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Carl Verheyen: with Dave Marotta and Chad Wackerman

From the "Verheyen-Marotta-Wackerman Tour" 9/2011 at Scala. Excerpts of the concert featuring songs from the Carl Verheyen Band and a few covers.

Carl Verheyen (guitars, vocals)
Dave Marotta (bass)
Chad Wackerman (drums)

For more info,

Carl Verheyen, Dave Marotta & Chad Wackerman (live excerpts)

William Dotto,Alberto Milani: crazy legato fusion jam

William Dotto & Alberto Milani jam

Mark Tremonti, Michael Angelo Batio: Story from the Road

Join us for the next episode as the bus rolls into the infamous Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL!

Watch the band set up as they get ready to close out the Midwest leg of their fall tour at the intimate Bottom Lounge in Chicago! You are going to have to mind the volume however, as the combination of the concert, the howl of Chicago's Green Line El passing overhead, and the cheers of the massive Chicago crowds will surely do a number on your hearing.

As the night progresses after sound check, watch Mark Tremonti head into his dressing room backstage with shredding esquire Michael Angelo Batio for a free guitar masterclass. MAB even grabs hold of one of Mark's PRS guitars to shred on as the two go through some massive speed picking exercises. Watching two guitar leviathans playing through a pair of small (but mighty) sounding Roland Micro Cube amps is quite the sight as well!

Then grab a spot in the pit as FRET12 brings you some great live footage of crowd favorite "Decay". There may even be a small surprise in the video that is indeed quite "beautiful"

Make sure to stay tuned as the bus rolls out of Chicago and back to the east coast for a stop at Club INT in Connecticut!

Until next time...

TREMONTI - Story from the Road - Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL

Marty Friedman: 2012 London UK Show Announcement Marty Friedman sends Guitar Interactive Magazine ( a special message to deliver to his fans that he will be performing a London show this October, if you've got tickets for this show then we will see you there - for details on tickets for Marty Friedman London show or any other up and coming shows head to;

Marty Friedman tour for 3 album release of Bad DNA, Loud Speaker and Future Addict are now available in the U.S through Prosthetic Records for all of these albums and more head to

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Marty Friedman - 2012 London UK Show Announcement - Guitar Interactive Magazine

Silvio Gazquez: Sweep Picking Étude

Would you like to know how to play that?

This lesson features:

Backing track
5 videos showing each part fast and slow with close ups angles
PDF text explanation and tabs in Guitar Pro and Powertabs.

So, if you are starting out with sweep picking I really recommend you to get this cool lesson, where you will
learn how to shred with 2 and 3 strings arpeggios all over the fretboard!

For buying it just write me at Thanks for watching!
Cost of the lesson: u$10.-

Silvio Gázquez is endorsee for Spear guitars.

NEW LESSON: Sweep Picking Étude

Late night Improv

Guthrie Govan, Marco Minneman, Bryan Belle: Bad Asteroid Watch The Aristocrats perform Bad Asteroid Live on there recent 2012 UK Tour. This supergroup consists of guitarist Guthrie Govan, Drummer Marco Minneman & bassist Bryan Beller.

The Aristocrats perform 'Bong!....Im In The Back' watch this performance on page 28

Watch More inside Issue 12 of Guitar Interactive Magazine:

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The Aristocrats Perform Bad Asteroid - Guthrie Govan, Marco Minneman & Bryan Beller

Steve Vai: Interview 2012 Guitar Interactive Steve Vai talks and shows the guitar parts in Weeping China Doll & the guitar melody in The Story Of Light.
In the FULL interview with Stuart Bull from Guitar Interactive - Steve Vai talks us through all of the tracks on his latest Album 'The Story Of Light' watch the full feature in Issue 12 here:
Steve Vai demostrates the licks on his 7 string Ibanez Universe For The Love Of God guitar.
Watch the gear overview in Steve Vai's 'Harmony Hut Studio' here:
Guitar Interactive Magazine is the FREE online magazine for gutiarists the world over. View online for free today!

