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Stéphan Forté,Kenny Serane: The French Guitar Contest 2013

French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th
Guitarist Stéphan Forté to participate as a judge, alongside Michel Lâg for 'The French Guitar Contest'! This is your chance to win a beautiful Lâg Arkane 500! Anyone can enter - submit solo entries before Sunday, May 11, 11:59pm GMT:

Watch it in HD!
This is the official video of the French Guitar Contest 2013
Created by Nelly Tadjer and Kenny Serane.
It is an INTERNATIONAL contest.
How to participate? Visit the website
Don't forget to make a video response here with your entry!
This contest begins in March, the 11 to May, the 11, 2013 for the first round


Lead Guitar : Kenny Serane
Rhythm guitar : Thomas Tibéri
Bass : Fred Bidou
Drums : Vincent Fabre
Video Editing : Nelly Tadjer
Merci à "MJS L'escale" pour l'enregistrement de la batterie.

Let's Rock!

The French Guitar Contest 2013

Vincenzo Grieco: a lesson in Country Rock

Vincenzo Grieco Guitarist guitar teacher in modern Rome and on skype.

Vincenzo Grieco Lezioni di chitarra moderna a Roma "ROCK COUNTRY"

Doug Doppler: GearTunes, Sweetwater, Orange Amps, and Ibanez Guitars Present: The Ultimate Speaker Dem

GearTunes, Sweetwater, Orange Amps, and Ibanez Guitars Present: The Ultimate Speaker Dem

On March 14-17, The Ultimate Speaker Demo will stream live at and The event will be held at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, CA.
In support of the site launch, Celestion, Electro-Voice, Eminence, and Jensen are providing an arsenal of speakers which will be mounted in a wall of cabinets from Orange Amps. GearTunes founder Doug Doppler worked closely with these manufacturers in matching specific speakers to the nine classic and modern styles he will be demoing.

Doppler honed his tone-matching skills while working as one of the Guitar Hero session players. Multi-platinum and Grammy Award winning producer/mixer Neil Dorfsman (Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Stratis, Billy Idol) will tracking and mixing The Ultimate Speaker Demo to ensure that the nuance of each speaker and style is captured accurately.

The goal The Ultimate Speaker Demo is to provide a semi-transparent layer between the manufacturer, gear enthusiast, and reseller. The speaker is the last piece of gear in a guitar player’s signal chain, it plays the vital role translating everything from pick attack to amp settings–all of which varies dramatically from style to style. This has provided a massive challenge for speaker manufacturers in terms of how to frame their products in the marketplace, which The Ultimate Speaker Demo addresses by the musical breadth of the demos and the style driven signal chains used to create them.

The vision is to aid consumers by connecting the dots between professionally recorded gear demos and quality retailers. From Dunlop wahs to Dumble amps–as well as the gear used to record them, GearTunes offers a massive library of demos for gearheads and recording enthusiasts alike.

The Ultimate Speaker Demo is sponsored by: Audio-Technica, Avid, Boss, Carvin, Celestion, Ebtech, Electro-Voice, Eminence, Eventide, EVH,, GHS, Ibanez, IsoAcoustics, Jensen, Line 6, Millennia Media, Morley, MXR, Orange, Peterson, Radial, Royer, Shure, Sweetwater, Universal Audio, Vox, Toontrack and Vintage Guitar magazine.

GearTunes, Sweetwater, Orange Amps, and Ibanez Guitars Present: The Ultimate Speaker Demo

News: The ICMP Institute to open in Cardiff with the University of Glamorgan

The Institute to open in Cardiff with the University of Glamorgan

Having delivered cutting edge contemporary music education for 25 years, the Institute is delighted to announce the launch of a new partnership with the University of Glamorgan.

From September 2013, the Institute is extending its superior music education experience to the Welsh capital and will be, in partnership with the University, creating and offering a new and exciting Bachelor of Music Degree in guitar, bass, vocals and drums.

