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Chantel McGregor: Improvisation Session - Bristol Tunnels and latest tour dates

Chantel released her highly anticipated new album, Lose Control, on Friday 9th October 2015 on her independent boutique label Tis Rock Music. The new album is the follow up to her critically acclaimed 2011 debut solo album, Like No Other.

After four years of touring and festival appearances, Chantel returns with a vengeance with ten new songs that not only salutes contemporary rock, but shows her gradual transition from conventional Blues to a harder, bigger and bolder rock sound with progressive influences.

Photo Gallery: http://www.shreddelicious.com/2016/03/chantel-mcgregor-improvisation-session.html

Chantel McGregor: Improvisation Session - Bristol Tunnels 16/12/2015

Tour Dates: http://www.chantelmcgregor.com/tour.html

Fri Apr 29
Otley, YOR, UK | 7:30PM Share Details

Fri May 13
Saint Helens, UK | 7:30PM

Sun May 22
Cleethorpes Parkway Cinema
Cleethorpes, LIN, UK | 7:30PM Share Details

Fri May 27
Sutton Boom Boom
Sutton, SRY, UK | 7:30PM

Fri Jun 3
Band on the Wall
Manchester, UK | 7:30PM

Sat Jun 4
Brewery Arts Centre
Kendal, UK | 7:30PM

Fri Jun 17
York Fibbers
York, YOR, UK | 7:30PM

Sat Jun 18
The Junction Theatre
Goole, EAY, UK | 8:00PM

Wed Jun 29
Robin 2
Bilston, UK | 7:30PM

Fri Aug 5
New Crawdaddy
Billericay, ESS, UK | 7:30PM

Sat Aug 6
The 100 Club
London, LND, UK | 7:30PM

Fri Sep 16
Sheffield, YOR, UK | 7:30PM Share Details

Fri Sep 23
Louth, Riverhead Theatre
Louth, UK | 7:30PM

Sat Sep 24
Halifax Playhouse
Halifax, YOR, UK | 7:30PM

Thu Sep 29
Edinburgh Caves
Edinburgh, EDH, UK | 7:30PM

Fri Sep 30
Nice N Sleazy
Glasgow, GLG, UK | 7:30PM

Fri Oct 21
King Georges Hall
Blackburn, UK | 7:00PM

Fri Dec 9
Devon Hall
Bideford, DEV, UK | 7:00PM

Mon Dec 12
Morecambe Platform
Morecambe, UK | 7:00PM

Wed Dec 14
The Brudenell Social Club
Leeds, UK | 7:30PM

Thu Dec 15
The Flowerpot
Derby, UK | 7:30PM

Fri Dec 16
The Leopard Doncaster
Doncaster, UK | 7:30PM

Vladimir Maisiuk: JTC-Jam Of The Month(March 2016)

JTC-Jam Of The Month(March 2016)-By Vladimir Maisiuk

Pete Cottrell: Apps used in this video are: BeatMaker 2, GarageBand, Drums XD, Positive Grid Jamup/Bias, GeoShred, Audio Bus and Positive Grid Final Touch

iTunes: https://goo.gl/GRGSve
Subscribe: http://goo.gl/6Rbo1c
Tabs/Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/TgrZtT
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/peteplaysmusic

Business contact: petelessons[at]hotmail[dot]com

Apps used in this video are: BeatMaker 2, GarageBand, Drums XD, Positive Grid Jamup/Bias, GeoShred, Audio Bus and Positive Grid Final Touch.

All audio was recorded, mixed and mastered on an iPad Mini however for technical reasons, I did have to record the guitar audio from the iPad onto the computer and then re-import it back onto the iPad. I didn't change or edit anything though. I'm stupid and couldn't get it to record straight onto the iPad using Audio Bus or Inter App Audio without feedback but a cleverer person than me could do this completely on the iPad.

BIG thank you to Patron supporters Richard Nurse, Kelli Ryan, Skip DeHennis, Robin Tregaskis and Jozef Megyesi who helped make this video possible, YOU ROCK!

