Tuesday, 1 March 2016

News: Free FourChords VIP Subscription Only On National Learn To Play Day

Free FourChords VIP Subscription Only On National Learn To Play Day http://www.learntoplayday.com/

"National Learn to Play Day is back for the fifth successive year on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March 2016. To support the event FourChords Guitar Karaoke App is giving away FREE VIP Subscriptions worth £3.99 to their guitar karaoke app where all songs and lyrics can be accessed for free. The promotional flyer containing a free download code is available from all participating venues.

Many people have dreamed about playing the guitar, only to give up the dream because they thought it would be too hard and time consuming to learn to play. FourChords App is a completely new way to learn to play guitar: The Fourchords Instant Play Method teaches songs of your choice, chord by chord, in minutes! The app has a karaoke style display with adjustable backing tracks, easy chords and original lyrics for more that fifteen hundred hit songs. There are three different levels in the tutorials,1-string notes, 3-string chords and full chords by justinguitar.com, to encourage rapid progress in your guitar playing. The FREE VIP Subscriptions are available only for Learn to Play Day on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March 2016, so pop to your local participating music venue and pick a promotional flyer for a free activation code.

Learn to Play Day offers more than 12,000 FREE taster lessons on a musical instrument at more than 100 music venues, schools and shops across the UK. Visit a venue near you and take the opportunity to start to learn or get back into playing a musical instrument and pick up a FourChords flyer and start rocking.

To find out more about the fastest way to learn to play guitar go to http://www.fourchords.com/.

Full details of Learn To Play Day, including participating venues and local appearances, can be found at www.learntoplayday.com over the coming weeks. To find out more about the charity, Music for All, go to www.musicforall.org.uk or visit Music for All’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/musicforallcharity.

News: Tracktion Launches T7 DAW

"Tracktion Launches T7 DAW Recording Software Innovator Releases Major Upgrade

SEATTLE, WA (March 1, 2016) – Tracktion Corporation, a music recording software developer known for bold innovation, has announced the launch of T7, the latest version of their popular digital audio workstation (DAW). Starting at only $60 for a new license and available exclusively from tracktion.com, T7 introduces new technology to inspire creativity while remaining remarkable value.
Introduced in 2002 by Julian Storer, the Tracktion DAW represented a new approach by breaking from the traditional recording studio workflow. It empowered musicians of any caliber to produce multi-track recordings without previous studio or DAW experience and steadily gained a large user base. While many Tracktion breakthroughs are now being adopted by competing applications, T7 elevates the state of the art once again with the most comprehensive upgrade in the platform’s history.

“With T7, we’ve taken the Tracktion paradigm a lot further,” explained Lead Developer, Dave Rowland. “In addition to a great looking, more dynamic user interface, there are a lot of practical improvements designed to boost productivity. However, I’m most excited about the new tools for manipulating clips and plugins. With unique features like these, T7 will take users in new directions.”

One of T7’s creative-oriented introductions, Clip Layer Effects (Pat. Pend.), allows complete control of sound design at the clip level. Another new feature, Multi-Browser Sync, provides the ability to preview many files together, from multiple browsers, in sync with the edit. For plugins (VST and AU), there is a new visual selector to speed the sorting process and new LFO Generators to quickly modulate any plugin parameter. Even the MARKETPLACE interaction has been improved making it easy to shop for new virtual instruments and effects without leaving the T7 app environment.
Visit https://www.tracktion.com/products/t7-daw for more detail on these and many more fresh ideas. You can also purchase a license and download either T7 as the DAW only or in a bundle containing a suite of plugins for even greater savings. A free demo version of T7, to “try before you buy,” is available.

Syu Merupakan: ESP Guitars - ESP CRYING V

ESP CRYING V が遂に発売しました!

Syu Twitter

GALNERYUS Official Site

ESP Guitars JP

ESP Syu Signature Series

ESP Guitars: Syu is playing "ESP CRYING V" !!

