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Fabrice Lacourt: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition - Fabrice Lacourt.wmv

Stephan Vidi: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Vidi - Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Renato Santos: Aurora competition


Silvio Gazquez: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition by Silvio Gazquez

Jack Zucker: Eastman T165 Overdriven to perfection

Eastman T165 Overdriven (zendrive) guitarsnjazz

Antonello Giliberto: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Antonello Giliberto - The Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: seven the not so hard way?

David Galardi: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition by David Galardi

Achilleas Diamantis: Labyrinth - confusion original - another fusion delight!

This is a song from my upcoming CONFUSION cd

Music : Achilleas Diamantis


Achilleas Diamantis -Labyrinth

Christian Clemente: daniele gottardo's guitar competition

daniele gottardo's guitar competition - christian clemente

Ivan Yañez: My Solo Guitar Competition

My Solo Guitar Competition youtube contest 2011 By yañez.

Andy James: floevo flow

Andy James new SMT Tour rig!!!!

Andy James plays the solo from the Crow

Dimitar Nalbantov: Amplitube 3.5 Orange Rockverb 50 MK II Test

Amplitube 3.5 Orange Rockverb 50 MK II Test

Das: Boss Thailand Guitar Solo Competition

Boss Thailand Guitar Solo Competition By Das

Mateusz Owczarek: Power of Strings Solo Contest

Mateusz Owczarek - Power of Strings Solo Contest

Jason Becker: Matt Blackett's review of the incredible San Francisco show

The “surprise special guest” of the night showed up in the form of Marty Friedman, who flew out from Japan for one day to play the show. Rocking a PRS Singlecut, Friedman played a soulful instrumental that was a great showcase for his sweet bends and vibrato, as well as his patently unorthodox phrasing and note choices. Nobody sounds like that guy and it was a treat for the old-school Cacophony fans in attendance to see Friedman and Becker in the same room again.
A definite highlight of the evening was the performance of Mr. Steve Lukather who played a touching version of his “Song for Jeff.” In his intro, Luke explained how his former bassist Mike Porcaro also suffers from ALS and then proceeded to wring every bit of emotion out of each crying bend, expertly backed by Duffy, drummer extraordinaire Michael Urbano, and keyboardist Phil Bennett. No matter how great all the previous guitarists were, something different happened when Luke took the stage. The guy is just able to more weight, depth, and power behind his notes than most people can do. He only played one tune, but he kicked every ass in the place. You can see a video of his performance here. more

Giorgio Rovati: Rocker Versus Shredder

Rocker Versus Shredder (A challenge at last note!)

News: Matt Blackett way Top Ten Messe Is Different from NAMM

Matt Blackett: The Top Ten (Give or Take) Ways Messe Is Different from NAMM:
In many ways, a music convention is a music convention. You will, by and large, see the same manufacturers displaying the same gear, hear the same clinicians playing the same licks (that you won’t really hear anywhere but a trade show), and be told the same lies by players, distributers, and reps alike. Having said that, every trade show has at least a few things to set it apart from the others and give it its own vibe. Winter NAMM is different from Summer NAMM, which is in turn different from the Dallas Guitar Show. And all of those shows differ from the Frankfurt Musikmesse. This is not an exhaustive list but rather some quick hits on what I believe makes Messe unique. more

Jon Bloomer: Empress Multidrive demo

Empress Multidrive demo

The Empress MultiDrive is 3 drives pedals in one, Fuzz, Overdrive and Distortion. But more than that you have 3 different types of Distortion, a high and low pass filter on each drive and the ability to easily blend them all in parallel with their separate volume and gain controls. There is also 2 presets which you can easily configure and a true bypass switch along with an EQ section with a mid eq selector to cut or boost the mids at 250, 500 or 2k +- 10db. So basically it is much more than just 3 drives in one!

check out http://www.empresseffects.com for more info

News: Brossard Pick Demo Give-away contest

Brossard Pick Demo Give-away contest

Osvaldo Di Dio: super tribute to Eric Johnson


Tom Hess: How To Improve Your Guitar Playing With And Without A Metronome

How To Improve Your Guitar Playing With And Without A Metronome
by Tom Hess 
Do you think that using a metronome is important for improving your guitar playing?

