Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Doug Steele: Small A Minor sweeps for Metal Guitar

Intro to sweeping, pretty much.

Small A Minor sweeps for Metal Guitar

Damjan Pejcinoski: Having fun with You Rock midi Guitar gen2

Having fun with mi midi guitar. Backing track by Ljupco Stefanoski. My online lessons at

You Rock midi Guitar gen2

Rob Scallon: A False Closeness - prototype of signature 6 string with Chapman Guitars

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Played on the prototype for my new signature 6 string with Chapman Guitars :)

Been wanting to do a one shot video with a moving camera for a while but could never figure out how to pull it off in an interesting way. Was definitely a challenge, but with some help from the master camera skills of my friend Ryan Deahl we were able to get a full take without any serious mess ups.

Shot by Ryan Deahl
Here's the shoot with a view of the whole room:

ramped by Fluff:

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A False Closeness (solo 6 string) - Rob Scallon

Marcelo Donoso: live perfromance of D.U.B (SCD)

Marcelo Donoso: live perfromance of D.U.B (SCD)

marcelo Donoso D.U.B (SCD)

marcelo donoso scd

Stephen Taranto: The Helix Nebula guitarist demos Away the Plini Solo in a Playthrough and Lesson

My long-awaited playthrough of my solo on "Away" by Plini! Come catch my band The Helix Nebula and Plini on our very first Australian Tour in August! Info below.

Facebook Event:

Friday 14th August – Sydney – The Factory Floor
Sunday 16th August – Brisbane – Crowbar

Friday 21st August – Adelaide – Enigma Bar

Saturday 22nd August – Melbourne – The Workers Club

Guitar Pro link:

"Away - Plini (Stephen Taranto Solo Playthrough and Lesson)

Gus G: Italian and North American dates
Blackstar Amplification & Seymour Duncan Present:
GUS G North American Headlining Tour

April 15th – Rock Island, IL – Ribco
April 16th – Westland, MI – Token Lounge
April 17th – Bradley, IL – The Looney Bin
April 19th – Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz
April 20th – Ottawa, Canada – Brass Monkey
April 21st – Toronto, Canada – The Rockpile
April 22nd – Long Branch, NJ – The Brighton Bar
April 24th – Elmhurst, NY – Blackthorne 51

Rowan J Parker, Roy Marchbank: Life The Universe And Guitar

The last time I met Roy was almost 25 years ago so there is a lot to catch up on so let's dive straight into the latest episode of Life, The Universe and Guitar!

Life The Universe And Guitar with Roy Marchbank

Dino Fiorenza,Fabrizio Leo,Mistheria : One Step - melodic tapped bass composition

Italian metal bassist Dino Fiorenza plays his original composition "One Step". Band: Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo on Guitars, Mistheria on Keyboards, Gaetano Nicolosi on Drums.


Thanks for watching! :)
Gregor Fris -


Joe Bonamassa, Joanne Shaw Taylor: pays homage to the music of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page with Special guest Joanne Shaw Taylor


Joe Bonamassa pays homage to the music of
Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page


Joe Bonamassa’s love of the British Blues is at the heart of his musical inspiration; and, for the first time, is pleased to announce that British blues guitarist and singer- songwriter, Joanne Shaw Taylor, will open for him at three of his British Blues Explosion concerts in the UK in July. Joanne will support Joe at at Hogton Tower, London Greenwich Music Time Festival and Newark Castle.

Joanne Shaw Taylor has established herself as the UK’s number one star in the blues rock world. The girl with the big voice from the Black Country has toured extensively around the world and released critically acclaimed albums, gaining a global fanbase and playing alongside her musical idols.

Billed as JOE BONAMASSA IN CONCERT: A SALUTE TO THE BRITISH BLUES EXPLOSION, Bonamassa will pay homage to the British blues rock guitarists that inspired him – Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. The dates will feature two special concerts performed at Heritage Castles at Hoghton and Newark, a headline show at The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London, plus indoor shows in Glasgow and Bristol. Tickets are available from

“If it wasn't for certain British musicians of the early 1960s, the Blues may well never have exploded into Rock music as we know it today, and indeed may have passed into history,” says Bonamassa. Bonamassa will play Hoghton Tower, Lancashire (Saturday 2 July), Glasgow Clyde Auditorium (Sunday 3 July), Bristol Colston Hall (Tuesday 5 July), Greenwich London Music Time Festival (Thursday 7 July), and Newark Castle, Nottinghamshire (Friday 8 July).

Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page are some of the greatest guitarists of their time that influenced Joe Bonamassa’s career. All three are Yardbirds alumni, and indeed actually all played together at one time in the same band. Jimmy Page went on to form Led Zeppelin, which became the ultimate electric Blues band and both Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck became international superstars in their own right. Read the official UK press release here -

Now, Blues superstar, Joe Bonamassa, will pay tribute to these legends of the British Blues, in a stunning live concert homage entitled JOE BONAMASSA IN CONCERT: A SALUTE TO THE BRITISH BLUES EXPLOSION. This is a once-in-a-lifetime concert experience not to be missed.

Joe Bonamassa pays homage to the music of
Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page

24 Hour Ticket Hotline: 0844 844 0444

with special guest
Joanne Shaw Taylor



with special guest
Joanne Shaw Taylor

with special guest
Joanne Shaw Taylor

News: Cort Guitars Introduces New Sunset Nylectric

Cort Guitars Introduces New Sunset Nylectric

SEOUL, KOREA – March 22, 2016 - Cort Guitars today announced the introduction of their new guitar model, the Sunset Nylectric. The new nylon-string electric guitar is their latest acoustic-inspired guitar in Cort’s Sunset line. The Sunset Nylectric was engineered to bridge the gap between electric and classical players by merging classical guitar features with a low-profile, more traditional electric instrument body style. These instruments are now available through distributors and dealers worldwide.

The 25.6” scale Sunset Nylectric captures elegance in engineering and classical playability while maintaining superlative build quality. This model features a spruce top on a chambered mahogany single-cutaway body, designed for electric players that want to play classical guitar live. The pickup system includes a Fishman preamp, with volume, treble, and bass controls, located where normally found on electric instruments. The instrument has a mahogany bolt-on neck, finished with a rosewood fretboard and classical tuners, highlighted by black binding and a comfortable 45mm width at the nut. The Sunset Nylectric is available in Natural, Black, or Translucent Red, and is strung with D’Addario EXP46N nylon strings standard.

MSRP - $649.99

To learn more about the Sunset Nylectric and the rest of the Cort guitar line, please visit

Jimmy Pitts, Marco Minnemann, Tom Geldschläger: Pitts Minnemann Project has put out a new release through CD Baby!

1. Conquistador 6:27
2. Imaginary Numbers 5:29
3. The Guide 3:15
4. Peacekeeper 5:17
5. Of Colors, Spontaneous 3:55
6. The Psychic Planetarium 24:36
7. A Faint Beautiful Glow 5:55

Pitts Minnemann Project has put out a new release through CD Baby!

We commend your impeccable musical taste and wanted to let you know that Pitts Minnemann Project has a brand new release out now. It just went live on our website for sale. And we just had to let you know FIRST since you're one of the few hip and wise people who "knew them way back when."

It is called The Psychic Planetarium.

Pitts Minnemann Project came into existence when keyboardist Jimmy Pitts (The Fractured Dimension, Scholomance, Spastic Ink) contacted German drumming phenomenon Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats, Joe Satriani) to inquire about the groundbreaking Normalizer 2 series - in which several progressive musicians were invited to compose original music to compliment the same 51 minute drum solo. Being a fan of not only Marco, but the other artists who presented their own versions of Normalizer 2, such as Alex Machacek, Mike Keneally, Trey Gunn, and Jason Sadites, Jimmy asked and received Marco's blessing to create what would become 2 L 8 2 B Normal. Unleashed in 2012, featuring Pitts' primary collaborators Fountainhead on fretless and fretted guitars and Jerry Twyford on bass, and augmented by a host of guest soloists including Ray Riendeau, Jeremy Barnes, Joe Deninzon, amongst others, 2 L 8 2 B Normal was well-received by critics and fans alike, even garnering the accolade of Album of the Year from India's Metal Wani 'zine. The success of the first record made the decision to record a follow-up album an easy one. This time based upon multiple drum solo performances by Marco, the second album by Pitts Minnemann Project is now presented by a more focused, four piece ensemble of Jimmy Pitts, Marco Minnemann, Fountainhead (ex Obscura), and Jerry Twyford. This new creation presents an even more intense instrumental tour-de-force sure to please fans of progressive rock and metal, as well as lovers of jazz fusion and the avant garde. The Psychic Planetarium is an album where one can be whisked from 70's inspired fusion passages, to blast beats, to reggae, all wrapped up in an album which is progressive in substance above merely style.

To purchase this music now or to hear some sound samples first, click here:

Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for supporting independent music!