This will not only provide musicians the premier opportunity to study contemporary music to the highest standards in Wales, but will allow them access to the University’s inspiring facilities and environment. The programme will be delivered at the custom-built ATRiuM campus situated in the heart of Cardiff city centre, allowing student’s unrivalled access to work alongside fellow music production students and cutting edge music recording facilities.

Students on the BMus Contemporary Music Performance will also benefit from the opportunity to take an optional Rockschool Licentiate during their final year, allowing them to graduate with an additional and accredited teaching qualification.

Institute alumni have been playing and performing successfully across the UK for many years with artists such as The Vaccines, Jessie J and Radiohead. The Institute in London boasts an outstanding teaching Faculty with a wealth of music industry experience, and is thrilled to partner with the University of Glamorgan to expand its renowned teaching methods into another important music capital.

Pete Whittard, Operations Director at the Institute, commented "this is a wonderful opportunity for the Institute to partner with the University of Glamorgan in creating a new and exciting degree in Contemporary Music Performance. We know that it will offer a professional pathway into a career in the industry for aspiring musicians."

Cardiff and Wales as a nation offers a diversity of cultural opportunities, and is built on a heritage of music, home to such musical successes as Manic Street Preachers, Tom Jones, The Stereophonics, The Alarm, Bonnie Tyler and Feeder who all continue to inspire generations of music makers.

Professor Peter Robertson, Dean of Faculty for the Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries stated that “it is appropriate that we are launching in collaboration with the Institute, a flagship contemporary music performance course during this year when Cardiff plays host to the international WOMEX 2013 music expo and showcase event”.

More information about the partnership and the new BMUS Contemporary Music Performance can be found at

News: ICMP Institute and Shure Songwriting Award 2013

The Institute and Shure Songwriting Award 2013

It’s officially here! The launch of the Shure Songwriting Award 2013 in partnership with the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance has finally arrived.
This acclaimed award, which has previously been judged by Amy McDonald, K.T. Tunstall, Paloma Faith and Everything Everything, aims to provide hard working, talented songwriters with the recognition that they deserve.

So if you are a songwriter looking to make a career out of your talent, why not take part in this year’s award competition? First prize is a unique opportunity to attend, free of charge, the fantastic one-year Cert HE in Songwriting course at the Institute worth over £5,000! Studying at the Institute, you will be able to take part in regular live showcase events, professionally develop your talent and have direct access to leading industry professionals. The winner will also receive a performance microphone and a studio microphone from Shure worth £500 whilst the runner up will get a Shure SM58 microphone and a pair of Shure SRH440 studio headphones.

Last year’s winner Mairead Furlong, who is currently taking full advantage of her award, said:
"It was such a privilege to be awarded the Shure Songwriting Award last year. To be given the chance to develop my talent and skills on the songwriting degree course, as well as benefiting from the many opportunities that arise at the Institute to write, collaborate and perform has been such a fantastic opportunity. I am learning so much and having the best year of my life. I would highly recommend this course to anybody who aspires to be a songwriter or an artist performing their own material. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and those who selected me as the winner!"

This competition, and the course of study that the winners attend, has a fantastic reputation for developing successful songwriters and this year will be no different.
To enter, all you have to do is upload an original song to before 29th April 2013. You will then have four weeks to try and gain as many public votes as possible. Finally a combination of an expert panel of judges will select a top 8, the winner will then be selected by a top secret celebrity judge to be announced at a later date.
This could be your chance - it could be your song chosen this year!

For further details on entry guidelines, terms and conditions or for further information visit the award website, or contact the Institute directly on:
- 0207 328 0222

Roby Gallico, Jean Paul Agnesod: and a host of players jam We Are The World

Roby Gallico: This was my vision...ask to different style guitar players to play this beautiful song together.
Everybody did each own part, sent to me; I assembled it, merging the sounds...and this is the result, hope you enjoy the video.
Many thanks to my friends musicians and to Michael Jackson, God bless him.


