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Miki Kato: Trilogy Suite Op: 5 V. Hot For Teacher

I Played a Part of Yngwie's "trilogy" was too HARD!!
Setting:Tyler Guitar - Sobbat DB-2 -Boss DC-3 - Boss DD-2 - Strymon Echo-Marshall JMP-50(1979).

Miki Kato - Trilogy Suite Op: 5(Y.J.M)

Miki Kato - Hot For Teacher (VanHalen)

Jason Becker: east bay express Jason listens to "all kinds of crap!"

By all accounts, Jason Becker was supposed to be a star — or, at least, a very famous guitar-player. The Richmond native began playing at age five. By sixth grade he was covering Bob Dylan at his school talent show, and not long after he was mastering Eric Clapton guitar solos note for note. He spent his teenage years absorbing Bach fugues and writing his own compositions, incorporating complicated classical elements. While in high school he signed a recording contract with Shrapnel Records and finished school early to tour with his heavy metal band, Cacophony, with fellow guitar player Marty Friedman, who later went on to play with Megadeth. In the mid 1980s, while still a teenager, Becker was playing on stages in front of big crowds, his face appearing in magazines. He seemed to be on a meteoric — and unstoppable — rise to fame.

It's hard to fathom, but the ideas that emerge from Becker's head are fully realized, orchestral compositions. Becker said it takes him a minimum of a couple months to write one song — which he does one note at a time with the help of his father, Gary Becker, who transcribes his ideas using a computer. Where does he get his inspiration? "Oh, various places," Becker said. "Some from my musical influences, some just comes out of a silence or my noodle [brain] or just things from life that aren't even in music, just feelings or emotions." He said he listens to all kinds of music; some of his favorites are world music, Peter Gabriel, Philip Glass, Mozart, Stravinsky, and Dylan — "all kinds of crap."

Full article:

Jon Paget: Fool's Reprise - great performance

Jon Paget

The basic rhythm here was the intro / outro to an unreleased Sanctus Sabbata song called "Fool's Lair" - "Fool's Reprise" is an acoustic mutation (lol). The dedications are to my father Walter (Tony) and Jason Van Horn (great friend and dedicated crewmember). Fool's Reprise was released on the Audioize "Venutian Groove" CD. Both Audioize CDs are currently out of print, but I think they'll be re-released soon! Jon Paget

Fool's Reprise

Jon Paget's stunning song for the late Shawn Lane... always with me...

Jon Paget
Me and Merlin are off to Memphis soon to be with my favorite Pixie Girl Mitzi and commemorate Shawn. I get to see Diane and Jamie and Lexy and Tina, Craig and Sean and Barry, and all the others who were touched by Shawn. Sometimes memories are all I have, when I'm lucky I get to make new ones. Sometimes I'm a very lucky bum -

Laurie Monk:
Shawn Lane is gone...
He won't be back again
His music was from the heart
His playing from the brain...
Thanks for a great tribute, moves me to tears every time I hear it.

Mitzi Lane
Hey Jon, Love You!!! Love your song For my Brother!! You're the best! Miss you !! Your pixie girl!!! ... moves me to tears every  time I hear it also!!! what a beautiful tribute!!! You need to come and play that for the 10 year memorial tribute to Shawn in Memphis in September. besides I miss ya!!!

Song for Shawn.mpg

Join the Shawn Lane 10th Anniversary Concert on Facebook Event

Isaac Darche: Don't Run Out of Money - Metropolitan Room in NYC

By Isaac Darche. Isaac Darche- Guitar. Dave Lantz- Piano. Des White- Bass. Jimmy Macbride- Drums. Recorded live at the Metropolitan Room in NYC.

Don't Run Out of Money

Richie Kotzen,Billy Sheehan,Mike Portnoy:The Winery Dogs CD - amazon super deal... two days left!Richie Kotzen

The Winery Dogs CD available for download for only $5 until September 15th

Also... maybe add somewhere.. Richie Kotzen (Vocals and Guitar) Billy Sheehan (Bass and Vocals) Mike Portnoy (Drums and Vocals)

“We all have our own distinct voicings and styles, but we also have a common ground of music we grew up listening to,” explains vocalist and guitarist Richie Kotzen. “What makes the band so special is that somehow, in our collaboration, none of us lost our identity. We all sound like who we are yet we make music that is fresh and exciting and sounds like a new band. There’s a natural chemistry that came together; it’s one of those things that’s meant to be.”

