Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ivo Stan: demos Lipe Guitars Virtuoso models

Lipe Guitars Virtuoso 016 Ivo Stan Demo

Lipe Guitars USA Virtuoso Model 014 Hand Made by Mike Lipe

Lipe Custom Shop USA Masterbuilt Carve Top Virtuoso

News: Pro Tone pedals need you!

Pro Tone Pedals... got one yet? Why not?!!!

Pro Tone Pedals Promo Video

Joe Bonamassa: live at Bristol Colston Hall

Joe Bonamassa - 2 Bristol

Yngwie Malmsteen: relentless CD cover and tracklisting

Yngwie Malmsteen:
"The album title really says it all. The drive to surpass my own accomplishments can best be described with one word — relentless. After all these years of composing and playing music, I still am passionate about pushing myself to the limit — to the highest, most demanding level of playing possible."

"Relentless" track listing:

01. Overture
02. Critical Mass
03. Shot Across The Bow
04. Look At You Now
05. Relentless
06. Enemy Within
07. Knight Of The Vasa Order
08. Caged Animal
09. Into Valhalla
10. Tide Of Desire
11. Adagio B Flat Minor Variation
12. Axe To Grind
13. Blinded
14. Cross To Bear
15. Arpeggios From Hell *

Ron Thal: Guns and Roses guitarist... sit in on GNR cover band!

GUNS N ROSES & GUNS 2 ROSES - SHACKLER'S REVENGE - OCT 12TH 2010 UK tour not London o2


Paul Gilbert: euro tour warm up show at the house of blues announced!

Paul Gilbert will play a warm-up show for his European tour on Monday, November 1 at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, California. Gilbert will debut a brand new set featuring material from his third instrumental album, "Fuzz Universe".

Gilbert's "Fuzz Universe" European tour which kicks off on November 5 in London, England.

Nahuel Schiumarini: fusion vamp

Fusion vamp in g dorian

Alex Ehrsam: new CD on Shred guy records

SHREDGUY RECORDS INTRODUCES ALEX EHRSAM to the guitar fanatics around the world with P.U.L.S.E.

This ten track release proves that FUSION is the FASHION THIS FALL.

This is must for fans of quality fusion and fans of Greg Howe and early Kotzen!

Gregg Livesay: new CD on Shred Guy records

GREAT MELODIC METAL...featuring virtuoso guitarist Gregg Livesay.
A must for fans of Alcatrazz, Rainbow, early Yngwie, and Symphony X.
7 tracks...vocals handled by Dean Sternberg(ex Into Eternity, Toby Knapp)

Greg Howe: Tetsuo Sakura Dennis Chambers new CD Vital World

Tetsuo Sakurai (bass); Greg Howe (guitar); Dennis Chambers (drums)

In 2001, Japanese bass legend Tetsuo Sakurai (Casiopea, Jimsaku, solo artist) released Gentle Hearts (Victor Entertainment) - a critically acclaimed instrumental rock fusion album that featured the stellar combo of Greg Howe on guitar, and Dennis Chambers on drums. This energetic disc was loaded with heavy riffs, and killer guitar work from Howe. The band also took their act on the road, and subsequently released Gentle Hearts Tour 2004 (2005 - Victor Entertainment) on CD and DVD. Now for his latest album, Vital World (King Records), Sakurai has joined forces with Howe and Chambers once again, and the results are even heavier and more guitar-driven than the group’s previous outings.

What’s striking about Vital World is its sheer heaviness. While it does include shades of jazz harmony here and there, the music is largely driven by heavy guitar riffs - Sakurai is definitely shooting for a rock vibe with this album (Some tunes could even be described as prog metal). From a guitar perspective, Greg Howe’s style makes him a great fit for the material on this disc. Unlike many other players who make the attempt, he sounds authentic when utilizing a jazz influenced vocabulary with a rock approach and tone.

The album’s in-your-face opener “Critical Planet” sounds like a throwback to “Brain Storm” from the Gentle Hearts album. It’s a relentless, slap-bass tour de force that gives Sakurai a chance to show off his considerable chops. Up next is “Alien’s Feast” - an uber-heavy tune that would not sound out of place on a Planet X record. It also features Howe shredding over a harmonic minor tonality - something he rares does on his own albums. “A Tear Of The Clown” is a heavy tune as well, but in more of melodic “arena rock” vein. Howe’s solo near the end of this piece may be his best on the album. The V chord at the end of the progression gives him a chance to peel off some nice altered scale runs.

Sakurai’s amazing bass work is showcased once again on “Are You Ready” - a fun, uptempo tune that may best be described as instrumental pop rock (if there is such a thing anymore). Following a killer Chambers drum break in the middle of the tune, Sakurai takes a wild solo chock-full of crazy slapping and fast runs.

