Sunday, 20 December 2009

Daniele Gottardo: Frenzy of Ecstasy CD review

Who had never heard the name of Daniele Gottardo if he dies it into your head, because this young guitarist Venetian will very, very long way. Putting aside past experiences-curriculum vitae, as well embroidered, in a debut is of little use-is very clear that Frenzy of Ecstasy is one of the best shred of this year 2009: melodic, varied, with longevity in the number of plays and profound in its ability to touch the soul of the listener, this album is definitely the best Christmas present possible for someone who loves music and instrumental soloist. Want to know why? Let's find out together ...

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The new CD is available in Download format:

Frenzy of Ecstasy is avialable now:

Matteo Ruggiero: tribute to Kiko Loureiro

Matteo Ruggiero, MCR® graduated (Master di Chitarra Rock of Donato Begotti), plays "Enfermo" (K.Loureiro) without backing track. Useful for student. Transcription available at

M. Ruggiero (MCR®) plays Enfermo (K. Loureiro). For studying purpose

Sergio Paganini: guitar solo

Extreme guitar solo

Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner: tribute to Allan Holdsworth

Home" Allan Holdsworth played by Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner

Tom Morello: Rage Against the Machine beat X Factor winner in charts

HA yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss!!!!! My download does not go to waste! A bullet in the head for X Factor crooner:

Rage Against the Machine beat X Factor winner in charts

Rock band Rage Against The Machine has won the most competitive battle in years for the Christmas number one.
The band's single, Killing In The Name, sold 500,000 downloads beating X Factor winner Joe McElderry's The Climb by 50,000 copies to clinch the top spot.
Their success followed a Facebook campaign designed to prevent another X Factor number one.
One retailer said it was a "truly remarkable outcome - possibly the greatest chart upset ever".
Speaking on the Radio 1 chart show, Zack de la Rocha from Rage said: "We are very, very ecstatic about being number one."
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Paul McCartney Laughs:

Sir Paul McCartney backs Rage to top charts

Sir Paul performed with all the X Factor finalists
Sir Paul McCartney has said if Rage Against The Machine beats X Factor winner Joe McElderry to the Christmas number one it would be "funny".
Laugh with him

Funniest Video Ever!

Dan Huff: the return of Giant

A new CD:
"We have worked so hard and we are very happy and proud of this record, along with Dann", says David Huff and truly the production and band members songwriting and performances shine all over the album!

"Promise Land" includes the following songs:
Believer (Redux) (MP3 sample)
Promise Land (MP3 sample)
Never Surrender
Our Love
Prisoner of Love (MP3 sample)
Two Worlds (MP3 sample)
Plenty of Love
Through My Eyes
I'll Wait For You
Dying To See You
Double Trouble
Complicated Man (Bonus track only available in the first pressing in digipak)
Save Me
Also includes "The Making of Promise Land" documentary - interactive multimedia bonus

"Promise Land" was mixed by Ben Fowler (Van Zandt, Cher, Meat Loaf) and mastered by Joe Palmaccio (3 Grammy Awards won).

Chris Broderick: road runner 6 minute interview

Our chums over in the Roadrunner Australia took some time with MEGADETH guitarist Chris Broderick, and here we present that 6 minute video interview.

In the video, he talks extensively about how he tackled the guitars both on new album ENDGAME and in their live sets. He also shows us some of his guitar techniques and fave riffs.
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Ramon Luis Galang: 9 year old wunderkind

Thanks to the Stratoblogster for posting this.

Manhattan by Eric Johnson - LuisMetalKid Cover

Technical Difficulties - Amazing 9-Year Old LuisMetalKid

Reb Beach Black Magic - LuisMetalKid Cover

Ulf Katschrowski: Milan's Mega Marshall Competition Germany

Katschrowski - Milan's Mega Marshall Competition Germany

Chris Poland: rma clinic on the way

We're very happy to announce that Chris Poland will fly out from LA for the day to do a clinic with us on March 20th at 2pm. I know lots of people know him from Megadeth and OHM, but he's even appeared on a couple of Lamb of God cds. He'll be doing a clinic with a live band which will run a couple of hours. Also, Eminence will be giving away a couple of speakers and there will be other special giveaways from Ernie Ball and perhaps some other sponsors. Come hang and learn from a guy who's actually been on albums that have sold in the millions. It'll be a good time as always to gain inspiration from a monster player...

Rusty Cooley: early 2001

Rusty Cooley Under The Influence 2001?

Dave Martone: VOX Tonelab ST

Dave Martone stretches the sonic boundaries using the VOX ToneLab ST tube-driven performance pedal.