Maybe The Winery Dogs sounds so great because, more than anything, the album is a labor of love written from the heart and revealing unexpected shades of melodic eclecticism and lyrical vulnerability. Kotzen's vocals have never sounded better and his guitar playing is extraordinary. Anchored by Sheehan's expert bass lines, which root the songs and provide a lock-and-step foundation for Portnoy to play around, the band creates music that see-saws between primal simplicity and time-honored virtuosity.

“It’s very exciting for me to be in a solid rock trio,” Portnoy says. “Stylistically, the bulk of my career has been spent playing progressive music, so this was an opportunity for me to do something that wasn’t prog or metal. It’s more classic rock and, at the end of the day that’s what I grew up with and that’s the biggest influence in my life. I’m just at home playing on a small four piece kit doing a simple John Bonham groove as I am playing complex tempos on a giant kit. And that’s been a great breath of fresh air for me.”

Guthrie Govan, Steven Wilson: Drive Home CD + Blu-Ray and DVD preorder

The CD/Blu-Ray version of Drive Home featuring unreleased tracks, videos, live recordings, and high-definition audio.

The Blu-ray features a new video for lead track Drive Home, along with the video for The Raven That Refused To Sing (both directed by Jess Cope), and four tracks recorded live in Frankfurt during the recent tour.

Additionally, the Blu-ray features high resolution (96/24 stereo and 5.1 surround) audio recordings of two previously unreleased tracks, The Birthday Party and an orchestral version of The Raven That Refused To Sing. The Birthday Party was recorded in LA at the same sessions as the tracks that made up the album while the version of The Raven That Refused To Sing is a new mix that strips the track back to just the orchestra and vocals.

These tracks are also featured on the CD, along with the audio from the live tracks and an edit of Drive Home.

The blu-ray is region free NTSC and will play worldwide.

Pre-order now for 21st October release.

Disc 1 - Blu-Ray (Region 0, NTSC):

1 Drive Home (Video) 08:20
2 The Raven That Refused To Sing (Video) 07:49
3 The Holy Drinker (Live In Frankfurt Video) 10:25
4 Insurgentes (Live In Frankfurt Video) 04:30
5 The Watchmaker (Live In Frankfurt Video) 11:52
6 The Raven That Refused To Sing (Live In Frankfurt Video) 08:12
7 The Birthday Party 03:46
8 The Raven That Refused To Sing (Orchestral Version) 07:29

Disc 2 - CD:

1 Drive Home (Edit) 04:08
2 The Birthday Party 03:46
3 The Raven That Refused To Sing (Orchestral Version) 07:29
4 The Holy Drinker (Live In Frankfurt) 10:25
5 Insurgentes (Live In Frankfurt) 04:30
6 The Watchmaker (Live In Frankfurt) 11:52
7 The Raven That Refused To Sing (Live In Frankfurt) 08:12



Stéphan Forté: thanks Michel LÂG for the time working with his guitar company

Stéphan Forté
Dear friends,

After 12 years of collaboration, I announce you today that I am leaving LÂG Guitars.

It has not been an easy decision, but I felt it was time for me to move on

As you probably know, I have been 200% dedicated to LÂG during all those years and promoted the brand as much as I could, and I think we can both be happy and proud of what we achieved together.

I would like to thank Michel LÂG for all those years of support and friendship and of course everybody at LÂG Bedarieux for their patience, kindness and talent.
I sincerely wish the brand to have the huge success it deserves

As far as what will be my next endorsement, I have not decided anything yet, but be sure you will be the first ones to know

Allan Holdsworth: Road Games hits the road again!

Allan Holdsworth: Road Games

Allan Holdsworth
Road Games to be released later this year by MoonJune Records with liner notes courtesy of John Kelman, and including some rare photos. In meantime, Road Games is available in FLAC, APPLE LOSSLESS and mp3-320

1.Three Sheets To The Wind 04:14
2.Road Games 04:14
3.Water On The Brain Pt. 2 02:49
4.Tokyo Dreams 04:04
5.Was There? 04:09
6.Material Real 04:41

ALLAN HOLDSWORTH Japan 1984 Tokyo Dream, Road Games- rare dvd

Bruce Bouillet: Racer X 1986... could be you now... available for Skype lessons!

