Sunday, 1 September 2013

Marc Guillermont: super smooth taster from the upcoming album - one word - CLASS!

A little extract of a tune from my upcoming CD.
Just practising on it, not the deff guitar part here...

DAYZ TOGETHER (Marc Guillermont)

Don't forget to read the in-depth interview with Marc right here on Truth In Shredding. Lots of insight into how he got that amazing style, if you love Stern, Holdsworth, Henderson... you'll love Marc Guillermont.

Marc Guillermont: The French King of Fusion

Ronni Lé Tekrø: TNT - Seven Seas (1984) - now this was guitar in the 1980's!

Ronni Lé Tekrø was my breakfast cereal back in 1984!

Hardrock band from Norway. Great singer and guitar player. This is my favorite song with this band.
From the second record Knights of the New Thunder 1984. Check this band up if you like AOR and hard rock.

TNT ¤ Seven Seas (1984)

Bryan Aspey: Epiphone Japan Clinic 2012

Bryan Aspey: a series of guitar demonstration videos for Epiphone guitars at a Japan Guitar Clinic 2012

Bryan Aspey: Epiphone Japan Clinic 2012

Charlie Parra del Riego: Galaxy - a clean guitar classical tapping etude

Hi guys! I'm currently in Chicago, far away from my home in Peru. This is an attempt to a classical sounding etude with tapping influenced by Joe Satriani and not really based on classical music exactly, but based on Castlevania songs. For longer vids, check this playlist:

All the music on Bandcamp (FLAC, WAV format):http://charlieparradelriego.bandcamp....
All the music on itunes :)




Free MP3 at:

Galaxy (a clean guitar classical tapping etude)

Morgan Pettersson: takes a Ibanez SZ520qm for a smooth Sunday walk

Ibanez SZ520qm
Ibanez SZ520qm with Tesla VR-Nitro pickups in to a Marshall YJM

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minneman: Culture Clash Vinyl Coming Soon...And More!

Culture Clash Double Vinyl

Hello everyone,
The Aristocrats “Culture Clash” U.S. tour is now in the books, and it was a rousing, blowout success, exceeding all expectations we ever could have hoped for. There is no way we could possibly express enough gratitude to all the people who came out to see us across the eastern and midwestern U.S. We played a ton of cities we’ve never been to before, and every single time, fans came out and made us feel welcome. THANK YOU everyone!
It was all done in two cars with just five people – three band, two crew – and we hardcore DIY’d it across America, with our two-man crew overcoming sleep deprivation and other obstacles to make it all work. Here’s a shot of the entire touring entourage below (L to R): Chris Del Nostro (driver/stage tech), Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann, Guthrie Govan, and Corey Madson (driver/merch). It was taken in Lockhart, TX, outside one of the most famous BBQ joints in the U.S.A, Smitty’s Market.

We’re also happy to announce that we're very close to launching the presale for the limited edition double-vinyl version of Culture Clash. We're talking less than two weeks here. Watch this space for news on that, as well as details (as we know them) on a full 2014 touring schedule, coming very soon in another e-mail from right here.  
We're all still in a bit of shock that the album hit #8 on the Contemporary Jazz Billboard chart (did you know that?!), so again, thank you to everyone who went out and bought the album to help make that happen. :-)
North American Tour
Meanwhile, for our North American friends, our U.S. booking agency, Blue Mouth Promotions, LLC (BMP), wants to get an idea from you, our fans, about the best places for bands to play in your area. To be clear, this doesn’t guarantee we’ll be playing in your backyard next time we’re out, but if we can help BMP identify great venues and contacts they’ll have the potential to send some fantastic bands your way. We couldn't have done the U.S. tour without them, and we can’t think of any better way to find the best places than to see where you go to listen to music!
Not all venues are right, so here’s what we’re looking for:
1. Venues with approximately 150-600 person capacity (again, U.S.A. only for now please!)
2. Great sound system and sound guy
3. THE place to play in town, even if it’s not quite as described above
4. Links and contact person/number at the venue if you know anyone there
5. City and State of venue
For this exercise, please reply directly to BMP at  They’ll gratefully look into all your suggestions.
We know we didn't get *everywhere* in the U.S. (hello western and northwestern cities) and Canada this time around, and we're going to rectify that in the future, even if we can't do it tomorrow. 

