Fred Brum: Atonement - Dedicated to the brilliant Shane Gibson

Fred Brum: This video is going up in what is a sad day for the guitar community as we lost the brilliant Shane Gibson today - great guy, great guitarist, and a humble, kind person. Rest in peace.

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This is a demo of the Seymour Duncan Pegasus (bridge) and Sentient (neck) set for 8-string guitars. To keep things simple and so that listeners can have a reference, the guitar used was a rather bare bones Blackat Feral with an ash body and maple neck / fingerboard.

Signal chain is just guitar into Kemper (using my usual profiles) and straight into the interface with only delays on lead bits and mastering as post-production so you can hear the guitar without excessive "makeup" on it.

The set sounds quite balanced and articulate and holds its own under high gain without trouble. Careful when dialling a lead patch on the neck pickup, since it's a warmer type and as such lows to low mids must be kept in check to prevent lack of articulation (as is often the case).

Fred Brum Atonement Seymour Duncan Pegasus / Sentient 8-string set