Alex Skolnick: Andy Mclaughlan Glasgow interview

Sam Bell: TAM100 Ibanez Tosin Abasi - Gravity - Mask Of Judas

Greg Koch: Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic

Billy Cobham,Carl Orr,Gary Husband: Compass Point

Robert Dahlqvist: Ex-Hellacopters guitarist working on first solo album

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Splatters by Bucketheadland another new CD!

Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, Dennis Chambers: HBC European tour dates

New Release: Firey Nouveau Flamenco - Gut String Memoirs by Slang

Frank Gambale: Spotify - In my mind it's utterly pitiful and a disgraceful display of greed and once again Artists being ripped off.

Hans Van Even,Tony MacAlpine, Brett Garsed, Eugene Berger, Feodor Dosumov: Stardust Requiem CD - Indiegogo premix teaser

Brett Garsed: Afraid To Be Afraid - Adrian's Wall - 1987

Gabriele Lazzerini: 60 Seconds Solo Contest - very tasty solo