Mike Keneally New Album
Last but certainly not least, The Aristocrats would like to let you know the latest about a dear musical and personal friend of ours: The one and only Mike Keneally, who has a new album out called You Must Be This Tall. It’s a typically wide-ranging and fearless piece of work, and features performance by Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann, Joe Travers (Zappa Plays Zappa drummer), Rick Musallam, and a one-song collaboration with Andy Partridge of XTC. We think it's awesome and deserves your attention!

Dweezil Zappa, Richard Hallebeek: Flying Dutchman catches Dweezil's eye

Dweezil wrote on Sep 1, 2013 at 4:00 PM

I recently heard some music from a fantastic Dutch guitarist... Different from the reigning king of Dutch guitarists that most people are familiar with. This guy's name is Richard Hallebeek and he is doing some very sophisticated stuff. I like it a lot!

Tracking guitars for 'Insomnia' from the cd 'Nightscapes' (Lalle Larsson)

Richard Hallebeek Stay tuned for more exciting news coming up... soon..

Meanwhile you can grab a copy of the sensational fusion tour de force from Lalle Larsson featuring Richard Hallebeek

Lalle Larsson,Richard Hallebeek: Lalle Larsson - Weaveworld III - Nightscapes

Eita, Shoko Nagasaki,Ai Ohnuma: Zonk Monk - disorder-out of the cosmos with Eita guesting on guitar at the silver elephant

music by ai ohnuma
performed by zonk-monk with EITA
2012.9.8 @ silver elephant

ai ohnuma (org & key)
EITA ( 7 strings)※guest
Kegoi (drums)
shoko nagasaki ( org & key )



disorder-out of the cosmos- (zonk-monk with EITA )

Get the EP
Zonk-Monk: Disorder-out of the cosmos

Kumi Adachi: club Pangea - Gate E7

Kumi Adachi

Official web site:

Nyupu guitarist prominence the name of "Adachi Kumi club Pangea", Adachi Kumi was formed project "KUNOICHI JAPAN!" First unveiled live at Adachi Kumi Birthday Week Live @ Meguro Blues Alley Japan! 11/2011 girls no live debut between, at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Japan Kawasaki of 24 held, Mai to play with guitarist Orianthi Kel Jackson "THIS IS IT" appearance! Activity in the future I'm looking forward to.

Adachi Kumi HP Http://Www.Ragnet.Co.Jp/artist_adachi ...

Adachi Kumi KUNOICHI JAPAN / Gate E7

Latest Album:

Released January 9 J & K (Kajiwara order and Adachi Kumi) 1st album "J & K" in 2013!

(G, Vo) bakabon Suzuki (B) flat land (Ds) (G, Vo) Adachi Kumi Kajiwara order: musicians

Label: KING RECORDS Electric Birds

¥ 3,000: tax-included price of Kajiwara active in the support of Sadao Watanabe and Kadomatsu Toshiki and played forward and, with guitarist Orianthi Michael Jackson "THIS IS IT" appearance, Egyptian Cairo Jazz Festival guitar unit J & K by Adachi Kumi also rising attention from overseas, such as global appearance. I show off in the ensemble attractive play bluesy funky & Adachi Kumi Kajiwara order . Recorded both electric and acoustic tune tune, was the guitar like no album Mara. Or 075-255-7273,: lug International Music Tel your request on the CD, lag website to CD "J & K" Details:Http://Www.Ragnet.Co.Jp / ragmania_jkc .... Kajiwara order HP:Http://Www.Junkajiwara.Com Adachi Kumi HP:Http://Www.Ragnet.Co.Jp/artist_adachi ...