App Metal | Pete Cottrell

Francesco Artusato: teaches how to play the intro lick from the new Devil You Know song "Master of None"

Francesco Artusato teaches how to play the intro lick from the new Devil You Know song "Master of None"

Francesco Artusato’s (DEVIL YOU KNOW) - "Master of None" Lick

Andy Timmons: Premier Guitar Rig Rundown

Article and photos: http://bit.ly/AndyTimmonsRR

Andy Timmons is currently on the Ultimate Guitar Experience tour with fellow 6-stringers Jennifer Batten and Uli John Roth. Before their soundcheck in Nashville at the Basement East, Timmons demonstrated how he gets studio-quality tones onstage.

Timmons still uses the first prototype AT100 that Ibanez built. He’s so attached to it, that he even knows it’s birthday (Valentine’s Day of 1994). The bridge pickup is a DiMarzio AT-1 and he uses DiMarzio Cruiser in the neck and bridge positions.

For a slightly different tone, Timmons goes with a 2008 Ibanez AT10RP prototype that features a rosewood fretboard. Each guitar is strung up with a set of .010–.046 D’Addario strings.

To continue to learn about Andy's gear, visit: http://bit.ly/AndyTimmonsRR

Rig Rundown - Andy Timmons

Ali Najeeb: legato for Exivious (Entrust) Solo Contest 2013

This is what I've come up on this track.
Exivious ROCKS !!

Exivious (Entrust) Solo Contest - Ali Najeeb

Afaq Adnan: legato yourock midi guitar gen2 going through sylenth vsti.

My Dear Sir Afaq Adnan using yourock midi guitar gen2 going through sylenth vsti.

Tommaso Zillio: Four reasons why you need to learn music theory for guitar

Tommaso Zillio: Four reasons why you need to learn music theory for  guitar  

Time and time again you’ve heard that learning music theory is necessary, but do you believe spending hours learning chords and scales doesn’t need seem as productive as forging your own style? Does theory just sound like a trap? Are you of the belief that creative players don’t need theory?

I’ve heard this many times before, and I get it, because at the first glance theory is confusing and doesn’t look like it has any immediate benefits when picking up the guitar. And everybody who has spent time trying to learn a thing or two on the Internet has come across at least one article that says theory is useless for learning about composition and improvisation.
I heard these arguments time and time again when I started learning guitar theory as well. The worst part is that some of the people writing these articles haven’t even really learned theory, and feed into a confirmation bias, which then allows the false idea that you don’t need theory to be the best you can be to spread without a second thought.

The truth is that it really isn’t difficult to learn guitar theory the proper way. The best part is, the more you learn, the more you will see just how useful it is, and that feeling of learning something and immediately putting it to use in improvisation and composition is intoxicating.
It’s not possible to go over all of the right way to learn theory in a single blog post, but here are a number of places to get your foot in the proverbial door:

The Conscious And The Subconscious Musician

Some people believe that learning theory will turn them into a calculative, predictable musician, believing that they will have to think before they act in every situation. They believe that when they go into a solo, they will have to think about the tones, scales, and finger placement instead of just thinking about the music. And I absolutely agree, I don’t want to be thinking about these things either.

Pretend you’re in the driver’s seat of a car. When you hit the road, are you thinking about all of the rules of the road, or are you just driving in a safe manner? You’re probably just driving. And without thinking of all of these rules, you’re still able to maintain a safe speed while respecting the laws of the road because you learned and internalized these rules before you got your license. Just like music theory, it’s the subconscious that’s doing the heavy lifting.
So of course, this same idea applies to playing guitar, and you’ve probably seen this yourself. When you make a B chord, you intuitively know that you have to barre the second fret, and make an A chord pattern with your other fingers. Unless you just learned that chord from this article, you don’t think about it — you just do it.

If this can be done for basic chords, then it is exactly the same for music theory! When I start need to build up tension for the turnaround, I’m not doing math in my head to figure out where the right 7th chord is, I just intuitively know which chord it is and when is the best moment to play it for maximum effect. I don’t have any cosmic powers, I just practices and internalized enough theory to do it without thinking about it.