Ioannis Anastassakis: Elite Guitar Coaching Rising Stars new Album

Greetings to all you guitar-lovin' guys & girls!

Today I have an EXTRA Special Treat for you - something I have been preparing for a long, Long time and it is finally available!
A brand-new guitar instrumental collection by Greek electric guitarists - the very FIRST ever of its kind by Greek artists!
Elite Guitar Coaching Rising Stars, Vol.1

The project is called Elite Guitar Coaching Rising Stars, Vol.1
and it includes original compositions by 15 artists (one of my own original tracks is also included)!
The performing artists are my most advanced Greek electric guitar students, all members of my global private online guitar coaching program – called “ Elite Guitar Coaching ”
I would like to sincerely thank EMG Pickups for sponsoring this project and providing us with much needed equipment and all-around support.

Track listing

1. Divergent Steps Tasos Asonitis
2. Echoing Chemical Reactions Theodore Kalantzakos
3. Train to Spinalonga Mikko
4. Cronos Funk Bob Saganas
5. As Simple as That Jim Skordilis
6. Flying Porcupine Sotos
7. Fractals S. Caroll
8. Breathless Jim Nassios
9. Alexithymia Sinnik
10. Eternal Sea Kiriakos Bouloubasis
11. Staring At You Dimitris Vat
12. Predestined Pete Tross
13. Road to Neverland Teo Ross
14. Reflections On Whispering Waters Jason Stefanou
15. The Prometheus Deception Ioannis Anastassakis
16. The Greek Guitar Power Jam Elite Guitar Coaching Ensemble

Here's the CD Baby link, if you want to check it out - and, by all means, send me an email telling me what you think of this project!
Elite Guitar Coaching Rising Stars, Vol.1

Joe Bonamassa: announces September 2013 UK Arena Tour

Following the March 25th release of Joe Bonamassa’s live album and DVD, An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House, the internationally renowned guitarist will embark on 7-Date UK Arena Tour in September 2013. Tickets go on sale Friday 15th March from the 24 Hour Box office: 0844 478

Bonamassa will perform songs from his classic albums including Sloe GinDust BowlBlack RockThe Ballad of John Henry, and Driving Towards The Daylight (the latter reached #2 in the UK’s Official Album Chart). The highly anticipated tour will showcase a mix of acoustic and electronic selections performed by  Carmine Rojas (bass), Arlan Schierbaum (keyboards), Tal Bergman (drums) and Joe Bonamassa (guitar, vocals).

Cardiff Motorpoint Arena                Wednesday September 18
Bournemouth BIC                              Friday September 20
Manchester Arena                             Saturday September 21
Aberdeen AECC                                  Monday September 23
Edinburgh Playhouse                         Tuesday September 24
Birmingham NIA                                 Friday September 27
Brighton Centre                                  Saturday September 28


Tom Hess:How To Improve Your Guitar Practice And Become A More Motivated Player

How To Improve Your Guitar Practice And Become A More Motivated Player
Do you currently feel un-motivated to practice guitar? If your answer to this question is “yes”, there is a good chance that you are not practicing guitar with effective strategies. Fact is, most guitar players do not truly understand how to achieve results in their guitar practice. As a result, they become less and less motivated to practice guitar.
As a guitar teacher, I come across all kinds of guitar playing issues through my guitar students. Over the years, I have noticed that most of my guitar students have very specific reasons for why they lose motivation for guitar practice. In order to help you increase your motivation, I have created a list of the 5 most common reasons why guitar players are unable to get great results when they practice guitar:

