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Rune Berre: Andy James solo competition

Rune Berre https://andyjamesguitaracademy.com

Rune Berre "Andy James solo competition".

John McLaughlin: 4th Dimension Asia Tour announced

Guitar Legend John McLaughlin will be touring Asia for the first time in 5 years, and this time with his current and longest standing band-The 4th Dimension, featuring multi-instrumentalist Gary Husband on Piano and drums, bassist 'extra-ordinaire' Etienne M'Bappe, and powerhouse Indian drummer Ranjit Barot.
Asia has been such a big part of my life and I am truly excited to come with the 4th Dimension, says John .
The band will play pieces from their last studio album Now Here This, which won rave reviews globally and their latest live CD The Boston Record, recorded during the band's American Summer Tour in 2013 at Berklee Peformance Center in Boston.
The tour kicks off in Singapore on March 11, 2014 and makes stops in Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Japan, China, India and ends with a Solidarity Concert in Palestine on April 9th.

11.3.2014 Mosaic Festival, Singapore
14.3.2014 HK Arts Festival, Hong Kong
16.3.2014 Sofitel Sunset Pavilion, Manila, Philipines
18.3.2014 M-Theatre Hall, Bangkok, Thailand
20.3.2014 Mapo Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
22.3.2014 Blue Note, Nagoya, Japan
23.3.2014 Blue Note, Tokyo, Japan
24.3.2014 Blue Note, Tokyo, Japan
25.3.2014 Blue Note, Tokyo, Japan
26.3.2014 Blue Note, Tokyo, Japan
29.3.2014 The One Club, Beijing, China
1.4.2013 Shanghai Culture Square, Shanghai, China
4.4.2014 Music Academy, Chennai, India
5.4.2014 St.Andrews Aud, Mumbai, India
9.4.2014 Ramallah Cultural Palance, Palestine

John McLaughlin and 4th Dimension Asia Tour Promo

Jakub Żytecki: Ernie Ball Booth - NAMM 2014

Day 3 at NAMM 2014. Sorry for the shitty phone quality and the microphone stand. At least the sound is pretty good. There will be a couple videos coming up with better quality as they were shot with a Go Pro.

NAMM 2014 - Ernie Ball Booth: Jakub Zytecki Performance

Wes Hauch: Randall Booth NAMM 2014

Day 4 at NAMM 2014. So this was one of those moments where you had to be there. Mark Holcomb, Wes Hauch, Allan Marcus, and Ola Englund were all at the Randall Booth. The tone coming from Wes when playing Ola's sig guitar and amp was incredible. You could feel it in your balls it was so brutal.

NAMM 2014 - Randall Booth: Wes Hauch

Tomáš Raclavský: Modern Day Babylon - Wings - Positive Grid JamUp Demo

A video demo of the JamUp app.
Guitars are my custom Skervesens: white 4AP MDB8ff and green Raptor MDB8ff, loaded with BKP pickups and D'addario strings EXL 140-8

Get more info on this amazing iOS app here:

Modern Day Babylon - Wings ||| Positive Grid JamUp Demo |||

Here is quick playthrough on my signature Etherial guitar !
redgum body with blackbutt top,jarrah neck with carbon fiber structual shell,blackbut fingerboard with undirectional carbon fiber skin
28-26'',Bareknuckle Painkiller (bridge) + Coldsweat (neck)
ABM 3801 single saddle bridges
ABM 7088g headless nut
axe fx presets are available here:
New CD Travelers :http://store.moderndaybabylon.net/
digital ver available on :Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotifiy,Google play, Xbox music,Myspace music etc
Vote for us !

Modern Day Babylon - Element /// Etherial MDB Aura 8FF ///

Tomáš Raclavský: Travelers by Modern day babylon

Bill Nelson: Highly Collectible 1986 Album 'Getting The Holy Ghost Across' Now Available!

Remastered and Expanded Edition Of Bill Nelson's Highly Collectible 1986 Album 'Getting The Holy Ghost Across' Now Available! London, UK - ESOTERIC RECORDINGS imprint Cocteau Discs, the home of BILL NELSON’s catalogue between 1971 and 2001, continues their series of ongoing releases with the newly remastered and expanded release of his 1986 album “GETTING THE HOLY GHOST ACROSS”. Released in 1986, the record was Bill’s sole album for the Portrait label, and was a superbly realized work. Previously released on CD as strictly limited edition of 500 copies on Bill’s Sonolux label, the album is hugely sought after on CD by collectors.

This Cocteau Discs edition is expanded over two CDs to include all the material from the “LIVING FOR THE SPANGLED MOMENT” and the “WILDEST DREAMS” 12-INCH EPs, (featuring three tracks previously unreleased on CD). The reissue fully restores the original album artwork and features a new note by Bill Nelson.

CD 1:
1. Suvasini
2. Contemplation
3. Theology
4. Wildest Dreams
5. Lost in Your Mystery
6. Rise Like a Fountain
7. Age of Reason
8. The Hidden Flame
9. Because of You
10. Pansophia

CD2 (Bonus CD)
1. Wildest Dreams (Wild Mix)

Taken from the “Wildest Dreams” 12-inch EP

2. Heart and Soul
3. Living for the Spangled Moment
4. Feast of Lanterns
5. Illusions of You
6. Word for Word
7. Finks and Stooges of the Spirit
8. Nightbirds

Taken from the “Living for the Spangled Moment” 12-inch EP

9. Self Impersonation
10. Wildest Dreams (single version)
11. The Yo-Yo Dyne

Taken from the “Wildest Dreams” 12-inch EP

To purchase: Bill Nelson – 'Getting The Holy Ghost Across' remastered & expanded edition DBL-CD:

For Further information: http://www.cherryred.co.uk/
Email: esotericarts@btconnect.com

Bill Nelson official website: http://www.billnelson.com/

Daniele Gottardo: reveals new album name and cover

Daniele Gottardo - Second CD Recording Project’ team:

Hello, everyone!

