News: Caposonic Kickstarter Campaign has just begun!

The Caposonic Kickstarter Campaign has just begun!

Now is the time to support the effort and bring CapoSonic devices to you and your friends.. this is the first and only way to secure your CapoSonic Classic - just in time for the holidays!

Make your pledge... nothing ventured nothing gained... NOW is the time !

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  1. Santa Barbara guitarist Ben Ryan says he invented the CapoSonic out of necessity.

    The CapoSonic “First Generation Classic” device is similar to a capo and attaches to the neck of the guitar, which allows guitarists to alter the sound produced by the instrument.

    “The ability to play a certain way, the way you want to play, is quite a feat in itself,” Ryan said. “After a while, the same chords get humdrum; this is an educational tool for accelerating music.

    You’ll be able to grow your potential exponentially.”

    Ryan says he enjoys the many possibilities created by tuning a guitar to “open” chords as opposed to standard guitar tuning. He writes and performs songs that require these special tunings on a regular basis, which means he must carry many guitars and regular capos to each gig.

    Guitarists like Ryan would rather carry multiple guitars to live events than limit their catalog of performance material.

    He says the CapoSonic solves this problem by allowing musicians to configure chord shapes by positioning the six individual hammers on the capo, producing “open tuning” and alternative sounds, without needing to re-tune the guitar. Retuning stretches out the strings.

    The CapoSonic allows guitarists to play with the familiarity of standard tuning, using regular chords, scales and patterns yet arrive at the richness of open tuning sounds.

    Before inventing CapoSonic, Ryan said he searched high and low for a product to meet his need. He went to many music stores during his extensive travels from New York to Los Angeles and many points in between, but he couldn’t find a solution. Over time, Ryan developed the CapoSonic through rigorous experimentation. He was able to team up with a Santa Barbara machine shop and engineer to make his invention a reality.

    The result is a unique product that solves a real need through the application of a revolutionary concept. The CapoSonic “First Generation Classic” device designs have been finalized and Ryan’s innovative solution will be made available to guitar lovers everywhere later this year.

    Ryan has developed an online KickStarter Campaign to raise funding to produce and ship the first run of the CapoSonic. The CapoSonic is available exclusively through with unique sponsor packages offered to those who back the project.

    The Kickstarter Campaign is running until Oct. 28. Kickstarter campaigns follow the “all or nothing” funding model, meaning that CapoSonic must meet this fundraising goal in order for the product to ship to backers.


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