J & K (Kajiwara order and Adachi Kumi) 1st album "J & K"

Jikki,Billy Sheehan: part 2 of the interview - talking about recording

Is 5th Jikki 2nd Album "Irohauta / Transient" making the video.
Recording footage of Jikki's 2nd album "Irohauta / Transient".
March, at The Cave, the interview with Patrick caccia and Billy scene.
Jikki interviewing Billy Sheehan and Patrick Caccia in March, at The Cave in Los Angeles.

Jikki Interview Billy Sheehan, Patrick Caccia 2/4

Jikki Inverview Billy Sheehan, Patrick Caccia 1/4

Volker Scheidt: Melodic Shred Guitar
Volker Scheidt
Electric guitar school Freiburg / Germany
Modern electric guitar teaching in Freiburg

Ok after a long break i'm back on youtube:)
Here is just a test of my new camera.
Have fun:)


Melodic Shred Guitar / Volker Scheidt

Adrian Galysh: Play With Other Musicians - Rut Busters for Guitarists

Guitarist and author of "Progressive Guitar Warm-ups and Exercises", Adrian Galysh, presents his video series meant to help guitarists get out of a rut and take their playing to the next level. This fifth video in the series, discusses how to take your playing to the next level by playing with other musicians.

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Rut Busters for Guitarists - Lesson 5 "Play With Other Musicians"

Matthew Richards,Niko Tsonev: Morphology by Dancing For Architecture

Matthew Richards,Niko Tsonev: Morphology by Dancing For Architecture

Niko Tsonev
Please take a listen to
This is the musical child of Matthew Richards - guitars,bass,synths,organ,violin,glock,programming

1. Quartz Qualm 04:34
2. Hymns In Azure 04:32
3. Copaxa 04:51
4. Glad In The Gloom 04:34
5. Mountains 06:02
6. Aeronautics 04:57
7. Era 06:26
8. Messages On The Mimeograph 04:12
9. Oracle 06:38

released 24 August 2013
Dancing For Architecture is:

Matthew Richards - guitars,bass,synths,organ,violin,glock,programming


Dominic Thatcher - saxophones (tracks
Colin Edwin - fretless & ovation bass (tracks
Josh Brown - drums & percussion (tracks 4.5)
Niko Tsonev - lead guitar (track 9)
Hannah Johns - violin (track 9)

Dmytro Ignatov: March Of The Dead - new original progressive instrumental

Dmytro Ignatov

My new solo track March Of The Dead is online! Enjoy!
It is definitely heavier than any previous work, and on this you can hear many cool musicians from different cities and countries - Lviv, Vinnytsia, Nikolaev, Brest

Line-up for this track:
Sergey Volynchuk (Bez Mezh, Joncofy) - bass
Ilya Tereshchuk (Alt + F4) - drums
Olexandr Ignatov (Viter, Prime Time) - keyboards
Roma Lishchynskyy (Galaxy, VATRA) - guitar
Anton Gaponov (Miellnir) - scream vocals
Dmytro Ignatov (Bez Mezh) - guitar

John Wheatcroft, Emir Hot:'s Emir Hot talks exclusively with super talented John Wheatcroft

We are privileged to bring you an exclusive interview with John Wheatcroft, one of the most versatile British guitarist, head of guitar at "Tech Music School" in London and regular contributor "Guitar World" (USA), "Guitarist" and "Guitar Techniques" magazines. John talks about his beginnings, teaching, outlook on music while showing us some tasty licks and explaining secrets behind understanding modes, a subject covered by many, but still difficult to grasp by some. We are also proud that John has recently joined Live4guitar as a regular contributor, so stay tuned for more articles from him.

Full article here:

Interview With John Wheatcroft

Marc Guillermont,Richard Hallebeek: set for Fusion Carnaval - Festival in Bangalore, India

Marc Guillermont,Richard Hallebeek: set for Fusion Carnaval - Festival in Bangalore, India

Super bass player Frans Vollink posted

"Fusion Carnaval" Festival @ Bangalore India to take place in dec this year.

