Monday, 4 January 2016

Dave Baker: music video for the instrumental track 'Hard Light'

Dave Baker's music video for the instrumental track 'Hard Light'. All parts were recorded and filmed at Bakership 1 in late 2015. All music composition/ performance, audio engineering and videography/ editing by Dave Baker. Camera assistant: Jack Tippet.

Dave Baker 'Hard Light'

Lari Basílio: Suhr Classic T Antique with Roasted Maple

Lari Basilio and Suhr Guitars.
Suhr Classic T Antique with Roasted Maple.

Lari Basilio and Suhr Guitars.

Nick Azurin, Sithu Aye, Rohan Stevenson, James Norbert Ivanyi, Sho Hikino: Chase Lights by Project Az

Download this (in my free debut EP) for free at:
Tabs at:

This is the first single and title track to my upcoming debut EP "Chase Lights" this December 15, 2015!
Full Album Stream:


Video/Mix/Composition: Nick Azurin
Mastering: Sivert Henriksen
Film: Liam Warburton
Album Art: Arwin Wang

'i built the sky' endorses PRS Guitars and Bareknuckle Pickups

Gear Used: Mayones Setius 6 Katatonia, BIAS, Shreddage Bass, Logic Pro X

Project Az - Chase Lights (ft. i built the sky) | Music Video

1. The Beyond 01:16
2. Parachutes 05:46
3. Cesium 05:14
4. Silver Sky 04:27
5. Chase Lights 05:51
6. The Edge 05:34

"Chase Lights" is the first collection of original pieces from my solo project 'Project Az'. The EP contains a range of uplifting, prog-metal inspired tracks, and features some of the most talented and inspiring players the genre has to offer! I hope you all enjoy this free EP!

The EP includes the previously released single 'Chase Lights' which has been re-mixed and mastered for the release!

Every download of the 'Chase Lights' EP comes with all tracks, along with the guitar tab for the title track "Chase Lights (ft. i built the sky)" in PDF and GP6 formats (no guest solo).

Purchase for at least $1 before the 31st of December 2015, and you'll be shortlisted to receive the digital tab book of the entire EP (worth $3; no guest solo's just yet) when it comes out early 2015.

Sho Hikino | Salamin
( 3:11-3:47 on 'Parachutes')

Jake Lowe and Stephen Taranto | The Helix Nebula
(4:22-5:13 on 'Cesium')

Sithu Aye
(0:45-1:36 on 'Silver Sky')

Ro Han Stevenson | i built the sky
(3:31-3:58 on 'Chase Lights')

James Norbert Ivanyi
(3:15-4:11 on 'The Edge')

Recorded/Mixed: Nick Azurin at Monument Productions
Mastered: Simon Grove at Nerve Studios
Album Art: Arwin Wang
Special Thanks: Alexis Rosa (Voice-over)

'Chase Lights' was recorded using PRS Guitars, Mayones Guitars, Gruv Gear Fretwraps, D'Addario Strings and Positive Grid BIAS. It was mixed on Logic Pro X using Slate Digital, Fab Filter and Waves Plugins.

Rick Graham: 5 Simple Legato Workouts for Guitar - primer from Intense Legato Workout package

Full Lesson Here:
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5 Simple Legato Workouts for Guitar

Panos Arvanitis: melodic metal soloing - adding melody to your shred

Panos A Arvanitis Melodic Lines..How to create melodic lines. Dont forget to add some magic shred patterns.I hope you like it.

Panos A Arvanitis Melodic Lines

James Norbert Ivanyi: 'Chase Lights' Guest Solo 2015 - Suhr is some classy playing

Heres the guest solo I did for Nick Azurin's (PROJECT AZ) debut EP called 'Chase Lights'.

James Norbert Ivanyi 'Chase Lights' Guest Solo 2015

Torben Enevoldsen: Section A - album teaser for "Wall Of Silence" - classy guitar player returns!

