Thursday, 21 November 2013

Adrian Vandenberg: Moonkings sign to Mascot Label Group

Adrian Vandenberg (guitar)
Jan Hoving (vocals)
Sem Christoffel (bass)
Mart Nijen Es (drums)

The band is currently in the studio recording its debut album for a February 24, 2014 release. An extensive European tour will follow.


Bruce Bouillet: to get a Mascot Label Group for his latest album

Bruce Bouillet will release his third instrumental album, "The Order Of Control", on January 21, 2014 via Mascot Label Group's Music Theories imprint.

"The Order Of Control" is a concept album. Its theme deals with a force intermixed throughout humanity that manipulates the masses. In choosing titles, everything relates to the theme. Bouillet advises, "Sometimes you have to read into it and research." With the opening track, "Blind As We Watched", it makes reference to events that happen around us, right in front of our eyes but invisible to our sight. With "Seeing Through", these days information travels at an ever increasing pace. This title is in reference to disinformation or seeing through disinformation. What better way to spread confusion to the masses, then by adding one sentence of truth in a paragraph of lies, and letting the social networks do the work for you by spreading it around." A third track titled "The Manipulators" references "those that possess the power to remote view, communicate with telepathy, orchestrate street theater, read minds, and place thoughts. They are well trained and organized. They stalk individuals in groups, and use such things as schizophrenia as a weapon to destroy people. It is the perfect crime manipulating one into self destruction."

Jarle H Olsen: Ivan Chopik interviews the master of stun guitar for

Hailing from Norway, Jarle H. Olsen is one of today’s finest guitarists and composers of melodic progressive metal. His full-length debut album, Quadrasonic, showcases his talents through its emotive atmospheres, surgically precise performances, and lavish harmonies. Rooted in neoclassical metal and fusion playing styles, Jarle has forged a recognizable voice on his instrument; one which he never fails to pair with memorable melody and elegant songwriting.

IC: Can you tell us about your current projects? I know that last year you released your first full-length solo instrumental album, Quadrasonic, and you have a new record out with your thrash metal band Pitch Black Mentality.

JO: My main project is Quadrasonic and I’ve started working on some new material for it, as well. Apart from that, I have another funny project with Bjarte and a friend coming up, featuring over 30 tunes. So stay tuned…

Yeah, my buddy [Frank Natås] recently released a new album called The Pitch Black Reality, which I happen to play all lead guitars on. It’s basically old school thrash metal with some new twists here and there. I can recommend it to any metal fans, as there are plenty of kick-ass thrash tunes on the album.

Full interview

Billy Sheehan,Janek Gwizdala,Nathan East,Adam Nitti,Michael Manring: at Bass Player Live 2013

Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs and Mr. Big) at this year's Bass Player Live in Hollywood.

Billy Sheehan at Bass Player Live 2013

Janek Gwizdala at Bass Player LIVE! 2013

Nathan East at Bass Player LIVE! 2013

Adam Nitti at Bass Player LIVE! 2013

Michael Manring at Bass Player LIVE! 2013

Aldo Giuntini: Giuntini Project IV with Tony Martin

Aldo Giuntini: Giuntini Project IV 
Giuntini Project IV tracklisting:

'Perfect Sorrow'
'Born In The Underworld'
'Shadow Of The Stone'
'I Don't Believe In Fortune'
'If The Dream Comes True'
'The Rise And Fall Of Barry Lyndon'
'Bring On The Night'
'Not The Jealous Kind'
'Saint Or Sinner'
'Last Station: Nightmare'
'How The Story Ends' (MEGADETH cover)
'Truth Never Lie'

The Band 

Guitar - Aldo Giuntini
Vocals - Tony Martin
Bass - Fulvio Gaslini
Drums - Fabiano Rizzi
Keys - Dario Patti

Video by Mizuko & Dario Mollo

Song from Giuntini lV album released by Escape Records Ltd

Giuntini - Shadow of the Stone - (Feat. Tony Martin) - Official Clip

Tony Martin Giuntini 4 How the story ends

GIUNTINI - Born in the Underworld (feat. Tony Martin) - Official Clip

Mark Tremonti: interview by Barbara Caserta 2013

Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge) interview 2013 by Barbara Caserta

Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge) interview 2013

Andy Timmons: Ibanez, Mesa Boogie, D'Addario Rig Tour

Andy Timmons shows us his gear.

