Sunday, 17 April 2011

Fred Brum: Jaden Rose multiscale given a roasting

Fred Brum:
This is some footage of when I visited Jaden Rose last summer, and consists of me testing 3 of them, 2 of which (the correc7 s7ringed ones :P) I currently own, actually.

Video quality suffered from some rather strange video software hickups and this is what could be salvaged among random pixellation effects, and equally random zooming accompanied by terms such as "AWESOME!!!", "SHRED!!!" and who knows what else. I have no idea as to why that happened, but the end result was as comical as it was useless. :P

Guitars used are, in order, a 7-string multiscale (25,5" - 27"), 7-string JHM, and an original series Maple Pack. Used Jaden's Blackstar HT5 with a reverb pedal.

Jaden Rose axes in action - multiscale / JHM / Maple Pack

Martin Miller: 'ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011 Entry

Martin Miller - 'ToadWorks Spring Shred 2011 Entry' Improvisation

Tom Quayle ToadWorks competition

Achilleas Diamantis: putting the F into Fusion

Achilleas Diamantis playing the -ZTAR -Z7S -Mono Lead 1

Eric Gales: more classy playing from the master

Eric Gales on The Arsenio Hall Show MONTAGE

Eric Gales backstage at the SRV Remembrance Concert 2010

Bruce Bowser: Strawberry Cinders - clever video

This hard rock instrumental guitar song will be on my (Bruce Bowser) upcoming rock instrumental album called Electrical Problems. Check out my store at where Out Of Breath is available. CRANK it !!

Strawberry Cinders (rock instrumental)

Joop Wolters: Daniele Gottardo Competition

daniele gottardo jam-joop wolters

Daniele Gottardo Competition

Chris Gordon: the return of Abby bonus

Abby Bonus

Reece Fullwood: Voiceless

Fragments - Voiceless Demo

Voiceless - Fragments by FragmentsUK1

Heres the debut track from my band 'Fragments'
I share the lead guitar roll and do some vocals.
much more heavy and tech riffs to come.
Hope you enjoy

Adrian turner - Vocals
Reece Fullwood - Guitar, Vocals
Josh Jones - Guitar
Lee Wincott - Drums
Bass . TBA

MIxed and Mastered by Reece Fullwood

Eric Johnson, Rusty Cooley: interview #1

Eric Johnson Interview part 1

Rusty Cooley, Andy McKee: interview part #1

Rusty Interviews Andy McKee part 1

Stephen Ross: March of the Wingnuts - cool original played live

March of the Wingnuts written and performed by Stephen Ross

Nobby Conrad: Power of Strings Contest

Power of Strings Contest - Nobby Conrad

Rune Berre: Ocean Front Walk

Rune Berre. "Ocean Front Walk" ( Bent Patey).

Doug Steele: flatstick... metal cheat sheets!

Flatstick Cheat Sheet: Talking to God

Flatstick Cheat Sheet: Bend Over

Nick Meares: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition - Nick Meares

Zoran Starcevic: East-West

East-West (Istok-zapad) Zoran Starcevic

Roger Pedersen: Super tribute to Gary Moore

The Loner, a tribute to Gary Moore

Francesco Bonfanti: Outfit and Stella solos

Greg Howe - OUTFIT 1st solo part - from Kotzen/Howe TILT


John Wheatcroft: Billy Cobham- Red Baron

John Wheatcroft with Billy Cobham- Red Baron (Solo)

Yvi Wylde: statement


Dhalif: Worst Guitarist in the world ^-1

Worst Guitarist in the world

Ugur Dariveren: Gottardo Guitar Competition

Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition by Ugur Dariveren

Nili Brosh: Iron Maidens - Powerslaves!!

The Iron Maidens "Powerslave" featuring Nili Brosh.

