Chris Brooks: Best of the Master Plan Backing Tracks EP

Nahuel Schiumarini: a little blue improv

Dave Martone: ZC3 Concert free entrance!!!!!

Paul Gilbert: after Georgie Fame now the karaoke fuzz universe... what next?

News: let there be rock program

Joe Bonamassa: UK tour dates

Andres Ludmer: tribute to Jason Becker, an incredible version of altitudes!

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Richie Kotzen: Hendrix Tribute

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Zakk Wylde: and Rob Turner, Founder, EMG Pickups thanks you!

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Lee Ritenour, Andy McKee, Guthrie Govan, Joe Robinson: Lee discusses the inclusion of players

Claudio Light: guitar solos for Gustavo's CD

Angel Ruiz: blue noise

Ryunosuke Yamagishi: little squeaky blue noise

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