On this issue, guitar players tend to fall into one of the following groups:
Some guitarists almost never use a metronome in their guitar playing.
Others always (or almost always) practice and play guitar with a metronome.
When asked about why they practice guitar the way they do (without a metronome), guitarists in the first group often say that they want to avoid having to stick to a rigid tempo while playing guitar. They claim that learning to play guitar without a metronome helps their guitar playing to be more expressive and musical. Others in this group just don’t think much about the metronome. 
The guitarists in the second group (those who play guitar with a metronome almost all the time) argue that the metronome is key to improving their guitar playing. Therefore, the guitarists in this group believe it is essential to practice everything to a metronome to develop tight rhythm guitar playing skills, increase guitar speed and track guitar playing progress.

Which Group Of Guitar Players Are You In?
Fact is both of the above belief systems are incomplete and misleading ways to approach the process of learning to play guitar. Here is why:
You need to alternate between practicing and playing guitar both with and without the metronome, but to be effective you need to do this in a strategic way, not a random one. You must have a diverse set of targeted guitar practice techniques (and know when and how to apply each one) to successfully overcome every guitar playing challenge you face. When it comes to practicing guitar with a metronome, there are times when using it is necessary and there are other times when the metronome will distract you from improving in the areas you need to master. 
There are multiple ways of using a metronome in your guitar practice routines.(Consciously choosing "not" to use a metronome "sometimes" is one type of such strategy.) It is NOT enough to simply decide to practice guitar with a metronome a certain % of the practice time (such as 50% on and 50% off). To get the most benefit from using a metronome, you need to know when, how and why to use it (or not use it) depending on what goals you are trying to achieve in a given practice session.

Although the complete list of strategies for using a metronome when learning to play guitar is beyond the scope of this article, I want to share with you several of the most important roles that the metronome should play in your guitar playing (and also explain when/why to avoid using it). These ideas will help you to improve your guitar playing much faster.

How To Use A Metronome To "Test" Your Guitar Playing
Contrary to popular belief, practicing guitar with a metronome does NOT help you to "improve" your guitar technique or "increase" your guitar speed. As I discuss in this free mini course on how to develop guitar speed, there are specific elements that go into guitar speed that must be trained and refined, often at super slow speeds without the metronome. The metronome is then used mainly as a TEST to establish how well you have mastered these elements. The speed at which you can play will indicate whether or not you need to do additional practicing (without using the metronome) to overcome the technical flaws preventing you from playing guitar as fast as you want.

So, before you start using a metronome to "measure your improvement" in speed, you need to spend a substantial amount of time refining the fundamental technical components that make guitar speed possible (without using the metronome). This goes totally against the conventional wisdom of practicing everything to a metronome in order to improve your guitar technique, but is a much more effective way of developing this skill (check out the free mini course above to fully understand why this is true and how you should practice to build guitar speed).In fact, it is this belief (that more work with the metronome is the key to overcoming one's guitar speed/technique plateau) that keeps many guitarists frustrated with their lack of guitar playing progress. 
How To Use A Metronome To Improve Your Rhythm Guitar Playing

The guitar players who never (or very rarely) practice guitar using a metronome say that they want to have the freedom of not having to stick to a rigid tempo in order to be more expressive with the music they are playing. Although this style of guitar playing has its place in music (more on this below), most people who only practice guitar without the metronome typically struggle whenever they do have to play in strict time. It is important to be able to play by varying the tempo, dynamics and other musical elements for expressive reasons, but it is equally as important to be able to lock perfectly in time with a particular tempo (for "different" expressive goals). If you have always stayed away from practicing playing guitar to a metronome for the reasons mentioned above, chances are that your timing needs improvement. 
Unlike the concept of guitar speed, practicing guitar with a metronome is a very critical part of what actually "develops" your ability to play guitar tight (in time). As you play, you can tell easily if your guitar playing is in time if you can make the sound of the metronome click "disappear" on most (or all) of the strong beats of the music. If you are playing in perfect time, the notes you are playing will line up precisely on top of the metronome click, creating an illusion that the click has become silent (disappeared). If you can achieve this goal, you are making excellent progress.

