Brennan Dylan: Aeon Zen and Sabre Guitars solo This Competition - live without a hat!

Brennan Dylan:
I'm sponsored by Gary Kramer Guitar of Los Angeles and play their Illusionist Deluxe model. Mine has a kill switch and is called "Animal" because its a certified bad ass. I use an Axe FX2 instead of an amp because I live in an apartment. The simulated amp I used with this video was an EVH 5150 with 300ms of delay. I also used a DOD YJM308 overdrive pedal and that's it. Oh of my favorite beers is Newcastle Brown but because I live in NYC I can't afford it. I can't wait to tour the UK because a case of the good stuff will be in my rider. Cheers mates!!!

I hope you guys like my entry to the Aeon Zen Sabre Guitars "Solo This"

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Aeon Zen Sabre Guitars "Solo This" Competition Entry-Brennan Dylan

Aeon Zen - Solo This competition closes 1st September