Saturday, 5 December 2009

Todd Duane: Jose Arredondo modded Marshall combined w/ Diezel VH4s w/ Switchbone

Jose Arredondo modded Marshall combined w/ Diezel VH4s w/ Switchbone

and while you are at it...

Bogner mod Marshall combined w/ Diezel VH4s w/ a Switchbone

Kumi Adachi: we like Cookie Monkey

Kumi Adachi club PANGAEA - Cookie Monkey

X-wing Fighter Kumi Adachi 安達久美 エックスウイング ファイター

Winners ! Adachi kumi club Pangaea 安達久美 クラブパンゲア ウイナーズ !Ver2

Kumi Adachi club PANGAEA - PANGAEA

Atanas Shishkov: hyper tapping shred blues

A boat load of tapped licks from Atanas Shishkov... enjoy!

Atanas Shishkov - Hyper Tapping Shred Blues

Fran Alonso: music box competition

Fran Alonso - The Music Box Guitar Competition.mpg

Jean-Dominique Leonelli: solo for mattrach

Solo pour Mattrach

News: ZZ Top and ELP festival date

High Voltage is the must-see rock event of 2010 – a two-day festival featuring the very best in classic rock, progressive rock and metal, with over 30 acts over 3 stages. Topping the bill are the legendary Emerson, Lake & Palmer (25th July) and ZZ Top (24th July).

Rik Emmett: Triumph guitar solo

Rik Emmett of Triumph Playing Crazy Guitar Solo

News: tasty chops guitar blog spotted

The tastiest guitar chops on the interweb Videos, reviews, tips and inspiration:
Hi There! My name is Kris Morris. I’m a musician and web dood with a huge passion for guitars. I thought it would be cool to setup a blog dedicated to the most soulful, toneful clips we can find.

My selection criteria for clips is:

- Great feel
- Played with passion
- Tasty tone
- Rooted in the blues (but not necessarily focussing on just traditional blues)
- Not just wankery

In terms of reference my holy trinity of guitar players is Clapton (particularly the late 60’s version), David Gilmour and Mark Knopfler. I would have said Hendrix too but I hemmed myself in there by saying ‘trinity’.

I’ll also be posting on cool guitar gear. Stuff I own or stuff that folks are blabbing about in the forums.

Interesting? Want to join in? I’d love you to submit your favourite tastychops. If they meet the tasty criteria I’ll put them up.

News: rock house's review of the week

The Rock House Blog Weekend Read is published every Friday or Saturday and is filled with links to the best articles from around the web. Articles include guitar lessons, guitar bass guitar news, guitar playing tips and tricks and just some plain old good reading.
read away

News: Brazen guitar 20% discount deal

Hi Guys,

Hope you all had a nice thanksgiving.

We are running a special on all brazen guitars....What's left anyway. You may order any brazen guitar, and if we have it in stock, you can have it for 20% off.

We are expecting a new shipment in, and would like to clear out what is available.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Kelcey Alonzo
Follow us on Twitter at: cguitarboutique
Phone: 347.229.6256

Cinthya Blackcat: "Stratosphere" by stratovarius cover

Cinthya Blackcat playing "Stratosphere" by stratovarius cover (complete version)

Jean Paul Agnesod: music box entry

Jean Paul Agnesod:

Jean Paul Agnesod music box guitar competition.wmv

Marcio Armoa: Milan's TRex monster pedal competition

A reminder that the Milan Polak's "T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition" - Win A Free Pedal will close on 7th December 2009. The videos are still flying in, 175 responses to date! You can view them all

MARCIO ARMOA T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition.flv

Rob Chappers: Chapman guitars are coming!

It was my honour today to visit the studio of the Monkey Lord, Rob Chappers, with my side kick Shred Medium. Rob had kindly organised a work placement for Shred Medium to give him an overview of some of the things Rob does.

We travelled down by car to the country side abode of the Monkeylord... OK... get in the car... fire up the Tom Tom and type in the post code of the Monkey Mavens dwelling... bingo or not!! Yes the man lives in a place like Thunderbird island... should be on the map... but isn't!

We proceed in the general direction of the hidden nerve centre of the Monkey empire. After some last minute direction finding phone calls we arrive, prepared to meet the brain behind those cheeky Youtube VJ videos, the Chapman web 2.0 guitar company, the Monkeylord web site and the upcoming Monkeyfest impresario!

A swift exchange of greetings and some epic liquid WIN and we're off. First up the second preview model of the Chapman guitars ML1. The guitar is looking awesome and even unplugged sounding sweet too. A lot of attention to detail and the ability for you to upgrade, just makes this an EPIC WIN!

Back in the office, Rob is at the helm of a virtual multi-headed organisation. So does he sit down all day doing nothing? No... the guy is wired for the virtual world, multiple PC's, Skype, mobile phones, land lines, video cameras, more guitar swag than you can shake a stick at...

Calls coming on the land line, on the mobile and via skype, it really is none stop. We participate in some video meetings with crazy band members, with music industry promotion types and fans. As this is happening the emails are flowing in, the view counts of videos are building. The rate of information flow is daunting, no wonder then that Mrs Monkeylord is roped into to manage the day to day email volleys. Calls come in discussing upcoming competitions and the Monkeyfest... excited, we sat there taking it all in.

Rob gives us some insight into the effort required to put those videos together. Rob's using Sony Vegas Studio like an Octopus, fingers flying, mouse clicks and drags coming from all angles. The guy is explaining the process as he goes... leaving me to realise how poor my own video editing skills are in comparison. He leaves me with the desire to learn a bit more about my own video editing and maybe think some more about the whole process. I know now why Rob is one of those well known YouTube guitar dudes, it's no accident, it's just sheer hard work and relentless can do, with a sense of humour, attitude.

As these crazy thoughts are sinking in, Rob is busy packing for an upcoming studio session with the legendary Eddie Kramer to produce his latest EP. This work is none stop, phone calls, editing, packing... editing Skype... editing... Shred Medium even gets a chance to produce some shots for the latest video. We're all laughing as the simple money shot, it not so simple after all... hands shaking, focus wobbling... but with the video in the bag, Rob shows us how even crazy shots can be made to work... video editing generous!

It's all over all too soon. Rob's car is packed for the studio session and we're off back to the home of Truth In Shredding. We're left in no doubt of Rob's commitment to the cause and the skills required to do the job.

Raphael Fraser: in a blue funk

Those following Raphael Fraser's blog will already know he's got a deal to to blaze of some blues backing tracks... there you go, something to be said for being up by your baby and soothing them back to sleep and wrapping it all up with a 05:00 AM blues jam session.

Please rate/subscribe/friend/favourite/comment/ whatever ;-) and visit me at

This is the third of the videos I'm doing forhttp://www.ultimatebluesbackingtracks... This is over a backing track called Funkytown Blues. I like this track a lot. It has a nice laidback funky groove, and it allows either straight-ahead blues box or more fusion-y playing over it. ... Even mindless shred :-p

I used my customised Ibanez s470, into my AMT Electronics California Sound distortion pedal, into my iMac running Garageband, with LAConvolver providing cabinet simulations of a couple of 4x12s. And I added oodles of delay, of course. ;-)

Enjoy. 8)

Funky Blues guitar solo (improvisation over blues backing track)