Sunday, 18 January 2015

Thomas Blug: workshop in Taichung , Monk Custom - Taiwan 2014

Thomas Blug來台初回講座(台中場in迴響live house)
當天使用的器材有Vintage V6MRHDX、Bluguitar Amp1、Neunaber Audio Stereo Echelon。

I Won't Forget ~ Thomas Blug's workshop in Taichung , Taiwan 20141018

Cameron Allen: Jamming on "Giant Steps"

Jamming on "Giant Steps"

Cameron Allen Jamming on "Giant Steps"

Isaac Negrene: 9 Note Symmetrical Scale

9 Note Symmetrical Scale, Olivier Messiaen's M3

Line of the Week 5

Michael Angelo Batio: European tour dates

30.01 Vico degli artisti - Vasto (Italy) *
31.01 Jailbreak - Roma (Italy)
01.02 Eightball Club - Thessaloniki (Greece)
02.02 Athens (Greece)
03.02 Pecsa Cafè - Budapest (Hungary)
06.02 New York club - Vilnius (Lithuania)
07.02 Ramybe - Palanga (Lithuania)
10.02 Bergkeller - Reichenbach (Germany)
11.02 Reigen - Vienna (Austria)
12.02 Muzeum - Bratislava (Slovakia)
13.02 Regis - Bochnia (Poland)
14.02 Stary dom - Domecko (Poland)
16.02 Ceska1 - Kutná Hora (Czech Rep)
18.02 Spirit of 66 - Verviers (Belgium)
19.02 Kubana - Siegburg (Germany)
20.02 Midas - Cremona (Italy)
21.02 Il Peocio - Trofarello (Italy)
22.02 Twentyseven - Mozzo (Italy)*
23.02 Bad Bull - Cupra Marittima (Italy)*
24.02 Nocera (Italy) clinic
26.02 Tribeca Lounge Cafe' -Ravenna (Italy)*
27.02 Teatro Caruso - Papozze (Italy)
28.02 Il Giardino - Lugagnano di Sona (Italy)
01.03 Club RockIT - Sofia (Bulgaria)*
*solo shows

Dean Wells: Music Man appearance announced for NAMM

Dean Wells
So who else will be at NAMM ?if anyone wants to see me play , here's the times:
I'm Looking forward to this !!:)

Todd Grubbs: Time Phazer - original live play through

Recorded live at Red Room Recorders in Ybor City, Florida.

"Time Phazer" by Todd Grubbs Group

Fred Brum: Caparison C2 Series Guitars - Vengeance

My new album Transcendence is out now! :) Do consider getting it at:

Official site:

This is the demo of my own Caparison C2 Series Guitars, a HRG-QD (Horus) and a DEG-QD-HH (Dellinger, dual humbucker).

Full specs are here:

These are more basic specced Caparisons built at the Fujigen plant in Japan and were designed to allow for solid performance while keeping the cost accessible for a professional instrument. In my opinion, and having tested these two for a while both live and in the studio, they do live up to the promise, and there isn't really as much a feeling of compromise as one might initially expect. If the Regular Series Caparisons are remarkable boutique instruments, the C2 series gives people something that feels, plays and sounds great at a surprising price - pretty and dependable workhorses.

Recording was done using my Kemper with profiles of both my Laney Ironheart 60 with a Tubescreamer boosting it and a EVH 50W. No post production other than customary basic mastering was used and both guitars are stock, so what you see here is pretty much what anyone can buy at any store that carries Caparison guitars.

This song is the first song for the "normal" 6-string guitar I've written in some 17 years or so! I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Caparison C2 Series Guitars - Vengeance

Steve Stevens: Lucas H Gordon Show interview - with Spanish subtitles

SUBTITULADA al espanol!
Stevens talked about how is really Billy Idol, the new Idol's new album and Nikki Sixx.

Interview with Steve Stevens

Nicolas Waldo: Master Of The Universe - Lion usic new album

Nicolas Waldo - Lion Music Finland label Artist

Nicolas Waldo - Master Of The Universe // NEW VIDEO CLIP // 2015
Produced by Brayan Rios - RGB Producciones Colombia



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