Issue 12 features Steve Vai, The Aristocrats, Guitar Lessons on Steve Vais style, free lessons by our regular contributors & lots more! Plus WIN a Steve Vai JEM 70V in this issue! Read online today

Steve Vai Weeping China Doll & The Story Of Light Guitar Riffs - Interview 2012 Guitar Interactive

Martin Goulding: Sweeping MacAlpine, Malmsteen,Friedman and Becker

For the September 2012 edition of Guitar World magazine which features Steve Vai and Tosin Abasi on the front cover, I put together my back cover column "Last Licks" based around the Sweeping technique and in the style of some of the great neo-classical players of the mid to late 1980's such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, and Tony Macalpine, with the ideas finished authentically with the stylistically appropriate tone-wide vibrato style. This technique is fast and fluid, adding a rich melodic element to solos in contrast to the more scalar based lines. To keep the technique clean, each note must be played finger-on/finger-off or as a roll with good separation as opposed to holding down chord shapes. Set the fretting hand first finger flat, muting the string above and all beneath the one being played, and as you ascend through the strings in one single sweeping motion, move the thumb pad over the lower strings to stop unwanted noise.

For the audio I used an Axe FX II set up with a Marshall Brit 800 Mod type sound (boost set off) with TS808 tubescreamer overdrive with the drive set to half and some medium room reverb (stereo delay from logic on mixdown) and pseudo double tracking (doubling the track and delaying one side/panned hard left and right), straight to an Apogee ensemble card into a Mac Pro running Logic. For Video, a Canon 60D and FCP X for editing. Guitar wise, i used my Ibanez J Custom JCRG-2 TB with EMG pick-ups. (see gear page). The supporting video goes into some detail breaking down the examples in a way that will be accessible for intermediate level players.

To hear these techniques in context, check out some of the solos i've put together in the style of the greats.

Tony Macalpine Style Sweeping Lick by Martin Goulding

Yngwie Malmsteen Style Sweeping Lick by Martin Goulding

Marty Friedman Style Sweeping Lick by Martin Goulding

Jason Becker Style Sweeping Lick by Martin Goulding

Rick Renstrom: War Of Thrones - live at State Theater - entire show

4 HD cam shoot and enhanced board mix

WAR OF THRONES live at State Theater - entire show

Rob Marcello: Danger, Danger dates including Fire Fest!

DANGER DANGER were recently confirmed as one of the three headliners for Firefest 2012 which will take place October 19th – 21st at Rock City in Nottingham, UK. The band has announced to warm-up shows in the US; their schedule is now as follows:

12 - The Rock Junction - Coventry, Rhode Island
13 - Ollie's Point / Revolution - Amityville, New York
21 - Firefest - Nottingham, United Kingdom

Steve Stevens, Jordan Rudess,Steve Morse,Rick Wakeman,Billy Sheehan,Derek Sherinian: Purple Pyramid

Purple Pyramid will release a collection of original rock-jazz fusion numbers entitled The Fusion Syndicate, on October 16th.

‘Random Acts Of Science’ - Rick Wakeman (Yes), Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets, Alan Holdsworth)
‘Stone Cold Infusion’ - Steve Stevens, Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT), Mel Collins (King Crimson), Colin Edwin (PORCUPINE TREE), Billy Cobham (Mahavishnu Orchestra)
‘Molecular Breakdown’ - Jay Beckenstein (Spyro Gyra), Billy Sheehan (STEVE VAI), Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), David Sancious (THE E STREET BAND)
‘Particle Accelerations’ - Larry Coryell, Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION), Eric Marienthal (CHICK COREA ELEKTRIC BAND), Chester Thompson (GENESIS, BRAND X)
‘At The Edge Of The Middle’ - Steve Morse (DIXIE DREGS), Jim Beard (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Randy Brecker (BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS), Percy Jones (SOFT MACHINE, Brand X)
‘Atom Smashing’ - John Etheridge (Soft Machine), Tony Kaye (Yes), Chad Wackerman (Frank Zappa)
‘In The Spirit Of…’ - Steve Hillage (GONG), Scott Kinsey (TRIBAL TECH), Theo Travis (STEVEN WILSON BAND), Justin Chancellor (TOOL), Asaf Sirkis (THE ORIENT HOUSE ENSEMBLE)

Steve Howe: Asia tour dates and interview

Confirmed Asia tour dates include:

26 - Osaka, Japan - Sankei Hall Breeze
27 - Zepp, Japan - Nagoya

17 - Red Bank, NJ - Count Basie
18 - Boston, MA - Wilbur Theater
19 - Westbury, NY - Westbury Theater
20 - Philadelphia, PA - Keswick
21 - Wilmington, DE - Opera House
23 - Syracuse, NY - Turning Stone Casino
25 - Ridgefield, CT - Ridgefield Playhouse
26 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun
27 - NY, NY - Best Buy Theater
28 - York, PA - Strand Capital

