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Pat McManus: Gear STOLEN - please share!

Sunburst (with very distinctive unfinished back)
Vintage V6HMRSB aged sunburst
Blackstar Overdrive
Boss DD3 Delay
Boss Looper
Boss Harmoniser
Boss Pitch Shifter
Morley Bad Horsie Wah
BiYang Delay (2)
Duane 69 Overdrive
Diago Pedalboard
White Skeleton Violin
German 1780 Violin
Squier CV P bass. Fiesta red
Vintage Icon V4 white. RW Fingerboard
Vintage Icon V74
Xvive Pedal Tuner
Xvive chorus
Xvive overdrive
Boss OC2
Xvive pedal board
Alto mixer
Shure SM58
Fischer IEM pack
LD IEM pack uhf
Marshall headphone amp
Assorted cases leads and cables

John 5: Full Concert in Nashville - plus latest tour dates

John 5 & the Creatures Full Concert in Nashville

John 5 and the Creatures are on the Behind the Nut Love tour. Below is footage of the entire concert filmed at 12th and Porter in Nashville where the band performed March 8th. The hour-long concert features musical styles ranging from heavy metal to bluegrass, ending with a montage of iconic guitar riffs. The band consists of John 5 on guitar, Ian Ross on bass, and Rodger Carter on drums. The Behind the Nut Love continues through the Northeast concluding in Londonderry, New Hampshire on March 20th.

Remaining tour dates:
Mar 10- Newport, KY @ Southgate House
Mar 11- Cleveland, OH @ Beachland
Mar 12- Chambersburg, PA @ The Orchards Ballroom
Mar 13- Sellersville, PA @ Sellersville Theatre
Mar 14- Pittsburgh, PA @ Hard Rock
Mar 15- Falls Church, VA @ The State Theatre
Mar 16- New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom
Mar 17- Rochester, NY @ Montage
Mar 18- Syracuse, NY @ Westcott
Mar 19- Stafford Springs, CT @ Palace
Mar 20- Londonderry, NH @ Tupelo

John has had an illustrious career collaborating with chart topping artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ricky Martin, and Rod Stewart. John has performed on critically acclaimed world tours with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. Later, John ventured into the world of film score composing for Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem and 31. In 2004 he branched out into a successful solo career and has since released eight studio albums.

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Rob Garland: Footage from the first 3 shows by Rob Garland’s Eclectic Trio, live at TRiP Santa Monica

Footage from the first 3 shows by Rob Garland’s Eclectic Trio, live at TRiP Santa Monica, June/July '15 *SONG CLIPS 0:00 Intro
0:09 Purple Koan (R. Garland) iTunes:
0:54 Take These Blues From Me (R. Garland) iTunes:
2:18 Jamming #1
2:42 M.M. Swing (R. Garland)
3:15 Shapes Of Things (The Yardbirds: P. S. Smith/K. Reif/J. McCarty)
4:40 Song For Jade (R. Garland) iTunes: instrumental/id930674229
5:11 Jamming #2
5:44 Black Market (Weather Report: J. Zawinul)
7:16 Bass Solo
8:28 Dark Places (R. Garland)
9:12 Jamming #3
9:34 Purple Koan #2 Guitar Solo (R. Garland)
10:40 Temptation (T. Waits) w. Gyllian Morris Lozano (vocals/piano)
11:00 Mercy Mercy Mercy (J. Zawinul)
12:14 Jamming #4
12:41 Ten Funk (R. Garland) iTunes:
13:17 Bass Solo
14:39 Peace Love & Understanding (N. Lowe) w. Gyllian M. Lozano
15:21 Jamming #5
15:45 Drum Solo
16:22 Freeway Jam (Jeff Beck: J. Hammer)
17:43 Purple Koan #3 Thank You & Goodnight!

The Band:
Rob Garland (guitar/vocals) - Austin Underhill (bass) -
Carl Thomson (drums)

Playing original music and a few other selections encompassing jazz, rock, fusion, blues, funk & more!

