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News: Voyager, Leprous & Earthside European tour 2016

Voyager, Leprous & Earthside European tour 2016

Thursday, March 31th, Berlin, Musikundfrieden - GERMANY
Friday, April 1st, S’hertogenbosch (NL), W2 - NETHERLANDS
Saturday, April 2nd, Helmond (NL), Cacabofabriek - NETHERLANDS
Sunday, April 3rd, Hoofddorp (NL), Podium Duycker - NETHERLANDS
Tuesday, April 5th, Hamburg (DE), Logo - GERMANY
Wednesday, April 6th, Essen (DE), Turock - GERMANY
Thursday, April 7th, Pratteln (CH), Z7 - SWITZERLAND
Friday, April 8th, Strasbourg (FR), - La Laiterie FRANCE
Saturday, April 9th, Durbuy (BE), Durbuy Rock Festival - BELGIUM

David Preston, Kevin Glasgow, Laurie Lowe: Preston Glasgow Lowe - 2016 UK Tour Dates

2016 UK Tour Dates

March 29 – The Vortex, London

April 13 – Dempseys, Cardiff

April 14 – Bonington Theatre, Nottingham

April 15 – The Fusebox, Leeds

April 16 – The Verdict, Brighton

April 17 – Southampton Modern Jazz Club

April 20 – The Lescar, Sheffield

April 21 – The Future Inn, Bristol

April 22 – Hot Numbers Coffee, Cambridge

April 24 – The Alex, Felixstowe

April 26 – The Phoenix, York

April 28 – The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

April 29 – Café Lento, Leeds

April 30 – Jazz Co-op, Newcastle

Anton Tsygankov: Alien Guitar on a dark side 2 - a genuine case of WTF

Hey! Just playing some glide licks on my Alien guitar. I'm on a Dark side today folks !))

Alien Guitar on a dark side 27.03.2016

Jose Macario: proving that 8 string fingerstyle doesn't need to djent

Jose Macario: proving that 8 string fingerstyle doesn't need to djent

Jose Macario 8 string fingerstyle

Nino: Alteration - Guitar Playthrough Progressive Metal from Beirut, Lebanon

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Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Genre: Progressive Metal
Nino - Alteration (Guitar Playthrough)

Adam Skantze: Sentience - Aspirate and An Ecstasy Of Light - from the forth coming Sentience album, "OLEKA" - great melodic technical metal


This song is from the forth coming Sentience album, called "OLEKA", at Dead Surface Studios, performed by Adam Skantze.

Thanks to PositiveGrid for providing us with BIAS FX for this video.

Mixed, Mastered and Recorded at Dead Surface Studios by Adam Skantze.




Sentience - Aspirate (Guitar Solo - Adam Skantze)

Sentience - An Ecstasy Of Light (Guitar Solo - Adam Skantze)

Jo le Boubi: #Solocontest2016 packed with tapping technique goodness

A late post... but better late than never... subscribe:

#mayones #mesaboogie #line6 #bareknucle #toontrack #gruvgear

Hi there comrades,
Here's my entry for the Guitar Solo Contest of this year. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed composing it. I tried to incorporate and show different techniques and aspects of my guitar playing.

I actually did not really want to enter the competition at first for various reasons, yet after having jammed on the backing track for a while I realised how fun it was and that I should perhaps try my own version.

Don't forget to tell me back what you thought of it and if you liked it just press the thumb up !


Equipment used :
Ibanez RGA420 Z
Pam's iPhone ahah

#Solocontest2016 - Jo le Boubi

Sam Birchall, Adam Skantze: The Aleph - Play-Through

This is song is a collaboration between Sam Birchall (JTC Solo competition finalist) and Adam Skantze (from UK progressive metal band, "Sentience"), titled "The Aleph".

All material was; filmed, mixed and mastered at Dead Surface Studios.

All post production done by Adam Skantze.


