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Per Nilsson: Scar Symmetry announce new album trilogy


Last year, Henrik approached me with this super cool lyrical concept, that was so complex and vast in scope that we realized it was a story that couldn't be told in just one album. So, the decision was made: instead of writing a new album, we started working on a trilogy of albums - the most ambitious project of our career.

The first of the three albums is called 'The Singularity (phase I: Neohumanity)'

"In the coming decades we will see the rise of artificial intelligence and transhumanism. Humanity will build artilects (artificial intellects) with mental capacities far above the human level of thought. By the year 2030, one of the world's biggest industries will be "artificial brains," used to control artilects that will be genuinely intelligent and useful. Millions of people will be prepared to spend more money on an artilect than on a car.

Joe Trohman,Mark Zavon,Rex Brown: RHC announces artist signings for the 2014 NAMM

RHC Holdings is pleased to announce its lineup of Show (Booth 4558). Included among these artists are RAT spokesperson, Joe Trohman, lead guitarist for Fall Out Boy, who will be at the booth on Thursday, January 23 at 3:45 p.m.  Also attending the show to represent RoadHog are guitarist Mark Zavon of Kill Devil Hill and his bandmate, bassist Rex Brown, who is also of Down and Pantera fame. The duo will be available on Friday, January 24 at 1 p.m. Finally, members of the band Foreigner, who are avid RoadHog users, will be greeting fans on Saturday, January 25 at 3 p.m.

Lindsey Boullt,Gary Hoey,Neil Zaza: added to Team ToneRite NAMM booth #3582


Acoustic Luthiers: Jason Kostal Guitars & Mike Baranik Guitars

Electric Guitar Luthier from New Zealand: Bad Seed Guitars

Boutique Drum Manufacturer: Ancient Tree Drums

Come try out before and after treatment on the drums!

We have some amazing artists joining us this year for live music, demo’s, and to hang out with Team ToneRite!

Lindsey Boullt
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Andy James: Facebook shut down Andy's personal page

Andy James

Right, FB decided that my profile was a fake or whatever, so they shut me down personally on here for a couple of days. As James is my middle name they've had to update it with the full name on all my legal shit. I'm in the process of getting it changed legally, then I can change it back. The person/s that reported this to be a fake profile, nice try but no cigar!!! This personal page won't be on here much longer anyway so all the people on here, go like the Andy James fan page or, follow me on twitter @AndyJamesGuitar. Cheers \m/

Neil Zaza: at the Dean Markley NAMM Booth #5766

Neil Zaza: at the Dean Markley NAMM Booth #5766

Dean Markley announces a meet and greet opportunity with guitarist Neil Zaza at 3:00PM on January 23, at booth #5766 during NAMM.  Neil has been trotting the globe for almost 30 years as one of the world’s foremost instrumental guitarists.  After establishing his rock band Zaza in 1987, he released his first solo effort in 1992 and now has a discography of over 15 albums.

For more information on Dean Markley strings, please visit

To learn more about Neil, please visit

News: TimberCraft Cabinets Announces Launch of Handmade, Customizable Speaker Cabinet Company Made In The USA

Have you ever noticed how there are thousands of styles of guitars you can buy? Each one is unique. Colors, cuts, pickups, every imaginable part of a guitar can be customized to fit YOUR individual style. As a guitarist, your instrument is an extension of yourself. We spend so much time searching for the right guitar – the guitar that you proudly wear on stage that says, ‘this is me’. Now, have you ever thought about why amps aren't treated the same way? Most amplification equipment on the market looks the same – straight lines, black tolex, nothing to set you apart as a player. 

While shopping for a new speaker cabinet, TimberCraft owner Morgan Hopfensperger noticed a sad lack of creativity in the cabs on the market. He set out to change all that.

TimberCraft Cabinets is a company started by Morgan Hopfensperger early last year, combining his passion for music and love of woodworking. It was founded on the idea that, like him, there must be other musicians that value craftsmanship, and believe that ALL of their gear should be as beautiful, and unique as the guitar you play through it.

It used to be that there was a specialist for everything. If you wanted meat, you went down the street to the local butcher. If you needed bread, you went to the baker next door. 

Everything was a craft, and everyone, a craftsman. Mass production has killed the spirit of craftsmanship and replaced it with a standardized form of consumerism. People don't have things made for them anymore. Now, we buy products made by machines in factories, sold in large retail chains, by salesmen who know little to nothing about what they're selling.

Morgan started building speaker cabinets in his garage, knowing that SOMEWHERE out there, other guitarists wanted the same thing that he did – craftsmanship, beauty, customizability, a speaker cabinet that is uniquely YOURS.

It all starts with a design. TimberCraft wanted their speaker cabinets to be unlike any other. First, they draw up an idea. Then they plan out the dimensions and types of wood to use that will give each design the best tone and functionality possible.

They start with personally hand selecting every piece of wood, letting the natural beauty of the wood show, and since every tree is different, every speaker cabinet they build is the only one of its kind. There’s no other cab like it in the world.

Says Morgan Hopfensperger about TimberCraft Cabinets:

"I started TimberCraft because I needed a new speaker cabinet for myself, and was underwhelmed with the options I saw from major retailers. I'm a musician first, and my passion for woodworking led me to start building these things. I, like many people these days, have grown tired of huge companies dominating industry by having their products made cheaply overseas, and sold in large retail chains, by salesmen with no knowledge of the product. These days, people want to support the little guy - the craftsman - the guy who works hard, sweats, and produces things he's proud of, simply because he loves it.

