Monday, 21 December 2009

Rob Arnold: rock house artist touring UK!

March 2010
Fri 3/5/2010/Rob Arnold and Chimaira @ Cardiff University Students UnionCardiffGreat Britain and Northern Ireland
Sat 3/6/2010/Rob Arnold and Chimaira @ Rock CityNottinghamGreat Britain and Northern Ireland
Sun 3/7/2010/Rob Arnold and Chimaira @ Victoria HallStokeGreat Britain and Northern Ireland

Shane Gibson: conan live!

SchwarZenator - Conan (live @ the Viper Room)

Santa: Marco Sfogli's shred this too - special delivery!!!

Hey cool... no lump of coal for me this year!!!
Hey Kids! I am getting ready to make my deliveries to you all! I had a spare moment and wanted to join in on the shred! Thanks Laurie, you have been a very good boy, so i wont have to give you a lump of coal this year! Merry Christmas

Shred This Too- Santa

Russ Parrish: steel panther Christmas message

Steel    Panther


Today is a most momentous day - the day that 'Sexy Santa' is unleashed on the world. For those of you who don't know, 'Sexy Santa' is a brand new, original yuletide recording from Steel Panther - yes that's right, a Christmas single! Check it for a clip and let your ears rock out to its sweet tune. Get yourselves some sexy festive cheer and buy it on iTunes now.

Steel Panther Tour

Brace yourselves guys and girls, the mighty Steel Panther machine is rolling into the UK in March 2010! It's a new decade and Steel Panther are raring to rock out in Newcastle, London and Sheffield.

MARCH 2010




Tickets are £16.00 in London and £13.50 regionally - get yours

Feel The Steel = Perfect for Christmas

And lastly... need to get a last minute present for Mum, Dad, Auntie, Uncle or the dog??? Get the Steel Panther album 'Feel The Steel' from for £4.99. You can order up to the 23rd for delivery before Christmas Day.

Till next time...

A Christmas Message from Steel Panther

Paulo Barros: gutiar workshop

Paulo Barros Guitar Workshop - Carbono Amadora

Paulo Barros | MySpace Music Videos

Mattias IA Eklundh: freak guitar camp

Mattias IA Eklundh is happy to present the dates for Freak Guitar Camp 2010:

Scandinavian Week 26th - 31st of July
First International Week 2nd - 7th of August
Second International Week 10th - 15th of August

Registration in February!

Guthrie Govan: what would you want for Christmas?

Guthrie Govan, a well known fan of Shawn Lane... probably did not put this on his Christmas list, but the devoted fan of Shawn Lane, Wiljay, decided to wrap a mega present for Guthrie. Wiljay presented the surprise package at a recent clinic in the UK.

Wiljay says:
Yep, i gave him 95 Shawn Lane dvd's. :-D .... Iedited/tidied up most of them, and re-authored (with menu) all except 2 of them. It would have been about 100 dvd's originally, but i combined a few of them onto sigle discs were you had multiple versions of the same gig, so long as they would fit on a single disc.

Guthrie has done a few nice magazine articles on Shawn over the years, so i suppose it's my way to partly thank him, and also, if he ever gets asked to do any more, he'll now have much more of Shawn's work to use as a reference if he needs to.

So may be we'll see some hybrid lane licks appearing in Guthrie's future clinics!

I like to thank god that people had the sense to video Shawn Lane playing and so we can relive those experiences of a towering colossus of fusion guitar... and it's great to see players using YouTube to record their guitar journey for the future generations. If you are unsure about posting your videos... remember you are only here once...

Francesco Fareri: live gig

Live concert at Jailbreak on december 20th 2009

Noumeno and Francesco Fareri playing Anger in Vain from Noumeno's debut album Trapped

Noumeno are:
Fabrizio Agabiti - Guitar
Danilo Carrabino - Guitar
Emanuele Calvelli - Bass
Emiliano Cantiano - Drums

Francesco Fareri - Guitar

Noumeno and Francesco Fareri - Anger in Vain - Live concert

Rick Graham: shred this judge with 1,000,000 views

This is YouTube... Rick Graham has the stats to prove it!

Total Views: 1,180,181
Comments: 946Favourites: 3,881Ratings: 1,845Average Rating: 4.86
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*Exact date is not available. The count of views from this link only includes views since 30 November 2007.
This video is most popular in:

Training Montage - Rocky IV

Marcello Zappatore: live dates

Tuesday, December 22
Kyrios - Lecce - bossa trio with Paco Carrieri and Debby Lou
Wednesday, December 23
in the afternoon to Oria with Nadia Martina
Wednesday, December 23
the evening, Guagnano at Game City with Alex Contino and Fabrizio Di Salvo
Saturday, December 26
private party to Verdala with Flavio Jordan and his band
Sunday, December 27
with the Big Lebowski Blues Band at Kavè of Vigils
Monday, December 28
jam session with Pride and Joy ak Kavè of Vigils
Tuesday, December 29
Alex Contino at Suite Café Salice Salentino
December 31
New Year at Stuzzicami Leverano with Alex Contino and Anthony Ferriero

Dan Wiggins: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Check out the cute dog called Sam in the video... he sleeps all the way through the shred!!!

Dan Wiggins Improvisation, "Shred This Too" Entry

Ayman Mokdad: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Ayman brings his two little shred juniors to say hello!

AYMAN-Shred this too

Carl Roa: adding blue to fusion #3 and #2

Very cool playing!

Elf Riffs #3 with Carl Roa - Adding Fusion to the Minor Blues

Elf Riffs #2 with Carl Roa - Adding Fusion to the Blues

Tom Morello: rage against x-factor!!!! Mirth continues

F**k you I won't buy what you sell me!!!

Rage against the machine for christmas no.1 (UK and ireland!) Down with X-Factor!

Rage Against The Machine / Zane Lowe vs. Simon Cowell / XFactor ****UNCENSORED!!!***

Noah Celebrates RATM's Chistmas No#1

Fuck Simon Cowell! Rage Against The Machine For Christmas Number 1!