News: 660 Guitars Launches Aviator AV27 Guitar

GILMER, TX – 660 Guitars announced today the introduction of their new Aviator model guitar, dubbed the AV27. The AV27 has been engineered as a modern approach to the classic ‘V’ guitar design. The AV27 extends 660 Guitars’ already robust line of American-made instruments, featuring all-aluminum bodies. Customers can place orders directly from the factory

The 25.5” scale Aviator AV27 model guitar design captures bold engineering and modern playability, while maintaining the principle build features consistent in all 660 Guitars. Handcrafted with USA parts, the Aviator AV27’s body is constructed of one piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, paired with a shallow-oval 16” radius solid graphite/carbon fiber neck, and weighing in at 7.5 lbs. The finish is a resilient powder coat, available in multi-color options. The bridge on the AV27 is a Hipshot USA bridge or a Kahler Trem option is available. The pickups are 16.50K Dimarzio Dominion Humbuckers with ceramic magnets, mounted on ‘mini-rails’ to allow numerous user-adjusted tonal variations. Smoked acrylic black glass is standard, with optional red glass electronics cover available. Hennessy NSL-7200 strap locks are standard, and the guitar ships in an RB Aero low-profile case. 

660 Guitars was forged on the friendship of builders Drew Emory and Myke Wilkerson, both independent builders who found they shared the same ideas in constructing guitar bodies out of metal, namely aircraft-grade aluminum. Aluminum is an extremely rugged and durable building material, and offers the guitar world a change from traditional wood construction. The results are warm and resonant guitars with tank-like construction, and minimal weather-related issues.

Traditional instruments are subject to many issues, from humidity, airline handling, to general use. The Aviator AV27, along with all of 660 Guitars’ instruments, is handcrafted with pride in the USA, precision engineered, and built to exacting standards to minimalize maintenance and downtime, while ensuring the instruments are around for generations.

MSRP $3400 USD

To learn more about the Aviator AV27 and the 660 Guitars building process, please visit

Robin Trower: set to release studio album Where You Are Going To on Manhaton Records.


Legendary guitarist and singer-songwriter, Robin Trower will release studio album Where You Are Going To on Friday 6th May viaManhaton Records.

The guitarist, whose 1974 album, Bridge of Sighs, is regarded by many rock pundits as a blues milestone, describes his new studio album as a continuation of his previous album Something’s About To Change.

Trower says: “Where You Are Going To ranges from rock to funky soul, with some epic blues grooves. The title track is me reflecting on my life and career, and how we have no idea how our lives might unfold.

“In terms of influences I felt I was channelling a combination of James Brown and John Lee Hooker on the funky The Fruits Of Your Desire and album closer Delusion Sweet Delusion. I’m really looking forward to playing those on tour.”

He adds: “Opener When Will The Next Blow Fall is a bit of a rocker inspired by the events in Europe and how uncertain people’s futures are. The album features two very emotional tracks, We Will Be Together Someday and I’m Holding On To You, both dedicated to the memory of my late wife.”

The new album features Trower on guitars, vocals and bass, with Chris Taggart on drums. It was produced by Livingstone Brown at Studio 91 in Newbury. Click here for album artwork, hi res photos and full press release. The album is available for pre-order from Amazon UK.

Where You Are Going To – Album Track List

1. When Will The Next Blow Fall
2. Where You Are Going To
3. Back Where You Belong
4. Jigsaw
5. The Fruits of Your Desire
6. We Will Be Together Someday
7. Ain’t No Use To Worry
8. In Too Deep
9. I’m Holding on to You
10. Delusion Sweet Delusion

Alberto Rigoni: Aidan Hampson Releases "The Best of Alberto Rigoni" bass book

The Best of Alberto Rigoni

After a month of collaboration, Aidan Hampson is really excited to announce his latest book: The Best of Alberto Rigoni

Alberto Rigoni is an Italian bass player and composer who rapidly gained audience in the international music scene thanks to his modern and fresh sound, far away from any well known music cliché. His solo albums (Something Different, Rebirth, Three Wise Monkeys and Overloaded, worldwide released between 2008 and 2014), between progressive rock metal and fusion, also feature legendary musicians such as Kevin Moore (ex Dream Theater), Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson), Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen), Michael Manring and many others.

Alberto has been featured on the cover of magazines such as Bass Magazine Japan, Bass Musician Magazine and Bajos Y Bajistas. Moreover, On March 2015 the prestigious Bass Guitar Magazine (UK) released Alberto’s CD anthology called “Into THE BASS”.

The book includes songs from throughout his career such as 2008's BASSex, 2012's Kikazaru and Bass Guy, to be released next month (BASSORAMA album will be out on April 15th 2016,

CLICK HERE for more information about the book.