Bruce Bouillet
A couple rare pictures of Racer X performing at the Chicago NAMM, one is from the Ibanez booth, the other is from a club called the Lime Light, we were opening for Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani, year 1986 I believe.

Bruce Bouillet Now accepting guitar students via Skype $40 an hour. PM me here or at all time zones world wide welcome.

Percy Jones,Neil Citron,Walter Garces: BangTower releases new single with Grammy winning guitarist/producer Neil Citron on Vocals

Progressive rock/fusion super-group "BangTower" has released a new single entitled "This is my Town" from the upcoming second album due in late 2013 from Declassified Records. This is the first BangTower track to feature Grammy winning guitarist/producer Neil Citron adding vocals to the new song. Also returning for this next BangTower excursion is legendary bassist Percy Jones and "L.A .Drum Guru" Walter Garces.

The new digital single can be ordered from your favorite digital store such as Amazon, iTunes, CD-Baby, BandCamp, and other major digital music distributers; or directly from the band home page at

"This is my town" from BANGTOWER -
This video features the first single from the forthcoming second BANGTOWER album (due in fall 2013). This is the first BangTower song to feature vocals (Neil Citron).
Single released August 28, 2013 by Declassified Records - to Order from BandCamp
(note - available soon on iTunes, Amazon, CD-Baby and all others SOON)

This is my Town - BANGTOWER

Rebecca Scammon: EMG artist wins Shredmeister Finalist, Bangor, ME

Rebecca Scammon
Me and a few friends went to Mayhem Fest yesterday. They convinced me to enter a guitar contest they were having in which you had to play the guitar to win the guitar. It was so last minute I barely got in, and then before I knew what was happening we were headed backstage and I was thrown up on the giant main festival stage to shred for 30 seconds. I also was the lucky person who walked away with a brand new Schecter Tempest with the Jagermeister logo on the front. I ended up missing out on seeing Children of Bodom, but it was definitely worth it!

Rebecca Scammon with the grand prize

Shredmeister Finalist, Bangor, ME - Rebecca S.

Richie Allan: Design Play Through - STOP, LOOK and LISTEN... time well spent!

Richie Allan:

STOP, LOOK and LISTEN... you did didn't you?!! Hopefully you crossed the road safely...

Play through of my song Design off of my album Interstellar Abduction .....

Ibanez RG2127ZISH DiMarzio Blaze Custom, Liquifire

Ibanez RG8 DiMarzio Ionizers

Axe FX 2
Richie Allan - Design Play Through

Studio Sessions - Design

Heavy Metal Ninjas - Design

Chris Bieniek: 'Happy Go Lucky' Blues in G

'Happy Go Lucky' Blues in G by Chris Bieniek
An original tune of mine written over a blues in G loop.
The video starts just before the solo section and the head begins at 1:30

For more videos like this check out:

Chris Bieniek: To Speak

Chris Bieniek: EQ

Eric Calderone: Battlefield Meets Metal

Battlefield Meets Metal
Hey guys,

So another one I've seen for a long time. I tried to make a mix of all the battlefield themes into one, and this is what came of it. I loved these. I would have especially loved Battlefield 3 online if I didnt suck ass at it haha. Thank you guys so much for everything. It means the world. Big ups for all the messages, comments, subs, suggestions, donations, fan art, and support. You guys are the absolute greatest and you ROCK my casbah, always.

Best to ya


Dean Murphy: Hybrid Picking Guitar Etude

Dean Murphy - A Fly on the Wall - Hybrid Picking Guitar Etude
So i decided to do an Etude for hybrid picking (something im a huge fan of) and came up with this lil piece, hope you guys enjoy it, did the black and white thing just cause it seemed to fit the occasion it seemed all classic/retro, also first video in my new place,

Panos Arvanitis: kar98ksniper - Blues Improvisation in Am

Blues Improvisation in Am
Ηere is some blues impro with my YJM signature Fender Stratocaster Scalloped Neck.Share ,comment,rate & Subscribe.God bless you all.
Bridge:Kinman 69
Middle:DiMarzio Red Velvet
neck:DiMarzio HS-3
POD XT Pro Rack by Line6
Amp:Chemical X
Delay :digital
Reverb:Large room
stomp box:tube screamer 21% gain
Buffer preamp by Guitar Aging Studio
Backing track:Sad Blues Guitar Backing Track in Am

Arkadiusz Gałka: Gałek - Chilla jamin' and not a phone in sight!