Ibanez, Mesa Boogie, D'Addario | Andy Timmons Rig Tour

Akihiko Onji: Allan Holdsworth solo - amazing 8 Finger tapping version

Akihiko Onji - Allan Holdsworth solo - 8Finger tapping version

Danny Gill: Buckethead Big Sur Moon guitar lesson

Buckethead Big Sur Moon - Sample Guitar Lesson By Danny Gill Licklibrary Learn how to play Big Sur Moon by Buckethead with Danny Gill. In this free sample guitar lesson Danny Gill talks about the effect used and how to play the intro part of the song. The FULL guitar lesson is available to buy online Browse hundred of guitar lessons online today:

Ron Thal,Adien Fazmail: Jam at Fourties Jakarta Indonesia

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal Jam at Fourties Jakarta Indonesia (D'Yer Maker - Led Zeppelin)
Some footage from the over 4 hours long jam session in Jakarta November 18 in Fourties. All donations that night went to the Lestari Sayang Anak Guests on stage are Silvia Fariani, Yuke (Dewa), Adien Fazmail

Funny moment when Ron Bumblefoot Thal changes guitars during a jam

Adien Fazmail suddenly gets Ron Bumblefoot Thal's double neck around his shoulders...

Max Dible: In The Style Of Jason Becker - Teaser 2

DC Music School is proud to be working on the definitive and official instructional video on the guitar style of Shrapnel recording artist legend Jason Becker, featuring guitarist Max Dible. The lessons will focus on all aspects relevant to Jason Becker's guitar style. Check out the sites below for updates:

In The Style Of Jason Becker (Lesson Teaser Trailer)

Sergey Golovin: HeadBreak Licks - Guthrie Govan Picking

#02 HeadBreak Licks - Guthrie Govan Picking
My Facebook page: My VK page: Lepsky Guitars: EMG Pickups: "If you like what I do and want to support me, please follow the link Thanks for the support!"

Andrea Maccianti: Steve Lukather - "Song For Jeff"

Steve Lukather - "Song For Jeff" - Andrea Maccianti
Un piccolo tributo ad uno dei miei preferiti di sempre...Steve Lukather...Questa canzone è stata scritta per Jeff Porcaro...R.i.p.

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Chromatic Fusion Lick Lesson

L & L Series - November 2013: Chromatic Fusion Lick
For skype lessons with me visit: or drop me a mail Hello guys!! This is the first of a series of videos with licks and guitar lessons!! To get the tab go to: For amazing backing tracks, check out this site: For this video I used a PRS Custom 24 2013 model-with Dragon II pickups, my signature preamp and poweramp models by Tsakalis (Obsession and Perfection respectively) , Wampler Triple Wreck, and a Mesa Boogie 1x12 mini rectifier Cabinet, miked with an AKG perception 120 and a Shure 57. Don't forget to subscribe, share, rate and comment!! I hope you like it! Official site: Facebook Page: Twitter:

Michael Casswell: How To Play Love In An Elevator By Aerosmith

How To Play Love In An Elevator By Aerosmith - Sample Guitar Lesson With Michael Casswell Learn how to play Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith on guitar! Guitar Lesson available at or get 5 Aerosmith Lessons with our Learn To Play Aerosmith DVD available here: Michael Casswell teaches you how to play Love In An Elevator on guitar. This is a sample guitar lesson - in the FULL guitar lesson you will learn all the guitar parts and sections that make up the Aerosmith classic Love In An Elevator. Learn To Play Aerosmith DVD teaches you how to play 5 Aerosmith Songs Guitar Lessons include How to play Walk This Way, How to play Dream On How to play Love In An Elevator How to play Dude Looks Like A Lady How to play Crying Order your copy online

Daddo Oreskovich: The Exit Point - Metal meets Funk - Live4Guitar lesson

The Exit Point 

This 6 string intermediate lesson is "Metal meets Funk" blend. It is a great value because there is a big assortment of techniques condensed in 1 minute. This is a great opportunity for intermediate players to advance to the next level. Rock Hard ;-)

Matt Warnock: The professor gives you a guide to Blues Guitar Theory on

Blues Guitar Theory Guide

Blues guitar can be a fun genre to dig into for any player looking to get into the bluesy side of the instrument. There is a lot of soloing and filling involved, great grooves, funky chords and a steady, though challenging, chord progressions associated with the genre.