"NON TEMPERATO" my new album is finished! This is the album cover.

Talk you soon my friends

Eddie Kramer: on his new signature F-Pedal effects... no more power cables!

We caught up with recording legend Eddie Kramer on the NAMM show floor to find out about his new, wirelessly powered signature F-Pedal stompboxes.

NAMM 2014: Eddie Kramer on his new signature F-Pedal effects

Marty Friedman: talks about his upcoming album and PRS signature

Former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman discusses his new album Inferno, upcoming tour and his first PRS signature electric at NAMM 2014

NAMM 2014: Marty Friedman on his upcoming album and PRS signature

The amazing and incomparable Marty killing it on his new PRS signature guitar. Sorry for the clipping - Marty insisted during soundcheck that the PA go AS LOUD AS IT COULD. The PA speakers themselves were clipping!

NAMM 2014 - PRS Marty Friedman SE launch: Amazing Grace | Six-String Samurai

Stefano Sebo Xotta: plays for Majik Box NAMM 2014

A number of people at this booth including Paul Gilbert. This time Sebo Xotta

NAMM 2014 - Sebo Xotta plays for Majik Box

Ola Englund: Chapman ML 1 and ML3 - Metal

My Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/fearedse
My Blog: http://www.olaenglund.com
Feared band page: http://www.fearedband.com

Signal chain: Chapman ML1 - Randall Diavlo RD45 - Hesu 2x12 - SM57 - Apogee Quartet

Chapman Guitars - http://www.chapmanguitars.co.uk
Seymour Duncan - http://www.seymourduncan.com

Razorimages(designer of intro) - http://www.razorimages.com

Chapman ML1 - Metal

Chapman ML3 - Metal

Russ Parrish: Tone King Kramer Guitars - with the Satchel Kramer NAMM 2014

TTK's Winter NAMM 2014 Coverage:http://thetoneking.com/wp/category/ev...

Behing the Scenes on Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/thetoneking

Enjoy this narrated walk-through of the 2014 Kramer Guitar Models! Awesome stuff like the 1984 model, Assault & Diver Down!
Kramer Guitars - Narrated Walk-Thru - Winter NAMM 2014 ~ DIVER DOWN!

KRAMER PACER CLASSIC - Tiger / Bengal - SATCHEL Steel Panther Signature Series Guitar!

Gretchen Menn: Tone King Interviews Rocktron / GHS Artist NAMM 2014

TTK's Winter NAMM 2014 Coverage:http://thetoneking.com/wp/category/ev...
Behing the Scenes on Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/thetoneking

Enjoy this warm hearted interview with Gretchen Menn, solo artist & guitarist of Zeparella! Check out Gretchen here :
Zeparella : http://www.zepparella.com/,

Gretchen Menn Interview (Rocktron / GHS Artist) ~ Winter NAMM 2014

Dusan Jevtovic: Am I Walking Wrong?

Dusan Jevtovic: Am I Walking Wrong?
The spectacular international debut of Serbian guitarist, Dusan Jevtovic, is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride: full of twists and turns that you never see coming. Am I Walking Wrong? showcases moments of immense raw, explosive power, interspersed with swatches of playful dissonance, contemplative ambiance, riveting r'n'b-tinged grooves, authoritative rock vamps, and more. The tight, abundantly-capable trio confidently stride through an engaging set of original barn-burners that are as catchy and accessible as they are spellbinding and unpredictable.

Dusan wastes no time in making it clear that he is a vastly accomplished player, with a host of brilliant tones in his arsenal. (.. to go a long with a big bag of tasty chops, no less!) Armed with a style and vocabulary most players would kill for (Oz Noy meets Robert Fripp, maybe? ...), he propels a session that continuously cooks on high heat, providing fans of stellar guitar work -- especially satisfying to any die-hard "tone freaks" -- plenty of choice morsels into which to sink their respective teeth.

Continually pushing the envelope throughout a set which features a stream of unique, intriguing compositions, Jevtovic delivers the sonic goods with a style and flair that is mesmerizing. With the dexterity of a master technician and the soul of a gypsy, his axe work is anything other than what you might expect, but always brilliantly-conceived and -executed. There are a ton of surprises lurking -- and they're all good!

Despite the songs' innate complexities and genre-blurring proclivities, his backup never fails to perfectly compliment affairs. (...and in terms of musical stylings, they cover a lot of ground here.) Clearly, this is Dusan's show, but wherever he ventures – and venture he does! – his band is always right there, in perfect lock-step with him.

The structures and themes featured on this album are refreshingly unorthodox, subtly sophisticated, and compelling. The trio handles tight corners effortlessly, and maneuvers assuredly around whatever obstacles get thrown into their path. (...and, in that regard, there never seems to be a shortage: these guys just don't sit still for very long!) Odd time signatures, sudden mood swings and radical changes of direction abound, but all are handled with an unshakeable grace and radiant poise. Without question, this is a group of highly-skilled musicians with tremendous chemistry who aren't afraid to frolic anywhere; nor are they even the slightest bit hesitant or intimidated by any such prospects.

Beyond meeting the rigorous demands of building off of such an aggressive, ambitious set of musical blueprints, Dusan and company genuinely sound like they are having a blast. Even in their most tense, suspenseful moments, there is still a sense of joy and inhibition that manages to seep through. This is progressive music at its most creative, and its most artfully- and skillfully-conveyed ... it just doesn't get any fresher or any more fun!