How (And Why) To Practice Guitar Without A Metronome To Improve Your Guitar Phrasing
One problem that guitarists who use a metronome often run into, is a tendency to come up with melodies and lead guitar phrases mostly in "straight" divisions of the beat (such as long streams of sixteenth notes, triplets and quarter notes). Even though the playing may sound good and be in time, the phrasing can begin to sound somewhat robotic and predictable (even if you use different scales). One solution to this problem is to practice a guitar phrasing technique known as "rubato". This soloing technique refers to intentionally playing lead guitar melodies without a clear rhythm by expanding and suddenly contracting the duration of pitches. Note: there is a BIG (and easily noticeable) difference between playing in the style of rubato and the playing "not being in time" (one is a cool guitar phrasing technique and the other is a result of poor rhythmic control). When you play using rubato, it is obvious that the notes of the phrase "intentionally" do not stick to any predetermined rhythm (and the phrasing sounds very cool and expressive as a result). In contrast, if you attempt to play notes that ARE (or should be) in a strict rhythmic pattern but are not able to play in time, the music then has no sense of rubato and simply sounds "out of time".

To learn more about rubato technique and hear exactly how you should practice it, watch this free guitar soloing lesson.

As you can see, always practicing guitar ‘with’ a metronome or always practicing ‘without’ a metronome will limit your ability to reach your full potential as a guitar player. You now know that there are specific times when you should be using it and other specific times when you shouldn’t. 
Ultimately, the metronome is only one of many guitar practice tools that should be used "when necessary" to overcome specific guitar playing problems. The way each tool is to be used depends on the musical goals you are trying to reach and the specific problems you are trying to overcome. If you lack experience in knowing which guitar practice strategies and tools to use, work with a proven guitar teacher who can guide you towards making your guitar practicing more effective.

To learn more about how to practice guitar effectively, download this free 110 page eBook on how to become a better guitarist
About the author:
Tom Hess is a highly successful online guitar teacher, professional touring guitarist and recording artist. He teaches guitar players around the world in his online guitar lessons. Visit www.tomhess.net to receive free guitar playing tips, assessments, surveys, mini courses, and to read more guitar playing articles.

Jarek Smietana, Craig Erickson,Andro Biswane: Atma Anur - ATMA ANUR GROUP recording

The ATMA ANUR GROUP is now recording their first studio CD! So far 8 tracks are just about done, just waiting for the special guest guitar players to join in the fun. They include: JAREK SMIETANA, CRAIG ERICKSON, ANDRO BISWANE and lots more...Although Atma has been leading this experimental fusion band for many years, this is the very first time they have ventured into the studio as a group. The current lineup includes keyboardist and composer TOMASZ BURA, and bass virtuoso MICHAL BARANSKI.

Atma Anur group - My Samba / Caravan

Jani J Szentkiralyi: Atma Anur Tracking has already begun on this upcoming CD

In late 2010 found Atma Anur teaming up with Hungarian guitarist Jani J. Szentkiralyi for a new friendship and some cool musical exploration. Tracking has already begun on this upcoming CD!

Jani's band MOBILMANIA just won the Hungarian FONOGRAM AWARD for BEST ROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR, 2011!!
A couple of tracks from 2008.

Jani J. Szentkiralyi - Jam in D minor!

