Friday, 15 November 2013

Tina Guo: Flight of the Bumble Bee as she is meant to be done

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New Album THE JOURNEY Available now on iTunes

Best Music Video: LA Downtown Film Festival
Nominated for Best Music Video: Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Directed by Rich Ragsdale
Produced by Kevin Ragsdale
Costumes and Production Design by Erica Frank
Director of Photography Ian Takahashi
KNR Productions

TINA GUO, electric cello

Tina Guo Official Music Video: QUEEN BEE Metal Cello

Travis Montgomery: suffers heart attack - get well messages pouring in

Travis Montgomery Just a few days ago

Chris Feener
Everyone put out some positive vibes right now. My brother in shred is in the hospital, Travis Montgomery has had a heart attack and is in the hospital.

Misha Mansoor
Travis, I hope you have a speedy recovery. Get well soon bro, the sooner you do, the sooner we can work on you know what haha!

Per Nilsson
Get well, Travis, my thoughts are with you!!! Much love buddy!

Kris Norris
Everyone wish my good friend and old stage mate Travis Montgomery from threat signal a speedy recovery he had a heart attack yesterday I just saw him last week and he seemed well hoping him all the best drop a kind word on his page let him know he's loved

Sarah Longfield
I hope everything is, or will be alright soon! :c thoughts are with you!

Jason Becker: Original Carvin Guitars

Carvin and Jason Becker take a close look at his original late 80's Carvin guitars. All guitar playing was recorded through the IK Multimedia iRig HD into a laptop running Amplitube 3 and the Carvin V3M amp found in the IK Multimedia online Custom Shop.

Jason Becker's Original Carvin Guitars

Don Lappin: West Tide Lesson - Part 2: - Don Lappin gives us an introduction to his one-of-a-kind two-hand tapping technique and breaks down a tune called 'West Tide,' off his latest album, Tapped In. Two-Hand Tapping Technique Introduction: West Tide Lesson - Part 1: West Tide Lesson - Part 2: Tabs/Text: Don Lappin Biography: A guitarist since age seven, Instrumental Rock Guitarist Don Lappin began playing professionally at age 11 with an original rock group located in northeastern Ohio. The "Destroyers" gigged continuously and in 1980, were voted into the top 10 original acts in the state. After moving to New England in 1981, Don spent his teenage years with various teachers and bands before attending Berklee College of Music in January of 1990

Don Lappin is one of my favourite two handed tappers, check out his excellent solo album and put it on your Christmas list.

Don Lappin:Tapped In

Yngwie Malmsteen: Brazil goes nuts for Trilogy Suite Op: 5

Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Trilogy Suite Op: 5
Live from Brazil.

Morten Faerestrand: Guitar Amp Demo ZT Lunchbox

ZT Lunchbox demoed (With jazz guitar), and lesson in tritone sub (sidestepping) for jazz soloing. 

Stuart Bull: 51 Hybrid Picking Licks you must learn!

51 Hybrid Picking Licks - Guitar Lessons With Stuart Bull Licklibrary Learn 51 hybrid picking licks guitar lessons with Stuart Bull! The Hybrid Picking technique uses plectrum and finger or fingers to play fast and accurate licks that simply cannot be played the same with conventinal picking techniques. This DVD will igve you an excellent insight into developing this exciting technique, not forgetting to mention adding 51 Killer licks into your repertoire! Licklibrary is THE online guitar lesson resource for guitarists - check out our online lessons and DVDs here:

Angelo Comincini: Allan Holdsworth - Sphere of innocence - superb tone

Angelo Comincini plays Allan Holdsworth "Sphere of innocence" (from Wardenclyffe tower)

David Maxim Micic: BILO 3.0 more release details and sound sample

FB: Destin Potato: e-ovation: and Guests! 1. Everything's Fine: Mina Mladenovic (solo violin) 2. Where is Now?: Aleksandra Radosavljevic & Vladimir Lalic (vocals), Larissa Trescenko (solo violin), Jakub Zytecki (guitar) 3. Smile: Aleksandra Djelmas & Vladimir Lalic (vocals), Jeff Loomis (guitar) 4. Nostalgia: Vasil Hadzimanov (keyboard) 5. Wrinkle Maze: Bilo Choir (Aleksandra Djelmas, Tanja Knezevic, Vladimir Lalic, Marko Pantelic, Ivan Propadovic, Marko Zivkovic), Larissa Trescenko (solo violin), Per Nilsson (guitar) 6. Daydreamers: Aleksandra Radosavljevic, Vladimir Lalic, Dunja Markovic (vocals) Stay fab! :)

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead appears on the new single from The Fractured Dimension

The Fractured Dimension

Tom Geldschläger
The Fractured Dimension just released this new single track. I played fretted, fretless and ambient guitars (and will post a playthrough-video of it on the weekend) and mastered it. Jimmy Pitts - keys, Jerry Twyford - bass, Alex Arellano Malca - drums,Bill Bruce - guest guitar solo (middle section). If you like supercrazy technical instrumental metal, you better check this out!