With this fabulous release, Dusan Jevtovic has immediately cast himself as a vital, articulate new voice on guitar – undeniably world-class, but nearly impossible to categorize or pigeon-hole. His style and voicings are not confined by genre, or even hampered by preconception, but wreak of a level of excellence and an insatiable creative genius that most of his contemporaries can only hope to one day attain. With this fabulous release, Dusan Jevtovic has immediately cast himself as a vital, articulate new voice on guitar -- undeniably world-class, but nearly impossible to categorize or pigeonhole. His style and voicings are not confined by genre, or even hampered by preconception, but wreak of a level of excellence and an insatiable creative genius that many of his contemporaries can only hope to one day attain. Guitarists this profoundly original, spontaneous and gifted don't show up too often.

On this album, Dusan Jevtovic is accompanied by Catalian fretless bass guitarist Bernat Hernandez (a well known on the local jazz and pop scene in Barcelona), and Serbian drummer, based in New York, Marko Djordjevic (“world class drummer” and “a true innovator”, as quoted by Modern Drummer Magazine), who has played on over 40 albums and has thousands of live performances to his credit -- having played with modern progressive icons such as Matt Garrison, Wayne Krantz, Jonah Smith, Gary Willis, Bill Frisell, Lionel Loueke, Aaron Goldberg, and others.

... and the results of the mergence of these three huge talents smacks as much of originality and finesse as it does enchantment and stylistic diversity.

Am I Walking Wrong?, Dusan's initial MoonJune Records release, is an advanced-level class in "Organic Chemistry" -- signaling even more new directions for the label (and progressive music!), and documenting another "coming out party" for yet more great emerging talent. This music is simply too good to be ignored. Fans of smokin' axe work will have plenty to savor here ... dig in, while it's hot!!

DUSAN JEVTOVIC - "Embracing Simplicity"

Dusan Jevtovic - album intro + "In The Last Moment II"

1. You Can't Sing, You Can't Dance
2. Am I Walking Wrong?
3. Drummer's Dance
4. One On One
5. In The Last Moment II
6. Embracing Simplicity
7. Third Life
8. Tra-Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta
9. Bluesracho
10. If You See Me Again

Sean Wayland,James Muller,Nate Wood: Barrenjoey album available

Sean Wayland: Barrenjoey

2013 Oct release, featuring Keith Carlock, Mark Guiliana, Nate Wood, James Muller, Ben Wendel, etc.

Recording Studios: Avatar, Systems Two, The Studio.
Recorded between 2007 and June 2012.
Sean's keyboards: Steinway piano, Fender rhodes 54,
Nord Modular G2X, Oberheim xpander,
Oberheim Matrix 1000, Hammond B3 organ,
Yamaha QY70.

Thanks to Qing, my family and the musicians.

Some of this music was composed for instruments
designed before 1975.
Some of this music is corny fusion music.

barrenjoey album out now !

This CD was self-funded, including funds
generated from the sales of previous CDs recorded
and paid for by myself.
released 21 October 2013
Mark Guiliana - drums (4, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18)
Keith Carlock - drums (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 15, 19)
Alex Hewetson - bass (19)
Jeff Hanley - bass (1-19)
Nate Wood - guitar (1-19)
Michael Valenue -guitar (6, 7, 15)
Luca Benedetti - guitar (16)
James Muller - guitar solo (10)
Mike Rivett - sax solo (4)
Jon Gordon - sax solo (6)
Ben Wendel - bassoon (7)
Sean Wayland - vocals, keys, composer
Virna Sanzone - vocals ( 1,2,5)

Recording and mixing Engineers: Aya Takemura, Mike Marciano,
Jon Rosenberg, Nick Moran, Nate Wood, Sean Wayland
Mastered by Sean Wayland

Track Listing:
1. Barrenjoey
2. What Do You Know
3. Better Down South
4. Designer Babies
5. Slide on Thru
6. Forgotten
7. Grey Goo
8. Jazztafarian
9. Looking at You
10. Mind Over Mind
11. Mirrabooka
12. No Credit No Problem
13. Repeat Repeat
14. Scum Valley
15. Tricknology
16. Under D Tree Restaurant
17. When Will I See You Again
18. Will We Ever Meet
19. 1800 Funk

Track 1 Barrenjoey (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 What Do You Know (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 Better Down South (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 Designer Babies (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Slide on Thru (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Forgotten(LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 Grey Goo (LISTEN TO AUDIO)

Sean Wayland's Barrenjoey with Keith Carlock Rockwood dec 30 2012

Gus Drax: Advanced Technique Lessons (Lick 3)

Gus Drax - Advanced Technique Lessons (Lick 3)
One more free video lesson for all of you guys.
This time is a combined techniques lick from an upcoming solo song of mine.
We use legato,tapping,sweeping and string skipping.
Pretty tough one so good luck playing it.
As always i'm providing the tab for it after having 100 likes so...what are you waiting for? haha

See you next time with another lick.
Below you can find more ways to contact me.

For skype Lessons : gus.drax@hotmail.com

Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/gus.drax
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gus-Drax/135610665650

Facebook page of my band Sunburst :

Facebook page of my band Black Fate:

Video Edit by Steve Drax

Nori Bucci,Bruce Brucato: Acoustic Duo part 2 Nori jams with the late Bruce Brucato

Dug these up from my video archive while reflecting on the passing the late great Bruce Brucato. I believe this was winter 06 but might have been 07. I don't remember.

I experimented with the audio, cleaned up the crowd noise, and there was no lighting at this place, so did what i could. sorry about the shaky cam! maybe don't watch in full screen. still i like whats here. its not an original but to me its very 'bruce' the tune is called 'Joise' if any one has any info on the orignal please let me know. thanks.

