Thursday, 24 December 2009

Todd Duane: '69 Marshall Plexi

'69 Marshall Plexi Short Clip

Ethan Meixsell: Pathos and Logos new CD

Clips from "Pathos and Logos", the debut CD from Ethan Meixsell. Ethan endorses Suhr Guitars and Amps, Dimarzio Pickups, and Onboard Research Corporation's Intellitouch Tuner. Visit for purchasing information and clips from the new record.
Ethan Meixsell: All instruments (except where otherwise indicated).
Mike Chiavaro: Bass Guitar on Tracks 3, 4, 7 and 8, Double Bass on Track 10
Joe Chirco: Drums on Tracks 3, 4, 7, 8
Ian Fry: Drums on Tracks 1 and 6
Dave Miranda: Drums on Track 9
Garth Fielding: Bass Guitar on Track 9
Spyros Poulos: Keyboard on Tracks 9 and 10
Brian Goldman: French Horn on Track 7
Rob Balducci: Guest guitar solo on Thanatopsis at 4:17.
Carl Roa: Guest guitar solo on Dukkha at 3:50.
Ricky Martinez: Percussion on Track 10

Ethan Meixsell's "Pathos and Logos" Promo. Debut CD releases in January 2010

back in 2007

New Suhr Custom Classic

Ethan Meixsell Jam over One for the Road loop

Improv over a groove by Ken Flagg

Nicolas Waldo: tribute to George Bellas


Joe Satriani: chickenfoot Christmas message

Chickenfoot - Web Site & Holiday Message

News: one for Shred Junior!

Shred Junior loves those lego storm troopers!

Stormtrooper in Dortmund (23.12.2009) Dance Dancing Tropper *Konstantin*

Jan Laurenz: chapman stick a tribute to lady gaga

Beach song and tribute to lady gaga on chapman stick by jan laurenz

Borislav Mitic: master of strings

This is my first performance on a big stage in front of approximately 6 000 people. I was a teenager and had just started my own band called "Fantasy" which was gaining a lot of fans due to my playing. The footage is from 1990 in "Hala Pionir", Belgrade for the "Hit of the Decade" event. This show was also broadcast on Serbian National TV and a VHS was published too.
Thanks to my friend Mitar from Serbia for getting me this footage.


Kostas Alexakis: mashing the metro

metro plexi

News: Merry Christmas ALL Truth In Shredding fans

It's near our time... I would like to thank all those who visited the blog, made comments, positive or negative... guitar needs people like you.. keep up the good work!

Mean time check out the bad boy, the kning of present delivery:

how to track santa:

Dennis de Bruijn: christmas eve jam

Scalibq aka Dennis de Bruijn:
I'm using an LG Viewty Smart for this video, rather than the Samsung G600 I have used for my other videos. This one seems to track movement much better than the Samsung... however it seems even more sensitive to lighting conditions. The image is very dark and noisy.
I'll have to a recording in daylight to see if it eliminates the noise.

Anyway, I think this camera is better than the Samsung for this kind of video. The colours may be poor and it may be noisy, but you can see the actual guitar playing much better, because the hands don't turn into a blur all the time.

By the way, the backing track was made by Benwave for Guitarjammers' monthly compo, December 2009 edition.

Test jam with other camera

Sloth Chubsteen: burned out golfer' tribute to Narnia!

improv over Narnia's Long Live the King. In honor of Christ's birthday! Merry Christmas

Long Live The King- Narnia Cover

Borislav Mitic: back to 1996

This is a video from 1996 that was broadcast on Serbian National TV (RTS) in a popular TV show. I am doing the song from the Fantasy album called "Master Of Strings".


Herman Li: announces Strings On Fire winners!

Thanks to everybody involved for making this contest a great success!

Please support the winners by subscribing to their channels:

1st: Daniel Rezende

2nd: Damjan Pejcinoski

3rd: Sean Currington

PetrucciFever´s "Special Pick of the Contest":
Pop Woravit

NOTE: For individual Top 15 lists please visit the judges´ channels!


Herman Li

KillrBuckeye (Westland (Michigan), USA)
"Arrival" on iTunes:
"The Rising" on iTunes:

Chris Feener (Newfoundland, Canada)

Jack Thammarat (Bangkok, Thailand)

Ricardo Walls (Cádiz, Spain)

Musicman1066 (Suffolk, UK)

Chris Pallas (Lamia, Greece)

Zane Charron (Munich, Germany)

Laurie Monk (Bristol, UK)

"Strings on Fire" with Herman Li - TOP 3 picks

Milan Polak: T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition - the Winners

Milan says:
Hi guys, this has been very, very tough if not almost impossible. Special thanks to T-Rex for their support and an extra special thanks to Laurie & Shred Junior for their support & help!

Here's the lucky 3:

1) Emiliano Zapata ( a-I)
2) Lyle Watt ( Lmc)
3) Chris Pallas ( XaY)

Thx again to everyone who participated and made this a great experience - you all rock!!!
Next competition coming up...

Happy Holidays

T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition - the Winners

Milan Polak: TRex monster pedal competition winners

Eric Johnson: All Along the Watchtower

Eric Johnson All Along the Watchtower

Karl Bourdin: KB... Beware this man is sick

Beware this man is sick
In the best sense of the term course
For lovers of Gratt 'and the jamming of the rope hard it is rather an example

Born in Paris in 1971, he began the guitar at the age of 14, after a few lessons, he began playing in various Parisian groups and recorded several demos
At the same time his first projects take shape Instrumental "Fact & Fiction" in 1996 (whose titles are a compilation edited by the British magazine "Guitarist Magazine" in July of that year) and "Result Of Dysfunction" in 1997. It was also demonstrator "Salon Music" held in Paris in June 1995.