Jani J. Szentkiralyi - 'Jason Becker - Serrana'

Rick Renstrom,Mistheria: Atma Anur Holmes and Slice - details

Rick Renstrom returns with an all new instrumental group called "Holmes and Slice".
The band includes Rick Renstrom back on guitar after a 5 year hiatus, bassistRich Marks (Black Reign), keyboardist Mistheria (solo, Rob Rock, Bruce Dickinson) and drum legend Atma Anur (MacAlpine, Becker, Howe, Journey).
The new album entitled "The Adventure Begins ..." is well under way in the recording process and will be released summer/fall 2011. It includes 11 songs in the neo-classical style combined with many progressive and blues influences.
Rick adds: "Greetings friends and fans!! It is my pleasure to announce this great new band called Holmes and Slice. It has been quite some time since I have been around, but thanks to the continued support from all of my fans, the time has now come to return to the style I love so much. It is a pleasure to work with these awesome musicians and fans of my previous works will enjoy this very much and I believe many new listeners will be interested as we really hit the music spectrum on all fronts. More news to come soon. Anyone interested can email us at holmesandslice@yahoo.com for more info. Looking forward to you all hearing this very soon!"

Bert Elliot, Stu Hamm: Atma Anur new CD Asylum In Playland

Bert Elliot CD Asylum In Playland...coming soon!

The latest instrumental CD from NY guitarist Bert Elliot featuring Stu Hamm and Atma Anur is mixed, mastered and ready for release April 26th...2011 for a sample

Kevin Buck: new CD set to feature Atma Anur

Nine hot new Prog-Metal tracks just finished... Guitarist Kevin Buck is preparing his newest metal release featuring Atma Anur on drums! Killer song writing, filled with great melodies and crazy riffs...all backed up by some very powerful and melodic metal drumming...this CD will be completed later this year.

Jason Becker: guitar wizard just confirmed his presence in Amsterdam

A great well respected guitar wizard just confirmed his presence in Amsterdam where he will play for Jason. Jason loves his playing and kindness a lot and also this great guitar wizard loves Jason a lot.

Names will be revealed soon as soon we have the right dates and venue confirmed. Keep you posted. http://jasonbeckerfest.com/

Glen Drover: talking metal interview

Mark Strigl conducted with guitarist Glen Drover, formerly of Megadeth. Topics include his new instrumental album, Metalusion, Megadeth, Eidolon, Testament, and Vinnie Moore. For more information on taking online guitar lessons from Glen, email him at gdlessons@gmail.com. mp3

Herman Li: Asia tour dates

Herman Li Solo
MAY 23 MON Camel Café 骆驼咖啡厅 Kunming, Yunnan China
Herman & Dave Duo
MAY 24 TUE Music House 音乐房子 Wuhou District, Chengdu China
MAY 26 THU PALM Expo Chao Yang District, Beijing China
MAY 27 FRI PALM Expo Chao Yang District, Beijing China
MAY 28 SAT PALM Expo Chao Yang District, Beijing China
MAY 30 MON Super Fish Club 大鱼酒吧 Shen He District, Shenyang China
MAY 31 TUE TU Union TU凸空间 Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou China
Herman Li Solo
JUNE 3 FRI PALM Expo India Goregaon East, Mumbai India
JUNE 4 SAT St. Andrews Auditorium Maharashtra India
JUNE 5 SUN Cafe Morrison Delhi India

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Eric Martin - Mr Big interview

Eric Martin (MR. BIG) Interview : MUSICLEGENDS.CA

the single
Mr. Big - Undertow (Official Video)

Jorn Viggo Lofstad: Pagan's Mind Heavenly Ecstasy details

"Heavenly Ecstasy", on May 20 in Germany, May 23 in the rest of Europe and on May 31 in USA/Canada via SPV/Steamhammer

Limited-edition digipak (incl. 2 bonus tracks, poster):

