COMPETITION: Shred this! TOP 3

Yngwie Malmsteen: to release Korean live show DVD

Richie Blackmore: blackmores night US dates

Tommy Ermolli: step ahead new cd announced

Steve Vai: charity auction details

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: double neck solo antwerp

Larry Mitchell: ibanez clinic footage posted

Milan Polak: 16 lessons in the bag!

Pedro Santos, Nacho Mur, Jose Rubio: night of the guitars 09!

Nori Bucci: found that elusive youtube channel at last!

Rob Scallon: two handed taptastic

Stephane Pilette: hagstrum ultra swede

Robbert Hanenberg: is this love... yep sure is!

News: the power of html... no wonder M$ is worried.

Ugur Dariveren: subway ugur... give me a riff!

Jason Becker: guitar player presentation award

Joop Wolters: sunrise on acoustic

David Gilmore: the quayle connection candidate

COMPETITION: Shred this! protone bonus continues

Tristan Klein: t-rex monster jam

Darren Donohoe: give me a riff and other competitions!

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: london o2 review

News: school of rock fundraiser

Karl Bourdin: KB... warning tapping excess

John Norum: full uk tour with diamond head!

News: Shred Manila new web site spotted

Atanas Shishkov: super busy, lessons, CD news and cool demos

Mika Tyyskä: on facebook

News: new web site World Of Blues.