15 - Tavistock, UK - The Wharf
16 - Holmfirth, UK - Picturedrome
17 - Edinburgh, UK - Queen’s Hall
19 - Salisbury, UK - City Hall
20 - Birmingham, UK - Town Hall
21 - Manchester, UK - Royal Northern College of Music
22 - London, UK - o2 Shepherds Bush Empire

Asia 2012:
Geoff Downes – keyboards
Steve Howe – guitars
Carl Palmer – drums
John Wetton – bass and vocals

Asia - Face On The Bridge (Official)

Interview with Classic Rock

Akira Takasaki,: Loudness

OUDNESS will release their 25th offcial studio album, 2012, via Tokuma Communications in Japan on August 22nd.

'The Stronger'
'End Of The Age'
'Break New Ground'
'Driving Force'
'Behind The Scene'
'Bang 'Em Dead'
'The Voice Of Metal'
'Who The Hell Cares'
'Spirit From The East'
'Memento Mori'
'Out Of The Space'
'Deep-Six The Law'

Note DVD's will require a none restricted DVD player.


Martin Goulding: Picking Malmsteen,Gilbert,Moore and Romeo

Martin Goulding is on G+:
For the November 2012 edition of Guitar World magazine which features Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong on the front cover, I put together my back cover column "Last Licks" based around the Alternate Picking technique and in the style of some of the great hard-rock players of the 1980's including Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci and Michael Romeo. This technique has played an important role in defining the sound of modern rock. In contrast to the legato based approaches, alternate picking gives a more aggressive and percussive attack and is useful for raising intensity during solos, as well as providing a default technique for the up-tempo riffs and rhythms of the modern rock style. Set your picking hand by resting on the edge of the palm, swinging the pick evenly over the string by rotating the wrist, the arm free of tension. Aim for the tip of the pick with a slight downwards angle, accenting each beat on the downstroke.

For the audio I used an Axe FX II set up with a Marshall Brit 800 Mod type sound (boost set off) with TS808 tubescreamer overdrive with the drive set to half and some medium room reverb (stereo delay from logic on mixdown) and pseudo double tracking (doubling the track and delaying one side/panned hard left and right), straight to an Apogee ensemble card into a Mac Pro running Logic. For Video, a Canon 60D and FCP X for editing. Guitar wise, i used my Ibanez J Custom JCRG-2 TB with EMG pick-ups. (see gear page The supporting video goes into some detail breaking down the examples in a way that will be accessible for intermediate level players.

To hear this technique in context, check out some of the solos i've put together in the style of the greats.

Paul Gilbert Picking Lick by Martin Goulding

Yngwie Malmsteen Picking Lick by Martin Goulding

Vinnie Moore Picking Lick by Martin Goulding

Michael Romeo Style Picking Lick by Martin Goulding

Jay Parmar: Slow Drag Guitar Lesson

Hi folks, I had a number of comments on my Slow Drag cover asking for Tab, so I've done a walkthrough of how to play the rhythm of the song. I'll cover the pre-solo and solo in another video. Enjoy! You can check out the cover here...

Lynch Mob - Slow Drag Guitar Lesson - Jay Parmar



Roberto Restuccia: Lydian licks and bad ass blues

A quick take/jam using the fantastic eclat standard from fret king.

The BT is from the Rick Graham's fantastic Web page, so please have a go over the track yourselves and practise over that lydian chord vamp.

I am an official endorsee of Fret King Guitars and for anybody interested please checkout these great instruments at

Lydian Vamp by Roberto Restuccia

Standard Blues by Roberto Restuccia

Hussein Haddad: Demo Dreamer D-Pro HH guitar


Demo Dreamer D-Pro HH

Marshall Harrison: Black Sheep - Ibanez RG Glitter Guitar

Marshall Harrison

Marshall's "Black Sheep tour Guitar" — with Ibanez RG Glitter Guitar.

'80s rockers Black Sheep released their debut album, "Trouble In The Streets" in 1985 on Enigma Records featuring Paul Gilbert.