Reason Number 1: Unorganized and ineffective practicing habits
Many guitar players do not know how to schedule their practice in a way that brings them consistent results. In most cases, this is because they do not make a strong effort to find the most effective guitar practice methods. Instead, they create their own guitar practice routine and stick with it even if it is not helping them achieve the results they want. For example, most guitarists try to divide up practice time equally for every idea they want to practice. This approach consistently fails to bring big results in the long term because the guitarist is treating every practice item with equal importance. In reality, some of the things you practice will be more important than others and should take up more priority when you are scheduling guitar practice time.
Another mistake that guitarists make during their guitar practice is that they spend a lot of time focusing on the guitar skills they WANT to practice rather than the guitar skills that they NEED to practice in order to achieve their musical goals. This causes their guitar playing skills to become imbalanced. As a result, their weak areas tend to hold back their ability to apply their well developed skills in musical situations.
In order to make progress in your guitar playing, it is essential to analyze your own practice methods so that you can develop an effective guitar practice schedule. To build your own effective guitar practice schedule, take this test on how to start improving guitar practice and get expert guitar practice advice.

Reason Number 2: Not sure what needs to be practiced on guitar.
The majority of guitar players do not know exactly what they should be practicing and why they should be practicing it. This causes them to attempt learning as many new ideas on guitar as possible. Then, by practicing so many different ideas for guitar at once, the guitarist becomes overwhelmed. This happens because they simply do not give themselves enough time to fully process all the new information they are learning.
The key to practicing guitar effectively is to fully understand ‘what’ you must practice and ‘why’ you must practice it. Learn what you should practice on guitar by having a look at this article to help you begin achieving musical goals more effectively.

Reason Number 3: Not having fun with guitar practice
Many guitar players have conditioned themselves to believe that guitar practice is nothing more than a boring set of repetitive tasks. If you have this mindset, you are truly misunderstanding the basic idea behind guitar practice. In order to gain motivation to practice your instrument, you must learn how to create an effective practice schedule that helps you enjoy the learning process as you work toward your guitar playing goals. Once you obtain the right tools to create a such a highly productive and inspirational practice schedule, you will find it much easier to have fun with the time you spend practicing guitar. As time goes on, you will begin treating guitar practice as an opportunity to improve on your instrument in order to play music the way you always wanted rather than as a mere obligation that you must complete each day.
To learn more about what you must do to get more enjoyment from your guitar practice time, have a look at this article that explains how to build great guitar practicing methods.

Reason Number 4: Losing motivation due to lack of quick progress.
No matter how effectively you can practice guitar, you will not see huge results after only one or two practice sessions. Most guitarists choose guitar practice methods with the expectation that they will bring quick results with little effort. This decision usually results in the guitar player giving up on potentially effective practice methods too soon. As a result, these guitar players do not experience continuous progress in their guitar playing because they are switching practice methods too frequently. This practicing method is like listening to 15 different songs, but stopping the music after one or two seconds in each song before you can hear what the music is about. When practicing guitar, give your practice methods time to develop so that you can determine whether or not the methods are effective.

Reason Number 5: Not focusing enough on long term goals.
It takes many years to become a great guitar player. If you want to become a great guitarist, you must clearly determine the best paths to take in order to achieve your long term goals. Once you have clearly identified your long term music goals, you will need to focus on using your guitar practice time effectively to reach them. To do that, think of your guitar practice sessions as individual pieces of a puzzle that make up the big picture of your musical goals. The better you understand the big picture of your guitar practice, the easier it will be to create effective guitar practice schedules. Additionally, as you begin to “put together the puzzle” and make progress you will become more motivated to practice guitar.

What should you do next?
After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of why you have a hard time staying motivated in your guitar practice. Think about how the guitar practice solutions mentioned above can apply to your current practice routine. Even though this article has only touched on a few of the problems that you might face as you develop your guitar skills, your guitar playing will benefit greatly by applying them in your everyday practice.

To better understand what you need to be practicing to improve your guitar skills, read this article on achieving musical goals. Also, complete this test about how to begin improving guitar practice and find out how you can make your own guitar practicing routines.

About The Author:
Tom Hess is a professional touring musician and the guitarist for the epic metal band Rhapsody Of Fire. He also teaches and trains guitarists from all over the world in his online guitar lessons. On his website,, you can get additional freetips about guitar playingguitar playing resources , mini courses and surveys.