AJohn: Despair - 8 tracks one guitar player

This video will sound best played loud. Anyway, I played against a backing track "" - Downloaded from youtube, user id - guitarbackingtracks4 that I like. I named my jam Despair, that is the feel I had from the song as I listened back. Might have something to do with the news, the natural disasters that seem to have alarmingly increased or all the wars and killing going on. Its never ending and it does seem that we are in a despair situation at times. Kind of a sad sound to me. I tripled the 2 guitar tracks. Not sure how I came up with the melody, ha, I just play and it comes out. I tracked in an additional guitar at around the 1:40 mark. Can't show it because I don't have good video editing software. Once I do, I will most likely stop using backing tracks (except during times of laziness!) and start doing originals where I can include views of bass, guitar and keyboard parts. Can't play drums so I will continue getting drums where I can .

I used a Digitech RP355 for the guitar tone. I used 2 different tones one for each guitar part. I record directly with USB connection.

I used 3 tracks for each guitar part so there is a total of 6 tracks for guitar and I also doubled the backing track. I use Cuebase LE 4 to record.

I used Moviemaker for the video. Very limited in that I can not create multiple panels. I hope to upgrade to Sony Vegas eventually.


Julien Carayon: Takmanie song - acoustic

Julien Carayon - Takmanie song

Rick Graham: Splawn Nitro locked and loaded

Rick Graham:
Spent this morning playing through the Splawn Nitro 100 head hooked up to a Port City 2x12 Wave OS cab kindly provided by a very nice young man. Hope you dig!

Sunday Splawnage - Splawn Nitro Improv

Simon McBride: super tribute to Gary Moore

Simon McBride - Down to the Wire - PRS DV247 Gig

Jon Levin,Mitch Perry,Richie Kotzen: FrontRowEnt TV steaming show

Join for an ALL-STAR celebrity rock show LIVE-STREAM to benefit Japan Tsunami Relief from Harper's in Tarzana, California on Saturday, April 16th at 7:30pm featuring: Terry Ilous (XYZ & Great White); Jeff Paris; Chris Slade (AC/DC); Rudy Sarzo (Whitesnake & Blue Oyster Cult); Brian Tichy (Foreigner & Billy Idol); Richie Kotzen (Poison & Mr. Big); Juan Croucier (Ratt); Jon Levin (Dokken); John Payne (Asia); James LoMenzo (MegaDeath); Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy); Robin McCauley (Survivor & MSG); Simon Wright (Dio, AC/DC & UFO); Robert Sarzo (Hurricane); Mitch Perry (MSG, Asia & Edgar Winter); Lita Ford; Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot); Michael Thompson; Steven Adler (Guns & Roses); Greg Douglass (Steve Miller Band); Dizzy Reed (Guns & Roses); The Jet Boys; Teddy Zig Zag (Guns & Roses); Vinny Appice (Dio & Black Sabbath); Tony Marcus (XYZ); and Ukulele Ray (Fender® Artist); PLUS a host of other celebrity rock stars


Jason Becker: "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam announced

Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011). The new show is being planed for fans in Europe who were not able to get to America to see he show. Please help by voting for your top guitar players to appear at the show.

The current list of suggestions for guitar players is here Note you can add new ones if you think they are more appropriate.

Muris Varajic: my facebook is too small

Muris Varajic I am reaching the limit with friends and unfortunately I cannot add all of you who has sent me requests for friendship, there is over 2000 requests btw....So feel free to join my official page instead! :)

Frank Gambale: my facebook does runeth over...

Frank Gambale I have over 250 friend request that I would love to confirm but can not due to FB 5,000 friend limit. Please click this link and join me over here

Oz Noy: Octave Displacement lessons

FPE-TV Oz Noy Octave Displacement Guitar Lesson

FPETV Oz Noy Pt 2 Octave Displacement

Phil Hilborne,Paul Reed Smith: Cos We've Ended As Lovers

Phil Hilborne-Paul Reed Smith-Cos We've Ended As Lovers-PRS DV247 Gig

Eloy Oliveira: Tears from heart

Tears from heart

André Niéri: Winner of Guitar Control competition

André Niéri. must be over the moon!!

