pARTyzant: "Mission Impossible" - super tapping version

Francesco Artusato: Betcha Can't Play This

Darius Wave: February RiFFiT solo contest

Richie Kotzen: High LIVE - Kulturbastion Torgau - great sound

Len Cardozo: Aurora competition

Paul Gilbert: "Paperback Writer"

Arnaud: Into the Arena Michael Schenker Group - Great!!

Tom Quayle: How to Change Guitar Strings

Kermheat,Manu Livertout: Purple Haze

Claus Levin Sepstrup: more secrets of speed picking

Fred Vezina: fusion live band - live show posted

Robbert Hanenberg: Etude for Piano 2 articulated immaculately on guitar

Tristan Klein: wild baby dragon shaking his lâg jet 3000

Dario Cortese: Lick of the Month - Country

Mark Fitchett: Aeolian Jam - Go For it!

Misha Mansoor, Alex Bois: Periphery by Larry DiMarzio

Darius Wave: Fret 12 Competition

Damjan Pejcinoski, Dragianni, Emir Hot, Muris Varajic: omis guitarfest concerts

Tom Quayle,George Marios: T42 with Jam and scones

Temur Kvitelashvili: Tbiliso - ethnic fusion

Jon Bloomer: Planet Waves Guitar Rest unboxing

Adrian English: Innerplanetarium order March 1st 2011

Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl UK tour dates

Darius Wave: Aurora contest and Megara

Salvatore Russo: is on facebook

Cris Bertini: guitar idol 2011 entry!

Dario Vero: Great solo for 2011

Rocco,Valentino: Racer X - Scarified

News: Weird Al Yankovic SHREDS!!!

Marty Friedman: with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Gianluca Ferro: UK clinic date UK, Bristol and Bath

Eric Johnson: Quebec City 2010

Marshall Harrison: Allan Holdsworht DeLap guitar jam session

Yoshi,Toki: Aldious - Live Performance Video

Takayoshi Ohmura: Never (Examples)

Yngwie Malmsteen: Wall Of Marshalls LIMS 2009

Joe Price: Happy as larry - Alex Hutchings cover

Grant Austin Taylor: hard rocking little guy - A great talent

David Pieralisi: space race - masotti guitar - excellent rock guitar

Északi Szabolcs: szabi jam!

Mark Tremonti, Rusty Cooley: backstage with Mark Tremonti

Alex Masi: live with John Macaluso Stazione Birra, Roma

Chatreeo Bae: 1354 videos... last couple are a Tom Anderson

Karim Hamdi: aka Ron Govan Fusion improvisation

Rob Chappers: Slash VS Yngwie - How Loud?

George Lynch: Lynch Mob Avalon Santa Clara 2-25-11

Jack Thammarat: On The Way with live drums!

Elliot Noble: Fireworks: You Me At Six

Kiko Loureiro: Carry On and Nova Era

Kartiv2,Mystery guitar man: stop motion music

Leonardo Guzman: Summer of Love Improvised Solo

Sloth Chubsteen: Learn to play the blues Slimer!

Bill Berends: Treasures of the Spirit

Cameron Barton: new camera... time for some Studley Shred

Alex Dinn: Prelude in D major

t-cophony: My own Sunday - Acoustic guitar tapping

Faith Savoy: tapping Scale the Summit and Joe Satriani

Jamie Humphries: David Gilmour style Free Guitar Lesson

Tom Quayle: BOSS ST -2 Power Stack Pedal Review

Guthrie Govan,Michael Casswell: Guitar Performance - Interview

Andy James:IGuitarMag Pentatonic Licks Free Guitar Lesson

Tom Quayle: Iguitarmag BOSS PS - 6 Harmonist Review

Rick Graham: iGuitarMag Four Note Per String Scales With Tapping

Santosh Chandran: replaces Baiju in Mothejane

Vicki Genfan: Atomic Reshuffle

Francesco Fareri: Live shred guitar solo

Miki Sugimoto: Jikki - Pop Metal Guitar Venus

Marco Sfogli: Caserta Oddly 2011

Neil Zaza: 212 CD details

Anouck Andre: Guitar Idol entry 2011

Roy Marchbank: Creative Celtic Fusion Guitar

Yngwie Malmsteen: with The Roots Jimmy Falon show

George Marios: Sound Cloud is calling you

Misha Mansoor,Alex Bois: Periphery - Rig Rundown

Glen Tipton, KK Downing: Judas Priest final "Epitaph" world tour dates announced

Daniele Gregolin: Euro Groove Department Milan Guitar Day 6 #1 1080p

Lukasz Kulczak: Jean Paul Agnesod competition

Halcyon: Pasture solos

t-cophony: acoustic guitar tapping

Anthimos Manti: Guitar Control competition

Anthimos Manti: Jean Paul Agnesod competition

Anthimos Manti: Gus G LTD Competition

Scott Henderson: video lessons

Joop Wolters: interview and album review

Kelly Simonz: Opus 1 and 2

Rob Chappers: Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Head Demo

David Locke: The Evil That Men Do

Daniele Gottardo: Play with three notes

Jack Thammarat: Tribute to Joe Satriani

Timo Somers: The Loner

JP Stratoblogster: Joe got that Shuffle Swing Thing goin' on!

Cesar Huesca: Arkitecht - Through Broken Glass djentalmen take note

Atanas Shishkov: "Blue Vision"

Phi Yaan-Zek: live gig Elephant & Castle

Jason Becker: filming Jason's show on March 26th

Andy Timmons: The Resolution Complete Guitar Transcriptions

News: Birmingham Guitar show today and tomorrow!

Andres Ludmer: Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn - five star version!

Ruggero Robin: Robin Mathisen Millot Trio - sensational new band

Ruggero Robin: New Expression Trio

David Wallimann: Guitar Pro 6 Giveaway!

John Browne: Blackstar Series One 200

Massimo Varini: finding triads

Cheryl Pyle: new CD from jazz flute shredder

Eric Maldonado: Fernandes Revolver X

Rob Chappers: AFD100 Sexy Bits

Hiromi Suzuki: Blue Symphony

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse "No Holy Man" features James LaBrie

Yngwie Malmsteen: shows a couple of his Stratocaster

Morten Faerestrand: Jazz version of the Beatles' "Blackbird"

Ron Thal: tcelectronic interviews

Horvath András: Guglielmo Malusardi interviews Dreyeland's axe wielder for Truth In Shredding

Hedras Ramos: Atoms and Space coming soon!

Harry K Cody: spotted in the late 1970, early 1980's