Gałek - Chilla jamin'

Nice chilling groove from Arkadiusz Gałka who runs a guitar school in Poland

Vinnie Moore: live at the Dean Guitars NAMM JAM 2012!

Only Dean Guitars gives the global guitar community, an all-access ticket to NAMM with a multi-camera, real-time HD webcast and our 3rd anual NAMM JAM .Highlights included a first-hand look at Dean's new 35th anniversary USA custom guitars, footage from the Dean NAMM JAM with performances by Testament, Jackyl, Vinnie Moore and Wayne Static, rock stars, dean girls, live contests, and much more. DEAN TV produced over 20 hours of live NAMM action and so in case you missed it......we are posting it here. Please share it and spread the word that Dean Guitars is THE guitar brand for 2012 and beyond. Thanks!

Sponsored by Monster Energy, Monster Cable, Aurora Strings, RAO Entertainment, DDRUM, Aphex, Hello Music, Heineken, Revolver Magazine, Iron First clothing, Bit Torrent, NewTek, Raw Metal Edge, Livestream, Rock and Roll Gangstar, Cube Passes and Nuclear Blast Records!

Vinnie Moore live at the Dean Guitars NAMM JAM 2012!

Michael Lee Firkins: Talks About "Yep" - His new Album

Michael Lee Firkins Talks About "Yep" - His new Album
Michael Lee Firkins talks about his new album, "Yep" on Magnatude Records. Recorded in Nashville with an all-star band consisting of Chuck Leavell - keys (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Allman Brothers Band), Matt Abts - drums (Gov't Mule), Andy Hess - bass (ex-Gov't Mule). Firkins has been described as being one of the most unique and innovative guitar talents to come along in the last 15 or 20 years. Having been compared to legends like Jeff Beck, Albert Lee and Danny Gatton, Firkins presents a dizzying display of guitar fireworks combined with his excellent vocal performances wedded to well written songs fashioned in an Americana-blues approach.

For Sound samples, visit Michael Lee Firkins at Magnatude Records:

Michael Lee Firkins: Yep

Rick Graham: My Transformation: From total mess to total mass - Congratulations from Truth In Shredding

Here is my transformation video. I hope it inspires you to do the same...

An amazing job by Rick Graham... giving hope to anyone who thinks it can't be done!

Nili Brosh: Groove On - Jam Track Central backing track - tasty playing

Nili jams over "Groove On", a Jam Track Central backing track.

Dudley Ross: The Walk (Hachi) - GoPro Hero 3

The Walk (Hachi)
experimenting with a GoPro Hero 3

Arkadiusz Gałka: just tastefully Grooving - now just blow up the phone!

Gałek - Just Groovin'

Ends tear off, because the buddy phone rang and Rec :) halted
the second time :)

Cinthya Blackcat: Jason Becker-Altitudes Arpeggios tribute

I'm finishing the complete backing track, soon!

John Petrucci: DiMarzio Illuminator Guitar Pickups

DiMarzio Illuminator Guitar Pickups for John Petrucci
Outstanding player and Dream Theater guitarist, John Petrucci, talks about the DiMarzio Illuminator™ pickups created for his Music Man JP13 guitar and the new self-titled Dream Theater album that will be released by Roadrunner Records on September 24, 2013.

Kevin Peters: two handed Arpeggio study - more awesome tapping

This is a little thing I came up with that alternates between D minor and A major arpeggios in various positions.

Michael Angelo Batio: Guitar Siam Interview

MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO Interview - (1/2 - HD)

MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO Interview - (2/2 - HD)

Joe Bonamassa: I Know Where I Belong - from Tour De Force: Live in London

Joe Bonamassa - "I Know Where I Belong" - from Tour De Force: Live in London - The Borderline

Christie Lenée: Two Handed Guitar Tapping - Ivory Coast - new album in the bag

Christie Lenee

Extraordinary news! I just got a call to be notified that the album "Chasing Infinity" is completed with 1,000 copies ready for pickup! I can't believe it's finally here. The moment of holding it in my hands is going to be so rewarding for all of the extra hard work! I plan to get many of them in the mail right away and can't wait for the CD release party in Philly this Friday at World Cafe Live. The album will also be available on hard copy through CD Baby plus many digital sites such as iTunes, etc. I will post those links as soon as I have them-It's Raining a Miracle
Just picked up 1,000 copies of the new record!! I am like a little kid on Christmas... Can't wait for the release party this Friday at World Cafe Live in Philly!