13th dec On Impulse featuring Richard Hallebeek
Richard Hallebeek -guitars
Coen Molenaar - keys
Sebastiaan Cornelissen - drums
Frans Vollink - bass

15th dec Marc Guillermont Trio
Marc Guillermont - guitars
Gergo Borlai - drums
Frans Vollink - bass

2 kickass bands I'd say, looking forward!

Don't forget to read the in-depth interview with Marc right here on Truth In Shredding. Lots of insight into how he got that amazing style, if you love Stern, Holdsworth, Henderson... you'll love Marc Guillermont.

Marc Guillermont: The French King of Fusion

Dave Martone: the combined hands of fury - a new course from the two handed master

The Brand NEW Workshop designed by Dave Martone available via
This is an 8 week interactive course for only $99!!!!!

You take the lessons each week, send a video to me your performance of the weeks material, and I send you a video response back giving you feedback on how to improve!

Super simple, super effective!!!
Sign up today at

Stel Andre, Dhalif Ali: Melodic Session III - Internet jam

This is our third installation to Stel Andre & Dhalif Ali MELODIC SESSIONS series! Thanks for all YOUR support!
Stel Andre is playing an Ernieball Musicman JP6 through GuitarRig 5

Dhalif Ali is playing an Ernieball Musicman Silhouette through LINE6 POD X3 Live

Xander Demos: to appear on Guitar Feast - a new compilation featuring 15 guitar-oriented tracks

MTS Management Group and Xander Demos are happy to announce the completion and release of "Guitar Feast." The compilation features 15 guitar-oriented tracks from some of today's most talented players from around the world, with an eclectic blend of styles. In addition to Xander's "Chase The Sun," the project includes tracks from producer and project compiler, Paul Tauterouff; Derek Buddemeyer; Magic Elf guitarist, Carl Roa; Paul Kleff; Nick Layton; George Engelbrecht; Lou Lombardi; and others. The album is available for purchase from each artist and on Xander's page at

From NAMM 2013

"Chase The Sun" originally appeared on Xander Demos' debut album on Rock 'N' Growl Records, "Guitarcadia." Players on the track include Chris Batton (drums,) Adam Heusey (keyboards,) and Matt Williams (bass.) The track was mixed by Cj Snare of Firehouse.

Xander Demos is a metal guitarist based in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to fronting his own band, Xander is a guitarist for James Rivera’s Sabbath Judas Sabbath, as well as James' solo band. Xander is endorsed with Suhr, Carvin and McNaught guitars, who crafted the first Xander Demos signature guitar model, XD727. He has appeared on releases from Modern Superstar, Liberty 'n' Justice and Ged Rylands' Rage of Angels. He will be on tour at major festivals this fall. For more information, visit

To schedule an interview with Xander, please email

Jeff Loomis: Schecter GuitarFest 2013 Valparaiso, Uruguay - guitar competition

EVENT: SCHECTER GuitarFest 2013, will be held on Saturday September 14, 2013 from 19:00 at the Teatro Municipal de Valparaiso, Calle Uruguay No. 410, corner of Avenida Pedro Montt, Valparaiso.

OBJECTIVE: Choosing the Best Guitarist Chile through free and open competition entire community oriented young country. To choose the winner of the contest, will be a selection of participants, who will compete for being the best of all, opting to major awards of the Companies that support the event. The winner of the contest also share the stage with the best exponents and artists of National and International Rock Show of the SCHECTER invited the GuitarFest 2013. PRIZE 1st PLACE: - Trophy of the Festival - Opening Show SCHECTER GuitarFest 2013 - Other confirmed.

Example solo by Luis Gonzalez

You can vote for the best solo:

Tema original----"The last whisper"------Luis Gonzalez

Marc Guillermont: Now Loading - the new album trailer

Marc Guillermont: A trailer of (hopefully) upcoming album featuring Gary Novak, Nigel Hitchcock, Frans Vollink, Sebastiaan Cornelissen and more...

"NOW LOADING..."CD Trailer

Don't forget to read the in-depth interview with Marc right here on Truth In Shredding. Lots of insight into how he got that amazing style, if you love Stern, Holdsworth, Henderson... you'll love Marc Guillermont.

