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Andy James: live online details

Andy James:
Thanks for staying tuned in with our emails! We are working very hard on the Academy so we can bring YOU amazing content, with lots of cool surprises along the way! Thanks for being so cool and for your patience! We are raising the bar and this is going to be something amazing for everyone!

Remember this is the FIRST EVER opportunity you will get to interact with Andy LIVE online. Make sure you don't miss it as we have some new announcements to make and some exciting news for the fans out there! This event is all about you, the fans, the students of guitar and Andy will do his best to answer as many questions as possible!

Join Andy for a special 'Live' event where he will be talking about his brand new 'Andy James Guitar Academy', taking questions from fans and talking about his career and what is coming up in the future!

This will be a regular monthly event for members of the Andy James Guitar Academy so be sure to watch this special, FREE event that will be a rare public broadcast where you can put your questions to Andy 'Live'!

Sunday 12th January 2014 at 10pm GMT

>>>Click HERE to Watch on Google+
>>>Click HERE to watch on YouTube (Will display the show once we start broadcasting)
>>>Click HERE to watch on Facebook
>>>Click here to join the Facebook event page

(post your questions here early to have a better change of it getting answered)

To Ask Andy a question or make a comment during the live broadcast simply go to the Google+ event page and comment, make a comment on YouTube or use the Hashtag anywhere on Google+ or Twitter

See you there!
*Event Hashtag:* #MeetAndyJames

NAMM: GJ2 Guitars Unleashes The Hellhound

GJ2 Guitars Unleashes The Hellhound

“Laguna Hills, CA — Heeding repeated requests from customers, GJ2 Guitars has drawn inspiration from the birth of the Blues for its latest guitar model, the Hellhound.

The GJ2 Hellhound takes its name from one of the most legendary songs by pioneering bluesman Robert Johnson, “Hellhound On My Trail,” recorded in 1937. The GJ2 Hellhound guitar is built of basswood, with swamp ash or sugar pine available as options. Equipped with Habanero pickups as standard, the Hellhound includes a traditional-style bridge pickup with a TD91 at the neck; or traditional-style bridge pickup with two single coils. (Additional options will be available.)

GJ2 co-founder Jon Gold explains the genesis of the Hellhound: “Grover Jackson started out building guitars by listening first to the needs and demands of players. At GJ2, we have always heeded our customers. The Hellhound model was created in response to countless requests for this traditional style of guitar.”

As with all GJ2 guitars, the Hellhound is made at the company’s facility in Southern California. It features a compound-radius fingerboard, with materials and workmanship of the highest quality throughout. A broad palette of color options is also available.

See and hear the Hellhound at the 2014 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, January 23-26. Visit GJ2 Guitars at booth 4550.

About GJ2 Guitars
Founded in 2011 by Grover Jackson (formerly of Jackson Guitars and Jackson/Charvel fame) and Jon Gold (former Sr. VP International Sales for Fender), GJ2 Guitars manufactures superior-quality electric guitars from its facility in Laguna Hills, California. The company designs and performs all its own wood-crafting and creates nearly all of its instrument components in-house, including pickups. Only the best woods and materials are used. Great attention is paid to playability, tone, and build quality. Grover Jackson personally oversees the production of each instrument.

For inquiries, including new dealers, please contact Jon Gold at or 949-325-4584. Visit for additional information.

Marco Sfogli: Melodic Custom Series - jam track central

Get The Jam Track Package here:

Marco Sfogli returns with another set of inspiring jam tracks and beautifully played solos. As you probably know, Marco mostly works in the worlds of prog metal and fusion, but don't be scared... this package contains 5 jam tracks designed to work with a wide range of melodic soloing styles. There's some epic uplifting modern rock, a moody ballad, classic rock riffs and some thoroughly old school heavy rock! As you'd expect from one of the finest studio players around, these jam tracks sound amazing!

Marco's stunning solos will give you lots of new ideas. His technique and phrasing are impeccable, but you don't have to be an advanced player to learn from this package. There are lots of cool melodic ideas within the capability of most players, and they can be applied to many types of music. But of course, if you are a shredder or fusion fan there are also plenty of scary licks and cool outside notes too! All solos are fully transcribed in notation and Tab, so you can see every detail of what Marco is playing.

*NEW* Marco Sfogli 'Storm Rising' at

News: So you think you have what it takes to join Jam Track Central?


Want to work for JTC? Well this is how to apply....


If you think you have what it takes to be an artist on the JTC roster, sitting alongside the likes of Guthrie Govan, Andy James, Jeff Loomis and Alex Hutchings then here is what to do:

- Create a one track jam track package including original short backing track, extended jam track, solo track and live video performance.