Bruce Brucato & Nori Bucci (Acoustic Duo) Pt.2

Dug these up from my video archive while reflecting on the passing the late great Bruce Brucato. I believe this was in late 06 but might have been 07. I don't remember.
I experimented with the audio, cleaned up the crowd noise, and there was no lighting at this place, so did what i could.

Bruce Brucato & Nori Bucci (Acoustic Duo)

Chris Gordon: Courtney Cox's former guitar teacher decides it's time for a Crazy Jam

Jamming over an idea

Yuri Isobe: Kiko Loureiro - Pau de Arara cover

2013年8月3日 @Silver Wings
スパイシードーナッツ by イソベバンド: もっちゃん(Bad Zero Justice)、げんちゃん(AVALAVAX)、ゆっちゃん(buriki),、ユリゾー

3 days @ Silver Wings 8, 2013 -chan with (Bad Zero Justice), Gen-chan (AVALAVAX), chan les trois frontieres (buriki),,: Spicy donuts by Isobebando Yurizo Aiphone, you Did you overheat on the way.

Yuri Isobe - Re: First Of All 

Ponco Satrio: Vicious Autumn - demos of tracks from the upcoming album

This playlist contains 2 tracks, total time: 8.00

Vicious Autumn - Stronger Than Death (Demo)
Vicious Autumn - Broken (Demo)

Paul Gilbert: FRM250MF - 25th Anniversary model

Paul Gilbert talking about his 25th anniversary signature model (limited edition)

FRM250MF - Paul Gilbert Signature 25th Anniversary model

Hans Van Even: Siggi Braun to make a new signature guitar

Hans Van Even
I'm very proud to announce cooperation with master guitar builder Siggi Braun from Fine Young Guitars and plans to make a new signature guitar. For those who don't know Siggi Braun yet, you should definitely check out his website, his guitars are absolute artworks all made by hand in Germany. More news soon!

George Lynch,dUg Pinnick,Ray Luzier: KXM more details from the exciting new band

KXM featuring: Ray Luzier (Korn),George Lynch and dUg Pinnick (Kings X), behind the scenes studio footage (PART 3) featuring the song "Stars" from their forthcoming debut release. Pre-order info will be announced very soon so add their official page at:https://www.Facebook.com/KXMofficial or sign up on the mailing list at https://www.RatPakRecords.com/KXM Watch PART 1 here on our YouTube channel or watch PART 2 on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RatPakRecords

KXM: Behind the scenes PART 3 featuring Ray Luzier (Korn), dUg Pinnick (Kings X) and George Lynch

KXM George Lynch, Doug Pinnick (Kings X) Ray Luzier (Korn) OFFICIAL TRAILER

Video from 2013, maybe the forerunner to the KXM project?

Dug Pinnick, Billy Sheehan, George Lynch, and Ray Luzier play Jailbreak, Manic Depression

Tom Quayle,Jack Gardiner: legato jam with Tom's new guitar at NAMM 2014

Tom Quayle
Tom Quayle & Jack Gardiner Jam - NAMM'14 first footage of my new guitar!

Walking by the NAMM show you get to see this kind of thing

Tom Quayle & Jack Gardiner Jam - NAMM'14

Nick Johnston: 'The Parade Of Ashes' - Periphery - Guitar Solo

Nick Johnson - Seymour Duncan Booth NAMM 2014

Nick Johnston Music

Hey everyone! Periphery's new record 'Clear' is out now! Make sure to pick up a copy! As I've said before, I'm honored to have contributed to their new project with a guitar solo. Here it is:
'The Parade Of Ashes' - Periphery - Guitar Solo - Nick Johnston

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Andy James Solo Competition


Hello there!!

This is my take for the Andy James Solo Competition!
For this video I used a PRS Custom 24 model, my signature preamp and poweramp models by Tsakalis (Obsession and Perfection respectively) , Wampler Ego Compressor, and a Mesa Boogie 1x12 mini rectifier Cabinet, miked with an Shure 57 and a Shure 58...

Please share rate and comment and don't forget to subscribe:-)!!

I hope you like it!

Official site: http://www.yiannispapadopoulos.gr
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/YiannisPapad...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YiannisPGuitar

Andy James Solo Competition - Yiannis Papadopoulos

Hedras Ramos: jamming for Heavy Metal Hill at NAMM 2014



HEDRAS RAMOS "Hands of God" Devadip Chunga with Hedras Jr. and Sr. NAMM 2014

Timo Somers: Delain head back to Russia for more shows in May

We are returning to Moscow and St. Petersburg in May!

16.05.14 RU – St. Petersburg / Backstage Club
17.05.14 RU – Moscow / Moscow Hall

Stay tuned for more gig announcements on this page and www.delain.nl

NAMM: Guitarworld 5 gear galleries from NAMM 2014

Another Winter NAMM Show has come and gone!

As always, Guitar World was there in force, shooting photos and videos, gathering endless gear news and trying out (and gawking at) all the new cool stuff being introduced for 2014.

Since we spent most of our time on the floor of the Anaheim Convention Center, Guitar World's Twitter feed and Facebook pages were our primary means of sharing photos of new gear and other NAMM scenery.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Jason Becker: The new Carvin MJ (Michael Jackson) one of a kind model

Jason Becker
Man I love Carvin Guitars & Pro Audio!! withRichard Cruz Jr.

Here's a look at Jason's MJ inspired one-of-a-kind Carvin guitar.

This video utilizes the song "Nate You Funky Mofo" from Jason Becker's CD, Boy Meets Guitar. Used with permission from Jason Becker and the label Empire.