Sam Birchall Facebook:

Adam Skantze Facebook:

The Aleph - Adam Skantze & Sam Birchall (Play-Through)

Spice Up Your Solos With These Modern Rhythmic Licks!
Sam Birchall debuts at JTC with a very original, unique and fresh release that is going to blow your guitar world wide open! With varying degrees of intensity from the beautiful to the aggressive, these 20 modern rhythmic licks will show you how to incorporate and master chordal ideas in your own guitar solos!

There is a real progression in the licks starting with simpler more introductory licks which ease you into the idea of using rhythmic chordal ideas in your licks. Then as you work through these 20 ideas Sam will guide you into the more complex and advanced licks.

On the theory side on things, there is a lot going on! We've got interesting use of rhythmic ideas, syncopation, drop-chords, great use of colour notes and chord extensions and wide interval ideas. Sam's licks are the perfect example of how you can really get a lot of interesting sounds out of a mostly diatonic palette! If you can learn to do a lot with a little, then imagine what's possible when you expand your ideas further!

Some of the fantastic techniques in this pack include; hybrid picking, legato (hammer ons and pull offs), sliding, pick raking, open-strings, palm-muting, finger rolling, tapping, economy picking, percussive clicks and letting notes ring into each other to create chordal effects... plus much more!

If you can master each of these super creative licks in turn then you'll be well on your way to adding your own interesting rhythmic/chordal ideas into your own licks and solos!

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

Wayde Cooper: A different Approach to String Skipping - purple hair not required

More string skipping fun!

If you have any question please fill free to post, I will try and respond in a timely matter.

Thank you for tuning in, more videos lessons are being made and will be uploaded.

Facebook -
Website -
Band - http://www.continuousaudiotransmissio...

Kiesel Guitars -
Carvin -
Digitech -
Gruvgear -

A different Approach to String Skipping.

Simon Kinny-Lewis. Anton Davidyants: I Smell Trouble from new electric blues album

" I Smell Trouble" featuring a Bass solo by the one and only Anton Davidyants This is the 7th track filmed and recorded for the making of my electric blues album currently untitled and pre mixed. Follow me here on facebook for more preproduction studio postings and enjoy the journey with me as I make this record. Hit HD for better quality. Read lyrics here...

I Smell Trouble by Simon Kinny-Lewis feat Anton Davidyants

Jostein Odland: presents the advanced guitar solo tutorial : Extremeskipping

So here it is , this is my legacy and contribution to the development of guitar technique to a level of total range and freedom on the fretboard . If you love the guitar as an artform , and the development of technical possibilities and musical freedom of expression , please share this video with everyone you think will benefit from it . And please , never forget who played these licks first, it will make the 10 hours practice per day for a period worth it :-) Sincerely

Jostein Odland (C) Copyright march 2016

Jostein Odland presents the advanced guitar solo tutorial : Extremeskipping

Davide Pagano: master Italian fusion returns with guitar playthrough from new song

Davide Pagano: master Italian fusion with guitar playthrough from new song

(Guitar) Playthrough of a new song [preview]

This is the guitar playthrough of a new song I am working on. Enjoy!

Denis Shvarts: Dark Matter Secret ''Unhuman Lifeform'' from Xenoform - progressive metal Guitar Playthrough

This is a first DMS playthrough, sorry for disorder in my room))))) Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!! Stay fucking metal \m/


Dark Matter Secret ''Unhuman Lifeform'' Guitar Playthrough

Yohei Kimura: Carvin DC800 - 'Recluse' an ode to the Hikikomori? Great original tune and classy tones

Guitar: Carvin DC800/PLAYTECH ST250
Effects :BOSS GT-001
cable: Xotic XGC-1


Yohei Kimura: Original Song 'Recluse'

Rob Garland, Maurice Arenas: TrueFire - Blues For Gary Moore - G.M. Blues Jam

Here is a video featuring TrueFire fusion artists Rob Garland and Maurice Arenas jamming "coast to coast" via video on "G.M. Blues - a tribute to the late great Gary Moore. Gary was a huge influence on Maurice and Rob who both love his playing throughout his whole working life, encompassing Gary's early bands, solo career, blues period and the later return to his rock roots.