Then contact us through the contact form with access to check it out, alongside links to other You Tube videos/websites that you feel would be beneficial in your proposition.

We review content once a month, and will contact you back if you have been successful and made it through to the second stage.


If you write high quality, original backing tracks then we want to hear from you (and hear them!!). We are always looking for guys that can supply backing tracks for the JTC artists to jam over. They have to be of the highest standard to make it on the site, so please bear this in mind before emailing us. The financial return can be very lucrative, based on our 50/50 royalty don't be shy and get in touch!

Sergey Golovin: Ultimate Control 2 - new jam track series

Ultimate Control 2

Sergey Golovin is back with an exclusive new set of jam tracks that make up Ultimate Control 2. This is a guy who is not only one of the most creative, expressive, technical and original players on the scene right now....but as you will see with these 5 solos is seriously at the top of his game.

Where do we start with this series? Legato and sweep picking, arpeggios, tremolo picking and sweeping mixed with a load of classic and new Sergey licks over great backing tracks. One thing is for have A LOT to learn in this series! If you want true inspiration to develop your technique then look no further!

The series comes with 5 solo tracks, solo back

 5 solo tracks
 5 solo backing tracks
 5 extended jam tracks
 5 video performances
 TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)

*BRAND NEW* Sergey Golovin 'Ultimate Control Series 2' at

NAMM: What You Need to Know About The NAMM Show 2014

Before You Go—What You Need to Know About
The NAMM Show

Planning ahead will help you make the most of The 2014 NAMM Show, January 23–26. View our "Plan Your Show" videos so you can easily navigate between getting your badges, downloading the app, finding live music and networking during your time in Anaheim. Here are other features of the show you’ll want to know!

NAMM Show App
To get the most updated information and access to all NAMM Show events, maps and schedules, download the NAMM Show app from your mobile device’s app store. 

Badge Pickup
Be sure to print out your badge confirmation and have your ID ready before you go to the show, so you can simply go to one of the many badge pickup locations to get your badge. 

Benefits of Membership
Visit the NAMM Member Center in Lobby B/C to learn more about benefits and programs.

Education Entertainment Networking
Unique Areas
  • Hall D is home to the new Loft Restaurant and Lounge serving food and Stone Brewery beer, along with the NAMM Newsstand, a lounge where you can sit to read the latest industry publications, and the Museum of Making Music exhibit.
  • The Venue in The Arena is a showcase of lighting, touring and sound solutions.
  • Music Metro in Hall E* is a platform for electric, acoustic and innovative products, accessories and technology with exhibits from emerging brands and well-respected manufacturers.
  • Lounge 88 in Level 3 Ballroom* is an elegant piano gallery of exhibits designed for meetings, social events and demonstrations of these beautiful instruments.
  • Learn more about these and other unique areas of the show.*Hall E and Levels 2 & 3 open at 9:30 a.m.
You can also explore many areas of the show as part of the “We Built This City Show Tour and Treasure Hunt” and be entered to win prizes!

Stay tuned to the NAMM Show website for all the latest news, events and information to make the most of your time in Anaheim!

Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: YOUNG GUITAR 2014 January issue DVD outtake


YOUNG GUITAR 2014 January issue DVD outtake: Paul Gilbert and Bruce Bouillet. See the end and you'll know why this spectacular jam hasn't been on the DVD!

YG2014年1月号付録DVDアウトテイク映像 ポール・ギルバート&ブルース・ブイエ

Prashant Aswani: ESP Guitars - LTD Hybrid-II Demo

ESP player Prashant Aswani gives you a thorough demonstration of the LTD Hybrid-II, a funky guitar with a ton of versatility and vibe. More info on the Hybrid-II:

ESP Guitars: LTD Hybrid-II Demo by Prashant Aswani

Travis Montgomery,Joey Bartoli: Lenox playthrough and Seymour Duncan - Nazgul and Sentient demo

Here's a song written by Joey Bartoli. I recorded this song for Joey a while back. Let us know what you think!

Check out Joey's channel at this link:

Travis Montgomery and Joey Bartoli - Lenox playthrough

Seymour Duncan - Nazgul and Sentient demo

JackThammarat: Jammin' on 'Rum Truffle' jam track from Martin Miller Laid Back Grooves

Jammin' on 'Rum Truffle' jam track from Martin Miller Laid Back Grooves at

Gear : Yamaha RGX420DZII with Seymour Duncan 59 pickup on the neck, Laney IRT-Studio direct recording, UAD-2 Plugins.

Jammin' on 'Rum Truffle' jam track from Martin Miller Laid Back Grooves at