Carvin Jason Becker MJ guitar video

Carvin and Jason Becker take a close look at his original late 80's Carvin guitars. Jason's father, Jason prepared some words about his favorites. Gary Becker speaks on his behalf. All guitar playing was recorded through the IK Multimedia iRig HD into a laptop running Amplitube 3 and the Carvin V3M amp found in the IK Multimedia online Custom Shop.

Jason Becker's Original Carvin Guitars

NAMM: Tone King talks DBZ guitars and Diamond amps at NAMM... tough getting the introduction right!

One more time from the top... nope... and again? :)

DBZ Girlz & Diamond Amps : THE TONE KING STYLE : Winter NAMM 2014 : F4 and FURY

DBZ Guitars - Winter NAMM 2014 inc. Maverick, Renegade & Tactical Weapon Series!

Rob Chappers: The Tone King and Chappers exchange banters and talk Chapman guitars NAMM

TTK's Winter NAMM 2014 Coverage:http://thetoneking.com/wp/category/ev...
Behing the Scenes on Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/thetoneking

Some good times, good laughs, and riffs & stuff at the Chapman Guitars Booth - Winter NAMM 2014
Rock ON!
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/thetoneking
TWITTER (for behind the scenes notices) https://twitter.com/ttkrocks
GOOGLE+ http://goo.gl/gG28FD

TTK & Chappers : TTK's First Look & Play @ Chapman Guitars : Winter NAMM 2014

Lari Basílio,Joezer Basílio: perform Two-Trick

Música: Two-Trick
Autores: Joezer Basilio e Lari Basilio


Joezer Basilio e Lari Basilio - Two-Trick (HD)

A couple of over covers by Joezer Basílio

Coração que sangra (Fernanda Brum) - by Joezer Basilio (HD)

Jump Start (Greg Howe) - by Joezer Basilio (HD)

Kiko Loureiro,Rafael Bittencourt: Upcoming shows live shows announced for South America

Kiko Loureiro
Upcoming shows

Kiko Loureiro - Guitars
Rafael Bittencourt - Guitars
Felipe Andreoli - Bass
Ricardo Confessori - Drums
Fabio Lione – Vocals

02.mar – Cordoba – Argentina
14.mar – Quito – Ecuador
16.mar – Ciudad de Mexico – Mexico

11.may – Manaus/AM – Brazil
17.may – Varginha/MG – Brazil
18.may – Belo Horizonte/MG – Brazil
23.may – Caruaru/PE – Brazil
24.may – Fortaleza/CE – Brazil
25.may – Natal/RN – Brazil

22.jun – Clisson – France

Official Channels / Canais Oficiais / Canales Oficiales


Martin Miller: Invitation - Live at Blue Note Dresden 2014

Martin Miller
Here's the first footage of my recent concert in Dresden with the legendary Anton Davidyants.

I'm soloing on Invitation, a tricky jazz standard at ridiculous tempo. Note how the first chorus is the solo I tracked for my duo album with Tom Quayle, which I transcribed and re-learned, the second chorus is all out improvisation.

Huge thanks to Stephan Salewski, Marius Leicht and Michal Skulski for doing a kick ass job backing us up!

Martin Miller - Invitation (Live at Blue Note Dresden 22/01/14)

Steve Hackett: announces VIP Meet & Greet packages for Genesis Extended 2014 tour

Steve Hackett

VIP Meet & Greet packages for Steve’s shows in Washington DC, Collingswood, Port Chester & Atlanta are now available via the HackettSongs webstore.

Packages for the dates in Florida are being organised by the venues themselves, so please check their websites for details.

Similar packages for the European Spring tour will be announced very soon.

Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, Roine Stolt,Pete Trewavas: Transatlantic - tour and album details

Progressive-rock super-group Transatlantic, featuring Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, Roine Stolt and Pete Trewavas, have just released their brand new fourth studio album 'Kaleidoscope'.

'Kaleidoscope' is available on four different formats, including a limited edition Deluxe Artbook with 2CDs, DVD and Bonus 5.1 Mix DVD-Video in an LP-sized book with loads of pictures, liner notes and a lenticular card cover. There will also be 2CD & DVD Mediabook, Standard 2CD Jewelcase and a 3LP & 2CD in slipcase. The full tracklisting for both discs can be found below:

1. Into The Blue (25:13)
2. Shine (7:28)
3. Black As the Sky (6:45)
4. Beyond The Sun (4:31)
5. Kaleidoscope (31:53)

CD2 (Bonus CD):
1. And You And I (Yes cover) (10:45)
2. Can't Get It Out Of My Head (ELO cover) (4:46)
3. Conquistador (Procol Harum cover) (4:13)
4. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John) (3:20)
5. Tin Soldier (Small Faces cover) (3:22)
6. Sylvia (Focus cover) (3:49)
7. Indiscipline (King Crimson cover) (4:45)
8. Nights In White Satin (The Moody Blues cover) (6:13)

The band will embark on a 6-week World Tour that will see them joined once again by Pain of Salvation's Daniel Gildenlöw as a 5th touring member. As part of the extensive tour, the band will also headline the Progressive Nation At Sea 2014 Cruise from the 18th till the 22nd February alongside 22 other leading Prog acts including Adrian Belew Power Trio, Devin Townsend Project, King's X, Anathema, Spock's Beard and many more. This unique performance will see the band performing a very special encore of classic Yes material with the legendary Jon Anderson on vocals. You can find more details on PN14 here:www.progressivenationatsea.com

