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Nick Andrew: Burn organ - furtive jam on the old organ

Nick Andrew: Burn organ - furtive jam on the old organ

Burn organ

John Page, Greg Koch: Interview about the new John Page Guitars NAMM 2016

Hold on to your hats, folks! We're back and rocking at the 2016 NAMM Show down in Anaheim, California! Greg Koch, the fiend and foe of guitars worldwide, joins us an interview with legendary guitar manufacturer John Page! We here at Wildwood are huge fan of John's work and are honored to carry his supreme line of guitars. Check it out!

Interview with John Page of John Page Guitars • NAMM 2016

Greg Koch, Eric Gales: Soulful Jam NAMM 2016

Pure gold -- when two guitar greats happen upon each other and breakout into beautiful, soulful song. Join us at the 2016 NAMM Convention where we had the great fortunate of catching a jam between the legendary Eric Gales and the one and only Greg Koch. We hope you enjoy this wonderful performance.


Soulful Jam with Greg Koch and Eric Gales • NAMM 2016

Rob Marcello: Lick Of The Day #2 country flavored run in G

This is a fun country flavored run in G (7) Using open strings as much as possible.
Have Fun!

Guitar used: GJ2 "Glendora" with stock pickups.
Amp used: Hughes And Kettner "Grandmeister 36".

Im going to try and post various licks and lessons on a somewhat weekly basis.
Amazing video editing by yours truly...
Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Rob Marcello - Lick Of The Day #2

Steve Saluto: Angel & Destroyer - promo video

‘Angel & Destroyer’ is the first video from ‘RAINBOW’ the brand new album by Steve Saluto released Nov 11 2015 through The Orchard. Featuring Martina Elettra Rover on guitar and Gianluca Mosole on drums. A Diego Silvestrin Production - Shooted, Directed and Edited by Diego Silvestrin and Lorenzo Lamagna. Lights Design by Adriano Sanson.

Angel & Destroyer - Steve Saluto

Simon King: A little lesson on phrasing - Acquired by the Borg

Simon Peter King: A little lesson on phrasing - Acquired by the Borg

A little lesson on phrasing.

Yvette Young: available for guitar lessons

Yvette Young

Starting up guitar lessons again soon to make some $ before tour! Hmu BY EMAIL if you wanna learn that silly fingerpicking tapping style I do or if you wanna develop songwriting skills. $30 on skype and $40 in person. You can just take one and never talk to me again but I also do regular lessons. I always prefer in person! I'm based in the Bay Area.

Jane Getter, Alex Skolnick, Stuart Hamm, Adam Holzman, Corey Glover: Premonition featuring Corey Glover "Surprised" Live at the Iridium

Jane Getter Premonition live at The Iridium NYC 12/16/15
Jane Getter - guitar, vocals
Corey Glover - vocals
Alex Skolnick - guitar
Adam Holzman - keyboards
Stu Hamm - bass
John Mader - drums
Mixed and Edited by Lance McVickar

Jane Getter Premonition featuring Corey Glover "Surprised" Live at the Iridium

Jane Getter Premonition - ON (mini documentary)

Guthrie Govan: Volume 3 of Guthrie Govan's Odd Time Licks: 9/8

*New Release* - Volume 3 of Guthrie Govan's Odd Time Licks: 9/8
Download Link:

Hailed by many as one of the greatest players of all time, world-class guitarist Guthrie Govan (Official) returns to give you the gift of mastering odd time signatures once and for all. With 9/8 squarely in his sights, Guthrie gives you all the tools you need to play naturally over odd time signatures! By studying the videos and TAB you will not only learn how to play like Guthrie using his incredible techniques but also gain an insight into his elusive way of thinking!

Guthrie says 'The general theme continues as with the previous packages we did in this series, the general concept is to give you an idea about HOW to play in a bar of 9 or series of bars of 9, without getting scared, without getting bewildered and above all without getting lost!

The rhythmic feel of the backing track shouldn't be too challenging, if anything you'll probably find it a bit more laid back, relaxing and (dare I say it?) pleasant sounding than its two predecessors.