While some might think that playing the blues is simply 3 chords and the minor blues scale, digging into the work of many of the great players such as B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and others, opens up a number of theoretical concepts that need to be understood before mastering this style of playing, including minor vs. major blues forms, major blues scales and dominant 7th chord-scale theory.

If you are looking to dive into the blues, and want to expand your music theory chops at the same time, then the following lessons are geared towards doing just that. Covering a wide range of topics, these theory lessons will give you all the info you need to expand your blues chops, and understand why the greats did what they did at the same time.

Michael Angelo Batio: Dean clinics in NYC and then Italy!

Michael Angelo Batio
3 Dean clinics in upstate New York starting tonight then Italy! Yes!

Frank Gambale,Nick Kellie: Markbass presentation - Nick gets the eye brow raise of approval from the sweep master

Nick Kellie
this is exactly when frank sees me in the front row (raises eyebrows) - no lie! billy can vouch for this! What a thrill that was! and frank came and sat with me immediately after he finished... what a great guy and someone I am proud to know... a real hero!

Frank Gambale at Markbass presentation, Brooklyn, New York, November 16th, 2013.

Jon Neto: with Vini Baschera and Luiz Escobar - Jon Trio

Jon Neto, Vini Baschera e Luiz Escobar (Jon Trio) - "Ela" - Live at Teatro SESC (2012),pt

Jon Neto, Vini Baschera e Luiz Escobar (Jon Trio) - "Ela"

Alexander Davis: Allan Holdsworth Style Improv Jam

Just having a little jam trying to be somewhat in the style of one of my favorite guitarists ever Allan Holdsworth, some nasty notes and sloppyness appear but I find it hard not to when I know I'm recording something. Using a couple of presets I found on the Axe-Change site, Holdsy Clean, and Holdsy Lead. Both sound amazing and am very grateful for them.

Using Ephiphone Les Paul with Dimarzio D-Activator neck pickup put into the bridge position, going direct into AXE FX II and through USB into PC then into Audacity, no post production/mixing at all.

Recorded Using ZOOM Q3 HD in 720p mode

Sorry forgot to cut off the video after I stoped playing.

Allan Holdsworth Style Improv Jam - AXE FX II

Ronnie Montrose: Icons and Idols Rock n’ Roll Auction

The Ronnie Montrose Icons and Idols Rock n’ Roll Auction
The Collection of Legendary Rock Icon Ronnie Montrose Offered at Icons & Idols: Rock n’ Roll

Julien’s Auctions Beverly Hills – Friday, December 6th, 2013

Los Angeles, California…November 21, 2013…Legendary rock icon Ronnie Montrose has been called the “Father of American Hard Rock,” an innovator and an incendiary guitar genius. For the first time fans of Ronnie Montrose will have the opportunity to bid on a vast array of instruments, personal items and memorabilia from the late genius’ musical life which will benefit the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

Carlos Arcay: All my solos for the band ZELION

Subscribe to my channel. More guitar videos to come.

If you have a project or band and are searching to add some nice crazy guitar solos, I am your guy. Send me a message.
Also I am working on my first instrumental guitar LP, so I will need a drummer, keyboard and bass player who can record himself. If you are interested in, send me a message.

More info about ZELION

Zelion is a Hard Rock band from Galicia. Is this his first LP. This LP also was mixed and mastering by me in my home studio.
All music is owned ZELION.

All my solos for the band ZELION - Hard Rock Guitar Shred

News: Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Backing Track (E)


E7 - A7/G7 - E7 - E7
A7 - G7/A7 - E7 - E7
B7 - A7 - E7 - E7/B7


Original Composition & playing by ©JamTracksGuitar
All Rights Reserved

Backing,Track,Jamtrack,Jamtracks,jam,bac­kingtracks,guitar,back,Minor,backtrack,t­racks,backingtrack,backtracks,free,downl­oad,JamTracksGuitar,megabackingtracks,me­ga backing tracks,Stevie Ray Vaughan,Stevie Ray Vaughan jam track,blues backing track,shuffle backing track,guitar jam track,fender,stratocaster,Play,Along,Beg­inner,Guitar,Practice,Soloing,66Bpm,stev­ie,ray,vaughan,srv,s.r.v,Blues,Gibson,St­yle

Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Backing Track (E) | 66 Bpm

Davide Tiso,Marco Minnemann,Bryan Beller: Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness CD release dates

Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness
Agonia Records
26 November 2013

***European release date = November 19th / North American release date = November 26th***

Ignited by commitment and passion, "Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness" is a multi-layered hybrid of death metal, jazz and post rock: a career defining statement from a band never bounded by rules. With intuition set as the only significant parameter, Ephel Duath takes their uncompromising will to experiment to a whole new level of intensity.

“Ephel Duath exists in its own realm as ever, uprooting expectations just as its logical madness begins to make sense.” - NPR Music

“unsurprisingly, they’ve never sounded so dizzyingly off-kilter, magnificently hypnotic, and massively intimidating.” -

Karyn Crisis - vocals
Davide Tiso - guitars
Bryan Beller - bass
Marco Minnemann - drums
Erik Rutan - guest appearance on songs I. and IV.

EPHEL DUATH - Feathers Under My Skin

Xander Demos: XDB band joined by Michael Angelo Batio

Metal shredmaster, Xander Demos and his band, XDB, joined Michael Angelo Batio, White Trash, Ronny Munroe (Metal Church) and others for Rock Harvest II. The three-day Fallen Blue charity festival was held November 7-9th, 2013 at House of Rock, White Marsh, MD.

On Saturday, November 9th, 2013, Xander Demos and his band, XDB, performed at Rock Harvest II. That night was the culmination of a three-day-long festival, which began on Thursday, November 7th. Acts that performed over the course of the Fallen Blue charity event included Michael Angelo Batio, Raven, Ronny Munroe (Metal Church,) Metal Mike (Halford,) White Trash and more.

Xander posted photos on his facebook page of himself, with both Michael Angelo Batio and Ronny Munroe, saying, "Michael Angelo Batio - very very cool guy. Super talented and all around classy guy. See you at the NAMM Metal Jam II, sir!" and "Ronny Munroe..good lord, this guy can KILL IT on vocals. We shall see you again, sir on March 7, 2014 when Metal Church comes through Pittsburgh and we share the stage with you!"

Joining him on stage, for what Xander described as "Metal Malefeasance" were his XDB bandmates, Mario Brescia, Jeff Morris, Jeff Anzelone, and H. Dan Bozym. Their blistering set included songs from Xander's debut solo album, Guitarcadia, and the new track, "Dancing Through Daggers," as well as covers from Yngwie Malmsteen and Dream Theater. The latter had two members of Ghost of War joining the band for a crowd-pleasing sing-along.

Xander Demos is based in Pittsburgh, PA. A shredder who has performed onstage in James Rivera's (Helstar, Malice) solo band and Sabbath Judas Sabbath, he has recorded with Modern Superstar, Liberty 'N' Justice and Ged Rylands' Rage Of Angels, among others. XDB recently performed at Skull Fest in Nebraska and Wolf Fest in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit

Orianthi: makes it to the cover of iGuitar magazine

Check out the latest issue online, packed with guitar goodness:

Paul Gilbert,Nathan East: One Chord Challenge Nathan East and Paul Gilbert show the world what you can do with one chord! This is part of a series of over two hours of playing, discussion and analysis in the ArtistWorks Online Bass School with Nathan East (also available for Paul's members at

Nathan's online bass lessons include dozens of hours of pre-recorded video lessons and the ability to submit practice videos to Nathan and get video feedback from the master himself - all for about a dollar a day. Check out the link for more free sample videos!

Nathan East & Paul Gilbert: "One Chord Challenge"

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Gorilla Yin Yang Guitar Playthrough

Fountainhead recording session guitar for a song by instrumental prog-metal trio "The Fractured Dimension" from Springfield, USA. Subscribe for more guitar videos, lessons, music videos and more! 

The Fractured Dimension

Fountainhead uses Soultool Guitars, GoodTone Pickups, Loxx Strap-locks & Steinberg audio software.

