Saturday, 23 October 2010

Dror Yakar: guitar idol 2010

an original composition by Dror Yakar named after a good friend who is a top TV editor. The piece is also dedicated to him. Musicians are sometimes being misled by the name mistaking it for the Dorian scale in Music, sorry guys, it has nothing to do with it.

Dror Yakar - Funky Dori - Live

Rob Chappers: Monkey Lord launch party update

The Monkey Lord (Rob Chappers) 11 October at 00:06 Report
Just to update you all, the ticket price for this event is now £5 if you book in advance online at:

and is now open to those aged 16 or over. Bring your own drinks (alcohol for those aged 18 or over only). Please ensure you bring an accepted form of ID.

The Monkey Lord is looking forward to meeting you all :-)

Win an ML1 at the Monkey Lord launch party
Location:Marshall Amplification HQ
Time:Saturday, 30 October 2010 19:00

Andy La Rocque: King Diamond shredder back with a super group

Current/former members of KING DIAMOND, HAMMERFALL and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN have joined forces in a brand new, as-yet-unnamed Swedish "supergroup." The lineup for the band is as follows:

* Magnus Rosén (ex-HAMMERFALL) - Bass
* Andy La Rocque (KING DIAMOND) - Guitar
* Anders Johansson (HAMMERFALL, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) - Drums
* Mats Olausson (ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) - Keyboards
* Mikael Ågren (ex-NOSTRADAMEUS) - Vocals, Guitar

The group has entered La Rocque's Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden to begin recording what will eventually become the band's debut album for an early 2011 release.

Alex Hutchings: Rocking Roland in Rotherham

Roland artists Craig Bludell (drums), Luke Edwards (keyboards) and Alex Hutchings (guitar) visited Rotherham Academy for a day of demos and workshops. The college theatre provided the location for demontrations of flagship products such as the Fantom G-8, V-Synth, Gaia, TD-9K, SPD-S, VG-99 and GT-10. The day finished with a 90minute Q and A session where students could ask the artists about Roland and Boss products and advice on working in the music industry.

Roland Artist workshop 29th September 2010

Giacomo Ghezzi: guitar idol 2010

Giacomo Ghezzi - JMG

David Morand: Guitar Idol 2010

David Morand Guitar Idol 2010 Entry - "Hope"

Paulo Pacheco: guitar idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010-Improvisation Fusion-Paulo Pacheco 18 Years Old

Ugur Dariveren: guitar idol 2010 - Solar Crown

Ugur Dariveren is a very popular YouTube guitar player and he's put together a great rock guitar tune. Looks to me that my sage advice about thinking song first for this competition is paying off. I hope you are enjoying this tunes as much as I am.

Ugur Dariveren - Solar Crown

James Tyler: Guitar Idol 2010

Guitar Idol 2010 Entry - James Tyler - Break Away

Thai Pathai: guitar idol 2010

GUITAR IDOL 2010 ENTRY - spirit of me(original) - thai pathai from thailand

Jeff Armstrong: guitar idol 2010

Jeff Armstrong - Bewitched - guitar idol 2010

Igor Nembrini: guitar idol 2010

Another good tune to add to the list... makes it even harder to short list a potential winner!

Igor Nembrini - Half Life

SangJoe Park: guitar idol absorbs hip hop fusion

Like the name 'No,1', I'm supposed to make this song for my 1st track of my album.
And also I was trying to make this song like 'hiphop + guitar instrumental'.
Sorry for syncing about music and video.
I did my best for matching sync, but this is the best so far..
Hopefully you can enjoy this.


Manu Joulia: tapping and fretless with the aid of Cheryl Pyle

Manu Joulia - Walking - 2010

sattwa-by manu joulia-fretless guitar, programming with cheryl pyle -flute

She Never Smiles - Manu Joulia

Nicu Patoi: Platonic live in the studio

Platonic - Flying


Platonic-Mysterious Ways

News: Truth In Shredding wins another you tube medal!

#69 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Directors

Thanks again to all those who positively participate in my channel.

Panos Katseaz: demo track from upcoming CD

panos katseaz sparkle light

Nahuel Schiumarini: All Blues - Nahuel Schiumarini Band

All Blues-Nahuel Schiumarini Band

Dimitar Nalbantov: Abandoned Place DVD Test Video

Dimi Abandoned Place DVD Test Video - Lesson

Rob Chappers: at Manson's guitar show

CHAPPERS at Mansons guitar show

David Locke: Once Upon A Time In The West

Once Upon A Time In The West - David Locke - Fender Strat - Orange Rockerverb 50

Jack Gardiner: tribute to Fabrizio Leo

Hi guys. I've been ridiculously busy over the past few weeks, but I was inspired to work out this solo earlier on today after showing a pupil Fabrizio's work!
Fabrizio's one of my favourite players! His stuff with Adam Nitti and Alex Argento are ridiculously good, as is his solo album. Be sure to check him and the album out! You will not be disappointed!

