meatbats - Opps, I Spilled My Beer - Performance Sabian Live Namm 2011

William Dotto: Le Orme La Via Della Seta (2011)

Album: La Via Della Seta (2011)
Studio Album, released in 2011

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. L'alba di Eurasia (2:03)
2. Il romanzo di Alessandro (2:56)
3. Verso Sud (3:14)
4. Mondi che si cercano (3:16)
5. Verso Sud (Ripresa) (1:21)
6. Una donna (1:38)
7. 29457, l'asteroide di Marco Polo (1:08)
8. Serinde (4:25)
9. Incontro dei popoli (4:55)
10. La prima melodia (5:339
11. Xi'an - Venezia - Roma (4:36)
12. La via della seta (6:05)

Michi Dei Rossi : batteria, percussioni
Michele Bon : organo Hammond, synth, tastiere e cori
Fabio Trentini : basso, chitarra acustica e cori
Jimmy Spitaleri : voce
William Dotto : chitarra elettrica e acustica
Federico Gava : piano, synth, tastiere

Le Orme - Serinde

Marco Sfogli: super tapping lesson

Didattica Shred On Steroids Il tapping, di Marco Sfogli