Bryan Baker: announces some European dates with the Bill Evans band

Bryan Baker

Stoked to head out with Bill Evans and his killer band in Minden, Germany, Zülpich, Rüsselsheim, Germany, Innsbruck - Tyrol (Austria), Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Milan, Italy, Velden am Wörthersee, and Vienna, Austria this April! Some grooving, bluesy vibes with ripping playing all around. Come check it out if we're in your area!Bryan Baker

News: STOLEN GUITAR ALERT - PLEASE SHARE .strandberg* - Only 5 Boden 8s with True Temperament have been made!

strandbergguitars****Stolen guitar**** Guys please share to help us find this instrument!

This guitar was returned after a repair to its owner in Gebenbach (near Nürnberg) Germany on the 18th of January. The UPS driver, in his infinite wisdom, determined that the neighborhood was safe and left the package outside the garage (apparently, the UPS drivers in Germany are allowed to do this regardless of what we say), and it was not there when the owner returned home. This is a one-of-a-kind guitar and there is no mistaking it. Only 5 Boden 8s with True Temperament have been made and the other ones all look radically different from this one.

Boden 8 True Temperament
28" - 26.5" scale length
Claro Walnut top
Black Limba body
Caribbean Rosewood/Maple neck
East Indian Rosewood fretboard
Seymour Duncan Custom Shop slanted Sentient/Pegasus pickups

Please share everywhere you can. Especially if you are a member of any guitar forums where English is not spoken, or where you know there are lots of people who don't frequent Facebook/Instagram/Google+, please post and translate for us, since this guitar can have gone anywhere.
pizza.destructionTHOSE MONSTERS

Dallton Santos: Sensory Input - sample from Rock Fusion Guitar Instrumental Album

http://tab.do/DALLTON Rock Fusion Guitar Instrumental I Album: The Inner Things I by Dallton Santos.

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*NEW* Dallton Santos - Sensory Input (Studio)

Alex Hutchings: Bonus Tasty Dominant Licks

Bonus Tasty Dominant Licks

Alex seemingly never runs out of new ideas! So afer a lot of requests we've decided to let you have all of the extra licks from his '20 Tasty Dominant Licks and Phrases' package. For less than half the price of a normal guitar lesson, this awesome deluxe add-on package contains: 5 extra licks, 5 lick video performances, 5 deluxe video breakdown lessons with Alex, 5 licks backings, 5 full jamtracks, audio, complete TAB/notation in both standard and fourths tunings as well as bonus text notes!

The Dominant chord is an absolutely essential tool in musicians toolkit. It's all over western music everywhere you look; from Pop tunes, to Rock tracks, to the ii-V's of Jazz and all the way to the I-IV-V's of Blues (often all dominant chords). Fusion players LOVE them for their ability to allow them to sneak in those extended and outside licks to create great melodic tension and release. It's a fundamental part of all music and it's one that will serve you VERY well if you take the time to get it under your belt.

Alex designed these tasty dominant licks over 5 different styles/groups (A7b5, Latin, Rock, West Coast and ii-V) in order to give you a vast array of contexts to use the licks. Of course we have included the jamtracks for each style so you have plenty of scope for jamming them out! They are all focussed around A to allow for many different variations of the A7 chord. Alex specifically uses A7, Asus, A altered and A13b9/Bb diminished. As always these licks contain all of the rich, creative thinking and sublime playing style that makes Alex the world-class guitarist he is today.

Using all of the backings, videos, TABs and lessons from Alex you can learn to master each of the licks in this package and be well on your way to dominating the dominant chord just like the fusion master himself! https://jamtrackcentral.com/store/jamtracks/bonus-tasty-dominant-licks

Gianluca Ferro: SYK add Gianluca to the guitar line up for the new album

So ... we've been silent for quite a while but we haven't stopped on working on SYK's future !!!

We are more than proud to announce that Gianluca Ferro is our new 2nd axe man ! We'll be a 4 piece from now on and no more changes will be made for a long time !

He will also be part of our second album (more news about it soon).

Go and check out his solo projects,

Now he's in the process of recording "A Hole In The Ocean", his new solo album.

Said that we are looking forward to be back on stage with this new line-up and hope to make it happen as soon as possible.


In The Making Of " A Hole In The Ocean" Episode 1