If there's one benefit that hopefully these licks will offer, it's developing your ability to improvise freely within this time signature confident that you're going to be able to meet beat one a bar from now, or four bars from now.

So I hope you have fun exploring some of these licks!'

On the technique side of the fence, by studying these licks you'll be learning and practising: legato, expressive sliding, tapping, alternate picking, vibrato, double-stops and all sorts of exciting bending and pedal tones! Guthrie seamlessly blends these techniques together and with a bit of practise (and equipped with the video/audio and TAB from this package) you can too!

For those of you excited about the theory and process behind these licks, you'll be learning how to creatively use: mixolydian scales, intervallic licks, bebop inspired chromatics, major pentatonic, tension building and resolution, rhythmic displacement and much more! You'll also be making use of the entire fretboard, adding bluesy ideas into your licks and gaining an insight into how Guthrie augments the harmonic content by superimposing chord extensions as arpeggios!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master as well as backing tracks for you to practise every lick to, and jam out your own solos! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

*New Release* - Volume 3 of Guthrie Govan's Odd Time Licks: 9/8

Dave Kilminster: Live Rig With Steven Wilson, 2016

In this episode, Daniel and Mick visit ace guitarist and wonderfully nice bloke, Dave Kilminster, on tour with prog rock titan, Steven Wilson.

This was filmed during the 2015/16 'Hand. Cannot. Erase.' tour, firstly at The Royal Albert Hall in London (September 2015), secondly at The Colston Hall in Bristol (January 2016).

Dave takes us through his rig, explaining how he had upwards of 90 patch changes for the Albert Hall shows in order to cover the gamut of Steven's incredible material.

If you get the chance, please go and see Steven, Dave and the band live – it's a sonic and sensory experience that you'll never forget.

Please also check out

Dave also plays with Roger Waters, as part of his long career as a touring, session player and solo artist.

Dave plays three main electric guitars for the shows: a 1988 Gibson Les Paul Custom, a custom Suhr 'Rosie' singlecut and a Tom Anderson Drop T with P90s.
Dave's main amp is a Brunetti Mercury head with 4x12 cabinet.

On this version of Dave's pedalboard, you will find…

Boss TU-2 tuner
Jim Dunlop Jerry Cantrel Wah
Dunlop DVP1 Volume
Suhr Riot
Guitar Systems Treble Tool
Hermida Audio Zen Drive
Source Audio Soundbox Multiwave Distortion
Malekko Vibrato
Xotic SP Compressor
Electro Harmonix Micro POG
Strymon Flint
Strymon Lex
Strymon TimeLine
Strymon BigSky

Controlling all pedals and amp switching is TheGigRig G2

For more on TheGigRig G2, go here:

For more on Dave Kilminster, go here:

For more on Steven Wilson, go here: Please also check out

That Pedal Show – Dave Kilminster's Live Rig With Steven Wilson, 2016

Christian Muenzner, Jimmy Pitts: Eternity's End sign to Prog Power label


Eternity's End signs with POWER PROG
Details of the upcoming album plus title track for streaming revealed!

POWER PROG is very proud to announce the signing of the brand new international Progressive Power Metal blast ETERNITY'S END. The first common goal of this cooperation is the worldwide release of their debut longplayer "The Fire Within" at March 25, 2016 as Audio-CD, download card, as digital download and as stream via all major platforms.

ETERNITY'S END is the realization of a vision that Christian Muenzner, well known in his capacity as guitarist extraordinaire, solo artist, special guest on many albums and as member of bands like Alkaloid, Necrophagist, Obscura and Paradox, had since many years of forming his very own band in order to return to the style of music that was his first love and, to this day, is his biggest passion ... Aggressive, neoclassical power metal with a progressive twist and with a powerful and classic metal vocalist! And at end of 2013, he set out to make this vision into reality and started to write on matching song material.

With bass player Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Alkaloid) and drummer Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, Blotted Science, solo, ex Necrophagist, ex Obscura), the rhythm section was quickly found and with virtuoso Jimmy Pitts (The Fractured Dimension, Spastic Ink), a blessed with talent keyboardist has been obliged. After checking out several different singers, the right man for this sophisticated act of defiance was found at the beginning of 2015 in Ian Parry, who is best known for his stunning work with Elegy, Ayeron, Consortium Project and who also has released a couple of solo albums. A high-profile band was complete and ready to strike!

