Rick Graham: Shredding The Blues or should that be shredding the greens?

Ron Jarzombek: plays all guitar parts to Blotted Science's 'Ingesting Blattaria - 12-tone row and beyond

Mike Orlando: will be performing for GHS Strings & Rocktron at NAMM 2016

Annie Grunwald: Annie Shred - The Shamanic EP - participate in the release!

Troy Stetina: Kaleidoscope - instrumental playthrough by Troy Stetina and Chris Moore

Jason Becker: JB24 Signature Model - Antique ash treatment

News: City Of Lights Melodic Rock Project Seeks Guitarists

Chris Bieniek: Guitar Solo for Charity 4# The Orangutan (Tab/notation available)

Andy Othling: Lowercase Noises: Details on the 2016 Living Room Tour and one last call for hosts

Joe Satriani: Announces Exclusive Fan Contest During 2016 Tour.

Daniele Gottardo: La Terza Età from Non Temperato performed live in the Studio

Gord Olson: Seymour Duncan Dirty Deed

Scott Gailor: Bodhisattva Highway Bound Official Video

Sakura: bow and arrow Glen - multi guitar performance

Sean Ashe: 'Floating Thread' - Flux

Paul Wardingham: Private 1 hour Skype lessons with me now available!

NAMM: Hail StompLight! The world's first Lighting Effect Pedal

Jeff Hughell, Allan Marcus: Six Feet Under bassist Jeff Hughell Announces New Solo Album

Michael Schenker: announces new single to coincide with UK January tour 2016

News: Blues City Music Announces New Matchless Independence 35 Amplifier