Blues For Gary Moore - G.M. Blues Jam With Maurice Arenas & Rob Garland TrueFire Guitar

Ben Craven: To Release Third Album “Last Chance To Hear” featuring William Shatner and Billy Sherwood

Australian Guitarist Ben Craven To Release Third Album “Last Chance To Hear” Feat. Guest Contributions By William Shatner and Billy Sherwood

"Brisbane, Australia – Australian cinematic progressive-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist Ben Craven is releasing his highly anticipated third album “Last Chance To Hear”. The new release features guest contributions by YES legend Billy Sherwood and iconic actor William Shatner (yes, Capt. Kirk himself!!!). A new single titled “The Remarkable Man” is available for immediate download when pre-ordering the album. It's an imaginary theme song from a spy thriller movie franchise.

Says Ben, “ 'Last Chance To Hear' is loosely inspired by the end of the music industry as we knew it. There’s never been a time when so much new music was being made by so many people and being listened to by so few people. The concept of paying for new music is now alien to a lot of the audience. Digital downloads have made physical media virtually obsolete. Streaming services mean that anybody making new music is now competing with the whole history of recorded music. And the album format is in danger of becoming extinct. There's never been a time full of more 'opportunity' than now. So I made an album about it.

“The new album is a logical progression from my previous album, 'Great & Terrible Potions'. The arrangements are more confident and more purposeful. But probably the biggest difference is that there are fewer vocals on this new one. 'Last Chance To Hear' is more about having the confidence, and presumably the competence, to let the music do the talking.”

The obvious question is how did Ben recruit such iconic artists as William Shatner and Billy Sherwood to guest on his new album? Ben explains, “I was not my first choice to perform the vocals on 'Spy In The Sky Part 3'. I pored over the melody and the lyrics to get them just right. But when I finally ran through the completed lyrics in my head, I could only imagine a speaking voice.

“Immediately I thought 'William Shatner!' and loved the idea. Then reality kicked back in and I got on with the job of singing my own vocals. Except the idea never went away. It kept nagging and eating away at me, like all good ideas do. And here I was willing to give up my own vocal performance on the most dramatic piece of music on the album! So I had to stop ignoring it.

“I reached out to Billy Sherwood who as you know produced William Shatner's last album, the excellent 'Ponder The Mystery'. Billy would have been my first and only choice to record the session. I asked him if he thought the concept of having Shatner appear one of my songs would even be possible. Amazingly, everyone agreed, and Billy is the one who actually made it happen.

“Deep down I felt a lingering terror that the music might collapse under the weight of a William Shatner vocal performance. But I suspect Shatner realized the opposite. He played the lead vocalist role perfectly, as boldly and grandly as the music aspired to be. It is an awesome combination and he brought the track up to a new level altogether. I love it.”

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, immersed as a toddler in the era of big prog rock, Craven taught himself guitar and keyboards and joined a series of bands. None of them made it and none of them remotely played the kind of music that had been burned into his mainframe as a kid. Nonetheless, the songs he wrote accumulated steadily. In 2005, Craven dispensed entirely with the band approach and recorded his debut album, “Two False Idols” under the name of Tunisia. The result was a work of incredible maturity, with influences ranging from Pink Floyd and Brian Wilson to the likes of Bernard Herrmann and John Barry.

Says Ben, “My usual suspect influences are Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Yes and King Crimson. But just as important are composers like Bernard Herrmann, John Barry, Henry Mancini and John Williams. I seem to blend progressive music with film soundtrack elements. I'm also a Brian Wilson tragic.”

As Craven worked his first album it became painfully obvious that the music business was in the midst of a sea change, and most of the old guard didn't seem to realize they were the cause. Very quickly he took an anti-DRM stance and released the live acoustic EP “Under Deconstruction” as a high-quality free download.

