Friday, 14 December 2012

Brett Garsed,Stuart Fraser: Christmas Medley

Stuart Fraser - guitar, right channel
Brett Garsed - guitar, left channel

Stuart Fraser & Brett Garsed Xmas medley.m4v

Vanny Tonon: in jazz mode jam

me improvising some jazz lines over comfirmation, one of my favorite jazz tunes

confirmation jazz guitar improvvisation

Claudio Pietronik: super jam over Mika Tyyskä's - Great Blue Wave

This is me improvising over this beautiful track from the 2012 Album "MIKA TYYSKÄ EXPRESSIVE MODES" -

Hope you enjoy it!


Jonas Hörnqvist: Guest solo for Ruined Soul

Ruined Soul - Tears of guilt. Guest solo

Andy James: the ultimate pedal board... until the next one

Andy James

It's taken me ages to get a pedal board setup that's the definitive one. But here it is, the pedal of DOOM!!!!\m/

Nahuel Schiumarini: Say it (over and over again)

Say it (over and over again)
Sebastiano Ragusa tenor sax
Nahuel Schiumarini guitar
Enrico Moretti double bass
Daniele Tizzano drums

Milan Polak: drums complete on new album

Milan Polak
All drums for my upcoming CD finished! Dennis Leeflang did an AMAZING job! If you want to have a great, professional and affordable drummer, contact him. He's also specialized in working long distance!  Now on to recording guitars... :)

Rowan J Parker: the widdler - tapping pentatonics

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Welcome to the final episode of The Widdler, bringing you the best in easy to play but awesome sounding Rock guitar licks. This episode features some easy tapping which sounds great.

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The Widdler! - Episode 10 - Ritchie Kotzen/Greg Howe Style Tapping Pentatonic Lick

Akira Wada: JFusion kings - DVD "PRISM 30th anniversary show!

Digest of "Beneath the sea" from live DVD "PRISM 30th anniversary LIVE! [HOMECOMING2007]". tension taut, playing overwhelming force ... complete recording of the live 30th anniversary was held in profound and magnificent Shinjuku FACE on July 7, 2007. Revived vivid representative of each age epic songs Kume, Masahiro Sayama participate live it is appropriate to look back at the history of 30 years.As a Bonus, footage from interviews, back stage, further rehearsal.DISC1 Fengshen 1. 2.Tornado 3.Dancing Moon Night 4.Crystal 5.Full Moon Down 6.Upside 7.Karma 8.Shadow of the Junglegym DISC29.Memory of the Moment 10.Memories WHEN YOU WERE Gone of You ~ 11 . Beneath the sea -affection-ties 12. 13.PRISM 14.Love MeLIVE backstage footage: Bonus PRISM (Guitar), Akira Wada (Drums) Mansaku Kimura (Bass) Jiro Okada (keyboard) Daisaku Kume guest players Sayama Masahiro (keyboard) (Saxophone) Satoshi NakamuraKenichiro new Sawa (key board) Obawo Nakajima (Percussion)
PRISM Obawo Nakashima Satoshi Nakamura × × × Kenichiro new Sawa Masahiro Sayama 30th anniversary LIVE! Feat.

PRISM LIVE! feat.森園勝敏×渡辺建×中村哲×新澤健一郎×石黒彰×中島オバヲ

Simon Kinny-Lewis: She's Gone

Jack Thammarats 'She's Gone' performance by Simon Kinny-Lewis dedicated to Christian Howes Check out my NEW Blues/Rock album " Behind the Blue Mask" that will be available on itunes and via my website December 2012. Click here to hear previews via my sound cloud. It's a mixture of some of my favorite guitarist's Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Frank Gambale.

This is my improvisation using the Boss eBand JS-8 over Jack Thammarats 'Melodic Freeway Series 1' 'She's Gone' backing track. Jack Thammarat and Martin Miller have been really inspirational players to me of late. I dedicate this Jam to my favorite contemporary Violinist Christian Howes. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to be updated when new video's are posted... ENJOY!

Daren Nicholson: Christmas Time Is Here

Daren Nicholson performing "Christmas Time Is Here" by Vince Guaraldi trio. Arrangement as recorded by Steve Vai. Recorded in December, 2012. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Floyd Fernandes: funking you single mindedly

funk you single mindedly...part 2.
Single note funk lick to use as a springboard to new ideas. Remember to keep that pulse going guys and make the groove move :). And experiment with the right hand,emulating drum rolls to make it funkier.

Funking you...part 1

Rick Graham: Lethal Looping

Rick's Quick but Slick Licks - The Lethal Looping One
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Alex Hutchings, Vinai Trinateepakdee, Guthrie Govan: Jam Track Overloaded!

