Billy Sheehan, Dennis Chambers, John Novello: Niacin - "Krush" Album Teaser

Listen to a sneak peak of 30-second samples of each of the 14 tracks on instrumental neo-fusion supergroup NIACIN's upcoming album "Krush" out in North America April 2nd via PROSTHETIC

"Krush" track listing:

01. Krush
02. Tone Wheels
03. Stormy Sunday
04. Low Art
05. Car Crash Red
06. Electorcity
07. Cold Fusion
08. Majestic Dance
09. Prelude & Funky Opus
10. The Gnarly Shuffle
11. Drifting
12. Sly Voltage
13. That's The One!
14. Triple Strength

Niacin - "Krush" Album Teaser (OFFICIAL)