Christie Lenée: It takes vulnerability to live with a completely open heart, but the more I live from that space the more potential there is to discover. So I open up to the world... Fully aware of what's within, still exploring other than my own. Hope you enjoy the new tune :)

Acoustic Instrumental Guitar Tapping with Two Hands, Christie Lenée Live at Melodies Cafe in Ardmore, PA 9/7/13. "Ivory Coast" from album "Chasing Infinity" - © 2013 Christie Lenée, All Rights Reserved, Protected by ASCAP.

Two Handed Guitar Tapping - Christie Lenee "Ivory Coast"

Jonny Lang: returns to London for 2014 concert

Following the news that his first London show in over a decade sold-out in record time, Jonny Lang returns to the capital for a concert at  O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on April 25th 2014
Tickets go on sale this Friday September 13th at 9am from the 24 hour Ticket Hotline 0844 338 0000 or can be booked online from   

Released by Provogue Records, “Fight For My Soul” is Lang’s first studio album in seven years.  Last week, BBC Radio 2 made it their “Album OfThe Week”.

Over a period of three years, Lang collaborated with producer/songwriter Tommy Sims (who co-wrote Eric Clapton’s GRAMMY-winning “Change the World”) crafting the album’s elegant rock ‘n’ soul tracks from the ground up. “Fight For My Soul” features textured arrangements, gorgeous vocal melodies, and expressive guitar playing.

“This album’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time,” says Lang. “Some of these songs may surprise people, but that’s what it's all about.  It keeps it fresh, and it keeps me growing.  Creatively, I think there is a lot more going on inside of me than I’ve been sharing on record so far.  Much of what I've experienced through music and life is in these songs.”

Since the release of his 1997 major label debut “Lie To Me”, the then 16 year-old Lang has built a reputation as one of the best live performers and guitarists of his generation.

Nicole Papastavrou: Eye Ra Haze set for Brooktober fest!

Hey guys and gals! Just wanted to announce that we'll be playing this years Brooktober fest on Sept 21st. We really appreciate all the support you've given us over the summer attending our shows and for those of you out of state supporting by buying our new EP, so this is our way of giving back. Come see us at this free show, its a beer festival located on the water at the end of North 11th street in Williamsburg Brooklyn. We play at 6 but come early to hang out and drink some tasty beer, hope to see you all there!
Eye Ra Haze

"Natasha Singer, the bold and sensuous frontwoman of Eye Ra Haze, has lived a traveled existence enriched with deep musical ties that have linked her to a wide variety of worlds. A devoted wife, proud mother ,and active artist, her passion for creating and exploring the deeper aspects of life spills out of her piecing eyes. With a vocal range that has graced a variety of styles from blues to punk rock, her versatility has culminated with the new Eye Ra Haze EP, Eye of the Storm, which is due out on June 11. In Eye Ra Haze, the powerhouse Singer, alongside two other talented women and two talented men, create heartfelt compositions that blend of atmospheric textures, poignantly soulful vocals, and thoughtful keyboard serenades. Nodding to her native culture, Singer thoughtfully named the band Eye Ra Haze and is poised to take the band to the next phase with their new video for the EP’s first single, “New Beginnings” premiering at the bottom of this post."  Zeena Koda, Revolver Mag

 Eye Ra Haze's Nicole Papastavrou
"One up-and-coming alt-rock band to keep an eye on is Eye Ra Haze, a female-fronted group from New York that combines the eight string guitars and floating atmospherics of Deftones with the melodic cadence of Chevelle. The group are releasing a new EP Eye Of The Storm in the coming weeks, and in preparation, the group are releasing a series of vlogs and guitar playthroughs which will be posted exclusively to Heavy Blog! Today, we bring you the second in the band’s series of vlogs (the first one here) from vocalist Natasha Nicholson and a video playthrough of guitarist Nicole Papastavrou covering Korn‘s classic single ‘Here To Stay’!" ...  Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"Today, presents an exclusive video from New York band Eye Ra Haze. It’s a trailer for the band’s new album, Eye of the Storm. Several songs and videos — and the album itself — will be released in the coming months. In the meantime, check out the video below and head to for more info on the band." ...  Damian Fanelli, Revolver Magazine