Dave Martonewith VOX Tonelab ST

News: avatar... 3D cgi just got better

Just come back from this movie... nothing short of stunning graphics. If you are a CGI fan, you'll be blown away by them. Just need to find an IMAX now ;)

Avatar, directed by Oscar winning director James Cameron, is from now on the world’s most expensive movie. Cameron is hardly a stranger of new technology and computer animation, with creations like Terminator and Aliens on his list of merits, but he has now raised the bar with his latest sci-fi action flick Avatar. The movie has received praise on previews before the movie reaches theaters in a few days and a lot is about the really cool 3D and CG effects.

Around 60% of Avatar is said to have been created using computers and the new 3D Fusion Camera system that was used not only requires a lot of processing power, but also a lot of storage space. The entire rendering of Avatar requires over 1 Petabyte of storage space, which is the equivalent of 500 harddrives of 2TB each. This means that just storage costs nearly $100,000.,10411.html

Avatar: The Movie (New Extended HD Trailer)

Andres Ludmer: jazz trio

Valvonne Song (Lagrene) - Ludmer (g) Mariño(b) Manzanero(d)

Sunny - Ludmer(g) Mariño(b) Manzanero(b)

Rusty Cooley jemfest warm up!

Rusty Cooley warming up at Jemfest soundcheck

Rusty Cooley Cracking the Code video test

News: Shred This on Dipity

Josh Martin: 8 string two hands

8 string josh martin- pillow fort

8 string josh martin- tubular

David Wallimann: pentatonics to modes

This lesson will teach you how to memorize 3 commonly used minor modes using minor pentatonic shapes.

Learning the modes on guitar

Khoirus Sobri: Shred This

A jam over the first competition backing track.

My new video at last ! But First, Im sorry about my messy room, messy hair, messy playing : ) I'm was really not in the mood, and im not making an excuse. its midnight, minimum equipment, and im nervous hehe. Ok, my gear, i'm using JS100 which i modded here and there (great guitar if you know how to mod it) air norton in the neck (Great!) and tone zone in the bridge with gotoh floyd rose. all go thru my POD XT live. Then go direct with POD XT live's USB connection, sound pretty decent IMO. Again, sorry for may sloppy playing. Peace!

Shred This Jam by Tom Quayle

Plus a good cover of fives.

Fives Cover By Guthrie Govan

Marco De Cave: matt rach competition

marco de cave matt rach solo contest.wmv

Ignazio Di Salvo: jazz for the winter!

Ignazio Di Salvo makes a couple of high profile appearences over the winter months.

Winter Jazz Umbria
16.00 People's Palace - Sala dei 400
Berklee / Umbria Jazz Clinics 2009 GROUP AWARD
Free admission


The National Competition "Chicco Bettinardi" for new talent of Italian Jazz music is matched to the event Piacenza Jazz Fest 2010, and is only for young Italian jazz musicians who (at the time of transmission of the audio material) have not yet reached the age of 30 (35 ° for groups). The competition is divided into 2 sections: Section A reserved for soloists and Section B devoted to pre-formed groups. The initiative has as its sole aim is to discover and develop new music and jazz bands to promote their activities. A jury of experts will select the audio material posted by competitors and will admit the semifinals 12 soloists and 8 groups. The semifinals will take place at the "Milestone", the seat of Piacenza Jazz Club, in Musso 5 to Piacenza. In each of these evenings to each individual competitor, which will be accompanied by a rhythm section provided by the organization, each team will be assigned a provisional rating of up to a maximum of 100, modified as necessary at the end of the semifinals, thanks to the playback of the cuts made in previous evenings. The 6 finalists chosen in Section 4 of Section A and B participate in the final, the winners of the 3 soloists Sec. Groups A and 2 winners of Sec. B will be awarded during the Closing Gala of the Festival scheduled for Saturday, March 27th, 2010 in Space "Rotary" in Piacenza. Nell'esibizione final competitors of Section A will have a trio composed by Roberto Cipelli on piano, Attilio Zanchi on bass and Massimo Manzi on drums. The overall winner of Section A will receive a prize of € 1,100 and two gigs at festivals and shows, the second will receive a prize of € 750, the third € 400. The group winner of Section B will receive a prize of € 1,300 and an engagement at Piacenza Jazz Fest 2011, the runner-up to € 750. Awarded a prize for each section of the public. Each competitor of Section A to be admitted to the semifinals, will enter the contest by paying a fee of € 60 to title insurance coverage and to join the Piacenza Jazz Club, each finalist group of Section B will have to pay € 30 for each component (minimum 3 and up to 5 components).
The Jury of Sec. B will be chaired by Tino Tracanna.

All costs for board and lodging for the soloists of "Section A" will be borne by the organization.
The "Section B" the organization will cover only the cost of meals.

INFO: 0523.579034 in Italian