01. Contact (0:48)
02. Eyes Of Fire (5:48)
03. Intermission (5:41)
04. Into The Aftermath (5:18)
05. Walk Away In Silence (5:08)
06. Revelation To The End (8:32)
07. Follow Your Way (5:18)
08. Live Your Life Like A Dream (5:55)
09. The Master's Voice (5:16)
10. Never Walk Alone (6:09)
11. When Angels Unite (2:03)
12. Create Your Destiny (5:49) (bonus track)
13. Power Of Mindscape (4:16) (bonus track)

Jewel case version:

01. Contact (0:48)
02. Eyes Of Fire (5:48)
03. Intermission (5:41)
04. Into The Aftermath (5:18)
05. Walk Away In Silence (5:08)
06. Revelation To The End (8:32)
07. Follow Your Way (5:18)
08. Live Your Life Like A Dream (5:55)
09. The Master's Voice (5:16)
10. When Angels Unite (2:03)
11. Never Walk Alone (6:09)

Double-gatefold LP (incl. 2 bonus tracks, colored orange vinyl):

LP 1

Side 1:

01. Contact (0:48)
02. Eyes Of Fire (5:48)
03. Intermission (5:41)
04. Power Of Mindscape (4:16) (bonus track)

Side 2:

01. Into The Aftermath (5:18)
02. Walk Away In Silence (5:08)
03. Follow Your Way (5:18)

LP 2

Side 1:

01. Revelation To The End (8:32)
02. When Angels Unite (2:03)
03. Never Walk Alone (6:09)

Side 2:

01. The Master's Voice (5:16)
02. Create Your Destiny (5:49) (bonus track)
03. Live Your Life Like A Dream (5:55)

Kiko Lourerio: Interview with Angra

Interview with Angra

Jens Johansson, Matias Kupiainen: Jens serious interview time


Devin Townsend: pure rawk interview

N: At the start of 2009, you announced this four-album series called The Devin Townsend Project – what was the reason behind that? Too many ideas for one CD?

DT: Usually I’ll get down the feelings about how I feel about the period of my life at the time. Moments of emotional importance to me. There have been periods of time that have been very intense, not very intense, full anger, full of sadness or just plain boring. After Strapping the amount of things in my life had changed were more than I’d ever had to process in any one time and as a result of that I found that my writing was veering off in four – sometimes even more directions. At first I was trying to figure out how to make it all speak in one 74-minute long chunk and it just ended up being so disjointed in terms of one song into the next. Like I was trying to fit “Stand” after “Lady Hell”, “Addicted” after “Demon League” and it just ended up not working. My first impression was that these songs just had a kind of schizophrenic element that I don’t quite understand but allowing them all to be in their own space and allowing them to breathe a little bit – and not having to be dependent on the transitions of songs to flow between each other – you only got like, two seconds between each one to make this work, right? Like this the statements started making a lot of sense unto themselves and finding that there were songs and thoughts that ended up being chronologically between the four – the way they’ve been presented in summarised that whole period of personal change rather than ‘neuter’ them and put them all into one single or double record.

N: “Deconstruction” and “Ghost” – they’re coming out at a similar time?

DT: The very same day as each other. more

Michael Romeo: Iconoclast shows will be longer to compensate for the loss of Nevermore

North America's progressive metal masterminds SYMPHONY X would like to assure everyone that their upcoming North American headlining tour will still go on as planned. In fact, SYMPHONY X will now be playing a longer set for their fans who have been eagerly waiting to see the band perform live again since 2008. Still joining SYMPHONY X on the road beginning on April 21 in Philadelphia and through May 22 in West Springfield, Virginia are Boston's POWERGLOVE and Montreal's BLACKGUARD.