While I was building these cabinets in my free time, I would post pictures of them online as they progressed. With each cab I completed, the response I got from my friends and family became more and more enthusiastic. People really seemed to like what I was making, so I began to consider doing this full time.

While researching how to build on a larger scale, I spent a lot of time learning about where the materials I would need come from. I found that many of the materials used in mass-produced speaker cabinets, namely grille cloth, come from sources where workers are paid a very low wage, or work in unsafe conditions. I wanted to feel good about what I was making, taking into account every part, every material that goes into my products. I wanted to be confident that the products I manufacture are not done so on the backs of the impoverished.

With that in mind, I partnered with a non-profit organization that connects African textile workers with American consumers, ensuring that they are paid fairly and work safely. The organization is called Market Colors and they do great work.

The speaker cabinets I build are priced fairly - comparable to what you mind find in your local music store. My overhead is low because everything is made by me personally, in-house.

The most important part about what I do is that everything is fully customizable. Most speaker cabinets you'll find in music stores are already made, loaded with speaker, sold as-is. It's kind of a "take it or leave it thing" - you buy it how it's made, or you have to spend extra money to make modifications to it.

My speaker cabinets function the same as any other on the market. What makes them different is how they LOOK, as well as the process by which they were made."

For more information, visit:

James Williams: warming up - open drop C tuning

My open tuning playing used on my new cd James Williams Eclectic Shred Web Mag cd review

By the time the first three songs on William's Eclectic Shred are over, you've heard some already fine rock. Some of the BEST instruments I heard out of this field all year. Includes guitar playing equal to that of John Petrucci, or even Mike Oldfield, and keyboard work reminiscent of a young Rick Wakeman. Names that are are just not thrown around. None of that three chords that made a million stuff here. These composers today are the same composers and players they will be worshiping in centuries to come. Speaking of Mr. Wakeman, wait till you hear James Williams keyboard work. To be so excelled at guitar, and then display the same talent for keyboards is mind boggling. Listening to this CD makes you wonder just how the hell he did it. Would love to see him and friends recreate on stage one night. Worthy of Austin City Limits for sure.

James Williams: Eclectic Shred

Like I said, solid songwriting, each song an adventure in musical excellence. The CD is an exercise in real guitar shedding. Helps if you like that. Not for the faint of heart. Still, some moments so beautiful, any chick would dig listening. The songs, also a fine example of song structure, of course all a display of superior playing skills. This dude's gonna take off. The super players of now have their warning. James Williams is on their path. Don't come upon guys like this everyday. Thank you Plano and the state of Texas. But y'all knew you could not keep this a secret forever, right? Time to share with the masses.

Rating: Using the one to five star system, I'd be out of my mind to say anything lower than 5 stars.

James Williams Official Website:

James Williams Official Facebook:


Allen Van Wert: If gamous guitarists were forced to play one note

If all famous guitarists were forced to try and play one note. E
What would happen. Brought to you by the letter E and Super Mega Asshole Band

Famous Guitarists forced to play one note

Tony MacAlpine,Derek Sherinian,Virgil Donati,Philip Bynoe: Planet X - Live at Baked Potato 1999.

Derek Sherinian - Keyboards
Virgil Donati - Drums
Tony MacAlpine - Guitar
Philip Bynoe - Bass

Planet X - Live at Baked Potato. August 24, 1999.

Amaury Cruz: Eagles Hotel California Solos

Eagles Hotel California Solos
Eagles Hotel California Solos By Amaury Cruz
released as a single in February 1977. It is one of the best-known songs of the album-oriented rock era. Writing credits for the song are shared by Don Felder, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey.

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Eagles Hotel California Solos.

Gus Drax: Advanced Picking Lesson


Hello fellow guitarists

Back with the 2nd Advanced Picking Lick.
This time is a little bit harder than the first one but I'm sure you'll get it down with some practice.
Hope you like it.
100 likes and i'm sharing the tab as well.
I'm going to keep these kind of lessons coming so stay tuned if you like them.

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Video Edit by Steve Drax

Tony MacAlpine,Billy Sheehan,Virgil Donati: Devil's Slingshot LIVE

Devil's Slingshot LIVE.
Don't remember the date or location, but this is pro shot stuff, filmed for a TV show or something which never aired.
Virgil Donati - Drums
Tony MacAlpine - Guitar
Billy Sheehan - Bass

Devil's Slingshot LIVE HQ

Chris Impellitteri,Jeff Loomis,Marty Friedman,Steve Morse: set for show Meet and Greet at ENGL stand NAMM

Chris Impellitteri - Engl Amps
Hello Friends, I will be taking part in the NAMM show Meet and Greet for ENGL amplification this Saturday January 25th, 2014 from 2-3 PM. Specifically, I will be at the ENGL Booth #5824 in Hall B at 2-3 PM. Other Guitarists endorsing ENGL that will be participating over the weekend are Steve Morse, Marty Friedman, Jeff Loomis, and a few other greats! I look forward to hanging out with all of my friends, guitar gods, rock enthusiasts, fans, strippers... umh... okay maybe not strippers.. ha ha.. I forgot were not in the 80's anymore! Anyways, please come by and say hello whilst we all check out these amazing ENGL amps. Everyone from Judas Priest, KISS, Children of Bodom, IMPELLITTERI etc... are using these beastly amplifiers. See you Saturday!

George Lynch: Wynter 2014 dates

George Lynch Fan Page
Lynch Mob tour dates.... updated flyer!