In 1999, the group came into contact with the group Symbyosis to participate in recording their first album, "Crisis". Then he collaborated with ARDAG (author, composer and performer for the soundtrack of French film Cédric Klapisch's "L'Auberge Espagnole") in 2003, playing guitar on his first album and the tour participant . That same year, he met DJ Shalom (the bassist and DJ M), which made him the honor of appearing on his first album project, after which he recorded two morceuax for the remix album of Mr.

Meanwhile, his career took a radically different turn. In 1999 he directed the special effects, his first music video WATCH ( "Concrete Lie" in 1999) and "Without The BacT'es Nothing" in 2006, "France Tip" (the youth program on the channel France 3), for which he composed the music. For the same program from 2004 to 2006,
KB creates, co-wrote and directed "Head Trick", a short program for which he also did the soundtrack.


Kenny Serane: very classy! # 2

Kenny Serane - Guitar Gear (Part. 2)

Brian Larkin: wishes you a merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! :)

Arrangement taken from (I'd like to credit whoever arranged it, but no one is listed).

Brian Larkin: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)

Brian Larkin says:
I am available to teach guitar lessons in the greater Philadelphia area (specifically the Main Line). If you're close to Wayne, Woodlyn, or Exton, contact me for details...

Mike Campese: is the grinch!

Here is a video of Mike Campese playing his version of the Grinch, off his Christmas Cd "The Meaning of Christmas" visit for more details.

Grinch by Mike Campese

Wim Roelants: live appearance

Posted By: KuKe Leoben
Hosted By: KuKe Leoben
When: Saturday, Dec 26, 2009 9:00 PM
Where: KuKe Leoben
Peter - Tunner - Str.19

Well we do know, or? Wim Roelants is an internationally respected guitarist, makes some guitar clinics and workshops and played with Uriah Heep, Mr.Big, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Sardinas, Billy Sheehan and many more ... Kukan must be attentive to the 2nd Concert this year, look! This time, Wim will occur with a solo show, merry x-mas!

Angel Vivaldi: announces new CD release date.

"The Speed of Dark " - Official Release Date Tuesday, January 5th 2010 -

Salutations & bundles of merriness to you all
I'm incredibly thrilled to announce the official release date of my new CD "The Speed of Dark!" Physical CDs can be purchased exclusively via BigCartel while downloads will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, eMusic etc.

As we come near the end of the tunnel that was 2009 I'm sure many of us will look back at it & say, "what a fucking ride man..." 2009 has been the most important year for me, personally. It not only turned out to be the most manically productive year my hypo-mania's ever encountered, it's also the year in which I feel I've truly defined my artistic identity.

I completed the tracking portion of this 4 song EP in the beginnings of March of 2009. Originally I had planned for a Fall 09' release, however most of 2009 was consumed with mounds of shows & rehearsals for a total of 5 different regional/national bands. Then tack on the promotional end of a new release & you've got yourself a jam packed year of non-stop music flowing through your every orifice. Talk about your sonic orgasm, (ba-doom chi!)

Mark the date & tell your friends! Your support is what keeps artists like me afloat today- so support the artists you enjoy.

~ Angel

Angel Vivaldi- "ACID REIGN" (HD)

Mattias IA Eklundh: up for 2010 swedish music award

Mattias IA Eklundh and Freak Kitchen have been nominated to win the best Heavy Metal band...

Mattias IA Eklundh says "now give us my freaking trophy!!"

Daniel Peroine: live chez paulette

Some nice two handed work at 1:48

Live Chez Paulette 19.12.2009.mpg


Brent Mason: twanging in Italian!

BrentMason Chitarre

News: NAMM 2010 coming soon

Well you can't say I haven't tried... may be next year!

Dean Guitars "Live From NAMM 2010" Promo!

Paul Gilbert: metalichika VIP project renewed

Jenn says:
Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you and your family have a nice Christmas planned :)

I updated the PG VIP book... the new page and stuff is posted on my blog.

Tommy​ Ermol​li, Daniele Liverani: twinspirits live

Italy in Progress Tour 2009 - Perugia - Urban Club

Twinspirits - I Am Free (live bootleg)

William Kenupp: J. S. Bach "Air" On 6 Guitars

This is the 2nd movement (Air) of the "Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major" from J. S. Bach (Bwv 1068). Arranged in 6 eletric guitars and one bass (not showing in the video).

J. S. Bach "Air" On 6 Guitars (Symphony)

Paul Gilbert: sizzle solo

Racer X: Paul's Solo

Bruce Bouillet: on the loose!

Racer X: Bruce's Solo

Chris Broderick: megadeth interview

Rig Rundown - Megadeth's Dave Mustaine & Chris Broderick

Steve Saluto, Richie Kotzen: new CD coming.

Emmeciesse Music Publishing and Heart Of Steel Records ares delighted to announce the release of STEVE SALUTO's forthcoming solo album entitled "Resurrection".

The release of the CD, in digipack format, is now scheduled for January 2010.

The album contains 16 tracks with great special guest RICHIE KOTZEN on vocals!!

Steve is currently recording his new album with great musicians like a MARCO MENDOZA (Thin Lizzy, Lynch Mob...), DOUG WIMBISH (Living Colors), ATMA ANUR (Bowie, G.Howe, R.Kotzen...).

For more information visit

Allen Van Wert: private guitar lessons

Private guitar lessons with Allen Van Wert

find out more