Commented SYMPHONY X guitarist and founding member Michael Romeo: "Some of you may be disappointed that SOILWORK, and just recently NEVERMORE, left the tour; we share your frustration. We were looking forward to taking such a great lineup out on the road, but shit happens; best of luck to those bands in the future. That being said, we're still psyched about getting back on the road and giving the fans a full-on, killer show every night. We plan on doing some tracks from our upcoming CD, 'Iconoclast', and are really excited to be playing them for our North American fans for the first time ever. It's going to be awesome!" more

The track listing for the jewel-cased version of "Iconoclast" is:

01. Iconoclast
02. The End Of Innocence
03. Dehumanized
04. Bastards Of The Machine
05. Heretic
06. Children Of A Faceless God
07. Electric Messiah
08. Prometheus (I Am Alive)
09. When All Is Lost

The track listing for the 2-CD special edition digipak version of "Iconoclast" is:

CD 1:

01. Iconoclast
02. The End Of Innocence
03. Dehumanized
04. Bastards Of The Machine
05. Heretic
06. Children Of A Faceless God
07. When All Is Lost

CD 2:

01. Electric Messiah
02. Prometheus (I Am Alive)
03. Light Up The Night
04. The Lords Of Chaos
05. Reign In Madness

Zakk Wylde: The Song Remains Not The Same

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's new album, "The Song Remains Not The Same", will be released on May 10 via Entertainment One Music. The offering features unplugged versions of material from BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's latest album, "Order Of The Black", as well as additional material recorded during the "Order Of The Black" sessions. "The Song Remains Not The Same" was conceived, created and compiled by BLS mainman Zakk Wylde

"The Song Remains Not The Same" track listing:

01. Overlord (Unplugged version)
02. Parade Of The Dead (Unplugged version)
03. Riders Of The Damned (Unplugged version)
04. Darkest Days (Unplugged version)
05. Juniors Eyes
06. Helpless
07. Bridge Over Troubled Water
08. Can't Find My Way Home
09. Darkest Days (featuring John Rich)
10. The First Noel

Jeff Waters: clinic Rotterdam

Jeff Waters promoting the Epiphone Annihilation V Signature guitar @ Feedback Musicstore Rotterdam

Jeff Waters (Annihilator) clinic Rotterdam (HQ)

Chris Impellitteri: new super group?

Chris Impellitteri on lead guitar, Scott Travis on drums, Rudy Sarzo on bass and Mike Vescera on vocals... sounds like we have a new super group folks... maybe a new project driver? The band are currently being recorded in a Los Angeles Studio for Sony.

Chris Impellitteri said that he is getting along splendidly with Scott and Rudy and looks forward to their future collaboration. "I think the three of us seem to have a great chemistry," he said. "The music we are playing is definitely metal, loaded with lots of shredding guitar solos, screaming vocals, thunderous bass, and amazing drumming; mixed with a lot of SPINAL TAP… ha ha! Looking forward to playing live dates with my new mates."

Christian Muenzner,Bob Katsionis,Per Nilsson,Derek Taylor: the CD details

Christian Muenzner has revealed the cover artwork and track listing for his upcoming, all-instrumental solo album, "Timewarp". The CD features guest appearances by Shrapnel recording artists Derek Taylor, Per Nilsson, Ryan Knight, Bob Katsionis and Alex Guth.

"Timewarp" track listing:

01. Maybe Tomorrow
02. Confusion
03. The Tell-Tale Heart
04. Timewarp
05. Victory
06. Rocket Shop
07. Soulmates
08. Over The Mountains
09. Wastelands
10. Dawn Of The Shred
11. The Gunslinger
12. Endless Caravan

The cover artwork was created by Anestis Goudas

Christian Muenzner:
Pre-order "Timewarp" now! Just send 15€ for the CD + 3€ for shipping (worldwide, Germany only 1,50€) via paypal to christianmuenzner@gmx.de . Make sure your correct shipping adress is included. If you don't have paypal, mail me at christianmuenzner@hotmail.de
The first 300 copies come with a free print lesson. Digital version of the album will be up at christianmuenzner.bandcamp.com within the next few days!