Eye Ra Haze

Eye Ra Haze - New Beginning [Official Video]

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Voices Playthrough

Full guitar playthrough for "Voices" off Xell´s debut album. One unedited take (live guitar is on the left channel during the heavy rhythm parts) + overdubbed improvised solo. Subscribe for more guitar videos, lessons & music.

Voices Guitar Playthrough

Fountainhead: Fear Is The Enemy

Jeff Richman: Big Wheel now available on bandcamp

Jeff Richman: Big Wheel

Winner of Jazziz magazine’s Critic Choice in 2011, Big Wheel is Richman’s follow up consisting of 10 new tracks further expanding on what Richman has sought to achieve with every new effort. Recognized as a guitarist and composer not afraid of exploring into the unknown, Richman’s latest release is an in-depth conversation of storytelling through song. Each musician is given the opportunity to express their own account of the story and their unique voices ring through on all of the tracks.

Big Wheel opens with the funky groove, “Hell If I Know” that sets the tone and pace for the remaining nine tracks. “Happy Medium” has a great island vibe that seems to have always been hidden in Richman’s playing before but really stands out this time around. Stevie Wonder’s “That Girl” is one of two covers that appear on the release.

Alongside Richman, Lorber, Gadd, and Haslip; additional musicians appearing on the release include George Whitty, Alasn Pasqua and Dean Taba. Big Wheel is engineered by Lorber at JHL Sound, mixed by Paul Tavenner at Big City Records and mastered by Rich Breen at Dogmatic.
released 18 June 2013
Jeff Richman Guitar
Steve Gadd Drums
Jimmy Haslip Bass
Jeff Lorber Keyboards

also featuring: George Whitty, Alan Pasqua and Dean Taba

Produced by Jimmy Haslip

Jeff Richman: Big Wheel

1.Hell If I Know 06:17
2.Big Deal 04:29
3.That Girl 04:55
4.The Last Notch 06:25
5.Happy Medium 04:49
6.Keep It Light 05:07
7.12 Steps to the Bar 04:52
8.Long Distance Love 03:42
9.The Inside Scoop 04:40
10.One Stone 05:32

News: Orange get's a New Blog: Gig Reports, Gear Demos, Artist News And Much More

Orange Amplification's New Blog: Gig Reports, Gear Demos, Artist News And Much More

Orange Amplification are delighted to announce the launch of their official Orange amps Blog. It is full of the latest news about Orange endorsees, including gig reports, interviews with artists and their techs, gear demos, sound samples, and masses of other related news.

The Blog will be updated regularly and feature a range of interesting and informative articles about getting the best out of your Orange gear. Top Orange technicians share the best ways to use the DIVO VT1000 Valve Tester to keep valve amps in tip top condition, what to listen for when a valve needs attention, and what to do about it when it happens. This means guitarists everywhere can maintain the addictive warmth, tonal qualities and rich harmonics they simply love about their amps.

For Orange aficionados everywhere, there will be more on the history of the company; Snippets about the beginning, the Orange shop where the likes of Marc Bolan, Peter Green, Eric Clapton and Paul Kossoff all hung out, how Orange Amplification was born, more about the brands and the designs - in fact the real stories and in-depth features covering the whole forty five year history.

Then there are the gig reports - unique stories about Orange amps, where and how they are being used in real situations. These practical run downs give real insight into the environments the kit is being used in, the sounds people are getting out of the amps, and how the same affects can be achieved - in rehearsal, gigs or the studio.

Plus there will be loads of fascinating stories about the road warriors that keep the ‘Valve glowing' and the 'speakers moving' for great bands and musicians everywhere. The Blog kicks off with industry legend, Drew Foppe who has worked with Slipknot, The Used, Deftones and Evanescence and is currently working with Fleetwood Mac. He shares a multitude of tips and insights into how he helps everything keeping running smoothly.

This Blog captures the essence of everything Orange; go to for constantly updated news, reviews, interviews and loads more.