Black Sheep - Someone Like U featuring James Kottak (Scorpions)

Join Marshall on Ustream:

In addition you can catch up with Marshall as he demos some of the gear on his new Facebook group

News: Caposonic Kickstarter Campaign has just begun!

The Caposonic Kickstarter Campaign has just begun!

Now is the time to support the effort and bring CapoSonic devices to you and your friends.. this is the first and only way to secure your CapoSonic Classic - just in time for the holidays!

Make your pledge... nothing ventured nothing gained... NOW is the time !

Visit the link... make a pledge and tell all your friends - take advantage of the early adopters discount - MADE IN USA

Peter Luha: announces album Viaje del Alma

All songs by Peter Luha except bonus tracks

electric guitar /bass/ - Framus Tennessee Custom /1 - 12, 14, 15/
acoustic guitar - handmade by Martin Klema /5, 7, 9, 12, 13/
electric mandolin - handmade by Miloš Klas /11/

Dino de Valeria - cajon /3, 5, 9, 11, 12/
Jozef Gorel - congas, djembe, darbuka, shaker, caxixi, finger cymbals, wah wah tube /5, 9, 11, 12/

Cover Design: Peter Považan
Artwork /drawings/: Lucia Černeková
Producers: Robert Pospiš, Martin Sillay
CO-Producer: Peter Luha
Sound, Cut, Mastered by: Real Music House

Album Viaje del Alma
is released on 28th September 2012
in Real Music House.

Peter Luha - solo guitar concert /original compositions & Csardas, Turkish March, Bumblebee../

Alex Lifeson,Geddy Lee: Studio Q interview

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, two of the founders of the Canadian rock institution known as Rush, join Jian in Studio Q to talk about their latest album "Clockwork Angels", spending a lifetime honing their skills, and how they keep things fresh after almost 40 years and 20 studio albums together.

Rush's Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson in Studio Q

George Lynch: Shadowtrain trailer

Shadowtrain NEW TRAILER 9 23 12

Zakk Wylde: Guitar Apprentice

The Zakk Wylde Signature Edition Guitar Apprentice was recorded live at Wylde's Black Vatican studio in Los Angeles, CA and features six DVDs of guitar instruction by Zakk Wylde himself including signature rhythm patterns, solo breakdowns, tones, pedals and gear. Fifteen levels of learning are provided per song.

The Zakk Wylde Signature Edition Guitar Apprentice features exclusive videos, personal tours of the Black Vatican, and interviews.

"It's about as thorough and comprehensive a learning tool as you're gonna get. I wanted to make sure anyone learning guitar from me understood what it takes to play on a stage in front of thousands or in their own basement. I wish this was around when I first started playing," said Wylde. "This ain't no video game either," he added.

For more information on the Zakk Wylde Signature Edition Guitar Apprentice visit or

Available in Guitar Center stores on October 1. Available everywhere on November 1.

Zakk Wylde - Guitar Apprentice video commercial

Ignazio Di Salvo: working on debut solo album

Ignazio Di Salvo
Ok, I'm going to work over my debut solo album's guitar and bass tracks during next months. It will be entitled "A gift to the world" and it will contains 10 prog-melodic songs with acoustic sounds also...I hope to finish new video promos very soon! Keep on rock!!!

Kip Winger,Milan Polak: How Far Will We Go
Please support me by purchasing my music:

Milan Polak's albums are available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and guitar9.
For further order links please visit

How Far Will We Go - Kip Winger & Milan Polak

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G interviewed Manchester, UK

Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind) Interview - 14.9.2012 Moho Live Manchester, UK

Ozzy Osbourne and Firewind guitarist Gus G chats to Get Ready to ROCK! at the start of the Firewind 'Few Against Many Europe & UK Tour 2012'. He discusses playing with Ozzy, his musical career and the latest Firewind album 'Few Against Many'.

Recorded at the Moho Live Club in Manchester, UK - 14.9.2012

Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind) Interview - 14.9.2012 Moho Live Manchester, UK

Joop Wolters,Vivien Lalu: Dragonir - New progressive metal project

Dragonir - New progressive metal project by Vivien Lalu. Line-up TBA!

Thanks for joining the party! Dragonir is my newly created project, based on the 'Tales of Eldrynn' stories I started to write 5 years ago. Keep posted here for many news & stories about this brand new Heroic Fantasy & progressive metal concept!

