Thursday, 17 December 2009

Silvio Gazquez: my time

Silvio Gazquez says:
This an original song which is called My time, hope you like it!
for more music please go to
for my instructional DVDs go to

My time - original song by Silvio Gazquez

Lance Keltner: destoy all guitars 2

Verrilli S style.

News: Milan Polak TRex competition my first cut!

OK this is my first cut. 67... and I have to get down to 3!!!

News: Milan Polak competition review continued 2

OK just got down to the bottom of page 3...60 videos in my short list

Tom Morello: rage against x-factor!!!!


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News: Milan Polak competition review continued

down at the bottom of page 2... on to page 3... only 33 on my short list...

News: posting on hold for a couple of hours...

Just going through those Milan Polak competition videos! If I get a chance I'll post other things as I see them.

Lance Keltner: destoy all guitars

This is a Frank Verrilli T Style guitar. Awesome look and tone. Get from Cliff at Destroy All Guitars.
Verrilli T Style Guitar demo'd by Lance Keltner

Carl Verheyen: inventive rhythm

Carl Verheyen Guitar Lesson - Inventive Rhythm Guitar

Jean-Dominique Leonelli: solo for mattrach 2

Solo pour Mattrach(version "modale")

Dimitar Nalbantov: ghost of Christmas past....

Dimi's Home Studio 2000'

Kurt Rosenwinkel: at McClean Campus

Kurt Rosenwinkel Coming to McLean Campus!
by James Ulreich

Kurt Rosenwinkel will be the jazz guitar guest artist at the McLean, VA location in 2010. He will be involved in the Seminar - 'Jazz Guitar: Innovation and Tradition' - taught by Baron Tymas. This sets up to be a terrific experience for every person in attendance. Hot on the heels of his newest release, "Kurt Rosenwinkel Standards Trio - Reflections", Kurt is again inspiring all jazz guitarists to progressive heights.

Read More

David Locke: locked and loaded

This guy knows how to play... taste style... another 140+ videos to look through as well! MySpace folk can become friends:

Dave. Mr. Locke. Dr. Spock of clock-shocking rock. Or just cock - whatever persona he takes on, DL is the ultimate tortured musician. Currently unsigned because of a refusal to undergo the mcflysation process, or resort to playing Bryan Adams covers (however much I suggest it), he stalwartly supports the thinking mans metal. All things must change however, and the ginger mans fortunes must be in the offing. With so much talent and skill (yes, he actually plays EVERY instrument on each recording) no world would be able to hold him down for long. A master of every instrument, time signature (ack!) and chord, he has an unusual and brilliant, never-ending thirst for knowledge, showing a real love, not for rock, metal, prog, country, indie, but simply music of every description. The only thing is, the bastard is so damn good at all of it. Great things, I tell you great things youll see. Bob Thomas

David Locke:
Testing out my new Vintage Icon series in Laguna Blue. Improvising over a "little wing" backing track. Used a carvin Bel-air amp and crunch channel on a blackstar pedal.

Little Wing (Improv)

David Locke:
Me testing out the new Vintage Icon in Laguna Blue. Great guitar, and even better price! I'd recommend everybody trying out one of these guitars. Great sounding Wilkinson Pickups and stable tuning. Go and see for yourself, you will be amazed!

Riding Out Youth (Vintage Icon Laguna Blue)

David Locke:
Me playing another take on the solo in Sebastian Persini's song Closer using my new vigier Expert won in Guitarist magazine competition. Check out sebastian's vid and his music!

Closer (Guitar solo)

David Locke:
Me playing around on my new Vintage Icon in laguna blue. I think you'll agree that they sound great and incredibly good value for money too. Played through a blackstar pedal and Carvin Bel-Air.

Vintage Icon Laguna Blue

Mattias IA Eklundh: crank it up! has uploaded video footage of FREAK KITCHEN guitarist Mattias "IA" Eklundh's recent clinic at Crazy Music in Sweden.

IA Eklundh Clinic

Rich Brymer, Marco Sfogli: studio burn out

Rich Brymer says:
hanging with the big boys last night.This a New York project marco's working on.he called me to hang so i was there.the material is AWESOME for any Rock,Prog or Metal listener.(it will actually blow your mind!.this is a short solo in one of the songs..

Marco Sfogli in the studio 12/15/09.

Rich Brymer:guitar instructional DVD (coming in 2010)

Chris Impellitteri: new custom guitar in the making

Hello Friends,

Here are a few pictures of the brand new Chris Impellitteri signature guitar model made by Dean guitars. The new Impellitteri guitar model (nick named SHRED) will be on display at the January 2010 NAMM show held in Anaheim California.

Chris has been secretly working with Dean owner Elliott Rubinson in order to create the Chris Impellitteri signature guitar ..

The guitar features an ASH body, maple neck with very fast action, tall vintage fret wire, vintage tremelo, custom humbucking pickup in the bridge position, a single coil pickup in the neck position, one volume knob, 3 way selector switch, and Gotoh tunning machines.

The Spider Web Graphic was designed by Chris Impellitteri

The guitar is built to SHRED !!

Chris and Elliott are currently making the 2nd prototype !!

News: $500 prize competition

Here are details:

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The Myguitarspace member who is responsible for the most new members wins.

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simply need to keep track of their email addresses used when
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