Fred Brum: - BKP Juggernauts - F.A.B. - another classy play through

Fred Brum - BKP Juggernauts - F.A.B.
My album Atonement is available (along with a free downloadable track at - please give it a listen. :) Official Website - Facebook - First off, nothing like a set of pickups that allows me to save a file called "FAB JUGGS". It's puerile, I know, but the teen in me was delighted. Now that this is out of the way... The reason why I didn't up a video straight off the bat upon getting these was to show in a more readily accessible, cheaper guitar, what these pickups can do, as opposed to some guitars I own that are very difficult to come by at all and many can't afford; that would defeat the point of the demo altogether, in my opinion, so I used a VGS Soulmaster 7 that is the first Evertune guitar I had - it costs 540 EUR, has a plain nato body with a maple neck and a rosewood board, so the specs are quite trivial and easy to find out there. This is one of several sets of Juggernauts I own

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