The following piece, “Another Kingdom,” is one of the only songs I’ve ever heard that successfully fuses the styles of neo-classical and jazz. The Yngwie-esque A section features long 32nd-note lines doubled between the guitar and bass (reminiscent of “Flight Of The Bumblebee”), while the double-time B section reminded me of a jazz orchestra on a film score session. This would seem to be a strange combination, but the two sides to this tune flow together nicely.

Two more heavy riff-based tunes follow - “Triangle Square” which features some Eastern-influenced melodies and an off-the-rails drum solo courtesy of Chambers, and “Monster Parade,” one of the hardest-rocking tunes on the disc. This song also has Howe playing some amazing outside lines. In a total gear shift, the album closes with “Father” - a flowing melodic ballad that serves as a nice palette-cleanser after the onslaught you’ve just experienced for the previous 7 tunes.

Vital World is certainly one of the best heavy fusion albums of the year. Sakurai obviously went into this project with the intention of laying down some aggressive music, and he delivered in a big way. He explores a wide-array of rock styles here, yet still leaves room for his jazz and improvisational side. And with Howe and Chambers, he has the perfect bandmates for this endeavor - Both are well-versed in the styles presented on Vital World, and have an obvious rapport with Sakurai from the trio’s previous projects. Highly recommended. order

Jason Becker: movie donation now with paypal

Jason Becker Movie:
Perpetual Burn 13 October at 11:51 Report
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You can get a Limited Edition DVD of the film signed by Jason as well as Limited Edition T-shirts and autographed Jason Becker CDs. First check out what you get at

Thanks for your support!

Daniele Gottardo: new signature pick ups on the way

New guitar pickups coming soon.

Shawn Lane: Little Wing

Apologies... I just flipped out there for a minute... Shawn Lane remains one of my favourite exponents of the classic Hendrix track, little Wing... thousands more examples on youtube

Shawn Lane - Little Wing (Alfred's, Memphis - 26th Sept 1992)

Shawn Lane & The Willys - Little Wing (The Stage Stop, Memphis - 1988)

Hellborg, Lane, Marchesini - Little Wing (Calcutta School of Music, India - 7th Feb 2003)

Guthrie Govan,Kim Seh Wang: Little Wing

Guthrie Govan Clinic in Korea (Musicforce) - Little Wing

Hedras Ramos: Little Wing

Hedras Ramos - Little Wing

Daniele Gottardo: Little Wing

Daniele Gottardo:Little Wing

Randy Hansen: Little Wing

little wing Randy hansen

Marty Friedman: Little Wing

Marty Friedman - Kind of Ballad (Little Wing)

Jimi Hendrix: Little Wing

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing

Carlos Vamos: Little Wing acoustic tapping version

Carlos Vamos plays "Little Wing" acoustic tapping version

Tony Smotherman: Little Wing

Tony Smotherman performing Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix

Eric Clapton: Sheryl Crow - Little Wing

Eric Clapton & Sheryl Crow - Little Wing

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Little Wing

Stevie Ray Vaughan Little Wing

Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani: G3 little wing

G3 Little Wing Jam

Danny Jones,Terry Lauderdale,Mary Cary: Night Of The Scary Guitar Gods

"Night Of The Scary Guitar Gods"!
featuring:Danny Jones,,Terry Lauderdale Band, TD Clark (from Chicago), and Mary Cary . - 2nd stage added to this night only! Points North, Billy Connally,Mark Pattison.........

Timeout Club Oct 15th 8pm,,Danny hit's the stage at 9:30pm!!!

Timeout Club
1822 Grant St
Concord Ca

John McLaughlin,Wayne Krantz, Marc Guillermont, Mattias IA Eklundh: Bada Boom new CD

Ranjit Barot: Bada Boom
John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, U.Srinivas, Wayne Krantz, Marc Guillermont, Matt Garrison, Scott Kinsey, Dominique di Piazza and others.

Hear the Music Sampler
Ranjit Barot is the Drummer on John McLaughlin's Floating Point

NEW YORK, NY – After decades spent honing his craft in a staggering array of roles, from composing for films to producing other artists to working as a sideman in a variety of contexts, Ranjit Barot is at last making his debut as a performing bandleader with Bada Boom. The son of a legendary classical Indian dancer, Ranjit Barot took up a western instrument – the drum kit – at age 12, inspired by the fusion and progressive rock revolution that was redefining possibilities for a new generation of musicians. Dividing his formative years between England and India, Barot developed a musical sensibility that gracefully intertwines the rich rhythmic and harmonic traditions of classical Indian musics with the improvisational fervor of jazz and the immediacy and accessibility of rock and other popular forms. "I want my playing to be the duality that I am," he reflects. "I am an Indian, but I dream in English."