Alex Hutchings is back and his brand new Melodic Control jam track series is witness to him back to his roots in the fusion/rock vein packed full of his smooth sweeping lines, outside licks and of course his unique phrasing. Alex has thought long and hard about this series and the full length tracks are designed to test your control of melodic nuances ie bending, vibrato, trem work and general phrasing. The series contains three hard hitters as well as two superb ballads that are all full length tracks! Each track is generally centered around one key with a few interesting twists and turns, making them easy to jam over whilst learning some new tricks along the way. This package is Alex Hutchings at his best. Be prepared for him to bring the best out of your playing too. Also available is The Melodic Control EP for customers that just want to buy the songs! Click here for more. Sponsored by the Boss JS-10

Guthrie Govan has a whole host of tracks and packages available to jam along with, and it can be quite daunting as to what to go for. So we have put together what we feel are his best tracks and put them together in Guthries very own 'Best Of ' collection. This package contains 8 jam tracks, 5 of which come with video as well. The tracks are: Arctic Roll, Fade To Blue and Jet Black from Contemporary Series 1 Albert King Style Larry Carlton Style The Grifter from The Late Night Sessions Emotive Ballad from Melodic Series 1 Tipsy Gypsy from Vintage Modern This is a worthy addition to the collection for all Guthrie fans and for those of you that want to sample a bit of everything Guthrie has to offer before delving into his other packages.

Vinai Trinateepakdee is one of the most popular guitarists in Thailand has been an extremely successful artist on our roster since the releases of his wonderfully melodic Amen, Electrofunk Jam and Move The Sky jam tracks. Now, Vinai has created his first fully fledged jam track package, entitled The Upbeat Melodic Series containing 5 beautifully crafted melodic and uplifting jam tracks. With track titles such as 'Glorious Day' and 'Sunshine Boulevard' you most certainly get the jist. From beginner to advanced players, this jam track package is perfect for learning some wonderful solos and well constructed clean melodies as well as having 5 superbly produced backing and extended jam tracks to create your own solos over. The Upbeat Melodic Series includes the full solo tracks, backing tracks, extended jam tracks, videos, and complete TAB and Notation. You will also notice that Vinai is using the incredible Axe-FX II in this series. For those customers that have this incredible unit we have included the .syx file in the download and included some notes on how he switched the sound on each track, so you can replicate the exact tone Vinai used as you jam along.

Guthrie Govan: The Aristocrats - The Official Backing Tracks!

It's what the guitar world has been waiting for...

The Aristocrats OFFICIAL backing tracks available ONLY from Jam Track Central. Full transcriptions of all Guthrie Govan's guitar parts, composed and improvised. Yes..... FULL Transcription! Endorsed personally by Guthrie himself so you know that these are 100% accurate.
This material will radically change the way you play forever. Learning these brilliant performances will open up your mind to another world of guitar soloing possibilities.
If you've ever wondered what it would be like to play with the best rhythm section in the world right now then here's your chance. Join Bryan Beller and Marco Minneman whilst you dep for Guthrie Govan. Just imagine. Hey don't just imagine, download this fabulous package and get playing immediately.

Gianluca Ferro: Breath Of Nibiru - Prisms

Breath Of Nibiru - "Prisms" - Gianluca Ferro

Breath of Nibiru's new track called "Prisms" performed by Gianluca Ferro. Album to be released Spring of 2013. Featuring drummer Nick Pierce of Unheart. Thanks for watching, please like, subscribe and spread the word!

Open string Riff Tab :

Main Tapping Theme Tab :

James Williams: Groups of 5

A guitar lesson demonstrating a variation for use of groups of 5 in the pentatonic scale

James Williams Eclectic Shred-Groups of 5 Variation Pentatonic Guitar Lesson order James Williams Eclectic Shred cd with special guest Mike LePond bass and Matt Guillroy keys.Prog Fusion Metal shred.


James Williams: Eclectic Shred

Vivien Lalu, Simone Mularoni, Virgil Donati: Greed

Vivien Lalu
Dears fans/friends LALU is not just "me" - it's a team work - so I find it unfair to give updates through my own page exclusively. I created a new page for LALU, just like I did for Shadrane back in the day. PLEASE, if you like this music (and only if you like it) then feel free to visit here and 'like' the new OFFICIAL page:

Thank you! With 25 likes we'll be able to get our own "url" and I already uploaded the new single on SoundCloud to thank you for your support... Enjoy!!!

Andy James: Separation (live, 2011)

Andy James live at Monkeyfest playing the track Separation (live, 2011)

Andy James - Separation (live, 2011)

Conrad Schrenk, Thomas Lang: Yumaflex Sound Cloud

Conrad Schrenk, Thomas Lang: Yumaflex
Conrad Schrenk, Thomas Lang: Yumaflex
Progressive instrumental music that runs the gamut from heavy to delicate -- an eclectic blend of styles ranging from Eastern-tinged melodies, to heavy rock and bluesy tracks all featuring lush production and performed by virtuoso artists.