Fabrizio Leo Illusion Solo Cover (Jack Gardiner)

Anahi Yañez Pagans: A Strat O Sister for the Strat O Blogster

Anahi Yañez Pagans (Female Guitarist Soloing)

Arielle Schwartz: rock guitar player

Female Guitar Player Arielle After the Storm Demo

Arielle's Pre-Production Footage

itunes album

Alejandra Mesliuk: Tapping and Slap Guitar solos

Tapping Slap Guitar by Alejandra Mesliuk (female guitar player)

female guitar player Malen mesliuk, solo

Cristian Regnicoli: guitar idol 2010

Beats Me

Martin Miller: Whole Tone Lesson with tab

...and here goes lick number 2! This time we have a really difficult lick utilizing the B whole-tone scale over a B7#5 chord. Tab to be found at - subscribe to my channel and check back for next week's Fusion Licks Guitar Lesson!

Fusion Licks Guitar Lesson #2: Crazy Guthrie Govan-style Whole-Tone Lick by Martin Miller

Giorgio Rovati: in a blue funk

Order Centrica from itunes

Funk Blues Guitar solo - Giorgio Rovati

Jermann Gábor: Hungary for a little Funk Fusion

Jermann Gábor:
I have done studio work on various Hungarian Christian albums and have great band experience.

Currently I am the guitarist of a Hungarian funk/(acid-) jazz band called BOLBA EVA AND THE EDEN CREW. You can find us on the Budapest club scene!

D°7 - F°7 funk fusion jam

Jermann WILDBOB Gábor - Birta Miki guitar contest entry

Steve Krenz: Smooth Jazz Guitar

Steve Krenz - Smooth Jazz Guitar

Kiko Loureiro: super legato improvisation at guitar workshop

Kiko Guitar Workshop

Yuto Miyazawa: Hong Kong gig

Yuto Miyazawa - Hong Kong impromptu gig

Andreia Gomez: progressive guitar fusion soloing techniques

Andreia Gomez progressive fusion guitar
Andreia Gomez:

Andreia was born in Portugal and started guitar at the age of 14. In 2002 Andreai attended the Guitar Institute in London to do a three month course and ended up staying for the whole year to complete a diploma course.

Andreia likes progressive guitar fusion and world music. She is currently the lead guitarist in MIND who were recently voted Best New & Unsigned Band 2009. and myspace

Subscribe to Andreia Gomez YouTube Channel

Andreia is also a music instructor and has a number of lessons that are available at low cost, that cover many progressive metal techniques.

Andreia Gomez: progressive guitar fusion soloing techniques

Lufe Lima: Giant Steps

Giant Steps (John Coltrane) By Lufe Lima

Andy Gillion: Sonic AJG computer game tribute part 2

Andy wasn't so happy with the original Youube compression of sound on his video upload so he reworked it and uploaded again.

Sonic Guitar Tribute (Part 2)

Andy's videos of game music have been amazingly popular, this one has over 60,000 views

Sonic Guitar Tribute

Fletcher Barton: 10 year old joins "Death By Gluegun" band

This is a live solo from the bands recent gigs in NYC!

10 yr. old Fletcher - Creeping Death solo

Death By Gluegun at Webster Hall (Evenflow-Pearl Jam)

Joop Wolters: Counter Clockwise!

Joop Wolters was invited for a nice radioshow called LOOK@YOURSELF on oct 20-2010, it was open for public to watch and listen..

COUNTERCLOCKWISE radio opname joop wolters

Alex Lifeson: Appears in Suck DVD!

"Dripping with cult potential"
Metal Hammer
"Vampires...meets guitars...meets awesome"
Bryn Hammond, Gorezone
Out now on Blu Ray & DVD, SUCK is a rock ‘n’ roll experience not to be missed with an all-star cast of legendary rockers including the original shock-rocker ALICE COOPER as a vampire disguised as a creepy bartender, punk icon IGGY POP playing a retired producer and Black Flag vocalist HENRY ROLLINS as radio DJ ‘Rockin' Roger’, as well as an appearance from Rush's ALEX LIFESON as a nosey border security guard. Starring alongside these infamous rock gods is the sexy Jessica Paré and British film legend Malcolm McDowell in this wild, rock’n’roll vampire spoof.


All this week we are giving away copies of the film on DVD

Peter Grandl: extreme 8 finger tapping demo

Peter Grandl displays an 8 finger tapping exercise

News: Pro Tone Pedals Raven Dirty Chorus demo

Pro Tone Pedals Raven Dirty Chorus

David Locke: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - David Locke - George Harrison - Egnater Rebel 20 Head

Robert Conti: Ticket To Improv Volume 3

Ticket To Improv Volume 3

Ticket To Improv - Volume 3 Is Now Available!
The Much Requested Blues Volume Is Now Shipping!

Enjoy This 4 Hour Buffet of Blues Lines Over The Progressions To:

12 Bar Blues
All Blues
Watermelon Man
Order Ticket To Improv, Volume 3

Charlotte Ciclet: Manque (Original)

Charlotte Ciclet plays an original

Manque (Original)