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Kumi Adachi

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Nyupu guitarist prominence the name of "Adachi Kumi club Pangea", Adachi Kumi was formed project "KUNOICHI JAPAN!" First unveiled live at Adachi Kumi Birthday Week Live @ Meguro Blues Alley Japan! 11/2011 girls no live debut between, at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Japan Kawasaki of 24 held, Mai to play with guitarist Orianthi Kel Jackson "THIS IS IT" appearance! Activity in the future I'm looking forward to.

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Adachi Kumi KUNOICHI JAPAN / Gate E7

Latest Album:

Released January 9 J & K (Kajiwara order and Adachi Kumi) 1st album "J & K" in 2013!

(G, Vo) bakabon Suzuki (B) flat land (Ds) (G, Vo) Adachi Kumi Kajiwara order: musicians

Label: KING RECORDS Electric Birds

¥ 3,000: tax-included price of Kajiwara active in the support of Sadao Watanabe and Kadomatsu Toshiki and played forward and, with guitarist Orianthi Michael Jackson "THIS IS IT" appearance, Egyptian Cairo Jazz Festival guitar unit J & K by Adachi Kumi also rising attention from overseas, such as global appearance. I show off in the ensemble attractive play bluesy funky & Adachi Kumi Kajiwara order . Recorded both electric and acoustic tune tune, was the guitar like no album Mara. Or 075-255-7273,: lug International Music Tel your request on the CD, lag websitehttp://www.ragnet.co.jp to CD "J & K" Details:Http://Www.Ragnet.Co.Jp / ragmania_jkc .... Kajiwara order HP:Http://Www.Junkajiwara.Com Adachi Kumi HP:Http://Www.Ragnet.Co.Jp/artist_adachi ...

J & K (Kajiwara order and Adachi Kumi) 1st album "J & K"