The new Section A album, entitled "Wall Of Silence", is scheduled to be released in North America on February the 12th and in Europe and Asia on February the 26th, through Mausoleum Records. The album features Nicklas Sonne (Malrun, Defecto) on vocals, Torben Enevoldsen (Fate, Acacia Avenue) on guitars, keys and bass and Dennis Hansen (Acacia Avenue) on drums. "Wall Of Silence" is mixed, mastered and produced by Torben Enevoldsen.

Section A album teaser for "Wall Of Silence" - out February 26th, 2016

Kelly Simonz: transcendence guitar contest challenges song "Future Destination" - neo classical juice

Kelly's person in question is, will the example of playing the repertoire "Future Destination".
You can check such as finger movements and picking. "Kelly SIMONZ transcendence guitar contest", the author Mr. Kerry Simon (Kelly SIMONZ) of the instruction book "transcendence guitarist training Gibbs" is, on the basis of the repertoire to be provided on the music collaboration app "nana", reproduction degree and expression It is a contest to compete and force techniques. For more information about the contest is here http: // ...

Kelly SIMONZ transcendence guitar contest challenges song "Future Destination" performance example

Dreamfullofzen: gopro HD - ambient guitar master returns for the new year

first gopro HD vid of the year, fumbling around with ideas for my next EP.

Knocking around ideas

Marcel Coenen: Guitar Lesson: Closing In - Sun Caged

Hello all
Hereby I made a little instructional video of how to play the main riff of the song "Closing In" from my old band Sun Caged.
Have fun with this little instructional !
The song you can find on the first Sun Caged album (simply called "Sun Caged") released in 2003 by Lion Music.

Guitar Lesson: Closing In (Sun Caged) Main Riff by Marcel Coenen

Akihiko Onji: Inner Urge - masterful Two-Hand Tapping from Japan

Akihiko Onji: Inner Urge - masterful Two-Hand Tapping from Japan
Steinberger GL
Inner Urge - Two-Hand Tapping - Akihiko Onji

Inner Urge - Two-Hand Tapping - Akihiko Onji

Joel Hoekstra: Monster Pentatonic Licks Lessons from Guitar World

Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake and Trans-Siberian Orchestra teaches you some outrageously blazing, MONSTER pentatonic licks! For full tabs, go to

Monster Pentatonic Licks! With Joel Hoekstra!

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen time machine enabled - Raw - From the 1994 Appetizer album.

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen time machine enabled - Raw - From the 1994 Appetizer album.

From the 1994 Appetizer album.

Freak Kitchen - Hollow

Jamie Humphries: Masterclass Monday - Blues Lick Lesson

In this new feature Licklibrary brings you Masterclass Monday. We've been searching through the dark recesses of the Licklibrary vault and each week we will bring you a short Guitar Masterclass Lesson. We'll cover all genres and techniques and we'll keep them short so you can digest them quick.

This week Jamie Humphries brings you this Blues lick Lesson in the style of Gary Moore lesson.

Remember Licklibrary will always have a membership package that’s right for you. Our Elite Monthly membership gives you access to every online lesson and backing track and right now you can try our membership service with a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL.
Masterclass Monday | Jamie Humphries | Blues Lick Lesson

Mike Campese: Raise the Bow - First Night 2016

Mike Campese is performing performing his tune "Raise the Bow" at First Night 2016 in Saratoga Springs, NY on New Year's Eve. For more info visit

If you would like to order the Cd, you can visit

to order on iTunes go to:

Mike Campese - Raise the Bow - First Night 2016

Jamie Glaser: Inspiring Book Hear The Silence Available online

AndersonPonty Band Guitar Virtuoso Jamie Glaser's Inspiring Book “Hear The Silence” Available

Los Angeles - “Hear The Silence” is about healing, strength, courage, love of oneself and others. In 1994 guitarist, performer, music composer and producer Jamie Glaser was in the Northridge Earthquake in California, when the shaking stopped nothing was the same. From 1978 to 1994 he toured the world with Grammy award winning musical acts, lived the good life in Los Angeles, and suddenly found himself unable to get out of bed for 6 months. Jamie lost all his worldly possessions in the days following the earthquake, his self esteem, his quality work and eventually found himself homeless and without hope. “Hear The Silence” tells the story of life lessons and experiences that brought him back from the “dead” to the wonderful life he has today and inspires others to celebrate with him.