An Evening With Transatlantic 2014 World Tour:
Jan 31st - Los Angeles, CA - El Segundo Performing Arts Center
Feb 1st - San Francisco, CA - The Regency Ballroom
Feb 2nd - Everett, WA - Everett Music Hall
Feb 4th - Chicago, IL - The Arcada Theater
Feb 5th - Quebec City, Canada - Theatre Du Capitole
Feb 6th - Montreal, Canada - L'Olympia
Feb 8th - Philadelphia, PA - Keswick Theater
Feb 9th - New York City, NY - Highline Ballroom
Feb 11th - Mexico City, Mexico - Teatro Metropolitan
Feb 13th - São Paulo, Brazil - Carioca Club
Feb 14th - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Teatro Vorterix
Feb 15th - Santiago, Chile - Caupolican
Feb 18th to 22nd - Progressive Nation At Sea
Feb 27th - Madrid, Spain - La Rivera
Feb 28th - Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz 2
March 2nd - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
March 3rd - Rome, Italy - Orion
March 5th - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
March 6th - Karlsruhe, Germany - Substage
March 7th - Munich, Germany - Muffathalle
March 8th - Berlin, Germany - Astra
March 9th - Cologne, Germany - E Werk
March 11th - Antwerp, Belgium - Trix
March 12th - London, England - The Forum
March 13th - Tilburg, Holland - 013
March 14th - Tilburg, Holland - 013
March 15th - Paris, France - Le Bataclan
June 4th-7th - Sweden Rock Festival

Jake E Lee: Red Dragon Cartel announce UK tour dates for 2014

Former Ozzy Osbourne and Badlands guitarist, Jake E. Lee is pleased to announce June 2014 UK tour dates for his new band Red Dragon Cartel. The UK tour follows Red Dragon Cartel’s critically acclaimed, eponymous debut album, released by Frontiers Records on January 27th.

The UK tour includes London’s O2 Academy Islington (June 6), Nottingham Rescue Rooms (June 7), Wolverhampton Slade Rooms (June 8), Glasgow Classic Grand (June 10) and Newcastle O2 Academy 2(June 11).  Special guests on all UK dates include Syron Vanes and Jupiter Falls.

As previously announced, Red Dragon Cartel will also play Download Festival on Sunday June 15th.

A special 24 hour ticket pre-sale for the Red Dragon Cartel UK tour dates will kick off on Planet Rock from 9am on Thursday January 30th. Tickets will then go on sale to the general public on Friday January 31stvia www.seetickets.com or directly from the venues.

The band’s new single “Deceived” will be released in the UK on Monday February 10th.

