Scott Henderson: video lessons

The January video lessons were very successful and I've received all positive responses from my students. I'm doing another shoot in April.

If you'd like a lesson, write me at
I'll only respond to serious inquiries about lessons. Tell me specifically what you want in the lesson. It has to be specific - "jazz improvisation" is not specific enough. You could choose from the following topics:

major and melodic minor scales and their modes
how to use diminished ideas
how to use augmented ideas
chord voicings
chord melody
rock and blues playing
jazz phrasing
dog training (not a good choice)
motific development
learning the fingerboard
making money in jazz (really bad choice)
playing outside
recording and tone
guitars and amps
how to set up a strat
how to use guitar polish (discounted price)

These are just a few suggestions. If I get a request for something that isn't listed, I'll make the lesson and add it to the above list.

All lessons will be a combination of verbal explanation and music examples played over backing tracks.

I'll send the video to you with YouSendIt, and you'll pay me through PayPal. You will have to sign an agreement which states that you will use the video for yourself only. Breaking the agreement will get you a visit from Larry the lawyer. I have the right to send the same lesson multiple times if I get more than one request for that specific lesson, so don't expect to hear your name mentioned in the video.

The lesson will be around half an hour and will cost 150.00 US

Hope to see you in April!