"The Fire Within" was recorded between January and April 2015, co-produced, mixed and mastered by award winning producer Per Nilsson (also known in the whole metal scene as guitar player and producer of Swedish melodic death metal institution Scar Symmetry), who gave the disc the finishing touch. So what you may expect? A majestic and heavy power metal album, filled to the brim with heavy riffs, neo-classical chord progressions, gifted vocals, big choirs, guitar and keyboard solos at their best, big orchestrations and epic melodies. In short: A new star will rise on neo-classical progressive power metal's heaven! With this debut album, ETERNITY'S END will for sure have a lasting influence on a musical genre.

"The Fire Within" tracklist ...
01. The Fire Within
02. Demonblade
03. The Hourglass
04. Eagle Divine
05. White Lies
06. Twilight Warrior
07. Chains Of The Earth
08. The Dark Tower
09. Moonstruck
10. The Fall Of The House Of Usher

Album details ...
• All music, lyrics and vocal melodies written by Christian Muenzner, except „White Lies“, music by Christian
Muenzner, lyrics and vocal melodies by Ian Parry
• Produced by Christian Muenzner & Per Nilsson
• Mixed & Mastered by Per Nilsson
• Additional keyboard arrangements and first keyboard solo on „The Hourglass“ by Per Nilsson
• Backing vocals and choirs by Ian Parry, Per Nilsson, Ronny Hemlin, Daniel Palmqvist, Lars G Persson,
Eva Svensk, Kattis Larsson, Rebecca Warldén, Christian Muenzner, Erik Larsson, Caroline Nilsson,
Therése Thomsson, Jonas Lindh, Rikard Jansson
• Backing vocals and choirs arranged by Per Nilsson, Ian Parry and Christian Muenzner
• Album artwork by Caio Caldas (CadiesArt)
• Logo design, typography & layout by Götz Morgenschweis (Power Prog)

You can find the latest info about the release here:

Pre-order the album as CD or as high quality digital download in MP3, WAV, FLAC, ALAC and more in POWER PROG's Digital Audio Store already now:

Preview "The Fire Within" on YouTube ...

Or listen the title song "The Fire Within" here on Soundcloud ...…/eternitys-end-the-fire-within

Ian Parry (Vocals)
Christian Muenzner (Guitars)
Jimmy Pitts (Keyboards)
Linus Klausenitzer (Bass)
Hannes Grossmann (Drums)

Check out ETERNITY'S END on the web ...

Hedras Ramos, Leonardo Guzman, Pritesh Walia: soloing at Laney @ NAMM 2016

Three great guys in jam heaven at the Laney Booth - Hedras Ramos, Leonardo Guzman, Pritesh Walia: soloing at Laney @ NAMM 2016

Hedras Ramos, Leonardo Guzman & Pritesh Walia soloing at Laney @ NAMM 2016

Simone Dow,Scott Kay: VOYAGER - Misery is only Company

Australia's favorite melodic masters Voyager take things up a notch with "Misery is only company", a super-catchy groovy new single which will be premiered live on their Australian tour in January and February.

Daniel Estrin (vocals, keys)
Simone Dow (Guitars)
Scott Kay (Guitars)
Ashley Doodkorte (drums)
Alex Canion (bass, vocals)