Tom Hess: 6 Ways To Attract Tons Of New Guitar Students

Tom Hess
6 Ways To Attract Tons Of New Guitar Students
By Tom Hess
You’ll never build a highly successful guitar teaching business without being able to attract tons of new guitar students on a continual basis. If you’re like most guitar teachers, you have tried the approach of ‘advertising more’ with minimal results. Truth is, there is much more you must do before you will be able to consistently attract more students.
In this article, you are going to learn 6 ways to quickly attract new guitar students. However, before you read the information below, it is important for you to test your effectiveness at attracting guitar students to understand how to improve your current methods. Test your skills for being able to attract new guitar students. This (combined with the information in this article) will help you understand what areas you need to work on now so that you can quickly begin attracting lots of new students.
The following six points will help you understand what you must do to clearly demonstrate your overwhelming value as a guitar teacher so you can attract more students:
1. Care more about your guitar students than anyone else (and demonstrate this to them!)
Once you prove that you truly care about helping your guitar students (more than any other guitar teacher could) you will be able to attract new students and keep them for very long periods of time. There are countless ways you can do this, however, to keep this article short I will only mention one: Rather than spending all the money you make teaching lessons on other things, use some of it to directly increase the amount of value your students get from having you as their teacher. Hold group jam sessions, parties, dinners or other events that can only be attended by your students. Do not charge them for this! Give it to them 100% free. As soon as your guitar students see that you are using your own money for their benefit, it proves that you really care about helping them and they will trust you much more.
2. Make it clear to potential guitar students that your guitar lessons are very unique and special when compared to any other lessons being offered locally
You will have a very difficult time getting new guitar students to take lessons with you if the only thing they think about is ‘how much you cost’. When the only deciding factor for whether someone takes lessons with you or another teacher is ‘price’, it reduces your teaching down to a mere commodity. In other words, what you offer is absolutely no different than what other guitar teachers in your area are offering. Once a prospect believes this, they will always choose the cheapest option and assume they made the best choice. You must educate all prospective students to help them understand how YOU will get them better results much faster than anyone else in your local area (while saving them time and money).
Notice: simply ‘saying’ you can do this and actually ‘doing’ it are two different things. Here is how you can actually prove it:
  • Become the local expert a style your target students want to learn.
  • Show your students a list full of the students who were once only mediocre guitarists, but then went on to become great players after studying with you.
  • Don’t teach exclusively one on one lessons – use a variety of unique formats that will bring your students tons of additional benefits and help them advance their playing faster. Learn how to do this by watching this video about earning more money teaching guitar.
  • Explain how you’ve actually been ‘trained’ by an experienced guitar teacher trainer to get the best results for your students. Keep in mind that this is totally different than having a degree in music, since this kind of degree will not help you improve as a guitar teacher.
Once you do these things, the following will happen:
1. Prospective students will see that you really are the best option for them.
2. Other local guitar instructors will begin losing tons of students because their students will want to work with someone who gets the absolute best results... YOU!
3. Unless you are teaching beginner guitar students, do not use the exact same teaching approach for every guitar student you have. Instead, teach them based on their specific goals, needs and learning styles.
I am frequently asked the following question by guitar teachers: “Tom, which method is the best one to use for teaching guitar students?”. This is one question you should never be asking. Instead, you should be asking the following: “How can I continually get HUGE results for my students every single lesson?” THIS is a good question. Although the answer is complex, it starts with the following thought process:
To get the best results for your students, you must learn to both teach ‘guitar’ AND ‘people’. In other words, don’t try to find some one-size-fits-all approach that you can use for all your students. This will never bring great results for them, nor will it help you get more students (or earn a greater income). You must think of unique strategies that will be effective at getting results for the student sitting in front of you every lesson you teach (and inspiring them to want to learn more and more for years at a time).
4. Find a guitar teacher trainer who will help you become the best possible guitar instructor for your students
Why do so many guitar teachers fail to achieve any significant level of success in their guitar teaching businesses? Answer: they teach based on the ‘trial and error’ approach. There is almost nothing worse than telling your students that you have learned how to teach guitar through trial and error. Many of them will take this as a sign of your own incompetence and will pursue lessons with someone else who seems more capable of helping them get results. Think about it. Would you pay someone to fill a cavity in your tooth if they were working on a trial and error basis? Would you sit down in that dentist’s chair? Didn’t think so! The same applies for your guitar students. They are not stupid, they can tell a hack teacher from someone who has really perfected the craft of guitar instruction. Don’t wreck your local reputation, get trained by a guitar teacher trainer and learn the most effective ways to teach guitar now rather than only offering your students ‘hit-or-miss’ results.
If you already know much about me, you might be thinking that this entire article is just an attempt to advertise Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle program– it’s not. Truth is, I don’t care who you get this kind of training from, I’m simply pointing out that getting this kind of training is ESSENTIAL and it will help you attract many more guitar students (plus get better results for them). All truly successful guitar teachers have this type of training, so if you want to join them, you must get it as well.
5.Tell and instruct your students what they NEED to hear and understand
You don’t want to be that one guitar teacher who teaches his students only what they ‘believe they should be learning.’ It’s very easy for students to distract themselves and stray away from their ultimate musical goals when they try to learn things that ‘seem interesting’, but have no real benefit for them. With this in mind, they will often try to convince you that they should be learning these kinds of things and this can be very distracting for you as well (if you allow it to be so). Truth is, the overwhelming majority of students have no idea what they should be learning and why they should be learning it. That is why they are the students and you are the teacher. You will attract many more guitar students once you turn your existing ones into truly great musicians. This only happens when they achieve their musical goals as quickly and effectively as possible, so don’t let them get off course simply when they ‘think’ they should be learning something.
6. Expand your guitar students’ musical goals to add massive value to their musical lives
Most people who are searching for a new guitar teacher either:
1. Don’t have faith in themselves and as a result pursue very small goals based on what they think is possible rather than what they REALLY want to accomplish.
2. Are completely unaware of what can be achieved on guitar. This means they don’t truly understand how to establish musical goals on their own.
A lot of your guitar students will come to you wanting to do things like play a few songs, play faster or emulate their favorite guitar player. Of course, if they really understood the world of musical possibilities that extends beyond these simple goals, they would be highly motivated to achieve much more. Most guitar teachers are satisfied with just teaching these basic things to their students until eventually their students get bored and leave (because they quickly accomplished their small objective). Until you educate your students on what is really possible, they will set very weak goals and believe that there is nothing else to be learned.
It is your job as a guitar teacher to open the minds of your students to a whole new dimension of musical possibilities. This will motivate them to continue working with you for a long time and tell everyone they know about your lessons. Make it a point to help your students build up their musical goals from very basic ones to bigger, more long term ones and help them grow into excellent musicians.
The Next Step You Should Take
After reading this article you have discovered many ways to attract a lot of new guitar students. To get the most benefit out of this information, begin implementing these ideas into your guitar teaching business right now. Once you do this, you will quickly gain many new students, earn more money and develop a positive reputation in your local community as the best guitar teacher.
If you did not already do so, test your skills for being able to attract new guitar students.

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a successful professional guitar teacher, composer and guitarist. He also trains guitar teachers how to improve their guitar teaching methods. Visit his website, tomhess.net to read more articles about guitar teaching, get free guitar teacher skill assessments and guitar teaching tips.

Ethan Brosh: drawing crowds for his NAMM performances

Ethan Brosh, since his recent touring with Yngwie Malmsteen is drawing crowds to his NAMM performances. Here are three from NAMM 2014. Rumour has it that there is a new album on the way.

Ethan Brosh @ NAMM 2014

Ethan Brosh @ NAMM 2014

Ethan Brosh @ NAMM 2014

Rob Marcello: ripping it up melodically on the GJ2 jam for NAMM

Rob Marcello: ripping it up melodically on the GJ2 jam for NAMM... but when is that solo album coming... hopefully 2014. Always great to meet Rob Marcello!