Jamie Glaser is best known as the guitarist for Grammy award winning musical acts, Jean-Luc Ponty, Chick Corea, Bryan Adams, Gloria Trevi, Manhattan Transfer and more. His guitar can be heard on over 170 albums as well as on the biggest sitcoms of all time, Seinfeld and Married With Children. Jamie compositions can be heard weekly on CBS sports, ABC, Animal Planet, History channel, Discovery, and ESPN. His solo albums have been successful worldwide. Jamie is presently the guitarist for Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty. The AndersonPonty Band recently completed a US tour on the heels of their recent CD/DVD release “Better Late Than Never”.

Says Jamie, “I wrote 'Hear The Silence' because I was supposed to help others. I am a person who is already public, and not afraid to share my heart and personal stories. I want to help inspire people to find joy, and help them celebrate life. It's my hope that this work of mine can change lives and make life special again for some who are struggling.”

“For Years Jamie Glaser has been a great communicator through music. Now he gives us life lessons told through a very eventful life.” - Lenny White, Grammy award drummer, composer, producer

Here's what's been said about Jamie Glaser's “Hear The Silence”:

“Hear The Silence is a fabulous informative book and should be required reading for everyone. Take this journey with Jamie through the wonder of being a gifted musician and living the rockstar lifestyle but also living with another all too common challenge.”

“We all know or are in our own way affected in varying degrees. Highly recommended!”

“Jamie's book Hear The Silence was written in the spirit of positive, loving energy that is Jamie Glaser! Jamie is a very, talented hard working musician. More importantly is the love he feels and shows for fellow human beings and for the animals he cares for with great tenderness. Jamie shares his story of his fight with mental illness, and he emerges a clear winner in every sense of the word. He gives his take on how to improve your life, not as proselytizing, but as loving advice from one who lived through some tough times. Jamie's book is a quick, fun read and everyone can take something from it. Thanks Jamie!”

“This book will, if you are open minded and willing to really examine yourself, show you ways to deal with life's downs and ups. Life really is unfair, but using gifts you may not be aware you possess, you can make your way through to your happiness. Teaching music is not the only gift Mr. Glaser has to share with us. Thank you for sharing your tough times and hard won good outcomes with the readers of this wonderful book.”

“Jamie's heartfelt and entertaining story about his amazing struggle with his illness and the long road and eventual success in getting better had me in tears, at times, and in frank laughter at others.” - Sara Trainer , Vice president/ Producer Indart Music and Sound productions, CFO/ A&R Executive Producer LMS Records and Latin Music Specialists

In closing Jamie has this to impart, “I used to think being famous was the most important thing, Then I thought being rich was the most important. When I lost it all and found the lessons I write about in Hear The Silence ,I realized that reaching out and inspiring , helping and loving others is what is most important.”

Jamie Glaser Official Website

To purchase Jamie Glaser's “Hear The Silence”:
Amazon link for paperback
Audio book link

Alberto Rigoni, Remco Hendrix: FutureFunk - Let’s start the new year with a crazy video!

Alberto Rigoni releases "FutureFunk" video feat. Remco Hendrix

Let’s start the new year with a crazy video!

Italian bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni (solo artist, Vivaldi Metal Project, Kim Bingham, The Italians) has just released the official video of “FutureFunk”, also featuring the talented and innovative Dutch bass player Remco Hendrix. The song will be featured on Alberto’s upcoming album BASSORAMA that will be released in March/April 2016. Full album special guests cast includes: Doug Wimbish, Divinity ROXX, Stu Hamm, Nik West, Steve Lawson, Anna Sentina, Lars Lehmann and Remco Hendrix.