Robin Trower,Steve Stevens: Guitar Interactive - Issue 16t out now!

Guitar Interactive - Issue 16 Out Now! Robin Trower, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Steve Stevens & Simon McBride

Tom Quayle - Using Diminished Chords in Place of Chord I

Andy James - Sweep Picking

Rick Graham - Sweep Picking - Part 1

Robin Tower - Roots and BranchesAs Robin Trower's latest album hits the ground running, Michael Casswell meets the master of tone & feel for a career overview, including a full rundown of Trower's signature Strat, Marshalls & those all-important pedals!

Steve Stevens
One of the hottest guitarists to emerge during the 1980s, Stuart Bull quizzes Billy Idol axeman and solo artist Steve Stevens at his LA home.. Levi Clay offers a career profile

Paul Gilbert: ArtistWorks Lesson - Picking Lick

Paul Gilbert: ArtistWorks Lesson - Picking Lick

John McLaughlin: announces US tour dates

John McLaughlin back after a three year hiatus
This is the latest recording of The 4th Dimension and is a further affirmation of the group’s evolution. I am personally thrilled with the performances on this recording. They represent a complete portrait of the individual and group talents. In a way there is a complete musical history on this recording that comes from the Mahavishnu Orchestra days all the way through the various forms, dynamic and lyrical, that have constituted my musical life since then.

Now Here This - 2013 U.S. Tour itinerary:

June 11 Carolina Theater Durham, NC
June 13 The Orange Peel Asheville, NC
June 14 Bonnaroo Festival Manchester, TN
June 16 The Howard DC Jazz Festival Washington, DC
June 17 MusikFestCafe/River Jazz Festival Bethlehem, PA
June 18 Blue Note Club (2 sets) New York, NY
June 19 Blue Note Club (2 sets) New York, NY
June 20 Blue Note Club (2 sets) New York, NY
June 22 Berklee Performance Center Boston, MA
June 23 Toronto Jazz Festival Toronto, Canada

Paco Hernandez: Beautiful Metal Queen 2013

Paco Hernandez: Beautiful Metal Queen 2013

An old song of mine re-recorded and re-arranged. I almost went crazy recording it; it has some of the most difficult guitar parts I´ve ever played :)

Beautiful Metal Queen 2013

Mattias Ia Eklundh: Caparison clinic Barcelona announced

Mattias Ia Eklundh

Caparison Freak Guitar Clinic! Your Easter Bunny truly in Barcelona Thursday 28th of March!

Andy James: nominated Dimebag Darrell Shredder award

From Twitter!

@lauriemonk Hey Laurie, @AndyJamesGuitar is nominated for the Dimebag Darrell Shredder award at the Golden Gods! Vote

EMG - Andy James "Angel Of Darkness"

Ignazio Di Salvo: Peugeot 208 GTi Teaser

GTi is back! Ignazio Di Salvo is the sound of the GTi

208 GTi Teaser | Guitar

Marc Guillermont: Practising on Giant Steps and more - superfluid fusion

Marc Guillermont's playing just gives me those fusion chills!

Practising # 2

Practising on Giant Steps

Eddie Jobson,Alex Machacek,Marc Bonilla,Virgil Donati,Billy Sherwood: UK tour dates

Marc Bonilla (gtr/voc) - Alex Machacek (gtr) - Billy Sherwood (bass/voc) - Virgil Donati (drms)


April 06 - Baja Prog Festival - Mexicali, Mexico Tickets now on sale

See website for ticket packages - No VIP - separate EJ Master Class (Apr.6) and Drum Clinic (Apr.5)

April 07 - Belly Up - San Diego, USA Tickets now on sale

$74.50 / $115 (VIP)

April 08 - El Rey Theatre - Los Angeles, USA Tickets now on sale

$74.50 / $115 (VIP)

April 09 - Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, USA Tickets now on sale

$74.50 / $115 (VIP)