To find out more about the Orange Amplification, their endorsees and the gear they use also visit

John Norum,Michael Schenker,Scott Gorham: Europe's "Live At Sweden Rock – 30th Anniversary Show" details announced!

earMUSIC is excited to announce the UK release of Europe's "Live At Sweden Rock – 30th Anniversary Show" (2CD, DVD and Blu-ray) on Monday 21st October 2013.

To celebrate the news, the band has premiered a stunning video clip of  “The Final Countdown – Live”.   Click HERE to see the video performance of this classic song in its entirety.

On 7th June 2013, Europe took the stage in their home country Sweden for a special occasion: celebrating 30 years of rock music. The Swedish rock band celebrated this event together with 30,000 fans at the prestigious Sweden Rock Festival.  Europe performed 28 songs, selecting their personal favourite moments spanning from their earlier years up to their most recent songs taken from albums including Last Look At Eden and Bag Of Bones; plus songs performed for the very first time.

Described as a greatest hits extravaganza, Europe's headline festival performance also displayed it’s more soulful moments, especially when the band sat down to perform an emotional acoustic set. This segment of the concert gave the massive festival atmosphere an intimate club feeling before Europe returned to perform the hard rock anthems their fans have grown to love and cherish.

To pay tribute to some of their biggest rock heroes, Europe invited two very special guests to perform with them - Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy) for an electrifying version of Jailbreak and Michael Schenker (MSG, ex-UFO and Scorpions) for their tribute to UFO’s classic Lights Out

The set list is full of treasures and surprises. Europe were determined to celebrate and enjoy their long record of hit singles including CarrieRock The NightSuperstitiousOpen Your HeartLast Look At EdenPrisoners in ParadiseNew Love In Town and, of course, the ever-present and always electrifying iconic rock anthem The Final Countdown.

Clocking in over 2 hours, 40 minutes of footage, and filmed with state-of-the-art hi def cameras, the concert features behind-the-scenes material, plus an exclusive interview with the band, making "Live At Sweden Rock – 30th Anniversary Show" the definitive Europe live experience!

Track Listing:

1. Intro / Riches To Rags
2. Firebox
3. Not Supposed To Sing The Blues
4. Scream Of Anger
5. Superstitious
6. No Stone Unturned
7. New Love In Town
8. In The Future To Come
9. Paradize Bay
10. Girl From Lebanon
11. Prisoners In Paradise
12. Always The Pretenders
13. Drink And A Smile
14. Open Your Heart
15. Love Is Not The Enemy
16. Sign Of The Times
17. Start From The Dark
18. Wings Of Tomorrow
19. Carrie
20. Jailbreak (featuring Scott Gorham)
21. Seven Doors Hotel
22. Drum Solo
23. The Beast
24. Let The Good Times Rock
25. Lights Out (featuring Michael Schenker)
26. Rock The Night
27. Last Look At Eden
28. The Final Countdown

DVD/Blu-ray - Bonus Features
1. Behind The Scenes Material

Europe "The Final Countdown" live from "Live At Sweden Rock - 30 Anniversary Show"

Virgil Donati: 'In This Life' Mini Documentary

Hi folks, Virgil here.
I'm excited to announce a new documentary video on The Making of 'In This Life': a fascinating journey revealing the musicians' most intimate observations on the music, and their personal contributions. It features highlights of three tracks from the record, and a little jamming also…
Watch the video here:
You can get 'In This Life' at:

I hope you enjoy!Virgil
Get 'In this Life' at

The making of 'In This Life', a fascinating journey, revealing the musicians most intimate observations on the music, and their personal contributions. Features highlights of three tracks from the record, and a little jamming also...

Virgil Donati 'In This Life' Mini Doc

News: Orange Amplification Sponsors The Classic Rock Roll of Honour 2013

Orange Amplification Sponsors The Classic Rock
Roll of Honour 2013
Orange Amplification proudly presents The Classic Rock Roll of Honour 2013. This is the third time Orange have been headline sponsor for these legendary awards, which applauds all that is great in the world of rock. The event will be held at leading arts venue, The Roundhouse, Camden, London, on November 14th 2013.

2013 has been an amazing year for classic rock, seeing the triumphant return of Black Sabbath, the launch of the critically acclaimed new Deep Purple album and Rolling Stones headline appearances at Glastonbury and Hyde Park. Black Sabbath will be receiving the Orange Amplification sponsored Living Legend Award this year.