From the minds that brought you Pitts Minnemann Project, as well as the debut of The Fractured Dimension "Towards the Mysterium", comes this exotic-scale-inspired romp through myriad time signatures, tempo changes, controlled chaos, and even the occasional nod to Cacophony and the Kung Fu movie soundtracks of the past. Originally a monstrous drum solo by Alex Arellano Malca (ex-Power of Omens), Gorilla Yin Yang no. 2 came into existence when Jimmy Pitts had the audacious idea to write keyboards to it and create a collaboration inspired by Frank Zappa's The Black Page no. 2. Upon completion, this song has remained unfinished for nearly four years before German guitar virtuoso Fountainhead (Xell, Purpose Effect), guitar hero Bill Bruce (ex-Shotgun Messiah, ex-Hellion, Mark Chapman Band, etc) and former Scholomance bassist Jerry Twyford got ahold of it. Now a complete track featuring an abundance of musical madness, it is presented to the most important element of the equation, the listener. Enjoy getting in touch with your inner Gorilla with this 'xen-struMENTAL' monstrosity!

Additional Notes:

Mixed by Jimmy Pitts at Twist Tone Studio
Mastered by Tom Geldschlager
Artwork by Mirko Stanchev of Illogical Conversions
Gorilla Yin Yang drum solo originally composed, performed, and engineered by Alex Arellano Malca
Gorilla Yin Yang no. 2 additional arrangement and composition by Jimmy Pitts

Guitars by Fountainhead
Ambient nylon/clean guitar solo by Bill Bruce
Bass by Jerry Twyford
Keys by Jimmy Pitts

Thanks to all of our friends, family, and fans who have shown such overwhelming support over the years! Coming soon: Pitts Minnemann Project II

Joe Marro: Demos and Ideas (From the past and present) free download album

Joe Marro: Demos and Ideas (From the past and present)

Demos and Ideas (From the past and present) Free Download

1. Gateway To The Infinite 01:42
2. Orbs (Part 1) 02:39
3. A Look Over The Horizon (Ambient Guitar) 02:06
4. Wandering Into A Dome-Topped Room02:53
5. Alone (Ambient Guitar Version 2) 02:25
6. The Physics Of The Impossible (2010)04:46
7. Celestial Ghost (Paradyme Version 2010) 05:58 

This is a small collection of demos and unfinished ideas I'm giving to all you great people for free! there's a few demos off my Soundcloud, the original "Physics" single, remastered ambient guitar tracks, and a demo from the Paradyme days. "Celestial Ghost" was written in 2007 but this version was recorded with and performed by Paradyme in early 2010.

I hope you all can enjoy this collection. Please be patient for the official, finished material. For those of you who are downloading this, thank you so much for supporting me :)

All Rights Reserved 2013
released 14 November 2013
These demos/unfinished ideas were composed and arranged by Joe Marro

"Celestial Ghost" written and arranged by Joe Marro (2007). Performed by Greg Wroblweski (Drums), Andy Wroblweski (Guitar, first solo), Derek Schwarzkopf (Bass), John Walsh (Keyboards), Joe Marro (Lead guitar).

"Orbs" Mastered by Damion Hill (E-Mix Online)

Other demo clips have drum samples from Superior 2.0 thanks to Eric Maldonado

"The Physics Of The Impossible" mixed and mastered by Damion Hill (2010), addition keyboards and atmospheres by John Walsh

News: Galez explorer - Guitar review (Nano custom guitars)

Official website:

Contact Nano via:

Just Guitars and drums, no bass in the mix.

  • Handmade guitar
  • 22 frets
  • Bridge pick up:dimebucker
  • Neck pick up:P-90
  • Walnut body
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Maple neck
  • Bolt-on neck
  • Locking tuners
  • Locking phone jack
  • Bigsby vibrato
Galez explorer - Guitar review (Nano custom guitars)