Otis Carlos: 8 finger blues tapping... winning!

Zooey Deschanel: Ukele your way to 5 million views in 2 days!

pARTyzanT: two hands, two necks for Swan LAke

Ben Flanders: a ballad for the new year

Dhalif Ali: A ballad for 2012

Mike Stern: News Years Eve Show Iridium 2011

Alicia: Blue In Green

Marc Guillermont: PL0 demo and live performances

Gabriel Marin: Fret-Less Double Neck - Consider the Source 2011

Nori Bucci: ripping it up 2005 style

Jack Thammarat: tribute to Joe Bonamassa

Deniz Demiröz: Adagio

Jan Laurenz: Japanese new year jam

Feodor Dosumov: Impact Fuze Cornford live sessions

Julien Carayon: Track by track Alpha the album

Morten Faerestrand: 3 cool ideas in one lick

Andy James: Jason Becker Fest

Joop Wolters: Jason Becker Fest

Will Schut,Anand Mahangoe: Chupacabra Farm freed download CD for new Year

Hedras Ramos: Guitar Idol 2011 Final Performance

Roger Pedersen: 2012 Predictions

Antoine Fafard,Tom Quayle: live tapping and new album available

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Enver Izmailov: the tapping sessions

Ignazio Di Salvo: Guitar Idol 2011 live performance

Pete Thorn: great demo of Suhr SL68 Handwired amplifier

Daita: Cinematic symphonic rock - originals

Dave Reffett: performing with Jeff Martin at NAMM

Kenny Serane: Gipsy Flamenco with Kompas

Maddie Rice: tribute to Robben Ford

Mateus Starling: Giant Steps

Dzmitry Kasyanenka: Girl With Sad Eyes - original

Arnaldo Alves: tribute to Guthrie Govan

Rob Chappers, Guthrie Govan: Help get the stolen gear back

Steve Vai: jamming on new Gibson acoustic guitar

Anthony Xander: Modified album available

Ron Thal: Pink Panther special solo release

Ruggero Robin: EBS Pedals at MusikMesse 2011

Miky Bianco: the project 2010

Mark Kroos: Two hands, double neck, Mark's an extreme acoustic mother folker!

Listen Angel: Two Handed Pivot Tapping Lesson

Shaun Baxter: Use of E whole-tone scale

Sam Bell: 212 Concept for building arpeggios

Oscar Dronjak: Hammerfall interview

Devin Townsend: "I trust myself now" - Maximum Metal interview

Matias Kupiainen, Jens Johansson: Stratovarius, name their new DVD!

Tom MacLean: To-Mera recording new CD

Eddie Van Halen: tour so close you can almost touch it

John 5: new technique DVD on the way

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G's Firewind Christmas!

Francesco Artusato: All Shall Perish tour cancelled

Neil Peart: Limelight

David Gilmour: Wish You Were Here SACD format

Tony MacAlpine,Aquiles Priester: PsychOctopus drummer for MacAlpine tour

Nico Schliemann: Guitar Idol 2011

Tommaso Semrov: Essetipicks Demo

Carlo Losavio: Improvisation on autumn leaves

Feodor Dosumov: Impact Fuze -Moscow

Fran Alonso: Goodbye 2011 ... Welcome 2012

Marco Sfogli: Jason Becker Fest 2011

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Nahuel Schiumarini: Le Petit Arabesque Bistrot Forlì

Øystein Wika: live at Octoberfest 2011stein Wika

Tony MacAlpine: Guitar Ballad

Kyle Glass: Double leg guitar - Tenacious D - Blizzcon 2010

Bill Bailey: 6 neck guitar - comic shred-athon

Benya Barshai: Swinging with Donna Lee

Kurt Rosenwinkel: with OJM

Luke Liescheidt,Bob Zabek: Walk on Water

Calaw: covers Kollman

Eugene Berger: Electric Chopin ll Fantasy Impromptu

Tom Quayle: High Gain Wampler Pedal Tone - Ecstacy n' Paisley Drive

Lyle Watt: Blackstar HT-5/Amplitube British OR 4x12 cabinet

Sam Bell: Mask of Judas track appears on upcoming Xbox game

Domenico Gallo: Christmas Song - theme of Xmas

Guy Elyahu: Empire Of Chaos

News: Dean Guitars 35th anniversary bash at NAMM

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Hedras Ramos: Sir Christopher Lee announces The Omens of Death

Jack Gardiner: Guitar Idol Live Final 2011

David Fiuczynski: fretless Chinese micro-tonalities

Timo Somers, Barend Courbois, Atma Anur: Live at Jason Becker Fest

Franck Hermanny: Ibanez Ashula Hybrid fretted/fretless hybrid

Peter Luha: JS Bach Partita and Bouree, great playing.

Si Hayden: Supercharger new CD announced

Franck Hermanny: recording bass for Stéphan Forté

Jeff Loomis: jamming acoustic Fastback Studios in Seattle... obviously a Rush fan too :)

Daniel Peroine: two handed arpeggio sequencing

George Balulis: In My Dreams great cover of the classic Lynch solo

Tony MacAlpine: as Wes Montgomery in "Crazy" (2008)

Joe Satriani: Chickenfoot on the cover of January 2011 Guitar Player

Hikaru Tanimoto: two hands, two guitars tapping - great stuff!

Mike Guerrero: acoustic tapping ninja

Neils Vejlyt: free advanced guitar playing lessons

George Kratas: Fusion Jam

Micheal Angelo Batio: Brisbane Guitar show 2011

Richie Kotzen: original guitar up for grabs

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther Christmas Gift interview

Chris Amott: Caparison Guitar demo

Brian May: performs with the Darkness

Sammy Hagar: Cabo Birthday Bash

Jani J Szentkiralyi: Blues 4 Aimee

Inophis Ao: Next To You - original rock ballad

Andreas Varady: with Stochelo Rosenberg Trio at the amazing Gypsy Jazz Festival

Achilleas Diamantis: Big Hearted Love

Nicolas Waldo: taking alternate and sweeping to mega speed levels

Larry Jean Louis: Canary Island Tour jazz fusion solo

Mike Stern: 4 Generations of Miles at Iridium 2011

Antonello Giliberto: Echo Andante, Joe Stump tribute

Alicia: Lester Leaps

Manu Livertout,Kermheat: Jeff Beck Savoy

Daniel Peroine: Eight fingers tapping lesson with BT

Marcello Zappatore: Satch Cryin' on Fretless guitar

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