Mark Zavon,Vinny Appice: Kill Devil Hill @ The Roxy on 10-29-13 Jack Lue Series

Paul Quinn,Doug Scarratt: Saxon 2013 at M15 Bar in Corona, CA. Jack Lue Series

Marius Pop: "Back to the Fusion"

Prashant Aswani,Gianluca Ferro: Milan clinic gets added firepower

Brian Carroll: Buckhead - Hollowed Out - new album out

Stuart Bull, Sam Bell, Levi Clay, Laurie Monk: That Guitar Show, Episode 3 - subjects include, session playing, management and we ask the question...are Americans funny ?

Christie Lenée: News and photos from recent studio sessions can be found on facebook

Clay Withrow,Jay Gleason: Vangough's Between the Madness Is Out Today

Jake E Lee: Red Dragon Cartel - Ozzy's guitarist out of self-imposed exile

Phil Collen,Paul Cook: Manraze - I Surrender - EP and Featured Guest On Rockline

Rob Cavestany: Death Angel @ The Whiskey 10-19-13 Jack Lue Series