Guitar Gear:
Tom Anderson Classic
Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special Custom w. 12" extension cab
TC Electronic Corona (Guthrie Govan "Colin" Toneprint)
TC Electronic Polytune
D'Addario Strings NYXL 10-52
Super Black picks by Hell Guitars (2mm)

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Rob Garland's Eclectic Trio Live Jazz Rock Fusion Power Trio D'Addario Hell Guitars TrueFire Mesa

Marty Friedman: performs "Undertow" on EMGtv

Metal guitar icon, Marty Friedman performs "Undertow" live on EMGtv. Known for his solo work, years in Megadeth, and beside fellow guitar virtuoso, Jason Becker in Cacophony; Marty brings dynamics and soul like no other in his genre. With the EMG 81X and EMG 60X humbuckers you can hear all of the nuance and style in Marty's guitar playing. From his subtle bends to rich vibrato, these pickups truly highlight Marty’s dynamic approach to the instrument. Subscribe to EMGtv for updates on our weekly videos.

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Marty Friedman performs "Undertow" on EMGtv

Frank Steffen Mueller: Fate Of Souls - Official Video

This is the official performance video for my new song "Fate Of Souls". Get the song here: or in all major online stores.
The complete Musicians/Guitarist Pack (Song, Backingtrack, Leadsheet, Tabs,etc.) is available soon at

"Fate Of Souls" is a hommage to one of my guitar heroes and great inspiration - the incredible Joe Satriani.

If you want me to play some nice guitars on your tracks, feel free to contact me.

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All the best and see you around :-) Cheers, Frank

Joe Satriani, Steve Vai: From Surfing To Shockwave

Joe Satriani
Steve Vai sits down with his friend and mentor Joe Satriani for an in-depth talk about his career from Surfing with the Alien to Shockwave Supernova. In this 2nd part of their extended conversation, Joe and Steve discuss Joe's teacher Lennie Tristano, the pivotal moment in Steve's lessons with Joe and improvisation and purity of musical expression.

A one-hour version of this show will be airing on radio stations across the U.S. throughout Joe's "Surfing to Shockwave" North American tour.

For Joe Satriani tour dates, visit
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Joe Satriani & Steve Vai - From Surfing To Shockwave (Part 1)

Joe Satriani & Steve Vai: From Surfing To Shockwave (Part 2)

Tim Henson, Scott LePage: Polyphia | 007 dual clip

Polyphia’s forthcoming album, 'Renaissance’. Out March 11th 2016. Pre-order now -

Pre-Order Bundles:

Polyphia is a 3 piece instrumental act from Dallas, TX.
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Tim Henson: @timthaboi
Scott LePage: @swipthaboi
Clay Gober: @claygober

Original drums by Brandon Burkhalter:

Mixed, mastered, and produced by Nick Sampson.

Rick Graham: Slow Blues... only joking WE SHRED!

Learn to join the WE SHRED ARMY The kind of licks that will get mortal metal players crapping themselves...

Rick Graham: Slow Blues... only joking WE SHRED!

Nick Andrew: Faster chords using 'Shaky hands'

This is a wee technique to speed up the muscle memory while learning chords.
It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a pro, this method works a treat. Show this to your students and they will have a chord under their fingers in about a minute!
If you want to book a lesson at Roberton Music in Watford, Herts phone 01923 248491

Check out the band Zipper Tongue

and you can buy the book 'Backseat Bedroom' at


Faster chords using 'Shaky hands' by Nick Andrew

Rob Chapman: New Voodoo lab Proctavia - Ghost Fret and Victory RD1 - get your Jimmyjams on

Voodoo lab Proctavia Tones - Chapman Ghost Fret & Victory RD1

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Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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Trying Out My New Voodoo lab Proctavia - Ghost Fret & Victory RD1

Jared Dines, Arnaud: Shred Wars - Jared Dines VS NeoGeofanatic

Jared Dines, Arnaud: Shred Wars - Jared Dines VS NeoGeofanatic

Shred Wars - Jared Dines VS NeoGeofanatic

Chris Gordon, Matthew Mills, Jimi Mitchell: Trio Of Shred - 21st Century Guitar Virtuosity show announced

Chris Gordon
How many notes can you fit into one evening? Come and find out as Matthew Mills, Jimi Mitchell, and myself bring some serious shreddy goodness to Haymarket Virginia!