Marc Guillermont: The French King of Fusion

Jeff Loomis,Keith Merrow: Conquering Dystopia - just 20 hours left folks

Jeff Loomis
A message from Keith Merrow:

$34,550 Raised of $15,000 Goal

We have 20 hours left on our Indiegogo fundraiser for the Conquering Dystopia project. The goal was met within the first day, and I would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who backed us on it. We've more than doubled our goal now, which has enabled us to take this even further than we had originally planned. We're really excited to have Mark Lewis at Audiohammer engineering and producing the album. I have no doubt that it will sound CRUSHING. We're really excited about the songs we've written so far, too. We're having a lot of fun, and I think that will be apparent to the listener.

We still have some cool perk packages available if anyone wants to get in on it in these final hours. Your support is very much appreciated! Feel free to tell all your metalhead friends about us!

Anouck André: T.E.N and Guitar Friends Contest - THE RESULTS

Anouck André
Options for this story
Huge thanks to all the participants ! We heard some very nice entries here , and most of all ,the spirit between the participants was very nice and kindly ! are the results !
T.E.N & Guitar Friends Contest : RESULTS

Jan Laurenz: new instruments and song ideas

Jan Laurenz new instruments and song ideas

Ollie Roberts: Aeon Zen & Sabre Guitars "Solo This"

My guitar solo for the Aeon Zen and Sabre guitars competition. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers

Aeon Zen & Sabre Guitars "Solo This" Competition - Ollie Roberts

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Aeon Zen & Sabre Guitars "Solo This!"

Yiannis Papadopoulos - Aeon Zen & Sabre Guitars "Solo This!" Competition
Hello guys!!
This is my take for the Aeon Zen & Sabre Guitars "Solo This!" Competition!
I really liked the backing track and I thought to give it a shot..
Please share rate and comment!!

I hope you like it!

Official site:
Facebook Page:

Aeon Zen - Solo This competition closes 1st September

Jake Hertzog: Throwback album preview

Coming November 12 from Zoho Music, the new Jake Hertzog Album "Throwback" featuring Harvie S, Victor Jones and special guest Randy Brecker.

Stay tuned for tour dates and more!

Jake Hertzog: Throwback  

Track Listing: Personnel:
1. All Over Now 6:39
2. Cleared To Fly 5:53
3. Is It Summer 2:20
4. Entropy 6:29
5. Hands On 4:02
6. Sending Home 5:31
7. Sweet Moon 6:24
8. First To Rise 4:07
9. Throwback 6:56

  • Jake Hertzog Guitar
  • Randy Brecker Trumpet and Flugelhorn (except # 3, 5 & 8)
  • Harvie S Acoustic and Electric Bass
  • Victor Jones Acoustic and Electric Drums

Akihiko Onji: Shun Nokina Design Surcustom 99+ 8 Finger Tapping

Shun Nokina Design Surcustom 99+ Akihiko Onji 8Finger Tapping
Shun Nokina Design Surcustom 9/9+(Distortion)・Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay

Ben Sharp: Cloudkicker - Subsume - pre order ready

Ben Sharp: Cloudkicker - Subsume

Pre-order of Subsume including immediate download of 1 track in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released.
Pre-order Now $1 USD or more
releases 14 September 2013

1. The warmth of the daytime seemed like a dream now.
2. A weather front was stalled out in the Pacific--like a lonely person, lost in thought, oblivious of time.
3. He would be riding on the subway or writing formulas on the blackboard or having a meal or (as now) sitting and talking to someone across a table, and it would envelop him like a soundless tsunami.
4. You could laugh forever but never end up happy.
5. The warmth of the daytime seemed like a dream now. (t16 Remix) 04:53

releases 14 September 2013

Brennan Dylan: Aeon Zen and Sabre Guitars solo This Competition - live without a hat!