April 11 - The Triple Door - Seattle, USA Tickets now on sale

$74.50 / $115 (VIP)

April 13 - Aladdin Theater - Portland, USA Tickets now on sale

$74.50 / $115 (VIP)

April 16 - Swyer Theater - The Egg - Albany, USA Tickets now on sale

$74.50 / $115 (VIP)

April 17 - Center for Arts at the Armory - Boston, USA Tickets now on sale

$74.50 / $115 (VIP)

April 18 - Fête - Providence, USA Tickets now on sale

$75.00 / $115 (VIP)

April 19 - Highline Ballroom - New York, USA Tickets now on sale

$74.50 / $115 (VIP)

April 21 - World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, USA Tickets now on sale

$74.50 / $115 (VIP)

April 23 - Soundstage - Baltimore, USA Tickets now on sale

$74.50 / $115 (VIP)

April 26 - Cabaret du Capitole, Québec, Canada Tickets now on sale

$65.00 / $95 (VIP) + Quebec Taxes

April 27 - Gesù Amphitheatre - Montréal, Canada Tickets now on sale

$65.00 / $95 (VIP) + Quebec Taxes

VIP Ticket includes pre-show "Understanding Music" Jobson master class [5:30pm]; laminated VIP souvenir pass; and post-show meet-and-greet.

Oliver Eckelt: Ibanez 7-string vs Schecter 7-string

Songname: Omega Boost
© copyright 2013 by Oliver Eckelt aka trenchdevil

Free MP3´s here:
If you want to support me:
New Channel:

Ibanez 7-string vs Schecter 7-string

Rocky Ganglani: exploiting the Sindhi Scale

To set up GuitarLessons via the net email

Ex. # 1 Sweep Patterns in Sindhi

Ex. # 2 Sindhi Scale Jam

Ex. # 3 Sindhi Jam

Ayman Mokdad: Ibanez guitar solo competition 2013

Hello everyone here's my participation to this new Ibanez contest.

I hope you'll like it. Ibanez used RG121 prestige (Magnus Olsson model).

Good luck to all of you ;)



Andre Tonelli: discusses his new album

We have just gone live on Facebook with a very cool page that will make it very easy to keep in touch with all of you directly and to post all the news and updates regarding Fill The Sky, live shows, interviews, and other assorted bits. Please visit this link: and join us by simply liking the page.

We will have a CD giveaway very soon through both this YouTube Channel and Facebook so make sure you are subscribing to both!

Thanks as always for your support!
New Facebook Page, Fill The Sky Artwork, etc...

Yossi Sassi: Drive - live at the Boerderij 2012

Live video clip, taken during the "Guitar Universe 2012" european tour @ boerderij, NL.
by Jeroen Schrassen, Fred Mantel, Casper Schrassen, Gidewon Beraky.

Yossi Sassi - "Drive" (Oriental progressive rock) live@boerderij

Theodore Ziras: Fahrenheit Guitars - the double espresso solo

This video has no particular musical value.
I just wanted to test and do a demo of my brand new Fahrenheit Guitar
This guitar has a great comfortable neck perfect for shredding.

Detailed Guitar Specs:
Guitar Photo Gallery:
Making of Photos:

Video produced and edited by Theodore Ziras
Music (some cool shredding!) by Theodore Ziras
Tempo 200bpm, Scales used "A Aeolian" and "A Harmonic Minor"
Techniques used: Alternate Picking, Sweep Picking,

Equipment used for this video + more info
Strings: Daddario 9's EXL120, Standard E Tuning (E A D G B E)
Drums: Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 (Metal Foundry)
Pick: Dunlop Small Stubby 3mm
for the Guitar sound i used Line 6 POD Farm 2.5

Lesson via skype:
for backing tracks:
for Guitar-Studio session work:


Ultra Fast Shredding | Fahrenheit Guitars Promo Video


Theodore Ziras - Fahrenheit Guitars | Promo Video