The captivating and uniquely personal Bada Boom ("bada" being Hindi for "big," rendering the album a bilingual pun on the "big bang") draws from the pathbreaking example of Barot's biggest influences, John McLaughlin and Zakir Hussein – both of whom are featured on the project. McLaughlin contributes a blistering solo to the opening track, "Singularity," while Hussain provides the driving force for "Supernova." Composed of four original pieces and two striking reinventions of traditional Indian themes, Bada Boom investigates Barot's cultural and musical dichotomy with insight and inventiveness. Barot composes and arranges provocative, thoughtful dialogues from which these varied influences, textures, and techniques eventually emerge as one voice.

Jake Guy: - New Original

Jake Guy - New Original

Milan Polak: 'Lights, Camera, Action!' l full series and demonstration

Milan Polak: 'Lights, Camera, Action!' lesson

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g Guitar Lesson From His Rock House DVD

In this guitar video lesson, Rock House instructor Gus G. guitarist for Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne shows you the main phrygian major lead section from Fire & The Fury. The guitar lesson comes from his 2 DVD set Leads & Rhythms from Rock House. The DVD features over 40 lessons.

Gus G. Guitar Lesson From His Rock House DVD

Allan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin,Robin Trower, Steve Hackett: Gary Husband's new CD

Gary Husband: Dirty And Beautiful
Allan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin, Jan Hammer, Jerry Goodman, Jimmy Johnson, Robin Trower, Steve Hackett and others.

Hear the Music Sampler

NEW YORK, NY –Over the course of a remarkable, still-unfolding career, Gary Husband has defined himself as the ultimate musician's musician: a fiery, perceptive presence who elevates every scenario – from the tightly arranged to pure, open-ended improvisation. His newest solo album Dirty & Beautiful Volume One, is a riveting showcase for the many gleaming facets of his musical imagination. As befits his reputation among fellow performers, the album finds drummer and keyboardist Husband joined by an enviable cast of supporting musicians, among them John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Robin Trower, Steve Hackett (Genesis), Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Jan Hammer (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Mark King (Level 42), and more. Longtime fusion enthusiasts will note that Dirty & Beautiful marks the first time that iconic guitarists John McLaughlin and Allan Holdsworth have appeared on the same album, and the first time that McLaughlin, Goodman, and Hammer have been heard on the same project since the glory days of the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Husband has honed his formidable skills as a sideman with such exacting artists as McLaughlin, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth, Mike Stern, Robin Trower, Billy Cobham, Gary Moore, Level 42, Andy Summers, and many, many more. Currently, he is touring internationally as keyboardist and additional drummer with John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension, and is extensively featured on the group's new album To The One. On his own, he has released a series of acclaimed albums ranging from solo piano projects to intricate full-band explorations of the intersection of jazz sophistication and rock exhilaration.

Joe Satriani: with Grace Potter - Cortez the Killer

Not seen this one before.. but with over 555,000 views may be you have?

Grace Potter and Joe Satriani cover Cortez the Killer

Florent Atem: slide picking, should appeal to Michael Angelo Fans

Florent Atem - Slide Picking Demonstration


Carol & Florent Atem - Africa

Florent Atem - Slide Picking (Bande-annonce)

Jeff Beck: Goodbye pork pie hat

Jeff Beck

Alexandre Therrien: seville song tabs available

Alexandre Therrien:
Hi, a lot of people ask for the "Seville song" transcription from Alexandre Therrien (Flamenco Fusion)...


Enjoy, Alex

P.S.: Let me know if you have any trouble downloading it or playing the actual score, I might be able to help you

Alexandre Therrien - Seville - Flamenco Fusion Guitar

Michael Angelo Batio, Daniele Gottardo: Little Wing Guitar Day 6 Milan

When Guglielmo Malusardi [the Shred Baron] invited me [the Shred Admiral] to Milan, I was delighted to accept. Guglielmo had compared ZC3 show in Bucarest a few weeks earlier. This was Milan's 6th guitar day and it featured loads of great Italian guitar players and Michael Angelo Batio. The full list

Guglielmo Malusardi and Laurie Monk
Michael Angelo Batio, Angels and Demons (Alex Stornello), Daniele Gottardo, Luciano Zadro, Andrea Martongelli, Daniele Gregolin, Tommy Ermolli, Gianluca Ferro and Ignazio Di Salvo

At the end of the evening the players got up on stage and jammed this classic track, Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix. Daniele and Michael had a trade off solo section which was great fun!

After the gig, I was lucky enough to get a free guitar lesson with Daniele Gottardo [the king of rock fusion tap] ... although to me the scalloped neck and strings felt more like chopping board and cheese wire! I think Daniele must have laughed his socks off at my poor attempt at two handed tapping!

Laurie Monk... this is the way you play 8 finger guitar!

A little later on I talked with the very likeable Michael Angelo Batio, aka the King of Shred. His clinic show is chock full of humour and his trade mark lightening fast alternate picking! I was also able to have a go at holding the famous double neck!

Michael Angelo Batio and Laurie Monk
Michael Angelo Batio, Laurie Monk and Daniele Gottardo
Michael Angelo Batio, Daniele Gottardo: Little Wing Guitar Day 6 Milan