Vivien Lalu - Keyboards & composition
Joop Wolters - Guitars, bass, additional vocals
Henrik Båth - Vocals

Vivien Lalu,Simone Mularoni,Jordan Rudess: Atomic Ark

Jordan Rudess has contributed keyboard parts and co-written a piece for the new album from LALU, the heavy/progressive project led by French composer Vivien Lalu. Entitled "Atomic Ark", the long-awaited follow-up to 2005's "Oniric Metal" will feature cover artwork by Travis Smith of Seempieces (OPETH, DEVIN TOWNSEND, NEVERMORE, ICED EARTH, DEATH, AMORPHIS) and additional guest apperances by such musicians as Jens Johansson (STRATOVARIUS), Gary Wehrkamp (SHADOW GALLERY), Marco Sfogli (JAMES LABRIE) and Ryan Van Poederooyen (THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT).

LALU new lineup is as follows:

Vivien Lalu - Keyboards
Martin LeMar (MEKONG DELTA) - Vocals
Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X) - Bass
Simone Mularoni (EMPYRIOS, D.G.M.) - Guitars
Virgil Donati (PLANET X) - Drums

The "Atomic Ark" release date will be announced later on Vivien Lalu's Facebook page as LALU is still considering label options.

Tom Quayle: Jamming Slo Mo Countdown

Countdown - John Coltrane

Tom Quayle Jamming on a slower version of the changes to Coltrane's Countdown.

George Lynch: Planet Reno interview

Reno's interview with George Lynch of Lynch Mob and Dokken for Big Hair Saturday Night on WUZZ 94 & 107. We talk about Lynch Mob's new EP 'Sound Mountain Sessions', their forthcoming album, T&N, Mr. Scary Guitars, the Shadowtrain film and Lynch Mob's up coming September 29, 2012 show in New Castle, PA!!!

Check out more at:

I don't own the copyrights to any of the music or photographs used in this video. All copyrights are owned by their respective copyright holder. This video is for entertainment and review purposes only and all music and photographs are used under the Fair Use Law.

Planet Reno - George Lynch Interview

Jake Reichbart: 16 Songs, the new CD

Jake Reichbart is on Google+

Hi everybody! I am getting ready to release next week a new solo guitar CD on CD Baby titled "Is She Really Going Out With Him?". I will be back in the coming days with announcements when that happens, please stay tuned!!! Meanwhile, check out my older (but timeless) release "16 Songs"...

Jake Reichbart won WEMU-FM’s Emily Remler scholarship for best jazz guitarist in 1991. Since then, he has been among the busiest guitarists in the greater Detroit region. As a sideman, he appears on countless recordings and jingles and has performed alongside Motown legends and jazz greats alike, logging over 4,600 live gigs.

Reichbart’s passion, though, has always been solo guitar, citing Joe Pass, Tuck Andress and Tommy Emmanuel as his main influences, while creating a unique voice of his own. He can arrange for the guitar nearly any tune imaginable, drawing from any and every musical style. His CDs 16 Songs and Long Ago and Far Away have received nominations for best jazz recording at the Detroit Music Awards and have garnered rave reviews from such prestigious publications as All Music Guide, Just Jazz Guitar, and Cadence, as well as from numerous radio stations across the US and abroad. He has performed for two US presidents, the Michigan Governor's Inaugural Ball three times, and for countless other similar events. His instructional DVDs are distributed by the largest publisher in the world, Hal Leonard Corporation and he was featured on the front cover of the May 2012 issue of Just Jazz Guitar magazine, which included a lengthy interview and a transcription of one of his arrangements. Jake cites his most enjoyable solo work as being the “restaurant guitarist,” creating long-term relationships and enjoying a loyal following. For the past 20 years, he has been performing on Wednesday evenings at Ann Arbor’s most famous restaurant, The Earle.

1. Time After Time 3:49
2. (theme From) Goldfinger 2:21
3. Yesterday 4:01
4. Can't Find My Way Home 3:05
5. Third World Man 4:26
6. Martha My Dear 2:15
7. I'll Follow the Sun 2:54
8. Fly Like An Eagle 3:52
9. With Or Without You 4:00
10. Don't You (forget About Me) 4:15
11. Change the World 4:02
12. I'm Not In Love 5:19
13. Maxine 3:44
14. Mother Nature's Son 2:22
15. Unbreak My Heart 4:34
16. Thank You