WINNER! solo contest

André Niéri: wins live 4 guitar competition

Each judge had to pick 10 participants and award them points from 10 to 1 (10 being the best) . In the end we summed all points from each judge and got the result... Full details of the results including all the scores and placed players:

WINNER! 4th Live4Guitar competition - André Niéri

Marty Friedman, Jason Becker: Cacophy V220 sold to help Japan earthquake victims

Looks like it's gone to a good home :)

Hey everybody,

I want you guys to be the first ones to know that I am now a proud owner of Marty Friedman's Red Carvin V220 which he used during the recording of Go Off!!, touring, clinics, ect between ‘88 and ’89 and of course Megadeth’s audition.

The whole reason why I got into Carvin was THIS guitar. When I first saw it on those ‘88/’89 Cacophony bootlegs I fell in love with its shape and tone, instantly.

Some people said it went for less than expected, well I agree. I expected it to go for around $5,000-$6,000 minimum but since Carvin is not as widespread as Jackson and Cacophony isn't as well known as Megadeth, well those factors definitely affected the final price. I bid on it because I truly love the V220 and Cacophony and this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a guitar from one of my favorite guitarists/musicians. And of course I am glad that my money will go to aid the victims in Japan. It was a very generous thing Marty did and is still doing. more

Richie Kotzen,Mitch Perry: 80s Rocker for Japan

16 April · 19:00 - 23:30
Harper's5545 Reseda Blvd. Phone (818) 342-9300.
Tarzana, California
Created by:
Terry IlousMore info


The original “We Are The World” and last year’s “We Are The World 25 For Haiti” featured great artists raising money for important causes, but they failed to do one thing—really rock!
No worries there with the '80s Rockers For Japan benefit Saturday, April 16 at Harper’s in Reseda.
Organized by Terry Ilous (XYZ, Great White), the show will include members of some of the '80s most popular rock and metal bands. Ilous and Jeff Paris have also written a song and are creating a video that will feature many of the participating musicians. The song will be recorded, and the video shot, live at the benefit. It will subsequently be available on iTunes. Proceeds from the event and sales of the track and video will be donated to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts.
"Japan has always been very supportive of our kind of music, and this is our small way of giving back,” says Ilous.
In addition to Ilous, performers who have committed to the show include Chris Slade (AC/DC/ The Firm), Rudy Sarzo (Whitesnake/Ozzy Osbourne/ Blue Oyster Cult), Brian Tichy (Whitesnake /Foreigner/Billy Idol), Richie Kotzen (Poison/Mr. Big), Bobby Kimball (Toto) Juan Croucier (Ratt), John Payne (Asia), Teddy Zigzag (Guns N’ Roses), James Lomenzo (Megadeth/Black Label Society), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake), Robin McAuley (Survivor /MSG), Simon Wright (Dio/AC/DC/UFO), Robert Sarzo (Hurricane) and Mitch Perry (MSG/Asia/Edgar Winter),Vinnie Appice ( Black Sabbath ),Eric Ragno,Michael T Ross, Stu Simone,band Jet Boy ,Michael Thomas ( Adler's Appetite) and Steven Adler (Guns And Roses and Dizzy Reed ( Guns And Roses ) Tony Marcus ( XYZ ) Tony Montana of Great White ,and Jeff Paris.
Line6 will provide the backline Spaun Drums will provide the drums,Dw the drum pedals, and Paiste the cymbals.
A live streaming broadcast will be done by Front Row Entertainment and viewers will be able to watch the event for free online; a link to the Red Cross will be provided and the musicians who are participating request that those watching make a small donation. We will have a raffle with tons of goodies donated by the artists.
we will have a silent auction for a Paiste crash Cymbal signed by all the drummers present and even some who could not make it and for a DW double bass drums pedal valued at $900 signed by all the drummers as well.
Rob Harper( we love him ) will donate the door ,so please be can bring a check book and give the money directly to the Red Cross
Harper’s is located at 5545 Reseda Blvd. in Tarzana, CA. Phone (818) 342-9300.
It a $10 minimum donation at the door.We will have raffles and will auction lots of gears signed by the artists so bring cash.....