Gorilla Yin Yang Guitar Playthrough

Jake E Lee: Latest details on the Red Dragon Cartel release and live shows

L-R: Jonas Fairley (drums), D.J. Smith (vocals), Jake E. Lee (guitars), Ronnie Mancuso (bass)
The newest band ready to take aim at the creative void in the hard rock world, Red Dragon Cartel, are set to release their debut album via Frontiers Records. The self-titled debut by the band made up of guitar legend Jake E. Lee, bassist Ronnie Mancuso, singer D.J. Smith and drummer Jonas Fairley is set for release on January 27th 2014 in the UK and on the following day in the US.Jake E. Lee is best known for his work in Badlands and as guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne on “Bark at the Moon and “The Ultimate Sin” albums.

The Cover

The Track Listing

Red Dragon Cartel also features various guest appearances from some of music’s most notable faces including legendary Cheap Trick vocalist Robin Zander, original Iron Maiden vocalist PaulDi’AnnoKill Devil Hill/Pantera bassist Rex Brown, Slash’s Conspirators Todd Kearns and Brent Fitz and In This Moment front woman Maria Brink. The album was produced by Ronnie Mancuso and Jake E. Lee and was executive produced, mixed and mastered by Kevin Churko (In This Moment, Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch).

Read the official UK press page and download photos HERE.

Red Dragon Cartel - Feeder Lyric Video (Official / Feat. Jake E. Lee - Robin Zander on Voice)

From the opening riff of "Deceived" to final sustained piano chord of "Exquisite Tenderness", it is clear Red Dragon Cartel has created an album that stands amongst some of the greatest hard rock albums of all time. Infectious songs such as "Shout It Out""Wasted" and "Slave" showcase the band’s ability to write memorable hooks and vocal melodies.

Robin Zander of Cheap Trick lends his voice to the track "Feeder" and a lyric video for the song can be seen HERE.

Maria Brink of In This Moment

Maria Brink of In This Moment lends her unique vocals to the track "Big Mouth"Paul Di’Anno and Sass Jordan also lend their talents to the band’s debut. Jake E. Lee’s trademark playing style instantly shines through and picks up right where he left off. The album will be available for pre-order on Amazon soon, and can be pre-ordered from iTunes and comes with an instant download of "Deceived".

The band will be bringing these new powerhouse songs on the road playing a handful of dates before embarking on a full tour in 2014. Tickets are currently on-sale and all information can be found on the band’s website:

December 12th – Los Angeles, CA – Whisky A Go Go                      
December 14th – Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theater (Support of Queensryche)
December 15th – San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick                                
December 20th – Las Vegas, NV – Count’s Vamp'd

Ray Suhy: East Of The Wall "Obfuscator Dye" (official music video)

"Obfuscator Dye" from East Of The Wall's new record Redaction Artifacts, released October 29th, 2013. | |

Exclusive vinyl colors available at:
For CD and digital versions visit Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Filmed by Jolil Ula, Vacant Eye Photography:

East Of The Wall "Obfuscator Dye" (official music video)

East Of The Wall "Arbiters Meet" (official music video)

Marta Witiw: Seymour Duncan Dirty Deed Distortion Demo and original playthrough

All guitars are recorded with Dirty Deed Distortion Pedal plugged into the amp Laboga RAD3.

In the intro there is a riff from AC/DC's track "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" I played to show the range of the pedal.
Signal chain:
Ibanez RG1570 Prestige - Dirty Deed - Laboga RAD3 - Shure SM57 - E-MU 0204 - Cubase 5

bridge: SD Trembucker - Custom 5
middle: SD Cool Rails
neck: SD Humbucker - Pearly Gates

Read more about the pedal:

Music by Marta Witiw
Mix&Mastering by Paweł Ewertowski

My Facebook page:

Mattias IA Eklundh: Brand new interview just up on Spanish DCEV

Mattias Ia Eklundh: Brand new interview just up on Spanish DCEV:

3. Are you playing new stuff from Freak Kitchen's new album, Cooking with Pagans, at Madrid's show?

IA: Nope. We have decided not to do so as it will end up on YouTube in a split second and people will judge the entire album from a crappy iPhone clip. I embrace today’s technology and all, used in the right way, but there are certain things you simply can’t do. We keep the lid on for just a while more. All good things to those who wait!