A Workout For Your Fingers

People that work out at a gym know what it’s like to repetitively practice simple movements, such as squats, or a dumbbell press that don’t have many applications in real life; for people that don’t work out regularly, it just looks like an artificial practice. The thing is, people who do this everyday do realise real-world benefits in everything they do.

You’re not running a marathon or death race in the gym. But by working with a trainer and doing the exercises over and over, you become stronger, and all of the sudden that race, along with climbing large flights of stairs becomes much easier. There’s nothing strange about that.

People ask me what benefits they will see from learning guitar theory. Of course, one of the easiest benefits is that you will be able to use chords to write a song, or the scales to play along with your favourite tune; but the real reason is that it will make you a stronger, more diverse, player.

You’ll be able to apply these basic skills as you learn them. But the biggest benefit is as you learn more chords and scales, you’ll begin to learn how to make sounds of your own, and play music that you would not normally have been able to.

The “Rules” Of Music Theory Don’t Exist

The biggest opposers of music theory dislike it because of all of the “rules,” but in reality, there aren’t any rules, and players will be encouraged encouraged to break the “rules” they learned in the future. This idea comes from the type of people who skim a couple pages of a book, and read that there are things they are not supposed to do. When they put the book down and never pick it up again, they are left with a sour taste, believing the “rules” only served to hold them back from compositing truly meaningful music.

Of course, this isn’t the truth. These lessons are not meant to be a “rule book,” instead they’re supposed to be a set of instructions for learning a concept; sure, that exercise might have a couple rules — but those are there so you can learn the basics, which you will certainly break later on.
Some sets of exercises from the same sources will have different rules for a similar outcome, which can cause confusion, but that’s because they focus on an entirely different concept that will be learned with time. Of course, the person who only reads a couple of pages won’t be able to fully synthesize the learning objective without reading the entire book. Just remember that next time somebody tries to talk you out of learning theory.

In Conclusion

Music Theory isn’t as awful as many guitarists will have you believe; in fact, it’s actually one of the greatest tricks up every musician’s sleeve, so long as they had the right teacher.
If you need a hand finding the best way to approach the topic, then feel free to navigate to my website using the link below, where you can find a free map of music theory. Using this map, you’ll be able to figure out where you are and how to get to where you want to be.

About the Author

A professional guitarist, teacher, and composer, Tommaso Zillio enjoys particularly writing about music theory and its application to guitar playing

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: The Aristocrats Deluxe Album Box Set

The Aristocrats Deluxe Album Box Set

It's what the guitar playing world has been waiting for. And now it's here, ready for you to download. The Aristocrats complete official backing tracks available only from Jamtrackcentral.com.

When the intense, eccentric and all-out rockin' trio The Aristocrats came back with their outstanding third instalment to their discography we decided that we just HAD to release a complete deluxe box set including all three of their incredible albums! So in this box set we've got all three albums, every single official backing track, plus we've tabbed out every one of Guthrie's glorious notes for you to study, learn and master! These transcriptions are endorsed personally by Guthrie himself so you know that these are 100% accurate!

The material in this package will open your mind to a whole world of new musical possibilities and radically change the way you play forever! The Aristocrats are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible and with these backings/transcriptions you can join them along for the ride! If you've ever wondered what it would be like to play with the best rhythm section in the world right now then here's your chance. Join Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann whilst you dep for Guthrie Govan. Just imagine. Hey don't just imagine, download this fabulous package to find out for yourself and get playing immediately!

Save some big bucks by grabbing this fantastic deluxe album box set. RRP 74.97(GPB)

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are audio tracks for you to listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything!


Lari Basílio: Revolution - recorded in the studios of Cifra Club

Check out this video recorded in the studios of Cifra Club a superclass with our artist Lari Basilio. The guitarist teaches 'Revolution', one of the songs from your CD / DVD 'The Sound Of My Room'. Lari uses pedals and NIG strings / RnB www.nigmusc.com.br

Lari Basilio - Revolution (aula de guitarra)