1 Hindi Jimmy 5:39
2 Maceo Is a Fat Man 4:15
3 Impar Latine 5:05
4 Mantra 7:30
5 Musotto 7:09
6 Nippon 3 4:11
7 Resolution 5:41
8 Sol Distorsionada 5:04
9 Tripola 7:12
10 Still Got Now Blues 7:19
11 Yumaflax 6:29

Marc Guillermont: USONiC EPK


Miles Bould - Drums
Scott Firth - Bass
Nigel Hitchcock - Saxes
Robert Mitchell - Keyboards
Marc Guillermont - Guitars
Sarah Ozelle - Vocals

Christian Muenzner: talks about Tales Of The Weird

Christian Muenzner
It's already Friday here in Germany since one hour, so that means our new album "Tales Of The Weird" will be released in Europe and Japan today, pick it up at your local record store or from Amazon or where ever you get your metal injection from. And on Saturday the 10 years anniversary Obscura show will take place in Landshut which will be a lot of fun, living the metal dream these days!

PARADOX - Brutalized (2012) official LYRIC VIDEO // AFM Records

Dave Kilminster: Comfortably numb - Roger Waters and Eddie vedder

Roger Waters and Eddie vedder

Isaac Delahaye: Epica rig tour

Isaac Delahaye talks us through his live set up

Epica rig tour

Steve Morse: Deep Purple announce tour and new album


“The title of our new album is still a question mark to all of us... We have recorded a new album, and it's a fantastic collection of songs.
At the moment that's the only affirm
ative point we can offer...”
(Ian Gillan, December 2012)

Eight years after the release of “Rapture Of The Deep”, following many rumours later revealed to be unfounded, Deep Purple, one of the most important and influential British rock bands of all time, have confirmed the release of a new album completely made of new studio material.

After various songwriting sessions in Europe, the band recorded and mixed the album in Nashville with producer Bob Ezrin (in his impressive hit record: Pink Floyd's “The Wall”, Alice Cooper and many others).

The album is rumoured to be the perfect match from the original spirit of 70s Purple, and a fresh and modern production.
Ian Gillan has recently revealed a few working titles of songs that might appear on the album: “Out Of Hands”, “Uncommon Man” and “Hell to Pay”.

Deep Purple's record company earMUSIC will reveal details about the new album in real time as soon as they will become available on a dedicated website where all band members will also be able to post and interact with the fans:

Tour dates
02.24.13 - Auckland, New Zealand
02.26.13 - Brisbane, Australia
03.01.13 - Melbourne, Australia
03.02.13 - Sydney, Australia
03.04.13 - Adelaide, Australia
03.07.13 - Perth, Australia
07.12.13 - Reykjavik, Iceland
07.14.13 - Bonn, Germany
07.21.13 - Vigevano, Italy
07.22.13 - Rome, Italy
07.24.13 - Majano, Italy
08.03.13 - Szekesfehervar, Hungary
08.10.13 - Gavle, Sweden

Jakub Żytecki: announce new album Season Of Mist new album

DISPERSE have announced that their new album Living Mirrors will be released on February 15th in Europe and February 19th in North America via Season Of Mist.

Rafał Biernacki - vocals, keyboards
Jakub Żytecki - guitar
Marcin Kicyk - bass
Przemek Nycz - drums

Tracklisting is as follows:

‘Dancing With Endless Love’
‘Enigma Of Abode’
‘Profane The Ground’
‘Message From Atlantis’
‘Universal Love’
‘Be Afraid Of Nothing’
‘Unbroken Shiver’
‘Touching The Golden Cloud’
‘Choices Over Me’

Chris Broderick: Shanda's Golden Ticket interview


Check out my interview with Jackson Guitar artist Dave Ellefson & Chris Broderick of Megadeth. Shot on location at Bizarre Guitar inside "The World Famous Vault" Filmed by Bryon Evans

Megadeth Interview on Shanda's Golden Ticket

Alex Machacek,Terry Bozzio: Live At Baked Potato 2012

Bozzio...Machacek...Johnson Trio
Terry Bozzio On Drums
Alex Machacek On Guitar

TERRY BOZZIO - Live At Baked Potato 2012

TERRY BOZZIO - Live At Baked Potato 2012
frame allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0

Eric Calderone: The Hobbit Meets Metal

The Hobbit Meets Metal
Hey guys,

So I know I released this as a EMGtv video as well but I wanted to 1. Make it downloadable for you guys and 2. Change a part or two so think of this as the Hobbit 2.0 haha. Thank you all so much for everything. Big ups for all the messages, donations, fan art, suggestions, subs, and support. I wish I could thank all 350,000 + of you guys individually. It means the world.

EMGtv Video for the Hobbit:
MP3 and Tab book:

Simon Kinny-Lewis: Southern Blues

Southern Blues Check out my NEW Blues/Rock album " Behind the Blue Mask" that will be available on itunes and via my website December 2012. Click here to hear previews via my sound cloud. It's a mixture of some of my favorite guitarist's Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Frank Gambale.

This is the longer version of the "Southern Blues" jam taken from Jam with Boss eBand JS-10 part 2 of 3. Please subscribe to my You Tube channel to be updated when new video's are posted....ENJOY!

Akihiko Onji: two handed tapping

II-V-I tapping lines Akihiko Onji
II-V-I two handed tapping lines Akihiko Onji