Brennan Dylan:
I'm sponsored by Gary Kramer Guitar of Los Angeles and play their Illusionist Deluxe model. Mine has a kill switch and is called "Animal" because its a certified bad ass. I use an Axe FX2 instead of an amp because I live in an apartment. The simulated amp I used with this video was an EVH 5150 with 300ms of delay. I also used a DOD YJM308 overdrive pedal and that's it. Oh of my favorite beers is Newcastle Brown but because I live in NYC I can't afford it. I can't wait to tour the UK because a case of the good stuff will be in my rider. Cheers mates!!!

I hope you guys like my entry to the Aeon Zen Sabre Guitars "Solo This"

Stay up to date with me on Facebook and Twitter:

Aeon Zen Sabre Guitars "Solo This" Competition Entry-Brennan Dylan

Aeon Zen - Solo This competition closes 1st September

Peter Luha: fingerstyle electric guitar for Sunday!

Stundars Coffee Time - original solo electric guitar composition /fingerstyle/, which I recorded in Finland. For all good people in open-air museum and centre of culture and art Stundars. ;)
If you enjoy please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!!! ;)

Download my music on iTunes:

guitarist Peter Luha:
Framus Tennessee Custom guitar and Elixir strings.

Follow me:

Watch more songs, guitar instrumental videos, lessons /fingerpicking, plectrum playing, guitar slap, tapping, classical compositions, original songs../:

finger picking, fingers playing, fingerstyle, solo guitar

Peter Luha - fingerstyle electric guitar - Stundars Coffee Time

Amanda Hsu: LTD Deluxe H1001 Not Alone - All That Remains

All That Remains - Not Alone solo cover - LTD Deluxe H1001. "Sale" LTD Deluxe H1001 low mahogany marimba is ideal for talking about Metal bought less than 10 months, worry about money no bivalent $25000, please contact Amanda Hsu

All That Remains - Not Alone solo cover

Jess Lewis: finger picked heaven

A very light and subtle piece from the very talented Jess Lewis... love that guitar!

Jess Lewis

Mike Keneally: - extensive review of the new album

If you are either a dyed in the world Zappa-Freak or one of Keneally's growing army of supporters you've probably bought this already. If you're not in those categories then I heartily recommend that you listen to the samples and then investigate this album - and the rest of Mike's extensive catalogue - further as the world would be a much poorer place without Mike Keneally. Full review From the new Mike Keneally release "You Must Be This Tall" (Exowax EX-2414). Video directed by Dimitriya (

You can get some cool stuff by helping Mike spread the word about "You Must Be This Tall':,
Mike Keneally - "Popes"

Marc Guillermont: Paraquats solo - The Sebastiaan Cornelissen Group

Tune from Sebastiaan Cornelissen's Cd "S.Cornelissen Group"
The Sebastiaan Cornelissen Group
Featuring : Sebastiaan Cornelissen/Coen Molenaar/Frans Vollink/Marc guillermont

Marc Guillermont (guitar); Coen Molenaar (keyboards); Frans Vollink (bass); Sebastiaan Cornelissen (drums)

2011 Release. New release from European drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen. This collective CD features a group dimension with Coen Molenaar, Frans Vollink and guitar genius Marc Guillermont on 5 of the 7 tracks.


SKU SKU25256
Track 1 Forum (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Unidentified Crawling Objects (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 Loved You Before (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 Paraquats (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Summer Rain (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Big Apple (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 Wristkiller (LISTEN TO AUDIO)

PARAQUATS (Solo excerpt)

Read the in-depth interview with Marc right here on Truth In Shredding

Marc Guillermont: The French King of Fusion

Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan, Mike Portnoy: tour dates, VIPS' and discounted CD - get yours now!

The Winery Dogs CD !! A SixxSense Best Rock Pick - ON SALE THIS WEEK for only $7.99 at Best Buy (September 1st thru September 9th);jsessionid=B436A32B98E77E52DEB562E24E57B2CF.bbolsp-app01-189?id=2713495&skuId=9898643&st=winerydogs&lp=1&cp=1

AND ... TWD CD Download is on sale at for only $5.00 Sept 1st- 15th ..

The Winery Dogs 2013 Tour : VIP with Meet and Greet Packages also available -

See details at

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