Orange Amplifiers have been used for decades by many of the greatest Classic Rock bands of all time and this years awards see’s many of its endorsees nominated in several categories. Long time Orange Amplification fan Jimmy Page with Led Zeppelin are nominated for Best Film and Black Sabbath who used Orange Amps during the 70’s are in the Band of the Year section.

Orange Amplification have several endorsers nominated in the Album Of The Year category: Tim Salt (Clutch), Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens Of The Stone Age) and Scott Holiday of Rival Sons last years winners of the Breakthrough Act of the year. Up for the Reissue Of The Year award with Generation Terrorists 20th Anniversary are Welsh rock legends, Manic Street Preachers, with endorser James Dean Bradford.

‘It is exciting to once again be sponsoring the Classic Rock Roll Of Honour and the Living Legend award,’ observed Damon Waller, Orange Amplification Managing Director. ‘ Orange Amplification is synonymous with rock history and its future. To be able to support the celebration of rock’s great achievements is something we simply love to do.’

To find out more about the Classic Rock Roll Of Honour and vote for your favourites go to .

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Morten Faerestrand: Triad Pairs Using Harmonic Minor

Yeah yeah, I know it sounds like it's dry and very theoretical

-but it's not. It's just a cool idea that you can use on Dom7 chords.


Morten Jazz Guitar Secrets by

Triad Pairs Using Harmonic Minor - Play jazzy lines on 7(b13) chords

Jason Sadites: Physical CD's of 'Broken' Available Now

Physical copies of my latest release 'Broken' are now available for purchase and immediate shipping through CD Baby. 'Broken' features performances from Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Kenny Aronoff, Bryan Beller, Adam Nitti, Martin Motnik and Alex Machacek. You can order your copy here. 

For all who have ordered through Abstract Logix your order will be shipping very soon. Thanks for ordering!

My IndieGoGo campaign is still going strong and anybody who would like to lend help to the new project it would be greatly appreciated and you can get some cool perks in the process. Just click the image below to visit the campaign page: 

Alberto Rigoni: Dream Theater - covering and playing the prog giants Erotomania

Alberto Rigoni  Covers DREAM THEATER’s “Erotomania”

After the release of last year’s Three Wise Monkeys, bassist Alberto Rigoni (solo artist, TwinSpirits) is all set to start working on its follow-up album. With three albums under the belt praising prog fusion at its best, Rigoni leaves an indelible mark on the genre that seems to be blossoming recently.

As an avid Dream Theater fan, Alberto Rigoni has been covering and playing the prog giants’ songs since the start of his career. Saying that Erotomania was the first song he learned to play back when he was 16 brought him to pay a tribute to the band by covering this song on his brand new signature model of Dingwall AR5 bass, a mix between the ABZ and Z3 series. More info about this model at:

Commented on Erotomania, Alberto says: “It’s a true instrumental masterpiece, both from its technical and melodic aspects. There’s so much to learn from that song because there are many tempo changes and it’s also great for the stretching.”

Alex Hutchings: Masterclass in Blues - Jam Track Central

Alex Hutchings: Masterclass in Blues 

Alex Hutchings returns to the JTC hot-seat once again to deliver another flawless display of Blues soloing. In this 5 track series, Alex is jamming over some straight forward original blues tracks, yet the concept of his soloing is all about adding a deeper level of extension to the harmonies. Of course, the sheer amount of new licks here to learn is vast. By analysing some (or even all) of them, Alex will have given you a whole new level of inspiration to help you approach your own Blues soloing with a greater knowledge and understanding of improvisation.

The backings for this package were written by one of JTC's backing track gurus, James Graydon, and contain a nice blend of tracks, including some classic blues, a shuffle, a bit of up-tempo blues and a sexy bluesy ballad.

As ever, you get the full length solo tracks, solo backings, extended jam tracks, video, plus TAB and Notation in both standard and Alex's alternate tunings.

Come check out the previews and prepare yourself for an Alex Hutchings masterclass in blues!


 5 solo tracks
 5 solo backing tracks
 5 extended jam tracks
 5 live video performances
 Accurate TAB/Notation

*NEW* Alex Hutchings 'Blues Extensions' at