Friday 29 Jan – Factory Floor – Sydney - Voyager + Leprous + support
Saturday 30 Jan – Amplifier – Perth - Voyager + Leprous + support
Friday 5 Feb – Brightside – Brisbane - Voyager + Leprous + support
Saturday 6 Feb – Evelyn – Melbourne - Voyager + Leprous + support
Wednesday 16 Mar - The Studio, Auckland – Voyager + Epica
Friday 18 Mar – Max Watts – Brisbane - Voyager + Epica
Saturday 19 Mar – Max Watts – Sydney - Voyager + Epica
Sunday 20 Mar – 170 Russell – Melbourne - Voyager + Epica
Thursday 31 Mar – TBA – Voyager + Leprous
Friday 1 Apr – W2 - S’Hertogenbosch – Netherlands - Voyager + Leprous
Saturday 2 Apr – Cacaofabriken – Helmond – Netherlands - Voyager + Leprous
Sun 3 Apr – Poppodium Duyker – Hoofddorp – Netherlands - Voyager + Leprous
Tue 5 Apr – TBA - Voyager + Leprous
Wed 6 Apr – Turock – Essen- Germany - Voyager + Leprous
Fri 7 Apr – Z7 – Pratteln – CH - Voyager + Leprous
Sat 8 Apr – La Laiterie – Strasbourg - Voyager + Leprous
Sun 9 Apr – Durbuy Rock Festival – Belgium - Voyager + Leprous

Mixed by Matt Templeman
Mastered by Forensic Audio
Filmed and edited by Voyager (drum take filmed by Fraser Cringle).
Copyright 2016

VOYAGER - Misery is only Company (Official music video)

James Norbert Ivanyi, Rohan Stevenson: March Australia live show details 2016

Very happy to say that this coming March, myself and I built the sky will be co-headlining to very special shows in Sydney & Melbourne. We carefully selected who we wanted to share the stage with for each show, and are thrilled to be playing with such great bands in each city! If you're attending one of these shows, please SHARE this video! Hope to see you there.

SYDNEY - Friday 18th March - The Factory Floor.
w/ Hemina & Stare At The Clouds

MELBOURNE - Saturday 19th March - The Workers Club.
w Transience & Hollow World

Carl Roa: Magic Elf Live at Vinnie's in Concord California - welcome to the world of tasty guitar playing

Carl Roa - guitar, Dave Miranda - drums, Jennifer Young - bass
California Tour 2016

Magic Elf Live at Vinnie's in Concord California

Sean Ashe: Interview covering the tasty new album with GEAR GODS NAMM 2016

For the second year in a row, I interviewed young gun Sean Ashe at the Tom Anderson booth at NAMM. Get his new album Flux at
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NAMM 2016 - Sean Ashe Interview | GEAR GODS

Sean Ashe
I’m very proud to finally announce that on January 12th, 2016, I will be releasing my debut album, ‘Flux’

I’ve poured so much time, energy, and passion into these songs and *tomorrow at 12pm EST* you will be able to get your first taste of the new music.

Digital & Physical Pre-orders will also be available tomorrow from both my Bandcamp and Big Cartel stores.

Track Listing:

1. Imagine (feat. Piano Solo by Andreas Sioen)
2. Memory Lane
3. Floating Thread
4. Luminescence
5. Creature (feat. Denis Chang)
6. Hemisphere
7. Meteor Eyes
8. Abandon

— Bonus Tracks (Physical Only)
9. Luminescence (2013 Single Version)
10. Hemisphere (2014 Single Version)


Sean Ashe - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Composition, Backing vocals on ‘Meteor Eyes’
Andreas Skorpe Sjøen - Drums, Recording Engineer (drums), Cowbell, Piano Solo on ‘Imagine’
Vinny Svoboda - Upright Bass on ‘Creature’
Denis Chang - Guest guitar solo on ‘Creature’
Sheridan Elektra Rohde - backing vocals on ‘Meteor Eyes”
Joel Medina - Additional guitar layer on ‘Abandon’

Produced and Mixed by Sean Ashe

Mixing Consultation by Jeremy Krull & Germán Gallardo

Mastered by Jeremy Krull for Strategic Sonics, at Scourge Of The West in North Hollywood, CA

Artwork by Corey Hendrey

Drewsif Stalin: Interview with GEAR GODS - NAMM 2016

Drewsif Stalin: Drewsif Stalin Interview - GEAR GODS - NAMM 2016

The Second Annual Drewsif Stalin x Trey Xavier Face Talking NAMM Interview. It gets weird.
Subscribe to Gear Gods on YouTube:
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NAMM 2016 - Drewsif Stalin Interview | GEAR GODS