Rob Marcello @ NAMM 2014

Tom Hess: How To Quickly Correct Your Guitar Playing Problems

How To Quickly Correct Your Guitar Playing Problems
By Tom Hess
Tired of not making progress in your guitar playing? Most likely, your lack of progress is the result of years of bad playing habits. Until you correct your bad habits, you will be destined to experience the feeling of helplessness you get after realizing that you need to ‘begin from square one’ every time you try to learn something new.
First, here is the bad news about these situations: If you have noticed that you’ve reached a plateau after many years of playing/practicing guitar, you ‘will’ need to face the frustration described above (possibly many times) before you accomplish your musical goals. I see this happen ALL THE TIME to guitar players who have spent the majority of their time teaching themselves how to play. This is a very risky way to learn guitar because without a teacher to guide you, you are almost certain to develop destructive and limiting playing habits.
Now here’s the good news: You can reduce the frustration of going through the situations above when you alter the mindset you have toward solving bad guitar playing habits and use the approaches described below.
After teaching tons of guitar players over the years, I’ve seen nearly any guitar playing related problem you can imagine. The following are just a few of the bad habits that I have helped my students eliminate:
1. Untwisting a knot of poor guitar technique habits caused by years of using too much tension and lacking finger independence in the fretting hand.
2. Frequently using the CAGED method as a means to memorize the fretboard and learn scales. The CAGED method is one of the worst things a guitar player can learn – it causes so many problems that I’d have to devote an entire article (or book!) to cover them all. At the very least, this system will greatly limit your ability to creatively improvise on guitar. Many of my new students come to me frustrated after using CAGED system for a long time and we have to take the time to fix all the problems they developed from using it. However, once we are done, they always thank me because they have become MUCH better players.
3. Poor picking technique that is built off of years of inefficient picking hand movement and/or using an ineffective picking system. Watch this video about how to increase guitar speed to see what I mean.
4. Poor guitar practicing methods that make it very difficult to learn guitar and achieve your musical goals. I’ve talked about some of the best solutions for poor guitar practice habits in this video about how to practice guitar effectively.
Although the issues discussed above are just examples and the particular problems you might be facing may be completely different, there are common steps that all guitarists should take when fixing bad habits in their playing. By following these steps you will be able to go through the process of solving your guitar playing problems with as little frustration as possible.
Here are the steps to follow:
1. START GETTING EXCITED. Many guitarists have the gut reaction of feeling disappointed when they come across very fundamental mistakes in their playing. However, you really should NOT be feeling this way. Why? Because when you discover major faults in your guitar playing, you are learning ‘exactly’ what needs to be fixed in order for you to become a MUCH better guitarist. This is not a negative thing at all – it’s a reason to celebrate!
2. Think as specifically as possible. Before you will fix a fundamental playing issue, you need to:
A. Pinpoint the problem you are facing (use these assessments about how to become a better guitar player to learn which problems need to be corrected right now in your playing)
B. Get a clear understanding of why the problem is keeping you from becoming the player you want to become
C. Determine the steps you must take to eliminate the issue
D. Figure precisely why these specific steps are the best solutions for solving the issue
E. Picture how much better you will be once you have solved the issue and improved your guitar playing skills
Each of the five points mentioned above are all highly important. To get inspired to go through the work needed to fix a fundamental problem in your playing, you must understand both ‘what’ the problem is and WHY the problem is keeping you from becoming a better player. Additionally, when you visualize what it will be like when you overcome your current issues (and what it will be like to play guitar how you want), you will drastically improve your ability to sustain motivation throughout the improvement process.
The majority of guitar players only focus on one or two of the points mentioned above (usually A and C) while completely ignoring points B, D & E. This increases the chances that they will run out of motivation long before they totally fix their bad guitar playing habits. Learn more about keeping this from happening in your guitar playing by studying this article on overcoming musician burnout.
3. Focus on correcting one issue at a time. It is very easy to become overwhelmed when you learn that you have tons of issues to work on (essentially making you feel like you are starting over as a guitarist). You don’t need to feel this way and I’ll explain why:
Keep in mind that simply being aware of an issue in your playing is the first step to correcting the issue and becoming a much better guitarist. This applies to all issues you may be having whether they are very core, fundamental problems or smaller less important mistakes. So don’t feel frustrated and overwhelmed - create an organized guitar practice schedule and tackle each issue one by one until you have solved them all.
Learn how to create your own practice routine for guitar so you can more effectively organize your practice time.
This transitions into the next point:
4. Don’t feel too pressured to solve ALL of your poor guitar playing habits at once. In other words, don’t put all of your guitar playing skills on hold in order to fix one bad habit. I see many guitar players make this mistake all the time. Rather than doing this, invest a certain amount of time into improving your problem area, but keep developing your other guitar playing skills during the remainder of your practice time. To learn more on how to avoid the mistake of working too much in one area of your playing, read this instructional article about making faster progress on guitar.
5. Perseverance is key – stay patient and push through. When you begin the process of eliminating many years worth of bad guitar playing habits, you will find yourself trying to revert back to your old (more comfortable) ways of playing that lead you down the wrong path. To avoid giving into the temptation of playing what ‘feels’ comfortable in the moment, you need to focus your mind on the end result you wish to attain. Discover more about this by checking out this article about how to have perseverance as a guitarist.
6. You become like the people you surround yourself with... so surround yourself with excellent guitar players who will support you as you work on correcting major guitar playing issues. By simply being around these types of people, you will gain a huge motivational boost to reach your musical goals faster. I know this is true, because I continually see the massive positive effect my private musician forum has on every new student who begins taking lessons with me.
7. Stop trying to solve you bad guitar playing habits by yourself. If you did not have the foresight to prevent these issues from occurring, you’re not going to know how to fix them. Instead, locate an experienced guitar teacher who has invested a lot of time into helping guitar players like you achieve their greatest musical goals. Check out this free resource on how to find a great teacher and achieve your guitar playing goals as quickly as possible.
After reading this article, you are now prepared to begin fixing fundamental issues in your guitar playing. Get started fixing them right now by using these guitar playing improvement assessments to learn how to become a better guitar player. Next, carefully follow the points in this article, apply the concepts into your current practicing methods and find a great guitar teacher who will guide you along the right path. Once you do this, you will quickly reach your highest guitar playing goals and become the guitarist you always wanted to be!

About The Author:

Tom Hess is a professional touring musician, recording artist and online guitar teacher who teaches guitarists from all over the world in his online guitar lessons. On his website, tomhess.net, you can get additional free tips about guitar playing, guitar playing resources, mini courses and surveys.

Nuno Bettencourt: EXTREME 'Pornograffitti Live 2014' - *Pre-sale VIP packages available

EXTREME 'Pornograffitti Live 2014' - *Pre-sale VIP packages avail now. Tickets on-sale Friday 1/31. http://extreme.seetickets.com/tour/extreme