Craven stepped up a gear for his sophomore album, “Great & Terrible Potions”. Delivering on the cinematic promise of “Two False Idols”, “Potions'” went widescreen as Craven blurred the boundaries between conventional songs and orchestral soundtracks. Augmented by a stunning cover designed by legendary artist Roger Dean (Yes, Uriah Heep, Asia), “Potions” was dense, complicated and unashamedly pretentious – everything a good prog rock album should be! Or, to put it another way, Craven sounded exactly like someone reveling in the creative freedom that came only from not worrying about what others wanted, and delivering what he felt instead.

And now, much to the excitement of Prog fans worldwide, Ben is releasing his latest masterpiece “Last Chance To Hear”!

Here's what the press raved about Ben Craven's previous release:

“Heavy-duty prog rock monster” - Anil Prasad, Innerviews

“Cracking virtuoso performance by an absurdly talented individual” - Classic Rock Society

“Craven’s one-man-band production is a prog opus for the 21st century” - Musoscribe

“All the drama, thunder, strum and drang you could want the spiritual grand child of Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson to bring” - Midwest Record

“Craven’s tremendous ability to combine memorable hooks with complex progressive rock and cinematic orchestral music is astounding” - Sea Of Tranquility

“Press play and this album does the rest” - Muzikreviews

In support of “Last Chance To Hear” Ben is putting together a one-man show for the album launch event in April, and hopes to develop it for further performances.

In closing Ben has this to impart to his fans and listeners, “This is a desperate time for music. The landscape is littered with album reissues, remixes, repackages and compilations. Record companies are trying to squeeze out every last cent while they still can. Some artists only put out new albums so they can tour. Others have decided that nobody wants to hear their new music so they don't bother making any. There’s so much noise out there now that it’s virtually impossible for anyone to stand out without the marketing might of a big record label. I want people to know that there are still those of us flying under the radar, the obsessives, who make music because it keeps us alive. With no realistic expectations of financial success, it's the anticipation of the next song, the one we haven't finished yet, that keeps us going!”

For more information:

To purchase Ben Craven's “Last Chance To Hear”:

Beto Kobayashi: Lugar seguro - Lançamento cd - live performance

"Lugar seguro"
Show de lançamento do cd duplo "A alma da sua história", realizado no auditório da EM&T Campinas no dia 05/10/12.

Beto Kobayashi - guitarra
Michel Cury - piano digital
João Paulo Martini - baixo
Victor Marcellus - bateria

BETO KOBAYASHI QUARTETO -"Lugar seguro" - Lançamento cd "A alma da sua história" - 2012

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: The Iron Maidens - Catch them at the O2 Islington Academy April 2016

The Iron Maidens performing The Wicker Man in Venezuela.... they will play their debut London gig at the O2 Islington Academy on 14th April. Tickets are £20 + booking fee and are available from

The Iron Maidens Perform The Wicker Man - Catch them at the O2 Islington Academy on 14th April

Jen Majura: interviewing Chris Impellitteri, Andy Timmons, Billy Sheehan, Herman Li, Alex Skolnick, and more!

Jen Majura

No clue how many interviews I did in my life, and mostly there are the same questions asked over and over again, so I decided to have a new hobby: "interviewing colleagues and friends with rather unusual odd questions!" Turns out to be so much fun, when I started this in the beginning of this year and maybe one day I'm going to tell you the questions... but so far... have fun watching and "Happy Easter To Y'All!"

Thanks to all of the great people who helped me out with my new fun hobby: INTERVIEWING COLLEAGUES!

Chris Impellitteri, Andy Timmons, Troy McLawhorn, Maurizio Iacono, Billy Sheehan, Herman Li, Mille Petrozza, Mike Terrana, Marco Wriedt, Alex Skolnick, Marco Mendoza...

Interviewing friends with funny questions...