Meytal Cohen, Travis Montgomery: Meytal - Live Scout Bar Houston, Texas 2016

Meytal Cohen, Travis Montgomery: Meytal - Live Scout Bar Houston, Texas 2016

Meytal-Shadow in Disguise-live at Scout Bar Houston 1–16 – 2016
Meytal-Immortal Exorcist- Live at Scout Bar Houston One – 16–2016
Meytal-Everybody Hates You Now-Live at Scout Bar 1–16–2016
Meytal-Tear Me Apart-Live at Scout Bar-1-16-2016
Meytal-Nothing-Live at Scout Bar Houston 1-16-2016
Meytal-Killing Time-Live at Scout Bar 1-16-2016

Current members
Meytal Cohen: Meytal - Live Scout Bar Houston, Texas 2016

Rusty Cooley, Karim K: improving a guest solo from upcoming solo album at Magik Studio in North Houston

Rusty Cooley, Karim K: improving a guest solo from upcoming solo album at Magik Studio in North Houston

improving a guest solo for my long time friend Karim K's upcoming solo album at Magik Studio in North Houston!

Behind the Scenes with Karim K & Rusty Cooley

Julian Scarcella: sultry soling with Manne Taos Gloss Special, Engl Invader 2, D'Addarió NYXL 009


This Latino/Pop Song is composed by Julian Scarcella. The instruments you hear are played by:
Julian Scarcella: Keys, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar and solo Guitar
Marcus Marci Berger: Drums and Percussion

Signalchain Solo Guitar test:
Manne Taos Gloss special –- D'addario XL 009 Strings –- Planet Waves Duralin Precision - Medium/Heavy (1.0mm) Picks –- American Stage Kill Switch Instrument Cables by Planet Waves - Engl Invader II – X Vive Delay – X Vive Maxverb –- 2 x 12" PRO Straight E212VHB – Audio Technica 4080 & SE Electronics SE4 – Cakewalk by Roland OCTA Capture – DAW Sonar X2

Signalchain Rhythm Guitar:
Ortega Private Room Striped siute – D'Addarió Strings – DI Signal - Cakewalk by Roland OCTA Capture – DAW Sonar X2

Signalchain Bass:
Sandberg California – DI Signal - Cakewalk by Roland OCTA Capture – DAW Sonar X2

The Drumset:
Schlagwerk BC460 Booster-Boxx
Schlagwerk CC 205 Cajinto Skinwood
Schlagwerk BS22 Ständer für CC-202 CC204
Schlagwerk Cp404blk Cajon Black Edition
Schlagwerk SP 20 Cajon PAD
Schlagwerk BP40 Bodenplatte
Zildjian Gen16 Buffed Bronze 14
Zildjian Gen16 Buffed Bronze 16" China
Zildjian Gen16 Buffed Bronze 18" Crash
Zildjian Gen16 Bronze 20" Ride
Tama HP900RSN RollingGlide IronCobr
Tama Iron Cobra HH605 Hi-Hat Stand
Rest of the Hardware by Basi X
LP 513 Studio Series Bar Chimes
Stick holder by Dixon
Professional LP brushes Heavy LP-CCH
Rohema 61423m
drum-tec Sound-Absorbing-Beater
Handmade Aluminum Darbuka
LP Tamborin

Kick → Shure Beta 52 A
Snare → AKG Perception 400
Overheads → SE Electronics SE4
Hihat → Sennheiser MD421
Ride → Beyerdynamic TG – X 58
China → Audio Technica ATM710
Room → Audio Technica 4080

Interface: Cakewalk by Roland OCTA-Capture
DAW: Sonar X1




Tentación (Pop Ballad) played with Manne Taos Gloss Special, Engl Invader 2, D'Addarió NYXL 009 (HD)

and by way of contrast

Insane metal played with Engl Invader II, Siggi Braun VS-2, D'Addarió NYXL, Xvive, Planet Waves (HD)

Samuli Federley: an improvised solo over a modern metal backing - exotic shred improvisation

I did this rough improv over this cool backing track. Check out also

Samuli Federley - an improvised solo over a modern metal backing