Vinnie Moore: Interview with Andy Parker talking UFO guitar players

Interview with Andy Parker of UFO Part 2 of 2 April 2011

Devin Townsend: Sonic Shocks interview

Interview with DEVIN TOWNSEND Part 1

Interview with DEVIN TOWNSEND Part 2

John Petrucci: Dream Theater drummer announcement

Yes... kind of pointer to a pointer... announcement of an announcement... I know one thing for sure... it's not me... and I'm devastated... but that's good news for Dream Theater fans... but could it be Mike Portnoy?

DREAM THEATER, the band held three days of auditions in New York City. Over an amazing and productive three-day period, the band played, jammed and spoke candidly with seven of the world's greatest drummers, learning about them musically, personally and professionally, and assessing the fit of each drummer's incredible chops with the band's trademark prog-rock sound.

DREAM THEATER have been extremely sensitive to the fact that this is not only a monumental decision in their own lives, but also a critical moment in the lives of their fans around the world. "The departure of our lifelong bandmate and friend was an unexpected and truly heartbreaking blow," says guitarist John Petrucci. "The fact that as a result of that event we'd be introduced to seven infinitely capable and uniquely talented drummers was heartening."

DREAM THEATER would like to share with its fans some of the intense process, along with the musical joy, that went into choosing a new drummer.

So who is the best fit behind the kit?

Go to DREAM THEATER's Facebook page on Thursday, April 21 at 11 a.m. to sign up for the mailing list and to receive more details about an exclusive and intimate look at the auditions

Floyd Fernandes: Suhr Riot - noodled!

Floyd Fernandes noodling with the Suhr Riot.

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: Black Country Communion live in the studio

Black Country Communion-In The Studio pt.1

Black Country Communion- In the Studio pt.2

Eilidh McKellar: rising star needs your support

Eilidh McKellar: A guitar-playing prodigy from South Queensferry who won a place on a top music course is appealing for a wealthy benefactor to bankroll the £84,000 school fees after learning her parents can't afford it.

Eilidh McKellar, 17, was walking on air when the acceptance letter came through for the bachelors degree at Berklee College of Music, Boston, two weeks ago.

Just 24 hours later, the St Augustine's High pupil was crestfallen after failing to earn the scholarship that would cover the exorbitant price tag.

With the first cash instalment due in May, the aspiring musician now faces a race against time to stump up the cash ahead of the looming deadline.

"It's my dream to study at Berklee because I have high ambitions for my career in music and Berklee is known to be the best place to study contemporary music," she said.

"I am so close to achieving my dream, but like all top American colleges the fees are only possible for wealthy families. Ordinary families like mine just can't afford £21,000 per year for a four-year degree.

"I just hope that someone recognises my talent and my commitment and can help me out financially...

If you can help, please contact eilidhsberkleefund@gmail.com. Her videos can be seen online at YouTube.


Indianola - Robben Ford Cover

Északi Szabolcs: ToadWorks 2011 Spring Shred contes

ToadWorks 2011 Spring Shred contest - Északi Szabi

Andres Gonzalez: My Solo Guitar Competition

My Solo Guitar Competition 2011 - Andres Gonzalez

Roger Pedersen: Armageddon - crazy two handed tapping!

Armageddon- Roger Pedersen

News: Truth In Shredding has some different views

I've not noticed these before, but blogger can display in many other ways other than the current blog view.

Blog as mosaic tiles: http://www.truthinshredding.com/view/mosaic
Blog as a pack of cards: http://www.truthinshredding.com/view/flipcard
Blog as cool sode bar: http://www.truthinshredding.com/view/sidebar
Blog as cool snap hot gallery: http://www.truthinshredding.com/view/sidebar
Blog as super time slide galery: http://www.truthinshredding.com/view/timeslide

Brett Garsed: Crow TV Show

Brett Garsed - Crow - Guitar Gods and Masterpiece TV Show